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eHarmony vs. Match – Full Guide for Comparing

eHarmony vs. Match – Full Guide for Comparing

You don’t want to drain your hard-earned bucks on a paid dating site that has no potential matches for you. So, let’s do some homework and choose the one that best fits your requirements!

Before digging into the detailed analysis of Match vs. eHarmony costs, let’s be sure that the paid online dating sites pose a lot of benefits over the unpaid options such as Tinder. So, whichever website you choose, be assured that you will get a quality service with a whole new pool of eager members who are more interested in relationships and less flaky than those who register on free dating portals.

Besides offering you a large member base of serious people, Match and eHarmony use complex AI to connect you with like-minded individuals. The reviews show that their algorithms perform exceptionally well.

In fact, due to several similarities, it is hard to find grounds for comparing these two rivals. But reaching the subtle differences between the portals is the key to find the better option for you. We will draw comparison tables to explain these in greater detail; however, here is some more meat we brought for you to munch on:

Quality of Matches: In terms of quality of matches, Match and eHarmony stand equal, with Match claiming to have facilitated 517 000 relationships and 92 000 marriages and eHarmony boasting to lead over 549 users to marry daily, in the USA alone.

Since both are impressive figures and our versus eHarmony competition had a tie here, let’s choose the winner by looking at the sites’ choices to make a partner. We have learned that eHarmony only makes matches with the help of its algorithm. And this algorithm uses the data people provide to the site in the form of a questionnaire while signing-up. As a result, the recommended matches are repeated daily. On the other hand, Match makes partners both with the algorithm and your recent activity on the website. It multiplies the chances of getting potential partners.

Moreover, Match handpicks the members for you and gives you access to the database, while eHarmony remains content with its daily limited recommendations. Match, therefore, is a clear winner in this round with the browsing freedom it offers to the members.

Aesthetics and Interface: Moving on to aesthetics and interface, eHarmony has quite an unusual interface that minimizes many distractions. At the same time, Match comes with an engaging and more personalized design, which gives you a feeling that you are on your dating journey.

The eHarmony layout has a chic look. Its neatly arrayed profiles appear to be crafted by a skilled designer. On the other hand, Match has a classy design with a range of options to browse freely, daily recommended matches, various filters, and nice features that allow you to view your profile’s recent visitors.

So, Match prevails here, too, thanks to its classy and easy-to-navigate design.

How to Choose a Better One?

While choosing the better for our Match vs. eHarmony review, we had to do an exhaustive search – reading through member reviews, success stories, scanning through many blogs and expert rundowns online. Other than the quality of matches and interface, we came across several parameters, which helped us reach a better option. So, stay tuned till we announce the winner!


A way to choose the better portal could be to check its coverage. During our study, we found both eHarmony and Match to be widely available. Both are the forerunners in the dating world, and starting from their locality, both expanded their business worldwide. At present, eHarmony is available in more than 190 countries, translating into the western world and its outskirts. Match, on the contrary, is available only in 25 countries.

Are you knitting your brows?

Let us tell you the reason. Match has a parent company with a broader scope, and it has various dating sites operating in other countries under different names. One of them is Meetic, which encompasses many European countries.

Depending on this reason, we should call this round ‘tied’ for our versus eHarmony contest.


Here comes another factor that may help us choose the better option.

If we call Match a more sought-after portal than eHarmony, no questioning brows should be raised. Match owns 24 % of the dating market in the US alone and is considered a real giant. Putting the figure among the overall statistics, we must say that the percentage is quite impressive.

Although both sites have pretty enviable monthly visits, Match, with its 35 million monthly attendances, stands way ahead of its competitor, which has 5 million monthly visits. While the difference is pretty extensive, 5 million per month is still an impressive figure.

So, let’s add another point to Match’s column on the scoreboard.

eHarmony vs. Match: What About Price Comparison?

Here comes the much-awaited section!

Both eHarmony and Match do not ask you for a fee while joining; however, if you want to make the best of your time on the sites, you will have to opt for a paid plan.

In this round, to your surprise, eHarmony outweighs Match, but only if you go for its 6- or 12-month paid plan. If you are on a budget but still want to enjoy the perks of a legit matching portal, eHarmony might be your best bet. If you wish to join for a short term, you will find Match way too reasonable from a financial standpoint.

