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Supermen Review

Supermen Review
About Boys
Date with older guy 10%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 1,200,000
About Site
Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • No advertising
  • Ten extra free credits for each package bought
  • Over 64 million users from all corners of the world
  • No search filtering
  • Not very adaptive for mobile

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Supermen is a cam site exclusively dedicated to gay men. It has many visitors and gay models who love to share their erotic experiences with others. Of course, there are also a few amateurs, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have inspiring and thrilling videos. In other words, this service is perfect for gay men who are brave enough to put on shows in which they express their desires.

Supermen Signup

Supermen Review

What’s great about the Supermen website is that it doesn’t annoy its visitors with ads, notifications of discounts, or the necessity to update their profile to have private chats. Besides, it has a very user-friendly interface and doesn’t feature chatbots that send messages after registering. All in all, Supermen is a very welcoming website that creates a feeling of being welcomed soon after joining it, which makes it easier for its users to express themselves and their intimate desires freely. All that’s required for signing up is an email address, a username, and, obviously, a password. There’s no need to confirm an email address to access site content, so the registration process takes only a few minutes.

What’s Next?

Supermen Review

After that, a photo can be uploaded, also more information on a new user. Furthermore, there’s no need to provide any credit card details either, unless the user wants to interact with a model in private. As a matter of fact, this website can be visited without registration, but only until a model is clicked on. As soon as the signing up process is done, the system will ask the visitor to buy some credits. The fact that this website doesn’t prompt profile creation is something that should really be appreciated. However, if a profile is created, details such as day of birth, marital status, location, and preferences must be provided. There’s also a reward program to which members can sign up to get happy hour specials and enjoy lower rates than the ones being advertised. Furthermore, there’s the News section in which shows hosted by some famous porn stars are being announced.

Supermen Website Interface

Supermen Review

After registration, the website’s interface looks just as it did before signing up. Accounts of models who offer live sex videos are being shown on the site homepage. This can also be adjusted according to preferences, which means users can choose what to see here. Those who are new to the system will notice that there are many tabs designed specifically for newcomers. People who are familiar with the service may have their previous searches saved to return to any content they enjoyed other times. It’s also possible to watch some free videos, so there isn’t an absolute necessity to buy credits. What’s even more interesting about this website’s interface is that it can be changed for easier and more customized navigation. All videos are in amazing HD.

Supermen Features

Supermen Review

This site is not only focused on sharing gay videos performed by amateur models, but also on other type of content that its users may find very interesting. It’s a cam site where gay men are allowed to express themselves freely and where they can meet people who think like them. The service’s features revolve around chatting and webcam sharing. It should be noted it’s not a place where serious relationships between gays can be built, more a place where members can share details of their intimate life and have some fun. Right on top of the main page, there is a live sex chat button where all the options for online chats are included. Each model sets his own price for chats, which can be free or quite a lot. What’s also interesting about this section of the website is that it also features celebrities, previously produced videos, photo galleries, and candy shops. Members can choose to enter private sessions with either famous models or regular ones whenever they feel like, as this service is open 24/7, and many models are online at different times of the day and night. Obviously, long one-on-one conversations can lead to real dates, but this is not what this site focuses on.

What About Supermen Users?

People who use Supermen can be regulars or one-time visitors who just want to see what this whole fuss is all about. Both these types of members usually have accounts and credits that they use to enjoy the content featured on this website fully. The male models can be amateurs, professionals, or celebrities, with the last two categories charging a lot for their private shows. Enthusiasts are fascinating to watch too, not to mention that with time, they can turn into real porn stars.

How Many People Use Supermen?

Supermen Review

Supermen claims in its FAQ section that it features no less than 62 million registered users, and this number is increasing day by day. This means any gay man can find what he wants here, from sex shows to chats and other types of content he may be interested in. In the upper toolbar, this site has many interesting sections for anyone. These are Twink, Teens, Gay Couples, Outstanding Features, and many others. Navigation is very smooth, even if there are no search or filtering delimitations. It doesn’t matter if users choose to have a free or a paid account, they can enjoy what this service has to offer one way or the other.

