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Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold – Full Guide For Comparing!

Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold – Full Guide For Comparing!

The battle of Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold compares the two most popular subscription plans of the biggest dating platform in the dating industry. Tinder, launched in 2012, has been a platform of milestones ever since. In 2013, it became the most promising startup; it reached the first million matches and received over 800 thousand requests as an Android application. In 2014, Tinder expanded to several countries with applications for both main platforms, iOS and Android, in several languages. The dating giant introduced the revolutionary swiping design in the same year that is now a part of many applications.

Did you know that the idea of the swipes came from cleaning a foggy mirror in the bathroom, according to Tinder’s co-founder Jonathan Badeen? While the design and interface of Tinder undergo changes from time to time, it was not until 2015 that it came up with its first paid subscription plan. Before 2015, users had enjoyed Tinder completely free, but then the makers decided to change the model to freemium. Keeping the interests of the users, which were not too less, the dating app continued to be free for the most part. Tinder Plus was introduced only with a few upgraded features. It continued to run in the same model till 2017, when the success of Tinder Plus led to the invention of Tinder Gold with additional upgrades.

Tinder Plus had shown quite an acceptance from its large user base to pave the way for a new subscription plan. Clearly, when compared, Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold, the latter is a step-up to the former, but that doesn’t indicate it to be more acceptable or better than the former. The in-depth comparison gets to the roots.

How To Choose a Better One?

While comparing two different dating platforms, factors like safety, two-step verification, spam, fake accounts, userbase, user reviews, features, and monthly subscription price points become important points of consideration. However, in this case, since the two brands being compared and laid against each other are two subscription plans of the same dating platform, it won’t count. Instead, the features and price of subscription plans comparison can be a good way to understand the worth of Tinder Gold VS Plus. In the case of Tinder, the best part is that none of the exclusive features come as a surprise. You, as a user, already know what certain features available under certain plans are meant to do. And since using Tinder is mostly free, it is easy to understand which particular features add extra value to your experience and make it better. Depending on your requirement you can choose the plan.

The transparency on Tinder is the biggest highlight of the dating platform, so the last thing you should worry about is money wastage. One of the most common reasons people use Tinder paid subscriptions is the Passport and Rewind features. Passport becomes necessary in larger cities because Tinder free limits the geolocation reach otherwise, which is unnecessary. Another important feature that causes the demand for Tinder subscriptions is Rewind, which lets you undo your action and get back the profiles that you left-swiped by mistake. Rewind acts as a relief to people, as it is a very common habit of Tinder users to feel miserable about losing a potentially good profile by mistake. The good thing is that the two most in-demand features are available with both Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. In such a case, it is the combination of other features that influence the decision.

Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold: What’s about Price Comparison

Tinder Plus Subscription Charges
Plan Validity Monthly Cost Total Price
One Month $ 9.99 $ 9.99
Six Months $ 5.83 $ 34.99
One Year $ 4.58 $ 54.99

Tinder Gold Subscription Charges
Plan Validity Monthly Cost Total Price
One Month $ 14.99 $ 14.99
Six Months $ 8.83 $ 52.99
One Year $ 6.92 $ 82.99

Even though Tinder has another subscription plan for its users named Tinder Platinum, we will not be covering it in this article. However, in short, it is an upgraded version of Tinder Gold and is the most expensive of the lot. Besides the Platinum membership, Tinder also has Boosts that are sold separately. While boosts are available with memberships, the limit is only once per month, irrespective of the membership type. But one can purchase Tinder Boosts in a pack of one, five, or ten at a cost ranging between 5 to 7 dollars each. The rule is the same the larger the pack, the cheaper the price.

Another thing to note about Tinder Gold VS Tinder Plus is that prices are respected to change with time. Also, the rates are different for users above 28 yrs of age. The above-listed pricing is for users below 28 yrs, which increases considerably for users above the mentioned age.

Tinder Plus over 28
Plan Validity Monthly Cost Total Price
One Month $ 19.99 $ 19.99
Six Months $ 10.00 $ 60.00
One Year $ 6.67 $ 80.00

Tinder Gold over 28
Plan Validity Monthly Cost Total Price
One Month $ 29.99 $ 29.99
Six Months $ 18.83 $ 112.99
One Year $ 12.50 $ 149.99

Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold: Who can join

Tinder Plus VS Gold is a comparison of the same dating platform, only different memberships. Thus, to know what percentage of their userbase prefer one above the other would be like knowing their deepest darkest truth. However, what you can know is the percentage of people trying their paid subscriptions. According to a statistics report released in the last quarter of 2020, Tinder reported having 6.6 million paying users, including subscribers of all their plans. While the numbers are quite impressive, given how many popular dating platforms have the same amount as their total user base. But the bitter truth for the Tinder users reading the Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold is that these numbers are only a fraction of the entire userbase of Tinder. Tinder, as mentioned before, has close to 60 million registered members, of which only 6.6 million are paying, indicating a little above 10%.

