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Fdating Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Fdating Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 76%
Popular age 25-35
Beauty 62%
Profiles 650.000
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Visit rate 7.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Warns people to report immediately if users demand money
  • Well planned features to match members with parallel interests
  • Registration is free of charge
  • This site has people from different nations
  • Various age groups get to socialize
  • The page has too many ads
  • Interests a vast number of audiences where most of them are not genuine
  • Has several negative testimonials
  • Most of the members in the site are from Russia and Ukraine
  • The website is outdated
  • It has too many scam reports

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Fdating was launched in the year 2009. It is a dating site suitable for those who are on the lookout for dating people with similar interests. It has outdated yet straightforward features on its page. The user need not be an internet or tech-savvy to operate here. It makes sure that all its users’ relationship status is validated. As of now, Fdating is popular because of its free registration and simple procedures. As the service is free, it has many individuals looking for connections; it also has many scammers trying to use this as an advantage, which is common in any dating site. The letter F in its name seems to denote free, as the entire process to sign up as a user does not cost anything. The site pages and operators have left us clueless without much information like who their operators are, their contact information, the abbreviation of their name. This site does not allow for updating any images which are nude, obscene, and porn based. Also, it does not entertain nature, pets, or group photos to be updated. Foul language is not encouraged among the users by the operators of the site.

Since it’s a free site, it becomes quite difficult for people who are looking out for committed relationships. The website does not promise you anything serious but gives a chance to experience what is dating all about. Certain people try to find a friend, spouse. There are chances of falling in a trap as the site warns scammers since the audience is vast. This site exudes simplicity, along with popularity.

Expert’s review of Fdating

Fdating Review

As per our editor’s review, Fdating is an open and straightforward site that helps in connecting with singles in your region and elsewhere for free. Instead of using a personality questionnaire or elaborate procedures to create matches, it aims at matching singles with parallel interests. This creates a casual setting where the users can connect with their interests relative to their sexual standards or personality features. Moreover, it helps in getting the conversation started and then moves forward from there. Even after branding their name as a free site, you will find most of the users are individuals above 30 years of age. You will also find users mostly from Ukraine and Russia, especially women.

Fdating also makes use of strategies that are commonly seen in social networking platforms. That is rather than capturing open-ended answers for your favorite pastime or food, Fdating gives you a choice to prefer from highlighted titles or general options from your favorites. After recognizing your interest, you can find who else have similar interest and include them as a prospect into your profile. The higher the number of preferences you include in your profile, the higher would be the chance of meeting folks with similar likings.

Website Design & Usability

The website interface of Fdating looks outdated and simple. Nevertheless, this is acceptable as most of the members on this site belong to different age groups. You will find that though it lacks in design, it does not make any negotiation with neatness and clarity. The features, text, and menus are present in a planned manner, making it easy and more open to browse. This is appropriate for those who are not tech-savvy. The features are as below:

  • It is 100% free; there is no need to pay for any registration process.
  • It is not very tech-savvy.
  • Profiles show up only after validation.
  • Individuals who are single in status are encouraged, though there is no guarantee.
  • Only appropriate photos can be uploaded.

Each individual who signs up into this site will have their profile. It is essential to complete your profile using your likes and interests to match with those who have similar interests. Based on the age, range, and location, Fdating will show matches that suit you.

Special Features

  • A surfeit of options
  • Real-time chats
  • Video Chats
  • Profile viewing
  • Provision of matches daily
  • Updates Birthdays daily

Some of the critical features of Fdating are:

  • All information is verified before it becomes public. The site ensures that all the profile pictures of the members are reliable and appropriate.
  • Due to the free registration process, you get to connect with many matches on the site according to your preferences.
  • You get to find out who has seen your profile and the number of times they have seen, though you haven’t reached out to them directly.
  • Login details to update profiles will be sent through an email.
  • You will get to know the person through real-time chats.
  • Users are not allowed to deal with any financial transaction and coarse language on Fdating.
  • Alleged offensive users can be reported and blocked by another user of the site.
  • Photos uploaded have to meet the policies of Fdating.

How does Fdating work?

Fdating work

The most common way of meeting individuals on Fdating is through the browse feature. As to begin the conversation, few ice-breaking questions should be asked, and you may also have to respond to the questions promptly during the time spent on the site.

The browse feature allows you to show your interest or skip through the profiles. Each individual, in this feature, appears with a profile summary and similar interests. In addition to that, you can view their primary and secondary pictures, name, location, age, and interests you have emphasized in your profile. Fdating portrays similar interests of the users with a broader view instead of individual names, places, languages, or other aspects you have selected. For instance, if you have opted for users who don’t smoke, then Fdating will indicate that you have an interest in non-smokers.

If you are not satisfied with the response of the profile summary to find a potential match? To determine the perfect match, you can wait for the user to revert if not move on with the next prospect. Whereas doing so, you will come across an option to send communications directly to the user. As per your convenience, you can either write up your message and start talking to build up a relationship and find whether the user is genuine.

The site provides a platform to communicate with the members on a personal basis. It does not encourage any coarse language. The website makes sure, to an extent, that the users should abide by the rules and regulations, and other policies. Any alleged user can be blacklisted and reported immediately to the customer care.

