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TalkWithStranger Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

TalkWithStranger Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • TalkWithStranger is an entirely free platform;
  • User can become a moderator on TalkWithStranger;
  • The website is popular worldwide;
  • Ample of a topic for discussion;
  • Great features to keep members engaged.
  • Design and layout of the website need some improvement;
  • Safety policies need more tweaking.

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Do you want to talk to a stranger about some random topic? TalkWithStranger is an excellent international platform that provides free access to all members. No matter what your nationality or religion, the site welcomes you regardless. There are various forums the service offers where members can have conversations with other users on topics of their interest. The website’s purpose is to provide a platform where people can freely express their opinions, making friends, share their experiences, get suggestions for their problems, and enjoy themselves.

TalkWithStranger offers its users multiple chat websites and rooms on every available topic. If you can’t find the topic, you are looking to create your public group chat. There is a blog that helps members with clear guidelines if you are confused about how to use the website or need advice. You don’t have to register on the site with lengthy forms. You can start chatting right away; however, using a forum needs registration. The concept of TalkWithStranger is innovative and interactive, which keeps people engaged for an hour without getting bored.

Expert’s Review of TalkWithStranger


TalkWithStranger is a newbie in the industry and was created in 2016; however, it gained immense popularity worldwide in it’s few years of creation. At present, the website has a user base of about 700k members. The website’s gender proportion is about 30 percent of women and 76 percent, making it favorable for the men. The interface of the site is mobile-friendly, which makes it convenient for all users.

What is TalkWithStranger? It’s a chat community where people can:

  • Chat in different chat rooms;
  • Join the forum for discussions;
  • Play online games.

Members can chat for free in private chat rooms with different communication mediums like text, video, and audio. The member’s structure of the website is composed of people from colorful ethnicities and religions. You may come across people from different walks of life sharing their knowledge and asking opinions. There is no restriction on using tools members can find chat rooms on politics, different religions, and even sex. The site moderates the threads of the forum, but the content is all generated by users. What’s fascinating about this platform is it allows teens to join the chatroom if their parents permit them. All in all, TalkWithStranger is a colorful community with a wide range of members from different religions, professions, sexual orientations, and lifestyles. You may find friends, love of your life, date, or short fling on the site.

Website Design & Usability

TalkWithStranger Design

The design and layout of the TalkWithStranger website is simple and straightforward. It’s not flashy like some of the new sites, nor it has some dark color themes.

The overall design of the website reflects simplicity and elegance. The plain white background gives the interface an appealing look and pops up other colors. You may see different colors in different tabs, mainly black green and pink. The font is easily readable on the homepage as well as chat rooms or during conversations.

The usability of the site is exceptional, and the navigation is user friendly. Members don’t get confused with all the features and chat rooms. The organized and neat outlook of the website engages people at first glance.

Special Features

TalkWithStranger is a free platform with lots of impressive features to cater to members seeking relationships or friends. Some of its unique features are:

  • Blog

There is a blog on the site controlled by the moderator. Members can read articles on dating, relationships, and seek advice. It’s accessible for all members on the site.

  • Chatrooms for public

All the members can join the public chat rooms for free. You can search for a specific or join the recommended one by the site.

  • Random Stranger Chat

You can talk to random strangers through text, audio, and video and connect with them on a deeper level.

  • Games

The fantastic platform provides entertaining features to engage its users in fun activities. You can find some classic games like Tetris, Bomberman or adventure. You can invite friends to play with you and bond with strangers.

  • Lost and found feature

If you lost your private chat due to some bad connection or other error, you could easily find your recent conversation in the feature called Find Lost Friends and Chat Partners.

How Does TalkWithStranger Work?

TalkWithStranger Work

What makes TalkWithStranger an incredible platform is an access to chat rooms without any registration process. It takes the virtual talking to another level. What increases its popularity is to have access to chatting with anyone on the platform. This fantastic feature automatically connects you with lots of strangers, and you can start a conversation with anyone you like. Whether this conversation leads to friendship or a serious relationship will depend on time.

