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EastMeetEast Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

EastMeetEast Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 56%
Popular age 23-30
Beauty 62%
Profiles 320.500
About Site
Visit rate 4.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of free services.
  • Excellent SSL protection for your account.
  • A strong algorithm that matches well.
  • ID Verification doesn’t exist.
  • Unavailability of Android app.
  • Don’t accept Paypal payments.

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  • Personal match recommendations
  • Live streaming option
  • Indicators for online members
  • Chat option
  • Only on iOS so far

Eastmeeteast is a popular dating website that was launched in 2013 to help people who have the same cultural backgrounds and are looking to find healthy long-term relationships. At first glance, through Asian profiles, you could figure out the key points of the necessity of such a website. There’s also a video blog on the front page that enables you to understand how to use this site through various modes of communication effectively. If you are interested in talking to Asians but do not like to invest in a dating site, Eastmeeteast is your choice!

Expert review of Eastmeeteast

EastMeetEast Special Features

Asian dating expert, Jen speaks about the various advantages of Eastmeeteast. He feels that the app is cute, and it’s an easy and convenient site to find Asian singles who’re ready to either mingle in for short-term or find something for a long-term relationship. He further adds the site is best for people from Western countries who are looking for fun with Asian single girls.

The review also elaborates much about the interface and feel of the website stating that it’s easy to use. You can navigate through the five main sections: Search, Smiles, Messages, Profile, and Visits with excellent efficiency. However, Jen thinks that the site still lacks certain technical features such as complete functionality and visiting profiles. On the other hand, the one thing that he feels the owners have done well over time is that they’ve incorporated tons of upgrades. Right from the start of the making of the UI/UX experience of the user comfortable and easy to navigate, the overall experience is great. Jen also added that it’s easy to pick out people who share similar views and with a same sexual orientation with the help of the filter option.

Website Usability and Design:

EastMeetEast Usability and Design

The way Eastmeeteast has designed its interface positions it as one of his highest running sites. You would feel a pleasant experience with the layout. The interface is tidy and cuts straight to the point without any unnecessary hassle. The usage of bright colors like pink and green gives it an exuberant experience even though the web design’s primary color revolves around shades of grey and blue.

The main features of the website are in an orderly manner on the header tab. It features ‘Search,’ ‘Messages,’ ‘Subscribe,’ ‘Smiles,’ and ‘Visitors.’ Your account and profile section are on the right side of the header menu. There’s a particular feature on each page of the site so that you’re entirely aware of each section thoroughly. If you look into the ‘search’ tab, you’ll see that the members are listed in a grid menu with various columns to shortlist depending on your preferences. Let’s say that you haven’t received any interaction in the ‘Smiles,’ ‘Messages,’ and ‘Visitors’ pages so far; they’ll be sending out notifications with some friendly advice on updating various parts of the profiles that you might have missed out on earlier. The interface is a stand-out feature on Eastmeeteast.

Special Features

EastMeetEast Special Features

Focus on uniqueness: Even though finding a dating site for Asians is not new. But, Eastmeeteast has managed to create exclusivity around vietnamese dating online with this site and app.

Catering to the audience: It’s one thing to create a dating site, but it’s a different thing to understand your audience and cater to the niche requirements of it to attract your customers. This site is for Asian, Asian Americans community. It further divulges into minute details such as languages, dialects, etc. If you use the database, you’ll be surprised to see the richness of the filters used.

Customized matches: Eastmeeteast has created a powerful and unique algorithm where they’ve built their matching algorithm. According to your needs and your profile, they send you weekly matches straight into your inbox. It increases your chance as a user to meet and find partners of your liking.

Hide function: This is a cool function that we stumbled on to and don’t get to see on all dating sites. Once you go to a profile and don’t like it for some reason, you don’t want to see them on your matches either because you’ve already spoken to them or you don’t like the profile; you can simply click on the hide button. It helps you filter out unnecessary profiles and find that one profile you might like.

How does Eastmeeteast work?

