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Tinder vs. Match: Full Guide for Comparing

Tinder vs. Match: Full Guide for Comparing

Finding a viable dating site when contrasting Tinder vs. Match can be daunting for most online daters. Both sites have been reputable for offering solutions to all sorts of dating needs. So how do you pick the best one between the two? This roundup compiles the best reviews, price comparisons, and special functionalities. Watch out for who carries the day between Tinder and Match.

Tinder is an interesting dating app that allows users to meet other people by swiping right. The app has been in existence since 2002 and has been influential in pairing singles across the globe.

Primarily, users hook up based on their location. Regarding this, some prospective users feel less empowered to find an ideal mate as they are only limited to viewing the image and not the whole profile. Regardless, the location-based feature makes it unique as you are sure to meet people within your proximity.

The app has a fine-tuned interface that doesn’t have clutter, making navigation seamless. Finding an acquaintance isn’t difficult, but there have been reviews of singles claiming to have come across fake profiles. In an era where social distancing is a norm, Tinder guarantees both casual flings and long-term commitments.

Match isn’t left behind. The app has been in existence since the mid-’90s and has attracted millions of members worldwide. Unlike other competitors, has been home for lasting commitments, with some singles hooking up casually. The site is ideal as users submit detailed information during registration and customize search filters to find compatible matches.

Besides hooking up online, has multiple events that allow users to meet and connect. Match’s app has a nice intuitive interface compared to Tinder’s. Countless couples have applauded Match for being their destiny for love. Noteworthy, premium users who are unsuccessful in finding love on Match have a six-month extension to aid their dating search.

Generally, Match vs. Tinder memberships are significant; both apps have drawn millions of users. Your needs would influence your choice for either dating site. However, from the general reviews, interface, design, and usability, prospective users are likely to settle for Match because of the demographics and ease of finding partners.

How to Choose a Better One

Choosing Tinder or Match is subject to several factors that every user should consider. Some of the things to look out for before choosing either include:

  1. Age of users: Who uses either site? When comparing Tinder vs. Match, both sites have a vast users’ age. Tinder has over 50 million users and is popular with young adults within the age bracket of 21 and 28 because of the swiping feature that is more of a game – you can swipe as much as you want till you find the one. Match features diverse age groups of over 42 million subscribers, but the majority are aged 28-40. This makes it easier for you to hook up with mature adults and the likelihood to find marriage-based relationships. It’s a tie for the two; you can choose either if age and user base are your primary factors.
  1. Dating needs: What are your dating intentions and goals? Are you looking for casual flings or meaningful dates? These questions will primarily determine why you would settle for one dating site over the rest. Tinder is renowned for casual flings, but you could as well find long-term commitments. However, Match should be viable as it is renowned for lasting relationships, following multiple reviews from couples who met on the app and got married. If you are looking for LGBTQ relationships, you would prefer Tinder over Match as it caters to such dating needs.
  1. Price and premium costs: How much does finding love cost on either website? Though you can access both apps without upgrading, there is too little you can access with a Tinder account. Match limits free users’ access to some features, necessitating upgrading. Comparing the two, Tinder is inexpensive with a one-month gold premium plan worth $19.99. For this factor, you would prefer Tinder, but that doesn’t guarantee your chances of finding love.
  1. Accessibility, design, and usability: How easily can you access either site? Tinder is only available on the App Store and Google Play Store – there is no website version. The app has a simple design that works conveniently because of the seamless interface uncluttered features. On the other hand, is available on Android, iOS, and a desktop version. This makes it accessible everywhere. Match also has an intuitive layout with pretty colors that make it easier to navigate the tabs. On this, Match carries the day.
  1. Matchmaking algorithms: How do you find a partner? There is no way you are signing up on either site without knowing how you will meet a potential soul mate. Match automates compatible suggestions based on your preferences. Should none of the availed suggestions meet your criteria, you have the upper hand in customizing match results using advanced search filters. On the other hand, Tinder has one primary search feature; the user’s location. While this is awesome (perfect for meeting people in your geographical region), it limits a person’s capability to look for people with other traits, making it counter-effective in rural and remote areas. However, users have the option of upgrading and changing their location to find more results. Either way, Tinder still falls short in matchmaking as both users have to like each other before proceeding mutually. That said, it is a win for Match as it avails the advanced search option.
  1. Special features: What will you get for your perks? With Tinder, there are plenty of features that you can only unlock with a premium membership. The member’s profiles are pretty straightforward; username, gender, age, and location. Swiping right means you are interested in the person, but the pairing is subject to the person swiping right. There is no limit to how many times a user can swipe, but communication is enabled for users who mutually like each other –only mutual matches can message each other. Contrary, there are a lot of things you can do on even without upgrading. The site automates daily potential date suggestions but still allows users to search for partners outside their preferences. Besides, you can bookmark profiles and revisit them to connect. Match wins when comparing features and members’ freedom to unlock them.
  1. Success rate: On which dating site will you meet a partner? is a site to reckon with when it comes to finding a partner. Perhaps this is because of the available features and the freedom to look for your significant other using the search filter. But does undo Tinder in terms of success rate? No! Tinder has also been resourceful in hooking up singles for casual dates and lasting relationships. Comparing Match vs. Tinder, it’s a tie – both sites have a higher success rate.