TalkWithStranger is free to all sites from its inception. There are numerous communication channels like text, videos, or audio calls through which you can find partners for long term relations or platonic friends. However, there is no option for live webcam streaming. As a member of TalkWithStranger, you can explore any topic on the platform. The topics could include sex, politics, religion, lifestyle, or many more. Even though the site assesses all the public forums and threads, but for the authenticity of the posts, all the content is generated by the users.

The site permits teenagers to access the chatrooms with the permission of the parents or guardians. They need a valid email address to create an account, but the website does not require email verification for joining the site. To enjoy games on the platform, you need to sign in with an account. Various games offer multiplayer options to play with other members and connect through the channel.

TalkWithStranger is a fantastic service that connects you with strangers and indulges you in a friendly conversation that turns into romance. The site is popular among all age groups, which includes energetic teens to mature grown-ups.

What makes TalkWithStranger a unique website is its communication feature. The site encourages you to join the various chat rooms when you visit the homepage. The user can enter their name and a message for a selected person who has seen you in the left-top corner. You may get annoyed with the ads, but they don’t interrupt the navigation process.

Members can easily register with their other accounts like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Add a profile photo for an impressive profile. The search filter process of the website is brief compared with dating websites. You can watch it through.

  • Random chat
  • Public chat
  • Stranger chat
  • Global chat

The chat rooms have varied topics in every category, from music to computer games and politics to sex. You can find subjects from almost all countries of the world. You can search members by applying filters for age, interest, and current location.

It’s fascinating to indulge with a stranger who you are not going to see in the future. Who doesn’t know anything about you and will not judge you about your preferences or criticize you for your choices.

TalkWithStranger also has some exclusive features which give the site a unique impression. It has a blog where the proficient team has the site informative article that offers guidelines to the users on general topics. All the members are free to access these blogs and benefit from the information.

Sign Up Process

TalkWithStranger Sign Up Process

TalkWithStranger has introduced a unique platform where you can join chat rooms without going through any registration process. On the website’s homepage, the first thing that pops up is a blue box with a question: What is your Nickname? To join the chatroom, you can add a nickname and select either Talk to Stranger or Chat Rooms. Talk to Stranger will randomly connect you with a stranger while through Chat Rooms, you can choose a chat room of your choice and join the discussion.

The site only has one condition to join the website; it’s an age restriction of 13 years. Members should be 13 or above to use the chat rooms of the site. You can register on the site through your Google or Facebook account. You can also register through email where you have to provide minimal information, including email, username, and password. You need to verify your account through an email link to activate your account at TalkWithStranger fully.

If you like to play games, register as a member; otherwise, you can’t save your game progress. As a registered member, this is one of the most important perks.

Users Profiles Quality

TalkWithStranger Users Profiles Quality

Let’s start with a member’s profile on the TalkWithStranger website. To edit your profile, go to the menu and select Edit Profile. You can easily change your email, password, username, and profile picture. Add your full name, birth date, location info, and group title, if any.

There is another option called Change Extra, which has a long list of options that include your occupation, language, age, skin tone, gender, education, birthday, and many more. You can even add your favorite quote, a favorite song, most significant dreams, and how often you get active on TalkWithStranger. Expand as much detail as you can and click save.

If you want to see other members’ profiles, you may notice that most of them don’t have their photos as profile pictures. They have either cartoon characters or some random images about flowers and landscapes. The size of the profile is so small that you have to click on them to see the picture.

Most of the profiles have detailed information under their profile photos. You may see colorful tabs and emojis decorating the profiles.

The profile does not give a comprehensive glimpse of the member character or personality. To know a member on a deeper level, you have to start a private conversation.

Mobile Application

TalkWithStranger mobile application is easy to use compared to the desktop version. The app’s functionality and performance are the same as the desktop, but the app’s layout is more neatly organized.

The photos are arranged in better size and alignment, and the chat rooms are sorted in an organized way. The most fantastic feature which works best on apps is the use of a microphone. The app uses the mobile microphone to send voice messages. However, the desktop version often gets errors when detecting the device.

You cannot open multiple chat rooms on the app at once. The desktop version has no restrictions on numerous chat rooms all at once.