When comparing the age demographics, we found that Tinder is a dating app for youngsters majorly. It is the most popular amongst the age group o 18 to 24yrs. But the next age group, which is 25 to 36 yrs (rounding off to 40 yrs), follows close. The gender category, on the other hand, is slightly favored by men across the globe. Some exceptions may happen in a few locations, but majorly the dating platform is dominated by men. Tinder also allows people with any preferences, which makes it LGBTQ+ friendly. One can change their sexual preference anytime from the settings, besides mentioning their orientation.

Tinder Gold VS Tinder Plus: Hookups & Serious Relationships

Preferred by the youngsters, the app’s design is superficial enough to promote casual dating. However, the bio can be a game-changer for the quality of matches. Considering the importance given to the user photos combined with the swiping culture, reading user bios is hardly a habit amongst Tinder users. Yet, it would be wrong to say everyone on the site is looking for casual relationships and hookups. The contradicting needs and swiping behavior creates bad quality matches, which is why more people keep turning up to Tinder for better reach. Now it is normal to reach an exhaustion point in a small locality. And hence comes the role of Tinder Plus and Gold. It is mostly the users looking for serious relationships who aren’t happy with the current quality of matches think of Tinder Plus VS Gold. Although the paying users cannot be distinguished, they find better matches with more profile visibility through the premium features of Tinder.

There are many successful marriages from Tinder matches, but the percentage of casual dates and hookups is way more than the serious ones. It, therefore, can be termed best for hookups and casuals but can turn different with a Premium Plan offered by Tinder.

Tinder Profile Setup & Registration

Considering that both Tinder Gold VS Plus is part of the same platform, the registration process for each of them is the same. Known for its simplicity, Tinder offers an easy, socially integrated registration process that only takes a few clicks to complete. Additional to using Google or Facebook login, Tinder makes phone number verification compulsory. After that, users are led to the profile setup, which requires you to upload a few photos, enter your name, and write a bio of a few words to attracts dates.

The dating app takes another step at making the process easier by allowing users to integrate their Instagram profile with Tinder. The step makes importing photos easy and super fast. The profile setup is free and can be completed in less than five minutes. One can start swiping right away since the suggestions are based on geolocations. While you can use most of the features on Tinder for free, you can upgrade your profile quickly to any membership you like based on Tinder Gold VS Tinder Plus. Finding the memberships is again super easy; visit the settings, and the two membership plans would be waiting to say hello to you.

Tinder Plus Features

One of the most important factors of comparison involves the exclusive features offered by the membership plans. Here is the list of features that you get with Tinder Plus to compare:

  • No more advertisements. Once you upgrade to a premium membership on Tinder, the interface becomes ad-free. It makes the app look clean and free from all disturbances.
  • Unlimited Likes. Tinder only allows a hundred right swipes per day to every user. But the moment you upgrade to a plan, the dating platform removes the limitation, allowing you unlimited likes.
  • Unlimited Rewind. One of the most dreaded actions happens on Tinder when you left-swipe a potentially good profile by mistake. While you can’t do much about it with a free account, with Tinder Plus, you can Rewind. It lets you get the profile back to the right swipe and not miss any potential good matches.
  • Passport. Another important feature is the Passport which is not available to normal Tinder users. It lets you change your location to find better matches and connect with people around the world.

Tinder Gold Features

Tinder Gold is only an upgraded version of Tinder Plus. It means, besides providing all the features available with Tinder Plus, the membership adds a few more exclusive features, mentioned below:

  • Super Likes. It is the like that removes your anonymity. So the person, when seeing your profile card, already knows if you have liked their profile. It increases the chances of a match. While Tinder gives one Super Like each day to every user, with Tinder Gold, the limit increases to five a day.
  • Profile Boost. Sold separately; otherwise, you get one profile boost a month with Tinder Gold. It gives your profile a better reach, ensuring more matches.
  • Top Picks. Besides the general swipe cards, Tinder Gold with Top Picks also suggests a few users that you are bound to like and get a match.
  • See Who Likes You. Superliked or not, with Tinder Gold, you can see all the people who have liked you to make the matching process much faster.

And the Winner is: Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold

If you look around on the internet, you will see how people absolutely don’t deem Tinder Gold as worthy. The reason is the features offered don’t seem to be worth the extra 10 dollars. The exclusive features of Tinder Gold are nothing special that would change the experience to a large extent. The ones that would make a difference are already included in the Tinder Plus plans, which are quite affordable. The only feature that seems to be worth paying for is the Top Picks, but not many people on the internet seem happy with it. So, the winner, according to us, is Tinder Plus. It’s pocket-friendly and adds fun value to the regular Tinder profile. However, you can choose Tinder Gold from Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold if you want to try Top Picks and love Super Likes.

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