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Elite Singles vs eHarmony — Full Guide for Comparing

Elite Singles vs eHarmony — Full Guide for Comparing

The process of comparing eHarmony vs Elite Singles is not easy because both sites have excellent reputations and provide more or less the same quality of online services. When you have to choose a useful matchmaking platform, there should be no room for doubt. You plan to invest your spare time and money, so you can’t make mistakes. When you select a suitable dating platform, make sure it offers safe and efficient tools. It is essential when you plan to start a long-term relationship. There is a long list of dating sites and apps available in the dating market. This time, we are going to narrow down the choice: Elite Singles or eHarmony. If you feel confused about which one to go for, please continue to read the review.

You must choose between two dating sites where one focuses on a smaller audience and another caters to a general audience. Take your time to compare Elite Singles vs. eHarmony! The details about prices, features, and design will help you decide on the best place for the most romantic adventure of your life.

How to Choose a Better One?

The first thing you should do when comparing eHarmony vs Elite Singles is to have a clear understanding of what you want. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of relations are you looking for on online dating platforms?
  • What type of future partner would you like to find?
  • Are you interested in friendship or long-lasting relationships?
  • What are your main criteria?

By answering these simple questions before diving into the online dating pool, you boost your chances of success.

If you are a career-oriented person looking for like-minded and successful singles, you should target Elite Singles first. eHarmony is famous for a general audience, which consists of men and women of different occupations, social status, etc.

Try eHarmony if you sincerely want:

  • a perfectly compatible partner for long-lasting relationships;
  • a soulmate to share your life with;
  • an advanced matchmaking tool with a scientific approach.

However, Elite Singles is the right choice for you if you need:

  • an attractive, smart, and highly-educated woman/man nearby your area;
  • meeting a compatible professional;
  • a romantic relationship with a mature personality who is ready to settle down.

The First Impression of the Elite Singles Site

It is a well-designed website, which is pretty easy to navigate. It has a user-friendly and modern interface that is pleasing to your eyes. The developer has invested in a sleek and innovative web design to perfectly match its target audience of professional and mature singles. The layout is convenient for new users despite their age and level of PC literacy. The main menu has many well-labeled bars. You are not disturbed by drop-downs to avoid any kind of confusion. There are many excellent and handy features for your smooth dating experience. You can access the service through a website or mobile app; both versions have the same design. The specialty of the Elite Singles platform is its personality survey. You can provide the answer from your mobile device or PC to find the most compatible matches. In general, the website has a minimalistic design but gets packed with efficient tools and features for your convenience.

The First Impression of the eHarmony Site

eHarmony is all about modern and intuitive design and navigation. When you compare eHarmony vs Elite Singles, the former is more competitive in terms of navigation and access. You will enjoy its clean and perfectly-organized layout and menu. Many users leave positive reviews after finding their partners on the eHarmony site. All the labels are self-explanatory, with enough tabs and options not to get lost on the platform. The disadvantage of a free version is ads and numerous banners. They encourage new members to purchase a premium subscription plan and enjoy an ads-free dating experience.

Elite Singles vs eHarmony: What’s About Price Comparison?

Both dating websites are high-quality platforms. When you compare eHarmony vs Elite Singles in terms of prices, there is a slight difference. Elite Singles has a free version. Many single men and women find it more affordable than eHarmony. Both of them offer a dynamic online dating experience. Such platforms attract educated and friendly people. Besides, everybody has an option to download an app and undergo the registration process free of charge.

Below you will find the prices for premium membership:

Elite Singles

  • 3-month plan costs around 105 USD
  • 6-months plan costs around 120 USD
  • 12-month plan costs around 215 USD


  • 6-month plan costs around 60 USD
  • 12-month plan costs around 36 USD
  • 24-month plan costs around 26 USD

Elite Singles vs eHarmony: Who Can Join?

eHarmony is known for its obligatory personality test. It gets based on deep psychological analysis and science. The site is able to generate excellent results in matching compatible singles.