Eastmeeteast is predominantly an Asian dating website centered around English-speaking Asians who are looking to find exclusively Asian girls. The membership is free for females, whereas, for males, they’ll have pay to access the key features of the site. The main target audience of the Asian community is going to be the young urban-class people so, the payment of membership fees shouldn’t be a hindrance. Most of the user base falls under the category of the 18-34 years age group. The site is not aimed for users to meet casually but is looking for something for the long-term. With a quick-fire registration process, you can start finding your matches easily.

Sign Up Process:

EastMeetEast Sign Up Process

The signing-up process in Eastmeeteast has been made relatively easy and quick. If you log in to the home page of the main website, you will find two options to login. You can either use your Facebook credentials, which is a quick two-step process, or you can choose to manually login by using clicking on the manual registration button. From there on, the following details must be filled to proceed further.

  1. Gender
  2. Gender of the match you want to see
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Zipcode (Applies if you’re not from the USA)
  5. Email and password for this account.

After filling out the above details, you’ll then proceed to the final step of uploading a profile picture or skip that. You also have the option of importing a photo from your Facebook account. After all the above information is filled, your registration process will complete. All that you should do is to go to your email account and activate it. Once you activate it with the link you receive on your mail id, you can access the site.

Users Profiles Quality

The membership profiles in Eastmeeteast do not have a lot of information about the member. There’s a large section for the profile photo on the left side of the page. You can also upload many thumbnail pictures that are right below it. Only members whose images have been approved can use either view or enlarge the photos of other members, so don’t forget to get your picture approved in the first place. There are two functions below the photo gallery, ‘Smile’ and ‘Message.’

If you look on the right side of the member’s profile photo, there’s the section that contains vital information such as name, religion, race, ethnicity, and so on. Under this category, you can find the below details.

  • About Me – A paragraph that focusses on you and some exciting titbits you want other members to know about you.
  • Personal details – Some key elements of your personality and lifestyle.
  • Interest – you can write about the hobbies you’re either into or interested in looking into.
  • Instagram – You can link your Instagram account to save the hassle of picking photos and manually uploading it.

The efficiency of your profile ranking higher will depend on how well you fill out the above information. If you do not upload your profile picture, your profile will be hidden to other members. It’s essential that even if you have approval for no profile picture required, it will remain at the bottom of the member’s result if you do not complete the necessary information about your profile.

Mobile Application

EastMeetEast Mobile

Eastmeeteast has a cool mobile application that is mostly similar to the website’s functionality. One cool feature, however, in the app is instant messaging, which is not available on other dating sites. It helps the user to pull up a conversation at all times. The UI experience of the application is pleasant, and you’ll be easily able to navigate through the key features from the collapsible menus. Some of the key functions of the app are as below: The app, however, is more than 80 MB, a heavy-duty application, and is currently available only on iOS.

Eastmeeteast alternatives and similar websites and Apps

Although Eastmeeteast caters to its audience of English-speaking Asians, it still lacks in overall performance. Here are some similar websites and apps that you may interest you .

Chinalovecupid – Chinalovecupid is a popular dating website that offers to connect singles all over the world with a target audience of the Asian community.

Asiandating – An Asian dating website that focusses on finding singles from the same community, Asiandating has over 2.5 million users with 2000 on an average every day. This alone is enough to put Asiandating on top of all the similar websites.

Asiandate – Asiandate is a popular dating website that’s targeted mostly towards American men who aim to date Asian women. Even though this site entered a big controversy in 2015 for illicit, stolen photos of women that got published, the PR machinery managed to sweep it under the carpet and put them back firmly in the market as a dating website niched towards Asian women.

Thaicupid – Having over a million members in their bank, Thaicupid is one of the leading websites for online dating in the Thai circuit. This website is more targeted towards foreign men who are interested in a casual hook-up/date with local Asian women. As there are more men than women in this portal, it’ll be tricky if you’re a woman looking for a hook-up, but if you’re a man, this is just the site to be.