TalkWithStranger Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

TalkWithStranger Websites & Apps


Omegle is considered the pioneer of chatting platforms. Chatting was not a new concept at the time Omegle was created in 2008. Messengers like yahoo we’re famous for talking purposes. What makes Omegle different from these messengers is that the site connects two strangers rather than friends. Similar to TalkWithStranger, Omegle does not require any registration or detailed signup process.


Chatrandom is another chatting platform that provides instant chat services with strangers globally. Since its launch in 2011, the site claims itself as one of the most popular websites that offer webcam chat services. Members don’t need an account to connect with strangers or join chat rooms.

Membership Price and Payment Method

TalkWithStranger Price

As all the platform features are free, there are no categories like standard or premium membership.

The features provide easy access to various chat rooms and strangers. Members can connect with thousands of strangers without spending a single dime.

TalkWithStranger is a unique chatting platform that provides 100 percent free services. Members can text, audio, or video messages without upgrading to premium subscriptions.

Free Membership Features

As all the platform features are free, there are no categories, like standard or premium membership. All the members have unlimited access to all features. Here is the list of features members can enjoy on the site for free.

  • Registration
  • Creating an impressive profile
  • Access to chat either group or individual
  • Permission to enter the banter section
  • Using voice feature for chats
  • Access to global chat rooms
  • Opportunity to become a TalkWithStranger moderator
  • Participating in a random chat
  • Entrance to congressional
  • Playing free games
  • Access to free music

Premium Membership Features

There is no concept of premium membership on the TalkWithStranger chatting website. Members can enjoy all the features of the site for free.

They can enter various chatrooms on a variety of topics related to humor, kids, family, sex, politics, religion, myths, sports, shopping, and many more.

Name the topic, and the site will find a chatroom for you. Members can send messages through text, audio, and video without spending any money. Communication features are usually reserved for premium members on most of the websites. However, TalkWithStranger has broken the notion and provides an opportunity to connect by any means with strangers. You just need to register to enjoy the full benefits of the website. Guess what! Registration is also free and quick. The process is done in seconds with minimal information.

Is TalkWithStranger Really Safe?

TalkWithStranger Safe

TalkWithStranger is a free chatting platform that connects users from all over the world. The site has taken safety measures to protect its member privacy. However, as a responsible user, you have to defend yourself and keep an eye on your surroundings to take profiles and suspicious activities. The website provides opportunities for members to become moderators of the site and help them maintain a safe environment. While using the TalkWithStranger site, keep in mind some essential things.

  • Never share any financial information in public chat with any stranger.
  • Do not send money or expensive gifts to anyone on the site.
  • Do not share your data like an address or contact number with a stranger.

TalkWithStranger is a free platform that verifies identity in the form of email address, Facebook profile, and google account.


TalkWithStranger Conclusion

TalkWithStranger is a unique concept of connecting people with strangers. The chatting platform randomly selects strangers, which provides members an opportunity to meet with a variety of people. Members can join different chat rooms and start private conversations with members of the same interests. Moreover, the site provides different communication mediums like text, audio, and video without any cost. You can play games with multiple players and enjoy your time on the website to the fullest. If you love to connect with random strangers and have an interest in discussing different topics, TalkWithStranger has ample of opportunities to satisfy your likings.

How to Delete TalkWithStranger Account?

TalkWithStranger has a straightforward process to delete accounts. Go to the drop-down menu and select edit profile. Beneath your profile editing option, you will see a red button stating Delete Account. Click on the tab; a window will pop up, asking your password. Type your password and click confirm to delete your account. Keep in mind that it’s an irreversible procedure, and you have to register again to join the site.

How to Message Someone on TalkWithStranger?

Messaging someone on TalkWithStranger is a quick and straightforward task. Click on the profile picture of the member you want to message. Click on the menu on the right top corner with three dots. Select the start chat feature and send them a message.

How to See Who Likes You on TalkWithStranger without Paying?

TalkWithStranger is a free website that offers all the features for free. The site does not have a like option members can follow users to show their interest, and followers can be seen in the settings section.

How to Block Someone on TalkWithStranger?

To block someone on the profile, click on the three vertical dots and select the block option.

How to Cancel TalkWithStranger Subscription?

TalkWithStranger is a free chatting platform and has all the features for free. Members do not have to compensate for any membership or subscription to avail of any exclusive privileges.

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