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Waplog Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Waplog Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 48%
Popular age 25-40
Beauty 67%
Profile 1 450 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It allows an unlimited messaging option for the premium members
  • The chat feature is powerful
  • The Waplog site loads fast and is also easy to use
  • Can upload as many pictures as you wish to
  • User-friendly platform which makes it effective for the non-tech savvy users as well
  • Ads are in plenty when you use the site
  • Member profiles are not monitored
  • Difficult for some to complete the profile
  • The site lacks additional features

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Waplog today, as per the records from the year 2019, has approximately 600k registered members. The site was created in the year 2002. This dating site is popular among the 25-34 age groups who prefer to date older men. The gender mix on this dating site is also fair. Mobile friendly, moderately priced, and with its friendly support, the Waplog online dating site is a hit among the users.

Waplog lets you to date, chat, or just making friends online. You can send messages to others and also comment on their profile. The members do have the option of sharing status to let others know what you are up to.

Expert’s Review of Waplog

Waplog is a convenient and easy way to meet people online and approach them for friendship or to be a partner. The website is fun to use and is easy to navigate through. The site fails to offer any special features, but the good thing is that most of its functions are available for free users. One gets the chance to meet people from across the globe. Just make sure that you follow the online dating rules to not fall into any trap.

Website Design & Usability

Waplog Design & Usability

The design of the Waplog website is intuitive. It is also eye-catching and at the same time user friendly too. The tabs and the buttons on the website are easy to locate, which makes it easy to navigate through the website. It is hard to miss them, which means that you won’t be spending a lot of time searching for the tabs. However, what bothers the free members of Waplog are its ads. So whenever you click on any tab, you will see ads appear in front of you, which may cause some irritation. It, however, is only for the free version. The paid version has no ads.

Special Features

Special Features

The Waplog story feature is a unique feature of this dating site. It gives an excellent experience to its members. The feature lets the users record a short video and then share the video along with their profile. It can be uploaded along with their profile. The duration of this video allowed is 15 seconds and stays on your profile for 24 hours. It stays temporarily, and thus members can add as many videos as they wish to. You can share anything on these videos.

The other features of the Weblog online dating site are:

  • Detailed profile that lets you know about the other members better
  • Users go to the newsfeed directly after the registration
  • It is free to browse other member’s profiles
  • Complete your profile when you wish and also keep updating them
  • For every detail that you post on your profile, there is an indicator that matches you to a member.

How does Waplog work?

Waplog work

Once you create a free account on Waplog, you can chat with the other members registered on the online dating site.

This can be done through the live chat feature. You can make use of the easy friend search filter, which lets you find a friend from your desired location. The call to action button allows you to like and chat with members. You also get notifications that let you know about who liked your profile and if he wants to chat with you. It is free to send messages on Waplog.

Interacting with friends on this online dating site is a cakewalk. You can go to the friend suggestion section and choose from the listed members to chat with. Alternatively, you may do a filter search yourself to find the one who suits your requirements the most.

The method is simple. Just click on any picture that you like, scan through the profile, and add the members as a friend, like a user or a message the person.

To chat with a member on the Waplog online dating site, you need to click on the chat icon. It will immediately direct you to the personal chat window. To know if the person is online, look for a green button that you can spot just beside his name. If he or she is online, then start chatting privately in the chat room.

Sign Up Process

Waplog Sign Up

It is fast and easy to complete the sign-up process on Waplog. Users have an option to sign up either using their e-mail or through Facebook. When you sign up using Facebook, then this will import all the information from your FB profile automatically to the Waplog website or app.

The email registration process is also simple and does not take more than 2 minutes. It is free to register on this online dating site. You do not have to take any test, nor do you have to look out for the matches manually. Based on where you live and your profile, the algorithm screens the profiles of the members who are registered on the Waplog online dating site and then filter the right matches for you. This narrows down the list, making it easy to screen through like-minded profiles.

Users Profiles Quality

Premium Profiles Quality

On the Waplog online dating site, every member gets a notification when a member either visits or likes their profile. You can also see the detailed profile of every member registered on this dating site. Once a member uploads a profile picture, the moderator will approve it and then display it for the other users to view it. The profile is very detailed, and every member, whether a free or a VIP, can see the profile pictures of all the members registered on Waplog.

The profile information can be updated or edited as and when one wishes to. The profile information lets you scan through the details of members and understand whether or not you think he or she would be a compatible match for you.

Most of the profiles created on Waplog are very detailed and have many photos. Even free users of Waplog can browse through the entire profile. However, the profile does not let you know if the other person is seeking a relationship or friendship, so you will have to chat with them and then figure this out.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The Waplog online dating site also has an app version. This lets you to date with people on the go. It is free to download the app, which you can do on iOS and Android mobile. The interface is user-friendly, and the best part is that if you plan to sign in using FB, then all your information will be automatically updated. You also get an app notification when a member visits your profile or likes it.

The app is convenient for many because it lets you stay connected with people on the go. You can easily find what you need just by scrolling through the app.

Waplog Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Waplog Websites & Apps

Some online dating websites are similar to Waplog. Here are some of them.