Membership Price and Payment Method

EastMeetEast Price

Eastmeeteast offers its members two service options. You can either go for membership or a credit system. The membership options range according to the length you want to sign up for. It’s always advisable to go for a longer time as firstly, it works out cheaper and secondly, you give yourself every chance of finding partners more often. But do keep in mind if you’re going to use your card for the transaction as there will be an automatic deduction of amount every month. Hence, it’s always advisable to unsubscribe the services before discontinuing it altogether.

If you don’t feel like subscribing to the membership, you can opt for particular functions and order that individually. But to be eligible for that, you need to sign up to buy EastMeeteast coins. Here’s the break-up of the cost of the membership.

  • Monthly – 34.99$
  • 3 Months – 68.97$
  • 6 Months – 197.94$
  • Yearly – 143.88$

If you’re to buy the Eastmeeteast coins,

  • 1800 coins – 4.99$
  • 4800 coins – 9.99$
  • 18000 coins – 24.99$

Another advantage is that if luck is on your side, you can also avail of the different promo codes that they send occasionally to your email when you subscribe to their account.

Payment method

One setback of using Eastmeeteast is that they do not have many options in payment methods. While most of the popular websites offer Paypal as an alternative method along with net banking, this site provides only a credit card option for making payments. There’s no information on accepting any other method like cryptocurrency or bank transfers. So, we suggest you use your credit card details only if you’re entirely comfortable with that mode of payment.

Free Membership Features

Some of the benefits of having free membership include account registration smiles sending option, browse plus search members, chatting options with premium members, and you can also check who saw your profiles. However, these options are pretty much limited. Women do not have to pay for any service and can avail even the paid membership benefits free of cost.

Premium Membership Features

Apart from the services mentioned above, the only additional features available for paid membership is that you can get unlimited messaging with the users and can also read recipients of your chats.

Is Eastmeeteast really Safe?

EastMeetEast Safe

A basic requirement for any dating website that uses financial transactions is to provide a 128-bit SSL encryption, and Eastmeeteast offers it. This will keep your credit card credentials safe from either being tracked or stolen. Hence, it’s a recommended safe website.

However, for the ladies, there is no ID verification. In today’s world, email is the least strong verification system in the world, and hence, if you’re a woman, you should think twice before enrolling in this site. But there doesn’t seem to be many scammers on the website, and hence, you can breathe. In the case of any woman demanding money through any chat, beware of not sending any information or personal data that may harm you later and straightaway, block them.


All in all, Eastmeeteast is an enjoyable website for all its members. But, especially for women as they avail of all the services free of cost. The founder of the website has based its site on the fact that Asian women are wanted more than Asian men by foreign men and hence have targeted the United States of America in particular. The site has over 700,000 registered members and has also branched out to target Canada. While more than 50% of the members are based out of the USA. There’s a healthy percentage-based out of Australia and Canada as well.

The features of the site are pretty much basic, and the app doesn’t offer any stand-out feature yet. But the qualities of profiles you could see usually are of the highest quality; hence the chance of getting scammed is highly unlikely. For the money you put in, you may feel a bit undervalued so that you may check out more options with the same investment. However, your chances of coming across a partner are high, and that’s what you pay money for!

How to delete Eastmeeteast account?

Log on to your account and check the account settings tab. Choose your appropriate reason for quitting the site, and you’ll be out in no time.

How to message someone on Eastmeeteast?

You need to have a premium membership to message someone. In free membership, you get access to your replies.

How to see who likes you on Eastmeeteast?

You can view who likes you after unlocking the privileges of premium membership.

How to block someone on Eastmeeteast?

You can click on the ‘block user’ option after entering the profile of that particular member.

How to cancel Eastmeeteast subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime, and until the next billing period starts, you can enjoy the privileges of the premium subscription.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: East meets East Inc
  • Address: 32 W 39th Street, Suite 4, New York,
  • Zip Code + City: NY, 10018
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support – https://www.eastmeeteast.com/feedback
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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