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Bristlr Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Bristlr Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 96%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 300.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The signup process is easy and free.
  • You can filter the matches on your preference on facial hair.
  • "Lothario" detector alerts users to messages that appear to be an imitation.
  • The user interface of the desktop version and the app is very user friendly.
  • The mobile application is available for both ios and android users.
  • The app is available to download free of cost.
  • The app does not make the new members undergo any type of verification process.
  • User profiles on the site are not descriptive.
  • Physical appearance is the only parameter that gets attention on the site.
  • Very few features are available for free users.

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Beard is not just a part of your physical appearance; it is a statement that defines your personality. Thus, the site lays extra emphasis on beard dating and its importance in online dating platforms like Bristlr. Apart from using facial hair as one of the prominent filters, you also get access to plenty of other search criteria. The lack of verification tests during the login process results in many fake profiles on the site. This lack of verification is one of the downsides of the site that prevents it from bagging the title of being a purely legit online dating portal.

Creating an account on Bristlr offers you thousands of features that help you find a suitable match for yourself. However, there are certain places where the site fails to stand fit to the expectations of users. Here are some of the obvious perks as well as limitations of the site that you cannot ignore.

The site undeniably offers a lot to those who are desperately in search of love and a partner. However, the limitations of the site are hard to ignore. There is no harm creating an account on the website for free and checking if it suits your needs or not.

Short introduction of Bristlr

Bristlr is a social search mobile application that uses user locations to find a perfect match for them. It facilitates communication between men with beards and women who are fond of beards. Users who like one another can initiate the interaction via this platform. The site boasts of having been of great help at forming more than half a million relationships via their platform.

Bristlr Review – Perfect or Scam?

Expert’s Review of Bristlr

John Kershaw is the mastermind behind this website, which made its appearance in 2014. The website attracts users from all across the globe. However, the majority of users on the site are from Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States. Users also hail from regions of the European Union and Brazil. The site has been serving the community for around six years by now. The new members keep signing-up on the site owing to its popularity and reputation that it enjoys in the world of online dating. Bristlr entertains individuals who are eighteen years or above only, though there is no way to verify your age. People in the age group of eighteen to almost fifty-five are the members on the site, but most active users are either in the late twenties or early thirties. Both men and women are equally keen on the site looking for a potential partner. The site lets people of all the sexual orientations browse the website freely. The site enjoys more than 98.28K visitors semi-annually and thousands of logins daily.

Website Design & Usability

Bristlr enjoys a clean website with easy navigation making things convenient for those who are not tech-savvy. The website’s homepage contains a picture showing a beard of a man covering almost half the skin, with the rest of the screen inviting you to join the site. The question, “Do you have a beard?” is an invitation by the website to attract people to create an account on the site. Clicking on yes or no takes you to the same page where you see multiple options. You can either sign in if you are already a member or signup using the Facebook account. There is also a link telling you to join in using your email address. The majority of the website is white, and the icons are mostly green. The logo of the site reveals that it has been serving the community since 2014. As you scroll down the page, you see a lot of information about the website along with a video. At the bottom, there are options like Blog – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest – Tumblr – Google+, Privacy policy, Terms of Service. On the top, you can find icons like login, Sign up, Blog and Media kit, on the extreme right-hand side. Overall the site enjoys a simple user interface.

Special Features

The site offers plenty of special features to the users that make it unique and differentiates it from the rest of the online dating sites. These unique features on the website are as follows:

Lothario detector

“Lothario detector” is a detector that finds out the messages that are a copy-and-paste, and the user sends it to multiple people at the same time. The thought is not a parameter to reject someone, but it is undoubtedly helpful to determine as to which user made an effort to glance at your profile and customize a message for you.


This section lets you explore in-depth the site and figure out how to use it to the best of your capability and find a perfect match in no time.

Beard rating section

This section is another fantastic section where you can rate the beard as per your preference.

Specialized profile section

This section on the user profile is visible and accessible only to users who match one another.


This section is another stunning feature that is available to all users. In case you take action but regret doing it, you can simply undo your act. You, therefore, need not worry if you do something by mistake.

Bristlr Special Features

How does Bristlr work?

Beard is an important parameter on the profile for filtering the matches. Not only does the site let you specifically find a match based on users having a beard on their face, but it also makes the reverse filter possible. In case you are a total beard hater, you can look for individuals who do have a beard at all. The app offers you a fun as well as a digital environment that is calm to meet people.

Sign Up Process

The signup process on the site is easy and straightforward. There are just a few steps that you need to follow. You can initially create an account for free on the site. When you arrive at the website’s homepage, you see a question in a huge font that says, Do you have a beard? You can click on the option that says Yes to begin the signup process. Clicking on Yes takes you to another page where you have two options. You can either create an account using your Facebook account or using an email address. To create an account, you must be either eighteen years or above in age. Using your facebook account helps you to skip filling the form manually as the site imports all the information from your Facebook profile. If you choose to sign up via the email address, you need to fill it manually.

You first need to select a photo then nominate a username and password for the account. You also need to enter your email address, gender, the gender, and partner you are looking for, location ( postal code or city), and date of birth. Before you can go forward, you require to tick the checkboxes that say, “I have a beard’ and “By checking this box you confirm you’re 18 or older, you’ve read and agree to our Terms and Conditions, and you have read our Privacy Policy.” After this, you need to click on Join Bristlr. In no case can you proceed without uploading a profile picture. You are now able to see the profile pictures of users in front of you. You can change the information on the site whenever you like.