As for value for money, we should say that Match vs eHarmony prices stand equal. Match might appear to you costlier, but it offers a host of perks with various dating solutions, ranging from online hookup to real-life visits and events.

eHarmony Match
Subscription Duration Price Per Month Price Per Month
1 Three Months $ 32.95 $ 19.99
2 Six Months $ 13.95 $ 16.99
3 Twelve Months $ 7.95 $ 15.99

It concludes our Match vs. eHarmony cost comparison, with eHarmony standing in the first place for offering reasonable plans. However, they tied in the second half of this round as for quality of matches – both portals fulfill users’ expectations, meaning they serve the best in finding your match.

eHarmony vs. Match: Who Can Join?

When you sign up for eHarmony, you will find yourself surrounded by people in their late 20s or early 30s, or even older, while there is relatively a younger audience on Match. Most of the users registered for Match belong to the age bracket of 18-25.

Depending on their ages, their motives behind joining the portal are also different. eHarmony is more popular among the people who are interested in settling with a life partner. Therefore, most of the members here sign up for a long-term relationship. On the other end of the spectrum, Match caters to a wide variety of individuals who are more interested in short-term relationships. It, however, doesn’t mean that serious individuals do not join Match. This site can be placed somewhere between Tinder and eHarmony in this regard. People with diverse aims specify their purpose of signing up for Match, and usually, they are there for both – long and short-term relationships.

Currently, eHarmony caters to only those individuals who have a straight sexual orientation, while Match, on the other end, welcomes lesbians and gays. You will find both categories of people on Match – those searching for true love and those looking for a fling only.

eHarmony Features

Let’s dive into more features to reach a conclusion of our versus eHarmony review:

eHarmony Signup Process

Get ready to spare an hour or more to sign up for eHarmony, as it asks you to fill in a lengthy questionnaire. It utilizes a 29 Dimensions of Compatibility pairing system, which adds some excitement to the otherwise tedious registration procedure. The reason behind this protracted process is to help the algorithm determine the members with the same profile. However, on the bright side, you can use the service as soon as the registration is over.

eHarmony App

It has a user-friendly interface and all the features of the website version. A great on-the-go solution to stay connected!

eHarmony Success Rate

This over-20-year-old dating site is responsible for having 4% of marriages in the USA alone, and the best part is that the couples not only marry but also stay married. The divorce rate is only about 3.93%, which is 46% less than the national divorce rate (50%).

eHarmony must take the trophy for establishing long-term relationships.

eHarmony Special Features

  • Provides relatively guided online dating experience
  • Offers two premium plans
  • Uses unique 32 Dimensions of Compatibility formula to pair members

Match Features

Here are a few features listed for your consideration:

Match Signup Process

With its relatively short sign-up procedure, Match brings another feather to its cap. However, much to our chagrin, it doesn’t allow you to skip the process and get back later to edit or fill it. The platform believes in manual verification and needs to know who it is approving. Another possible quibble you face while signing up with Match is that the manual approval may take up to 24 hours, which means you cannot walk through the website till then.

However, on the brighter side, you may still befool yourself with the idea of having a COMPLETE profile by the time you start making connections with people.

Match App

With its cute, easy-to-use layout, the app keeps you connected with your partners while on the go. We greatly loved its swiping left feature, similar to Tinder.

Match Success Rate

Since its inception in 1995, Match has been bagging millions of real-life hookups, billions of long-term connections, and hundreds of marriages. Responsible for the birth of over 1 million babies from couples who met on Match, the site can hardly be ignored. It’s one of the top-rated dating forums with an enviable success rate!

Match Special Features

  • Free photo uploading while signing up
  • No fee to appear in search results
  • Allows sending limitless Likes to other members
  • It gives access to top picks
  • Breezy registration process

And the Winner Is: eHarmony or Match?

Time to announce our Match vs. eHarmony Winner!


Yes, Match, with its fully-stocked set of features, limitless members to browse through, and dozens of communication ways, deserves to stand tall on the victory board. On the other hand, if you want to have a more personalized dating experience that feels more like a digital matchmaking counselor, you might get content with eHarmony.

We, however, will not recommend the robotic service eHarmony provides. It might gratify a few patient souls, but it could be too delayed and tedious for many. Match is comparatively better adapted to the new trends. Its straightforward layout, multiple ways of communication, and freedom to walk through the profiles have hereby announced the victor in our Match vs. eHarmony duel!

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