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FastFlirting Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

FastFlirting Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 73%
Popular age 25-35
Beauty 62%
Profiles 136.780
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Visit rate 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The only virtual speed dating website
  • Completely free to use
  • No hidden charges
  • Active user base
  • No verification
  • Profiles are not very detailed

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Online dating services have been part of the dating scene only for a bit over two decades, and they are already getting old. Conventional websites are being phased out by more efficient platforms such as FastFlirting. This dating app is one of a kind, as it employs the latest developments in technology to make dating more relaxed and fun.

Dating services today have transformed from desktop sites to the mobile-adaptive versions. For the modern individual, if something can’t be accessed through their smartphone, it isn’t worth their time. FastFlirting is just the solution for millennials, and we’ll tell you why.

To describe FastFlirting in its own words, it is the convergence of speed dating, social networking, and mobile chatting. The idea behind FastFlirting is to provide singles with a platform where they can meet other singles extremely quickly, as is evident in its name. Speed dating isn’t a new phenomenon, but FastFlirting is the first iteration that we have seen online.

Who would’ve thought that online dating would take such a turn? During the early days, skeptics wrote the idea of digital dating off as a fad that wouldn’t produce real results. Online dating was considered to be too superficial as it played down the human element of forging new relations. Twenty years on, and the dynamic has shifted to the extent that even speed dating is being brought to the digital realm.

Surveys suggest that three out of four people living in urban centers have registered on online dating services at some point. Because our lives are so busy and stressful, most of us are left with little to no time to ourselves. This is one reason why dating has evolved, and people are turning to services that make finding a prospect quicker and easier. In such an environment, it stands to reason that FastFlirting has gained as much favor as it deserves.

Expert’s Review of FastFlirting

FastFlirting Review

FastFlirting comes from Jumbuck Media, who wished to bring something new to the now stagnant online dating experience. The dating scene has become saturated with similar websites that operate on the pay-to-chat principal. Although they are different, they offer much of the identical features. What users get is an iteration of the same service in various molds.

This is fun for a while, but it has been done too many times in too many different ways. FastFlirting breaks from tradition and brings an entirely free dating service with a new concept that hasn’t been tried before. It is a unique virtual speed dating platform that functions better than a traditional one. It allows members to meet new people, who share similar interests, in a fast-paced environment.

If you’ve ever attended a speed dating event, FastFlirting works very similarly, but on your phone. Users are randomly paired with a stranger and allowed to chat or flirt for a maximum of ten minutes. Once the ten minutes are up, people are required to make a choice. You can either continue chatting and match with your partner or move on to the next conversation.

The idea is novel and one that we hadn’t experienced before in online dating. However, we’re not sure if it’s for everyone. Because of the fast-paced nature of the interactions, some people may feel too overwhelmed by it. We observed that stress levels were often high as participants struggled to cram in as much useful information as they could in a limited time.

The other side of the coin made us encounter people who didn’t even try. There were a number of conversations where users spent time talking about useless and often indecent topics. We guess this is an inevitability for a service like FastFlirting. Because it is free, anyone can find their way onto the chat and do whatever they wish.

The main question when using a new platform, such as FastFlirting, is if it works. Although everyone will have a different opinion on this, considering the nature of the website, we think it does. The problem with other dating apps is that they do not allow users to have free chats. They are often limited to ‘premium’ users, so free visitors can’t benefit from the functionality entirely.

On FastFlirting, you can chat with any registered member, as long as they are online at the same time as you. This gives everyone a healthy pool of prospects to work with. Another reason FastFlirting works is because it puts a time limit. People are forced to be direct and convince the other person to match at the end of the allotted time. If they spend the ten minutes indulging in useless conversation, the next participant will simply click away without even having to block the dialogue.

The concept that FastFlirting has introduced works. It caught on fairly quickly in the UK where it was first launched in 2002. Over the years, the service has expanded its user base to Canada and the USA. However, these are the only countries FastFlirting currently operates in. This puts it at a disadvantage compared to a lot of others that welcome an international community.

Despite its limited reach, FastFlirting impresses in terms of activity. There are plenty of online users at any given time. About forty thousand people log in every day. What this means is that you can be sure you will be matched with a whole lot of different participants, even if you choose to skip your conversations pretty quickly. We noted that a majority of members you encounter are from the US.

Website Design & Usability

FastFlirting Design

FastFlirting is designed to be a website that users can access easily through their mobile devices. Although it works well on a computer, a brief look reveals that it’s not how the developers intended for it to be used. The layout is simplistic and mimics an outdated social network. This design choice is intentional, of course, as it allows it to be loaded on any kind of mobile device without noticeable delay.

FastFlirting opts for a teal color scheme with hints of red to spice things up a bit. There are no bright colors that could put you off or give you a headache. All the features are placed in a column on the left side of the page. The layout resembles a mailing app, with a clean design and easily accessible tools. Some of them can be accessed through the menu: Discovery, Inbox, Friends List, Flirt, and Photo Browsing.

Special Features

The entire experience on FastFlirting is designed around a unique idea that brings a conventional speed dating concept to an online platform. Being a dating website that operates to match singles, this is what sets FastFlirting apart from other free and premium dating services. We break down some of its other features below.

  • Speed Dating Preference – FastFlirting boasts a large pool of users, a lot of whom are online at the same time. This means that you can be matched with anyone — someone considerably older or considerably younger — even if that isn’t your dating preference. To ensure that members only get matched with people they would be interested in dating, FastFlirting offers four search filters. Participants can narrow down their matches based on age, gender, location, and language.
  • Profile Picture Preference – As it is a free website, FastFlirting is prone to registering users who aren’t entirely serious in using its services. It is easy to tell such users apart as they don’t take the time to fill in their information or upload a picture. To maintain a level of quality, FastFlirting allows everyone to block any person without an avatar. With this feature turned on, members will only be matched with people who fall under their selected criteria and have uploaded a pic.