Tinder vs. Match: What about Price Comparison?

Prospective online daters often contemplate how much it would cost to find their dream partner. Both sites have standard memberships, but that doesn’t guarantee the chances of finding love. How do the two compare in terms of pricing?

Tinder charges its users based on their ages; below 28 and above 28 years. It also has three premium package options, gold, plus, and platinum. Below are the costs of every package in each category.

Tinder Gold for users aged 28 and below:

  • One month at $14.98
  • Six months at $52.99
  • One year at $82.99

Tinder Gold for users aged 28 and above:

  • One month worths $29.99
  • Six months worth $112.99
  • One year worth $149.99

Tinder Plus for members aged below 28 pricing packages:

  • One month costing $9.99
  • Six months costing $34.99
  • Twelve months costing $54.99

Tinder Plus membership pricing plans for users above 28 years:

  • One month worths $19.99
  • Six months worth $60.00
  • Twelve months worth $80.00

Tinder Platinum pricing plans for users below 28 years:

  • One month at $14.32
  • Six months at $50.10
  • One year at $71.64

Tinder Platinum premium packages for members above 28:

  • One month going for $17.99
  • Six months going for $63.89
  • One year subscription worths $90

Equally, has three options for upgrading: premium, standard, and boost. Below is the breakdown:

  • Three months subscription worths $44.98
  • Six months membership worths $64.94
  • Twelve months subscription costing $107.88

Match standard packages are as follows:

  • Three months package worths $38.99
  • Six months subscription worths $54.99
  • Twelve months membership costing $95.99

Match also avails boost or credit coins that unlock the ‘match me’ and boost features that increase users’ visibility on the platform. If you opt for a boost, you will part with the following:

  • One credit at $0.99
  • Five credits at $4.00
  • Ten credits at $6.00

Contrasting Match vs. Tinder prices, the latter seems to be in the upper field; it guarantees users a six-month subscription extension if they fail to find a partner within the subscription’s duration.

Tinder vs. Match: Who Can Join?

Both platforms are excellent for finding love. Anyone looking for casual flings, flirting mates, and one-night stands would find Tinder ideal. Singles looking for a game/like matchmaking app would settle for Tinder because of the swiping feature. Contrary, is viable for meaningful relationships and an incredible online dating experience.

Tinder Features

Users can interact with some of the following Tinder’s functionalities:

  • Boost: This icon highlights your profile and increases your visibility for 30 minutes.
  • Super boost: Do you want to catch the attention of potential partners? This feature will help you by placing your profile on top of other users’ swiping lists.
  • Swipe around the world/passport: Though Tinder matches users based on proximity, this function allows you to connect with other users from different locations.
  • Superlike: This blue star icon is useful in expressing yourself to another user. Clicking this tab means that the other person stands out among the rest.
  • Top picks: The best way to hook up with other users is by visiting the top picks list as it preselects users that might interest you.
  • Rewind: Any time you accidentally swipe left, clicking this icon undoes the action.

Match Features offers some interesting features for all its users. They include:

  • Boost: Upon upgrading, this function places your profile on top of other match suggestions for one hour. This way, other members can easily notice you, increasing the chances of meeting other users and attracting a sweetheart.
  • Match me: This feature will place you on top of a specific user’s suggestion page. It is a way of getting the user’s attention and hopefully hook up.
  • Dates: This feature was introduced recently following the global pandemic, Covid-19. The feature allows members to provide details about their upcoming dates and what they would prefer. Ideally, members who agree to meet can use this feature to reduce the chances of contracting coronavirus.
  • Real talk: You can benefit from this feature if you are unsure about starting a conversation. It has automated conversation starters that would attract another user’s attention.
  • Reverse matches: The list contains people with who you are not compatible, but you could become a partner.
  • MatchPhone/Voice call: The function allows users to call other members anonymously.
  • Likes: This tab contains a list of users who you like and those that like you.
  • Match dating guarantee: This is a satisfaction guarantee policy that extends a user’s subscription plan for six months if the person didn’t find a partner during their subscription period.
  • Vibe Check: This is an app-video function that allows users to connect via video. The black video icon is only available for users who have conversed before and wouldn’t mind conversing via video.
  • Date check-in: The safety function feature necessitates that users provide three emergency numbers whenever they are meeting someone from this app. The emergency contacts will be notified if you are unsafe with your date.

And the Winner is: Tinder or Match

Having compared Tinder and Match, each has unique features that would aid a user’s search for love. While Tinder has a game-like function for matchmaking, Match has many free features that a user can access without upgrading. Tinder limits a subscriber’s possibility of experiencing new encounters as you are only limited to swiping. In contrast, Match automates potential hook-ups and still allows users to search partners using personalized criteria. Comparing Tinder vs. Match, it’s a win for

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