Member Types

As mentioned earlier, this live cam website offers a lot to its members, from free accounts to paid ones. While the first ones benefit from free chats, videos, and blogs, the last ones usually belong to more serious members. That means they have bought credits to look at the private sex shows of amateur, professional, or celebrity models. As a matter of fact, the categories of models are only two: amateur and professional, with celebrities included in the professional one. Obviously, amateurs charge less for their private shows. Also, their content may include less nudity. When it comes to preferences on looks, categories are many such as Big Dick, Black, Latino, White, and so on. As far as age goes, there’s a mature section and two others for men aged from 20 to 29, and 30 to 39.


Supermen Review

When it comes to communication, Supermen is focused on video chat. That is why it has many options, from free live sex chat to one-on-one video sex chat. Depending on what a user wants and his goals, he can communicate with models in many ways. Nothing here is about commitment and building serious relationships; it all comes down to finding a little bit of entertainment and satisfying sexual needs. Gay men who aren’t out of the closet yet or perhaps lack self-confidence can come to the site to communicate with people who think like them and can offer some encouragement.

Videos are in HD and of high-quality, whereas the interface offers the perfect means for chatting. When models are up for a chat and free, their photo is replaced by a live view of what they’re doing in front of the camera. Also, the word “free” appears in neon green at the bottom right corner of where the picture is. The guys appearing “free” surely are open for business. If the word “private” is in blue in the same area, then those models are in private and can’t interact with other users until they’re on “free” again, which means those who want to talk to them need to wait. Entering a model’s video chat session is simple, just by clicking in his photo.

After signing up, members are being told that models charge starting at $0.98 per minute. What’s inconvenient about communication regarding price is that no credit card details need to be given before the rate per minute of a model is being revealed. So those who really want to see a guy should pay attention and not hurry to go in private with him. As said before, the rate per minute starts at $0.98, so it’s not the same for all models, not to mention that for some, it can be costly.

Supermen Pricing

Supermen works with a coin system that gives users more accessibility and fair prices. There’s no need to purchase a membership to access this website’s content and see free gay sex video shows, but the ones truly exciting do come at a price. The pricing system is pretty simple, with each credit costing $1. What’s also good about it is that it comes in packages as it follows:

  • $25 for 25 credits
  • $50 for 50 credits
  • $100 for 100 credits

Since each package gives ten extra credits for free, it’s a good idea to buy four packages of 25 credits instead of one of 100, just to get 40 additional free credits at the same price. It must be mentioned that models can’t in any way communicate with members that don’t have credits. This is to avoid bothering the performers for nothing. After all, it’s a gay live cam sex website and not a dating one.

What Does a Free Account Bring?

Supermen is such a great service in its category. It offers its free members many opportunities like enjoying free sex shows, looking at amateur models’ photo galleries and even spending some time in the free online chat area. This is not something offered by too many live webcam platforms out there, which means Supermen surely is worth to be given a try.

What About Premium?

Registered Supemen members automatically get a Bronze membership, right after they have bought some credits. They don’t need to buy the membership and the credits; just the credits would suffice. After their account becomes Premium, they can enter one-on-one private sessions with either amateur or professional models, in exchange of course, for credits. They’re also being given an option of purchasing paid content the performers are featuring or enrolling for a private session. Members with Premium accounts are serious about spending some quality time on this website. Besides, they get noticed by others easier, too.

Supermen FAQ

Supermen Review

The FAQ section of this website is very detailed and answers many of the claims users are usually making. If there’s a specific problem that doesn’t have an answer here or a model, or perhaps another user, has to be reported, a customer care representative can be contacted at all times.

Supermen Security

Supermen Review

Supermen has a “Trust Us” page on the main page. This section mentions how long the platform has been functioning. Furthermore, it says the site has security as its main priority and that hundreds of people are registering every day to it without any problem. Payments for credits are very reliable since they function on an authorized payment processor system.


Supermen is a live sex cam website for gay men and people who want adult content. It offers a lot to its free members, but the real fun begins as soon as some credits have been bought. The content of this site is sexually explicit, while the service is safe to use and provides discretion. It can easily be said that this platform is the place to go for every gay man looking for some online excitement.

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