  • eHarmony has more than 29,000,000 from the USA.
  • The activity of registered members is 16,000,000 per week.
  • Gender proportion is well-balanced: 47% of females and 53% of males.
  • The prevalent age group is 25-34 years old.
  • The site is proud to have members from all over the world.
  • The majority of users are highly educated and lead a stable lifestyle.
  • Many people are ready for serious commitments.

The site offers an immense diversity of potential matches and has a long history and many years of experience. The overall number of members is 66 million. People come from 200 countries worldwide – you never know where you can meet your soulmate. Everybody who is 18 years old has the right to join and meet like-minded people. If you have serious intentions, then this service is worth a try! You can register if you plan to settle down and build a loving family with children. It is the best place to find the right person for romantic relationships.

The website has come up with an exciting and detailed way of composing your dating profile. It requires a bit of creativity, thinking, and free time. This is a way to demotivate people who come for small chats and casual sex. They never bother themselves to provide personal details and look for compatible partners. Note that the service is efficient only if you have a premium subscription plan. Upgrading your membership is a bit costly. However, you can check whether your partner is stable financially in this way.

Elite Singles is one of the best choices for single men and women who focus on good education and a bright career. The site encouraged many intellectuals to join the community and develop romantic relationships with other singles from all around the world.

  • There are more than 5,000,000 members from the USA.
  • Members are very active, and there are 900,000 logins per week.
  • Gender distribution is perfect: 50% of females and 50% of males.
  • The target audience is international.
  • The majority of registered singles are well-educated.
  • Most users are aged 30+.
  • The site gets more visitors from the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Elite Singles is a well-known matchmaking service with an excellent reputation and many years of experience in the online dating market. The primary goal is to connect single men and women. People get matched not only by physical appearance but also intellectually and financially. Everybody who has reached 18 years old can join the community and meet people of diverse backgrounds. It mainly caters to mature and highly educated individuals who are ready to settle down. The site does not attract the young generation because they are looking for fun and relationships without commitment. It is easy to find a perfect match here thanks to equal gender proportion. Both men and women have the same chances to meet someone special here.

Elite Singles Features

When you compare eHarmony vs Elite Singles, it is essential to check the main features you can access. The functionality of the site or app is as much important as the quality of potential matches.

As a FREE member of Elite Singles, you get access to:

  1. You can register for a basic membership.
  2. Provide answers to personality questionnaires.
  3. You can see the results of personality tests.
  4. You can add photos to a gallery of your dating profile.
  5. The site sends you matches daily to make a fun dating experience.
  6. You can attract new matches by sending smiles or likes.

As a PREMIUM member of Elite Singles, you get access to:

  1. After undergoing a personality test, you can read detailed results.
  2. You can easily get matched with premium users.
  3. It is possible to watch who has visited your dating profile.
  4. You can send/receive an unlimited number of private messages.
  5. Users can access photo galleries of all members.
  6. You can write comments.

eHarmony Features

As a FREE member of eHarmony, you get access to:

  1. You can undergo the process of account registration.
  2. You can compose your profile for online dating.
  3. Once you see charming users, you can send winks and likes.
  4. You can view profiles of other registered members.
  5. The site allows you to send five default questions.
  6. You can compose your favorite list and add people for easier search.

As a PREMIUM member of eHarmony, you get access to:

  1. You can view all photos of both free and premium members.
  2. You can check the users who have added you to the favorites.
  3. It is easy to check who viewed your profile and photos.
  4. The messaging feature is unlimited.
  5. You can browse using the anonymous mode.
  6. You can browse potential matches that do not meet your preferences.

And the Winner Is: Elite Singles or eHarmony?

Online dating is a fun and engaging process. Once you start, it isn’t easy to stop. Some people spend a lot of time before they find the right person. If you are a busy person, it is essential to compare available dating platforms and focus on the most convenient one. This guarantees you an incredible romantic journey. After comparing two dating giants, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that the winner is eHarmony. The diversity of people and well-distributed gender proportion makes it suitable for both men and women. You should start your experience without any doubts. The final choice is yours, though. If you want to have a like-minded and mature partner, you should go for eHarmony. You will get many potential hookup dates based on the innovative matchmaking algorithm. Finally, no one stops you from trying both services and make your own comparison of eHarmony vs Elite Singles.

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