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Tinder vs. Badoo – Full Guide for Comparing

Tinder vs. Badoo – Full Guide for Comparing

Badoo is a dating site that targets singles looking for love, friendship, or casual dating. The majority of the users are late teens and young adults. These are individuals who are looking for partners with whom they share interests. Badoo was founded in 2006. The site has grown over the years, and it has a large number of members. It has over 450 million users. These members are from 190 different countries. The Badoo app offers its services in 47 other languages, and this is an advantage to many.

The number of members keeps growing every day. Badoo has a mobile app that is free to download. This site is recommended for the younger generation. The design of the Badoo website is organized and very simple, is functionality is user-friendly. The mobile app is even better; it has more features than the website version. It allows location proximity matching and has an excellent option called Bumped into. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Tinder, on the other hand, is a dating site that was founded in the year 2012. It targets young adults who are looking for love and friendship. Many young adults are attracted to Tinder, and therefore it receives new members between the age of 18 and 35 every day. Tinder grows at a very high rate. It has members from 190 countries. It offers services in 34 languages. It allows members of LGBT to register on the site. When it comes to gender proportion, it is not balanced as male users dominate the area. However, there is a lack of security as far as the authenticity of profiles is concerned.

Tinder has a mobile app that is free to download on Google Play Store and App Store. The design of the app is attractive with all its colors. However, it would be best if you familiarize yourself with the available icons first. You can also connect your Tinder account to your other social media accounts like Instagram, Spotify, or Snapchat.

How to Choose a Better One

Choosing between Badoo or Tinder can be very challenging. It is because they are both great sites with many users from different parts of the world. However, it would help if you found their differences to select one that will meet all your expectations. You can choose Badoo or Tinder by looking at various areas as follows.

Availability is one of the factors that you can consider when choosing between Badoo and Tinder. They are both available in 190 countries, but Badoo offers its services in 47 languages while Tinder offers only 34 languages. Therefore, when it comes to availability, Badoo wins.

Another factor to consider is popularity. If you look at the number of uses in both Badoo and Tinder, you will realize that both have many users and are thus very popular. However, the composition of the members’ matters. Badoo has many users of all ages, and this is a plus. Tinder, on the other hand, has many young members. That is below the age of thirty. This is a disadvantage to many. Therefore, when it comes to popularity, Badoo wins.

Sign up process is also very important. When you look at the two dating sites’ sign-up process, you will find that Tinder requires a short time because it does not ask for many details. On the other hand, Badoo takes a long time because you are asked to give many details. Here Tinder wins.

When we look at the quality of matches on the two websites, you will realize that Badoo is the best. Badoo has members of all ages who are looking for serious relationships. For Tinder, it isn’t easy to get a quality match because most users here want only casual connections and friendships. For quality matches, go for Badoo.

Badoo vs. Tinder: What’s About Price Comparison

Whenever you want a dating site, you select one that will give you value for your money. The following summary on prices will help you choose Badoo or Tinder depending on your best.

Badoo Costs and Prices

Free services

  • Verify your profile.
  • View who visited your profile.
  • Browse other members’ profiles.
  • Use search filters.
  • Message premium members.
  • Basic message and quick flirts.
  • Participate in encounters matching games.
  • Use the “LookaLikes” special search function.

Fee-based services

  • View who liked you.
  • Highlight your messages.
  • See who put you on their favorite list.
  • Undo your votes on counters.
  • Browse anonymously on the site.
  • Chat with new users’ first.
  • Become a featured member.
  • Send crash alerts.
  • Increase your popularity.
  • Give gifts.
  • Activate stickers.

Badoo costs

The following table summarizes Badoo dating site costs depending on the type of membership.

Badoo Premium Membership Costs

Duration/credits/coins Costs Total
1 Month 12.99 USD/month 12.99 USD
3 Months 10.66 USD/month 31.99 USD
6 Months 8.00 USD/month 47.99 USD

Badoo Credits

Duration/credits/coins Costs Total
100 credits 0.03 USD/ credit 2.99 USD
550 credits 0.02 USD/ credit 9.99 USD
1250 credits 0.02 USD/ credit 19.99 USD
2750 credits 0.01 USD/ credit 39.99 USD

Tinder costs and prices

Free Services

  • Download the Tinder mobile app.
  • Registration on the Tinder website.
  • One super like per day.
  • Find members near you.
  • Upload a profile picture.

Fee-Based Services

  • Instant matching.
  • Unlimited likes.
  • To be on top of the line.
  • Find other members around the world.
  • See members who like you.
  • Access top picks.