This online dating site helps you have long term relationships or find your soulmate. You start by chatting and then take the relationship forward. The members can access the community freely, find daily active users on the site, which would be in millions. The site allows the creation of profiles, text messages, as well as audio and video, messaging. This practical dating site is of high quality and will let you have some fascinating conversations. Send video and audio messages or share pictures, every function works seamlessly on this dating site.

Color Dating

This is a racial dating app for those who want to talk only to people of their race and color. The dating site satisfies the needs of the not so liberal crowd. Available on the iOS store and Android store for app download, ColorDating is a free dating application and is said to be one of the most significant racial dating applications. Do you want to enjoy meeting with people of different ethnicities? Then you will also like the working style of Color Dating. There are Whites, Asians, Red Indians, Hispanics, and Blacks registered as members on this dating app.

Use the live messaging feature to send a message to someone whom you like, and this will let you chat with the member. There is a free version, but you may be a VIP member by paying, which will allow you use many of the sophisticated features on this site.


DateWay is an online dating app where you can chat as if on messenger. The environment is user-friendly, and you can chat with a single living anywhere in the world. Explore random guys and girls if you are single and want to enter into a relationship. If you are interested in a profile, then you can start to chat right away. DateWay lets you add new people into your friend list and also send and receive friend requests of others. Create an attractive profile and make it enjoyable so that you get more and more invites into the chat rooms. This is a free online dating app.


Meetville is an adult online dating site with members from across the world. You can scan through the profile of singles and chat with the desired person. With members from across the globe, you are sure to find your compatible partner on this dating site. Meetville also does a basic scan of the profiles, which increases the probability of getting the best match for you. The matching system uses a sophisticated algorithm to suggest profiles that have the same interest, values, or even the same psychological compatibility as yours.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Waplog Price and Payment

Waplog can be used for free. However, if you choose to be a paid member, then you can enjoy better features and also an ad-free experience. The membership price is moderate, and a single month subscription comes at $9.49.The three months subscription is $23.99, which comes to $8 per month. You can also subscribe for a year, which will cost you $56.99 for a year, which comes down to just $4.75 per month.

Users can pay for a VIP membership or paid membership through the phone from their iTunes app. It is essential to know that all the subscriptions get renewed automatically. So you would have to uncheck the auto-renewal option.

Free Membership Features

Membership Features

Here are some of the features that a member registered on Waplog for free can enjoy:

  • Creating a profile
  • Searching for a member
  • Live free chat
  • Editing profile
  • Uploading pictures

Premium Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

With a VIP membership here are the features that a Waplog registered member enjoys:

  • Boost feature that lets you be in the spotlight and be seen on the top of the search result
  • Featuring better in the matching section
  • Ad-free usage
  • No limit on the messages that one can send
  • The option to know if the receiver has read your message

Is Waplog Really Safe?

Waplog Safe

Waplog is for those who are looking for a relationship online. It is an interactive platform, and while many may be putting good use of it, there are chances of fake profiles on the dating app. The privacy setting is something that the members should use. It lets them choose who should and should not see their profiles. Also, if any user feels that a profile is a spam, then he can raise a complaint.

Waplog users can get their accounts verified. This can be done by linking the profile to Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter or their cell number. Rest assured that this method will not expose your account or reveal anything about you. It will be used by Waplog internally, and you also get a verified sticker on your profile.


Waplog Conclusion

Waplog is an excellent online dating platform. However, it does not offer anything special. The functionality of this online dating site is the same as Twitter or Facebook. This site gives you a mix of networking and a dating site. So, basically on Waplog, you get to enjoy a mix of networking and a dating site.

Waplog FAQs

How to delete Waplog account?

To delete your account on Waplog, you will first have to click on the account setting. This is seen on the menu and the left-hand side. Once you click on this, scroll down, and you will see an option to delete the account. You can delete your Waplog account when you click this option.

How to message someone on Waplog?

It is easy to interact with friends on Waplog. Once you are registered on their site, you will find friend suggestions. You can use these suggestions to chat. Alternatively, you may filter out the members yourself and choose whom you wish to contact. It is free to get in touch with the members on the online dating site. Just click on the picture that you like, scan the profile, and add as a friend or send a message on the free live chat. You can see the chat button placed under the member profile.

How to see who likes you on Waplog without paying?

Free members on Waplog get a notification when a member sees their profile or when a member invites them to chat. This is true for the website as well as app users.

How to block someone on Waplog?

Waplog allows you to block a member whom you do not wish to talk with. If someone harasses you, then you can click on the block icon that can be found on the top right-hand side of the user’s page. You can also block someone using the unblock option, which is again on the top right-hand side of the member’s page. If you wish to see the profiles that you have blocked, then go to settings.

How to cancel Waplog subscription?

To unsubscribe on Waplog here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Go on the home screen and select the option “Settings.”
  • Select on the App and iTunes Store
  • Tap on the Apple ID or the Menu icon on Google play
  • Go to subscription and then to Manage.
  • Switch off the auto-renewal option
  • This will stop the auto-renewal option at the end of the subscription

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Waplog
  • Address: İhsan Doğramacı Bulvarı GÜMÜŞ Blok NO:29 B K1-1 ODTU TEKNOKENT Çankaya, Ankara, TURKEY
  • Zip Code + City: 6690
  • Country: Turkey
  • Customer Support Email: customerdesk@waplog.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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