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Beard Dating

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Beard Dating 2020

If you are pondering the question of how specific dating communities have gotten in the previous years, look no further than the beard dating app. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? If you want to date with a hunky lumberjack-looking man or you are a sexy owner of facial hair, this article will certainly be useful for you. Here you will find out all pros and cons of beard dating, its peculiarities, and pitfalls. If you are new to the digital web environment, it will be useful for you to learn the handy tips to boost your dating experience.

Modern digital space is full of social media-like platforms for guys with beards and people who admire them. They offer numerous tools for search and messaging. You can even search for a partner by its beard type and size. The cutting-edge technologies incorporated on the platforms can fulfill the requirements even of the most demandable users. They are designed to connect those singles with beards to those who fancy stroking them.

When online dating communities have just appeared, they could hardly compete with each other since all of them had similar features and algorithms. With the development of the technologies, the members become more demandable in terms of features and capabilities the modern platforms can offer. This is the reason the beard-centric platforms have become operating. The dedicated sites have employed specific approaches, features, and technologies. Dating sites for beard lovers are designed to connect dudes with beards admirers and offer all the essential tools to provide a stress-free and enjoying experience.

There are different reasons to join online communities for dating. Some people are greatly swamped with work and don’t have enough time to organize dates. Others may be too shy to get acquainted in the street or the bar. Regardless of the reason you have, registering on one of the available dating platforms is a significant step to meet new friends, find a soulmate, and boost your communicative and social skills. So whether you are a handsome beard owner or a whiskered man lover, feel free to join one of the reputable communities and search for pure love. Nevertheless, if you want to succeed in your venture, go on looking through this article to explore all the nuances concerning this specific type of dating.

How Does Beard Dating Sites and Apps Work?

If you are sick and tired of browsing regular dating platforms, hoping to find a reliable partner who wears a beard, joining a reputable beard dating site is a great solution. However, if you are new to the dating world, you should grasp the main principles of how the platform works and its pitfalls and distinctive features.

The majority of beard-centric websites’ critical work principle doesn’t differ from common dating platforms for general purposes. They incorporate similar algorithms, matchmaking engines, searching options, means of communication, and state-of-the-art technologies.

As a member, you can make the best use of basic and extended searching options. Typically, the basic search is free of charge, and it employs such parameters as age, location, and gender. In case you are inclined to find someone special, you can use advanced searching filters. They are usually included in the paid package. You can search for an ideal person using such parameters as the beard’s size, type of beard, height, body shape, preferences, etc. This will help you to find the most suitable match and make your entire dating journey more hassle-free.

When sign-in on the website, the first aspect to take into account is communicative options. Fortunately, modern communities provide users with a bevy of means of communication. Besides sending likes, adding the user to the list of Favorites, and adding the member to the Friends list, you can benefit from instant messaging, private and public chats, voice messages, and video calls.

Beard dating is not only about messaging options, but entertainment and social improvement. You can boost your social life by writing in forums, reading and commenting on blogs, pictures, creating and uploading extraordinary content, and express your individuality most conveniently.

Even though most providers offer free Standard features, the most effective functionality is hidden behind the Premium membership. If you are a non-paid member, you can make the best use of such perks as account creation, profiles browsing, photos viewing, sending likes (interests, winks), browsing blogs and forums, reading the info on the users’ personal page. You should be ready that most sites lock the messaging options behind the Premium membership. If you want to achieve a really effective dating experience, you should purchase a paid membership. Along with the messaging options, you can make the best use out if video calls, anonymous mode, ability to appear at the top of searching results, make your personal page stand out, write blog articles, send virtual gifts, play games, and even more. Everything depends on the features the certain platform offers. Generally, the online providers offer multiple kinds of subscriptions, for instance, for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. The higher durability of a certain plan, the lower its monthly price tag is.

The main feature available on every decent beard dating app is matchmaking technology. It can be of two types – the one that analyzes the info on your profile and profiles of potential matches and the one that evaluates your behavior on the platform and compares with the activities of other users. The latter method is considered to be the most effective. However, anyway, you will achieve the suggestions about your potential boyfriends or girlfriends.

Upsides and Downsides of Beard Dating

If you are still hesitating whether you need to approach beard dating services, it is better to consider their weak and strong points. Carefully weigh them to make a formal decision.


  • A virtual environment includes a broader selection of men and women, for every taste and age. Fill in your profile with the necessary information, upload a photo and wait for a response from users to your candidacy, or do not waste time and look for the desired option yourself, using the various functions of narrowing the search under your needs (by age, by interests, by the location you are interested in).
  • The ability to date globally is very tempting. You can meet your perfect partner from any corner of the world. This is an exceptional opportunity to meet your special person, along with learning the traditions of the other country. However, you should mind the language barrier. To understand not only the language of love, you will need to have a basic knowledge of the language your potential partner speaks.
  • The advantage of beard dating is that it begins not with assessing a person’s appearance, behind which in reality a dummy is often hidden, but with an assessment of his intellectual and, possibly, spiritual level. With a favorable development of acquaintance, a commonality of thoughts can bind people longer and more firmly than those who are fascinated only by their appearance. Your priority shouldn’t be an external beauty but internal beauty, and it can only multiply.