Tinder costs

Tinder Gold under 28

Duration Costs Total
1 month 14.99 USD/ month 14.99 USD
6 month 8.83 USD/ month 52.99 USD
12 month 6.92 USD/ month 82.99 USD

Tinder Gold over 28

Duration Costs Total
1 month 29.99 USD/ month 29.99 USD
6 month 18.83 USD/ month 112.99 USD
12 month 6.92 USD/ month 149.99 USD

Tinder Plus under 28

Duration Cost USD/ month Total
1 month 9.99 USD / month 9.99 USD
6 month 5.83 USD/ month 34.99 USD
12 month 4.58 USD/ month 54.99 USD

Tinder Plus over 28

Duration Cost Total
1 month 19.99 USD/ month 19.99 USD
6 month 10.00 USD/ month 60.00 USD
12 month 6.67 USD/ month 80.00 USD

The tables above clearly show you the prices of both Badoo and Tinder dating sites. Badoo is affordable as compared to Tinder. Tinder costs are higher. For Badoo, the services are many, and the costs manageable. Therefore, if you wonder whether to choose Badoo or Tinder, go for Badoo, and you will get value for your money.

Badoo vs. Tinder: Who Can Join?

Badoo and Tinder dating sites allow all singles from all parts of the world to join. Tinder will enable members of all sexual orientations between the age of 18-30 years to enter. It includes LGBT members. On the other hand, Badoo is quite traditional; it does not allow LGBT members. It will enable male and female members of all ages to join.

Badoo Features

Badoo is known for having unique features that other websites do not have. It is a plus for Badoo. These features help to increase the chances of getting a match on Badoo. The following are the special features that Badoo has.

Badoo Encounters

It is a feature that allows you to find your match easily.

Profile score

It is a score that is put on your profile. The score is significant because it allows other users on the platform to rate your pictures. If you have a higher score, then your profile will be more visible.


With this feature, you can always check who visited your profile.


During your search for matches, this feature allows you to select your favorite games and put them on your favorite list. Apart from that, you can also see who put you on their favorite plans.

Games and Profile Feature

LookaLikes – this game allows Badoo to look for users’ LookaLikes. If you like a user, you can search for their LookaLikes. Another game is one for gifts. Here you can purchase gifts for other users using credits.


With this feature, you get an email and other notifications when a user likes your profile.

The signing up process at Badoo dating site is quite simple. It would be best to give out your name, date of birth, gender, location, and what you are looking for. You will also be asked to upload your profile picture. After this, you will receive a link in your email. You will follow this link for your account to be verified. You can start using Badoo immediately after your email is confirmed.

Tinder Features

Tinder also offers several special features that can help you get a match. You can access these features with paid membership. They include the following.


In this feature, you are allowed to boost your profile. When you increase your profile, you become on top of the site’s search query for thirty minutes. It enables many people to see your profile and, therefore, higher chances of getting a perfect match.


At Tinder, you get one free Superlike to send to a member of your choice. If you would like to send more, then you need to subscribe to a premium account.


This feature allows you to change your location to get hook-ups away from your area.


It allows you to undo a swipe if you made a wrong swipe.

Read receipt

This feature allows you to know whether a user has read your message or not. You can purchase this feature in packs of 5, 10, and 20.

Tinder U

It is a feature that connects university students with others around them. This option is suitable for campus users.

Moonlight for Tinder

This feature helps ensure the security of users when they are on dates. With this feature, you can share when, where and who you are meeting during a date. In case of an emergency, you will communicate using this feature and therefore get help.

Traveler Alert

It helps the LGBTQ members. It notifies the members when they travel to an area where they can be penalized. The app sends the notification immediately you step on that illegal ground. This feature is available to both iOS and Android device users.

Super Boost

It allows members to see your profile at the top. It helps your profile to be seen by more potential matches, especially during peak hours.

The signing up process on the Tinder website is straightforward. It takes the shortest time ever. You need to provide your mobile number or email address to get a verification message. After verification, you will have to key in your name, date of birth, gender, and profile picture of your choice. You can link your Tinder account to other social media accounts if you want. However, it is not a must. Signing up at Tinder is very simple, and therefore it is easy to find fake profiles on the site. You should therefore be careful.

And the Winner Is: Badoo vs. Tinder?

From the above analysis of the two, it is pretty clear that Badoo dating site has more advantages over Tinder. Therefore, Badoo wins.

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