How Does FastFlirting Work?

FastFlirting Work

For a free service, FastFlirting offers an impressive number of contact features. Although not all of them are direct, they will help you catch the attention of the prospect you fancy. The easiest and most straightforward way is to use the ‘Flirt’ option. This is where you will be matched with a new user every ten minutes. You can chat with the person and determine if you would like to continue your conversation past ten minutes.

If you do fancy someone you have chatted with, you can add them to your friends. You can then send and receive messages freely whenever you wish. Another way you can approach a user is by liking them and rating their pictures. They will get a notification informing them of the action. Alternatively, FastFlirting allows you to search for people by their usernames. You can then start a private chat with the member of your choice.

Sign-Up Process

Registering on FastFlirting is simple and hassle-free. It is a two-step process that takes two minutes to finish. Users are also given the option to register via Facebook or Google. Opting for social media registration eliminates the first step, making the process even shorter.

The first stage involves people providing their email address and selecting a password. Once you have done this, you will be taken to the second and final stage of the registration procedure. Here, you will be required to choose a nickname. This is the name you will be identified by on the website. Additionally, you will have to fill in your age, gender, and matching preference.

User Profiles Quality

At first glance, the profiles on FastFlirting are pretty barebones. There isn’t much information that can be filled in. If you are registered on other dating services, you will find FastFlirting’s accounts to be relatively lacking in detail. When you navigate to your page for the first time, you will only see an option to upload your picture and basic info, including your country, age, and matching preference.

However, there is also other information that you can put on your profile if you choose to do so. This includes your preferred language, your star sign, and a brief paragraph introducing yourself. Although the pages aren’t detailed, we find that they work sufficiently well for the concept of speed dating that FastFlirting has adopted. When you only have ten minutes, you can’t waste time reading lengthy bios.

Mobile Application

FastFlirting is designed for use on mobile devices. It can be accessed via any mobile browser on all smartphones. However, there is no app currently available for the service.

FastFlirting Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

FastFlirting Websites & Apps

FastFlirting is one of a kind, so you will hardly find another similar platform. There are, however, several virtual speed dating events that take place across the world. Check your local guide for more information. In the meanwhile, here are some other great services you can try out for serious and casual dating.

Facebook Dating

  • Facebook’s very own dating tool
  • Newest feature by the social networking site
  • Pairs you with users from your joined groups and events
  • Requires sign-up to Facebook Dating

Ok Cupid

  • Over 4 million members
  • Great for hookups
  • Active user base
  • Engaging smartphone app

Telegraph Dating

  • Dating platform for single professionals
  • Over 200,000 members
  • Limited communication features for free participants
  • High-quality profiles

Membership Price and Payment Method

FastFlirting Price

FastFlirting is completely free. There are no paid add-ons. The website also does not offer any benefits that are locked behind a payment or subscription. All features are accessible by all registered members.

Free Membership Features

  • Fill in your profile
  • Upload a picture
  • Matching filters
  • See who liked you
  • Add users to friends list
  • Browse pictures
  • Start a private chat
  • Send direct messages after being matched

Is FastFlirting Really Safe?

FastFlirting Safe

The biggest issue with free dating services is that they are accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This opens doors for bad people who intend to exploit users and extract financial or sexual favors. Because anyone can send direct messages to any person they wish, genuine members are exposed to all kinds of threats. When navigating a dating website, especially a free one, it is important to make use of your common sense.

Approach strangers with caution and backtrack at the first sign of something fishy. FastFlirting does allow users to block profiles. When it’s done, a report is sent to the moderation team, who then review the page in detail. Accounts that demonstrate suspicious behavior are deactivated without notice. This is a good thing since FastFlirting does not conduct any form of initial verification.


FastFlirting is not in the same league as some premium dating services that offer a chance at serious relationships. This does not mean that FastFlirting isn’t worth a go. Neither does it mean that you can’t find serious relationships on the site. Its unique nature allows for plenty of meaningful conversations. You can meet great people, as almost everyone prefers a free app rather than a paid one.

The only requirement most people have is that the service they choose should be effective. Through our assessment of FastFlirting, we can vouch that it certainly does that. Yes, there are a lot of low-quality profiles and a few time-wasters, but a good majority of the members we paired with ended up in our friend list. That is a great success rate, in our opinion. Even if you don’t find the love of your life, FastFlirting is bound to help you make a few good acquaintances you can chat and share ideas with.

FastFlirting FAQs

How to Delete FastFlirting Account?

Navigate to Settings from the left bar and select Delete Profile

How to Message Someone on FastFlirting?

Click on the page you wish to contact and select Send Message. You can also send them a Flirt to gain their attention.

How to See Who Likes You on FastFlirting Without Paying?

People who like your uploaded pictures show up in the Who Liked You section, accessible through the left menu bar.

How to Block Someone on FastFlirting?

Navigate to the user’s profile and select the Block User option at the bottom.

How to Cancel FastFlirting Subscription?

FastFlirting does not offer any paid subscription plans, so there is nothing to cancel.

Contact Information

FastFlirting Information
  • Company Name: Jumbuck Ltd.
  • Address: 25 Pyrmont Road
  • Zip Code + City: London, W4 3NR
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Customer Support Email: Website’s Feedback Section
  • Twitter: @fastflirting
  • Instagram: @fastflirting
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