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XMeeting Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

XMeeting Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
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Beauty 40%
Profiles 6 400
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Visit rate 6.5
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is simple and can be done in minutes.
  • A dedicated help section to help the users with their issues.
  • Subscription is a lot cheaper as compared to similar websites.
  • Most of the female profiles seem to be fake.
  • A lot of pesky advertisements.
  • The automated chatbot is annoying.
  • You can't communicate without a paid membership.

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XMeeting is an online dating platform designed to help those who want to hook up without serious relationships. There has been a lot of noise about this dating site. It was launched in 2003. It has been in operation for a long time compared to its competitors, but it has failed to grab the attention. There are strong opinions from users about XMeeting claiming they hardly get responses from female members; however, a few claims that the majority of the users are found online. So, this review will help to clear the air.

XMeeting is a dating website for those who want to hook up and have a casual encounter. The members of the site are not for a serious or long-term relationship. The registration process is fast and straightforward, and there are many active members. The site has been in existence since 2003; however, it has failed to attract many users. This article will talk in length to see if this dating site is the place you should consider if you are looking for a casual meet-up or stay away.

Expert’s Review of XMeeting

XMeeting Review

XMeeting seems to be more of an advertisement site rather than a dating platform. It has got advertisements from many gaming and adult websites, which is annoying. If you have used or looked at other dating sites, you can understand the difference, while other dating sites have a lot of search options to filter a suitable partner. XMeeting seems to be clueless, whether it should be a dedicated dating site or a place for advertising or promoting other websites. It does not come close to a mediocre dating site.

The hook-up site XMeeting started its journey in 2003. It is based in Cyprus. With most dating sites, you can get information on how many members are registered and how many are active. However, you can’t get any information about the number of members on XMeeting.

To make an account with this dating site, you need to be above 18 years. Apart from this, there is no bar or anything. There is no restriction in terms of sexual orientation. Everyone, including straights, gays, bisexuals, can register on XMeeting. Moreover, this site is open to people from every race and ethnicity. As long as you declare to be 18+, you can join this platform. There is no restriction of any kind.

Website Design and Usability

XMeeting Design

At first look, the XMeeting website doesn’t seem to be impressive. You will see a few women’s profiles shown online and a Sign-up box at the top-right of the screen. There is a flag near it showing free. Once you log in, you can see a list of members online now. If you scroll down, you will see at the right side the latest profiles and then profiles you viewed and those have viewed you. If you scroll a little down, you can see two tabs, “You Like” and “Likes You.”

If someone sends you a message, it will pop-up at the bottom right corner of your computer screen. You can minimize the message box. At the top-right, you can see four options, Search, Live Cams, Sexy Games, and Help. On the left, you will see an update about who has updated their profile picture and things like that.

The website seems to be missing details at first glance. Most of the dating websites have more information than this one. The search options are limited. You can only search by the location and age, while other websites offer a lot more search options. There is no menu, unlike other sites where there are many more options available.

Another striking thing about the dating site is it turns into an adult website out of the blue. You will see adult videos, cartoons, and many other things that look bizarre rather than enticing. Imagine you are chatting with someone on a dating site, and suddenly, you see pop up photos like those of a porn site.

In terms of usability, it is user-friendly and straightforward as there are not many options. A new member or a person without technical knowledge can operate it efficiently.

Special Features

XMeeting Features

There is nothing extraordinary about this website; you will not find a feature that makes it stand out as a dating site. A couple of useful things about this site are listed below.

  1. Easy and quick registration process. You can register in just no time.
  2. You can respond to someone’s messages without paying anything for a while.
  3. Prompt Customer Service.

How Does XMeeting Work?

Once you register, you can log in to the website and start searching for a potential partner. The site allows you to search for profiles according to the location or age group. You can like a profile, see the information about that person. The free membership doesn’t allow you to send a private message; you need to upgrade to premium membership.

The “Live Cam” link at the top takes out to a live cam sex website. It asks you to register and make payment separately.

The help section is quite useful, and you can get answers to frequently asked questions. The answers are clear and easy to comprehend. There is an option to submit your query to the customer service team, which is useful.

XMeeting has links to adult websites, so if you are in a mood to watch something hot, XMeeting won’t disappoint you.

Sign Up Process

XMeeting Sign Up

The sign-up process in XMeeting is straightforward. The following are the steps to sign-up on XMeeting.

  1. Open www.xmeeting.com. At the top-right of the page, you need to enter your email address, password, date of birth, and click on Submit.
  2. On the next page, enter a username (you can get suggestions on the site) and select your gender from the drop-down menu.
  3. After that, you need to select if you are looking for men, women, or both. You have to select the checkboxes near the respective gender. Select the country name from the drop-down and then enter the location.
  4. Then enter Word Verification in the given box and click on Save Changes. Then write a short description of yourself and upload an image. If you wish to upload the picture later, then you can skip it. Then click on submit. That is all.

Users Profiles Quality

When you log in to the website, and before you could upload an image, you will be flooded with messages from seductive women asking to date you. Even the most desperate person will not send a message to a profile that does not have a photo. It raises a question mark about the profile quality. Imagine you are on a dating site, what is the first thing you look at before you try to contact someone? Of course, it is the profile photo. Will you try to contact a member if there is no profile picture? When you are on a dating site, you try to contact someone if you see the person is attractive.

There are a lot of profiles without a single photo. Another thing that will blow your mind is you will see a few profiles near you if you search with different locations. Apart from this, many profiles have nude or vulgar images. While there is no harm in using such images, most dating sites don’t have such images that can be viewed by everyone. Moreover, you will hardly get a response from the online people. It may be a case that the person does not want to talk to you; however, if you get a similar reaction from most members, it looks like the profiles are not genuine.