  • Scammers are a significant problem with many dating sites for beard lovers. Among ordinary people, users slip by those who create profiles on such sites with the aim of fraud and extortion of money. Having met and having entered into your trust, such people begin to hint at some difficulties in life, say that they are going through a difficult period now and that you are just their last salvation. Out of the kindness of your heart, you start transferring money to your “friend,” but in reality, it turns out that this is the purest deception, and you were simply bribed for cash. Left at the broken trough, you begin to bite your elbows, and this friend went further along the site to look for new victims.
  • People prone to this kind of relationship, as a rule, forget about everything in the world and can sit at the computer almost all day, which can harm the psychological and overall health. If you are lucky enough to find a person you like, who also loves to kill time for this kind of communication, then you start skipping meals, a normal night’s sleep, and even avoiding your direct duties. And yet these people begin to move away from family and friends, continually experiencing sudden mood swings, without noticing it. There are times when problems with a computer or phone become an obstacle to communication with your new virtual friend. This can significantly spoil the mood of such online addicts who are used to being online all the time. They feel depressed, upset, always grumble, and they are also annoyed and infuriated by any little thing or trifle.

Beard Dating Effective Tips

If you are all about dating a guy with a beard and win his heart, these useful tips and hacks will come especially in handy. Having this information at hand, you will better understand which community to choose and how to win the heart of a certain pro-bread man.

  • Tip 1. Choose the platform with support for the mobile app. If you don’t always want to carry your laptop around to communicate with your admirers, it is better to choose the platform that comes with the mobile application. Thus, you can always get in touch with your sweetheart. Moreover, when there is some activity in your account, the app will send you a notification. This way, you can always keep up with the latest news on the platform. Having the mobile app at hand will allow you to develop your rapport, whether you are in the cafe or office.
  • Tip 2. Take care of your safety. A couple of weeks of active correspondence can create an illusion of closeness and trust between you, but you should not forget about common sense. Whatever your intuition says, follow the general safety rules. Before the first meeting, the guy definitely doesn’t need to know where you live. If it will be more convenient for both of you to get there in his car, make an appointment somewhere near your home. Choose a crowded and popular place, and then you will definitely know how to leave it without any problems. You shouldn’t go to his house on a first date even under a plausible pretext: watch a movie, play the piano, meet his parents. In this case, it will be harder for you to end your date if it doesn’t go the way you would like.
  • Tip 3. Don’t lie about your intentions. If the conversation about goals and priorities is still on, and the sooner this happens, the easier it will be for you to understand each other, be honest. If you are looking for a serious relationship, do not hesitate to admit it. You don’t need to pretend that it doesn’t matter to you. If, on the contrary, you are not ready to commit yourself now and just want to have a good time, indicate this so that your partner does not feel cheated. Not all dating sites for beard lovers are created for users looking for love. Therefore, discuss expectations immediately since it will save you time.
  • Tip 4. Don’t think that you fall in love immediately. It often seems to us that falling in love should arise immediately. If that doesn’t happen, it’s easy to decide that you’re not on your way, even though the guy was generally good, and you had fun with him. Not everyone can open up at the first meeting. So, if everything was great, but your heart remained calm, give it another chance. Often, instant passion prevents you from adequately looking at a person, so being calm on the first date will only add to your objectivity.
  • Tip 5. Upload a natural-looking photo. Don’t overdo with Photoshop and don’t upload the fake picture. The truth always comes out. Imagine how bitterly disappointed your potential partner will be when you appear not the same person they expected. If you have serious intentions, it is better to be honest from the very beginning and post the picture that doesn’t include any distractive details and over-edited elements. The best tip about virtual dating is to preserve your individuality.
  • Tip 6. Choose one dedicated community. For newbies, online dating is an amazing, new experience that immediately attracts attention, especially for those people who are already desperate to find their true love in real life. But do not place high expectations on beard-focused dating sites where there is a place for both lies and deception. Having the opportunity to make several acquaintances at once, you, first of all, kill your precious time. You may not even notice how you start to spend not half an hour of your time, but the whole evening, talking with your admirers. Inoffensive online dating can easily turn into an addiction that takes up all your free time not only in the evening after work, but also in the middle of the working day. The best tip here is to register on one beard dating site rather than on multiple ones.

Who Can Join Beard Dating Sites and Apps?

In the age of well-developed technologies, conversations became intermittent, acquaintances fleeting, books short and long magazine articles supplanted news feeds. And acquaintances have mostly become virtual. The Internet is one of the aspects of young people’s lives which has firmly entered their lives. The beard dating, along with any other dating, has become an integral part of our daily life, without which we can no longer imagine our existence: convenient, practical, and simply necessary.

We live in an era of the digital information revolution. The world has entered the third phase of globalization. With the advent of the Internet, the boundaries between countries, races, and social groups have finally blurred. People communicate, fall in love, study, and earn money without looking up from their monitors and without letting go of their mouse.

The majority of users download a particular beard dating app in order to develop further real relationships (about 70%). Almost one in four experienced the feeling of virtual love. None of the respondents rejected this type of acquaintance. Still, on the contrary, they believe that network relationships saturate everyday life with emotions so deep that there is no limit to joy.

Final World

Each medal has a reverse side. Online dating can have serious side effects that can lead to disasters if not taken care of. When choosing the best beard dating app, you should be aware and understand that this can drastically affect your life, habits, routine. Before plunging headlong into the virtual world of passionate online dating, decide for yourself whether it’s worth your time and nerves.

Beard dating is a kind of fortune. After all, you never know who you are actually chatting with until the very moment when both of you decide on a real meeting or at least on a video meeting online. Riddle fuels interest and creates intrigue that pushes us to the most courageous actions. Go to a meeting with your new friend in London, Paris, New York, or maybe he invites you to spend a joint vacation somewhere on the ocean? Why not!

The Internet abruptly turned human lives upside down and brought beard dating to a whole new level. Many people on dating sites do not just make new friends, but even meet their soulmate, get married, change their place of residence, go on trips, and get to know the world. Everyone deserves a chance to try. Who knows what does that entail?