Users Profiles Quality

The user profiles on the site are not very descriptive. It contains only the information that you fill in while signing up for the site. The user profile shows just the profile picture of the user with a cross and a heart icon below the photo. Apart from this, you can see the age and distance of the user from you. The only other information available about the user is his/her last seen online. Once you login to the site, you can click on the icon Fill out

My profile. In this section, you can find sections where you can type whatever you like. These sections ask you to fill details about, About Me, Anything only for your matches? Who would you like to meet? Any hopes and expectations for meeting up? And then click on Save Changes.

Mobile Application

Bristlr makes a mobile application available to its users to ease the process of finding a perfect match. The app is available to download free of cost. Android and ios users can both download the app on their respective devices. The features available on the desktop version of the site are similar to the ones available on the app. The application’s user interface is clean and user friendly. Navigating from one feature to another is very smooth. More than a million people have this app on their phones. The signup process via apps remains the same as that via the desktop version. The first thing you notice while you sign up using an app is the Allow Notifications option. You can either allow app access or deny access; it is your preference.

Bristlr Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Gone are the days when people had access to only two or three online dating apps. Today the competition is at a level where instead of sites choosing the users, they want to approve on their platform, and it is the users who decide whether to sign up on a partial app or not. Thus, Bristlr has a lot of competition out there. People who are not finding the services of the satisfactory app switch to other apps that are better than Bristlr or claim to be so. Some of these popular alternatives are as follows:

  • Tinder
  • Pure
Bristlr Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Membership Price and Payment Method

The site offers a single subscription plan, that is, for one month. The cost of subscribing to the premium membership is as low as 4.8Euro per month.

You can cancel your membership any time you like. Deleting your account from the site cancels your membership automatically.

Free Membership Features

Like another online dating site, Bristlr also allows its users to access some of the features that are free of cost. These features available for free are as follow:

  • Users can not only signup on the site free of charge but can also complete their profile.
  • You can like the profile of the users you find interesting.
  • Free users can undo their actions if they do something on the site by mistake.
Bristlr Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

The site offers plenty of features only to the members who are willing to make a payment to upgrade their membership. These exclusive features are as follow:

  • Premium members get access to the list of people who like their profile.
  • Paying members can see who views their profile.
  • There are more chances of encountering people who share similar interests and references as you do.

Is Bristlr Really Safe?

There is no verification process that the sites follow during the signup process. This lack of verification steps implies that anyone can create an account on the site by feeding incorrect information on the site. Thus, the number of fake profiles on the site are comparatively more than other online dating sites. The website collects information using your device’s IP address as well as other browser details and stores it in an Amazon data center. However, the site claims that it does not share your personal information with any third party. There is no harm creating an account on the site, but you need to be careful as to whom you should reveal your details like contact number or address. There is, however, no incident of scammers on the site bothering the users.

Is Bristlr Really Safe?


Bristlr is undoubtedly one of the unique online dating platforms that give undue importance to love for the beard. The site makes beard and its type a critical parameter to be selective with interactions on the website. This site is undoubtedly a platform that bags a lot of testimonials praising the platform for helping its users find a potential lifetime partner or at least a first date. Be it hook up or long term relationship, and you can trust the platform to help you encounter a perfect match as it has a broad user base. However, be cautious of who you talk on as there is no verification or background check that the site does on its users.

Here is a set of questions with their relevant answers to help users determine what steps to take in case they are in this situation. Most of these questions crop up in every user’s mind while browsing the site at some point in time. Read the answers to these questions and clear all your doubts:

Popular FAQs

How to delete Bristlr account?

If you were able to find the match of your choice or you do not like the user’s interface, you can simply delete your account in a go. Deleting your account from the site requires you to follow a few steps only. These steps are as follow:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the settings
  • Scroll down the screen
  • Click on Delete My Account
  • Select one reason for deleting the account
  • If your reason is not there on the list, click on the other. A box pops up where you can type your reason.
  • Click on delete my account
How to delete Bristlr account?

How to message someone on Bristlr?

There is a heart icon under the profile picture of the person. Clicking on this icon informs the user that you like them, if they also want you back, you can begin texting one another. On some profiles, you see that sending a message icon is clickable. Still, for certain users’ profiles, the site notifies you that you need to share mutual interest before anyone can send other users a message. It all depends on the membership type you hold on the site.

How to see who likes you on Bristlr without paying?

There is no way to see who likes you without upgrading your membership to premium. You can subscribe to any plan and find out who likes you.

How to block someone on Bristlr?

You can block a person if you find them annoying or unnecessarily bothersome. There are just a few steps that you need to follow:

  • Login to your account
  • Open the profile of the users
  • Scroll down
  • Look at the bottom right side
  • Click Block
  • The site questions, “Are you sure you want to block this person?”
  • click yes
How to block someone on Bristlr?

How to cancel Bristlr subscription?

Canceling your subscription on the site is an easy task. If you no longer want to use the services of the site, you can simply delete your account following the above steps. Deleting your account also cancels your subscription, unlike other apps. However, if you want to continue using the site but do not wish to use the premium features, you can follow another method.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: M14 Industries Ltd.
  • Address:
  • Zip Code + city: Manchester,
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Customer Support Email: John@Bristlr.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bristlr
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/bristlrapp
  • Blog: http://bristlr.com/
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