If you are on this site, verify the authenticity of a profile before you think of dating. You may end up wasting your time and get nothing.

Mobile Application

As of now, there is no mobile application of XMeeting. You can use the services on the website only.

XMeeting Alternatives and Similar website & Apps

XMeeting is all about hook up, and casual meet up with someone. It is not about marriage or a serious relationship. There are a lot of alternatives to XMeeting available. Some of them are way better as compared to this dating app. Here are the ten options to this website.

  1. adultfriendfinder.com
  2. silversingles.com
  3. match.com
  4. eHarmony.com
  5. zoosk.com
  6. millionairedates.com
  7. ashleymadison.com
  8. okcupid.com
  9. tinder.com
  10. elitesingles.com

Membership Price and Payment Method

XMeeting Price

Upgrading to a paid account lets you send messages and have a private chat with any member. There are three subscription plans available. Here are the details.

  1. One Month plan — $34.95/month
  2. Three Month plan — $59.95 that means, $19.98/month (You save 30%)
  3. Six Month plan — $99.95 that accounts for $16.66/month (You save 40%)

Payment Method

XMeeting accepts payment through credit and Debit cards. You can make payment using a whole range of credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, JCB and Diners Club, etc.

Your credit card statement reflects the biller as SDXPAY.COM. It is an eCommerce merchant from Cyprus. The dating site claims that it follows the Data Security Standard compliance mandated by credit card associations.

Free Membership Features

The free membership of XMeeting does not have too many features. Here are the highlights of free membership.

  1. A free member can create a profile, like the profile of any member.
  2. You can see the personal information of any member.
  3. It can respond to messages of any member for a limited time.

Premium Membership Features

The free membership of Xmeeting comes with a limited feature, and to communicate with someone, you need to upgrade to premium membership. Here are the highlights of premium membership. The features of premium membership are:

  1. You can send messages to any member.
  2. Chat with a member privately.
  3. View private photos of any member
  4. Visit as many profiles as you want
  5. A premium indicator on profile. It makes your profile look genuine.
  6. Dedicated customer service, so you get a prompt response to any issue you face.
  7. You get access to free adult movies.

Is XMeeting Really Safe?

XMeeting Safe

As the website and profiles experience, there are many question marks about the safety and security of user’s information on this dating site. The evidence of this is when you try to register on the website; you need to tick a box where it says you understand and accept that you allow your data to be used and shared with third parties. The personal data could be anything; it could include your credit card information as well.

Though there has not been any report on misuse of credit card information of any user yet, it makes you suspicious about the intention of the website when it says it will share your information with third parties. So, you need to be alert about your credit or debit card. If you see any transaction on your credit card without your consent, you should report immediately.


XMeeting Conclusion

After considering everything about XMeeting, it can be concluded that you can register on this site. But, you should be careful because there are a lot of fake profiles on this site. Anyway, you are nothing to lose anything, because you can delete your account at any time if something goes wrong. The moment you make an account, you will be flooded with messages from voluptuous women. You will feel like responding, and it will allow you to return to the messages for some time, but later, you will be asked to make payment to continue the conversation.

This article is an extensive review of XMeeting. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

How to Delete XMeeting Account?

If you wish to delete your XMeeting account, you can do that on the website itself. Here are the steps you need to follow to delete your account.

  1. Log in to your XMeeting account.
  2. Then click on the “Help” link at the top-right on the homepage. You will see some ‘Frequently Asked Questions” there.
  3. Click on the question, “How can I delete my account?”. A new page will open. You will be asked to mention a reason and click on “Delete my account.”
  4. You need to click on that. Then you will see a warning asking if you are sure you want to delete the account.
  5. Click on “Delete my account” again. It will delete your account right away.

Note: Once you delete the account, it will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to retrieve it.

How to Message Someone on XMeeting?

If you wish to send a message to someone on XMeeting, you need to upgrade to premium membership. If you are messaging someone for the first time, you need to visit the profile. You will see two tabs, “Private Message.” Click on that; you will see a message box. Then type your message and click on “Send a message.” If you have received a message from someone or sent a message earlier, you will see a message box popping up at the bottom-right of the page. You need to click on that and select the respective member to send a message.

You can also see the message tab in the middle on the left side. You can click on that to see previous messages and respond to that.

How to See Who Likes You on XMeeting without Paying?

To see who likes you on XMeeting, you need to log in to your account. Then scroll down and look at the right side. You will see there are two tabs, “You Like” and “Likes you.” Click on “Likes you,” and you will be able to see who likes you.

How to Block Someone on XMeeting?

XMeeting allows you to block a member. Here are the steps to block someone on this dating site.

  1. Open the profile of the member.
  2. At the top right of the page, you will see an (X) and a (!) sign just above the map. Click on the X sign to block the user.
  3. You will see a message popping up, “Are you sure you want to block this user?”.
  4. Click ‘ok’ to confirm your selection.

Note: Do remember that Once you block a member, you will not be able to unblock that person and he/she will be completely removed from all your list. The person will not appear on the search result, and he will never be able to contact you.

How to Cancel XMeeting Subscription?

The premium members can cancel the automated monthly payment at any time. The following are the steps to cancel the automatic payments.

  1. Log in to your account and click on Edit Profile at the top.
  2. Then click on the Settings tab. You will see the Recurring Payment option there.
  3. Click on to untick the checkbox. Then select the available date, and your recurring payment will stop.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Service Development Limited
  • Address: 6 Elpida’s, Lakatamia
  • Zip Code + City: 2304 Nicosia
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Customer Support email: support@xmeeting.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog: Blog not available for XMeeting
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