In the Fdating site, you can have added people whom you think can be your prospect in the favorites section. The site lets you know who has viewed it. How many times your profile has been viewed in the last 30 days. This section will help you to remember the users who flashed your attention earlier or users who showed interest in you. The mail filter section enables you to filter by age, photo, availability, or country. Language preferences are also available on the site, which helps the user to pick according to the flags shown on the website. In short, the Fdating site is user friendly; you need not be a tech expert to browse through as the features are self-explanatory.

Sign Up Process

Fdating Sign Up

Are you interested in meeting individuals on Fdating? You can do this instantly as the sign-in procedure won’t take more time. For registration, some of the essential information you may have to provide are as follows:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Email.
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Location
  • Height
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Describe yourself
  • Describe your desired partner
  • Images

Once the required information is complete, you will receive an email from the Fdating site in which you will be given a login id and password. Once you log in with your id, you will start finding profiles according to your search on the site. Your details will also now appear for those who search with similar preferences, and only appropriate photos of the user will be approved to be updated.

Users Profiles Quality

As for the quality of the user’s profile, all the users get to see the pictures of the other members of the site. Without making any payments towards membership or subscription, you can view other users’ profiles too. Here you can also find out complete information such as marital status, habits, religion, and zodiac signs.

As for the individuals on the site, they get to select their interest from a drop-down list that is available on the site. Each user’s preference may vary according to their interests. Each of the profiles gives detailed information regarding the member. Do you wish to change any of the details later? Yes, you can select the profile features that you want to edit and make the required changes to it.

Mobile Application

To get more details handy on your phone, you may browse Fdating on your mobile phone and learn more about it.

Fdating Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Fdating Alternatives

Here are some of the alternative options for dating services.

  • OkCupid:

OKCupid is best appropriate for open-minded and distinct singles. Here you have to complete an extensive personality questionnaire that boosts your compatibility. To include your personality in your profile, you can answer peculiar questions. Get the app and join with around 4 million users worldwide free of charge. You can also enhance your profile to their premium option for more features if required.

  • Hinge:

Hinge is an excellent option for young adults in search of love. It’s generally known among the millennials as a relationship app. For setting up a profile, you will have to upload photos sideways with a one-line bio. You have to answer three questions in addition to this. If the prospect matches your responses, you can begin a conversation with them. By downloading this app for free, you get boundless access to around 5.5 million members across the sphere. To accomplish better outcomes, you can upgrade to get the preferred membership.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Fdating site is free of charge. It does not get money for registration or any other process on the site. It strongly discourages any financial transactions within site.

Moreover, the letter” F” in Fdating seems to denote Free as its costless, though it is not disclosed by the operators of the site.

Free Membership Features

The free membership features available on Fdating are as follows:

  • Permits the creation of your profile.
  • Process and setting up of your Fdating account.
  • Surf and find appropriate matches.
  • Start a video chat.
  • Upload profile picture.
  • Receive new users on daily basis.
  • View the profiles viewed and the number of times it has been viewed.
  • Checking the authenticity of the details, according to the information given.
  • Send and receive unlimited messages even from all users.
  • Can add prospects to the favorites section.
  • Get a priority for customer service if anyone seems to be abusive.
  • Can contact the lists through message if required details are entered.
  • Boost the details present on your profile.
  • Receive birthday updates on daily basis.

Premium Membership Features

The is no premium membership feature available on Fdating as the site is free.

Is Fdating Really Safe?

Fdating Safe

Fdating makes use of specific procedures to safeguard your data. The login id and password are sent only to the given mail id of the user. You can also manage the privacy settings as per your choice. As for your data, it remains secure with Fdating. If you don’t like a profile on the site, you have the option to block the particular user from seeing your profile again. Though they try to use specific safety and security measures, the website does not guarantee you for complete safety.


Fdating Conclusion

Fdating is a free dating service if you need only basic options. Those folks who are looking for social relationships come here. Moreover, you don’t have to be an internet-savvy to use their various settings as their age group is varied. Each of their settings is easy to use and works well on the website. The site also warns all the bogus people who wander for no reason. Not just the Fdating site, any dating site does not guarantee 100% perfect relationships. Each individual has to search accordingly and try their luck for genuine relationships as most of them are anxious about it.

How to delete my Fdating Account?

For deleting your Fdating account, click on the delete profile and follow the instructions there.

How to message someone on my Fdating Account?

To message someone on the Fdating account, click their profile and see an instant message feature. This helps you to start a conversation.

How to see who likes you on my Fdating without paying?

Click your account, see the profiles viewed, and profiles liked feature given. Now you will know who likes you on Fdating. This service can be used without making any payments.

How to block someone on Fdating?

Tap on the profile of the user you wish to block, click block, and follow the instructions given.

How to cancel subscription on Fdating?

Fdating is a free site. There is no subscription. Services are 100% free.

Other FAQs

Why I haven’t received an email with my ID and password on Fdating?

If you don’t receive the ID and password in your registered email, please check them in the junk or spam folder of your email as few email services mark them as spam. If still not found in the spam or junk folder, one has to try with other email ids.

How long does it take to have my pictures approved on Fdating?

Usually, 1-2 hours is adequate to approve the photo; at times, it takes 3-5 hours to validate. Images with nudity, trademarks, celebrities, group pictures that do not show the user’s face clearly will not be uploaded. Appropriate single pictures are only considered for updating. Photos containing an email address, contact details, and trademarks will not be updated. Photographs of nature shots, pets, or any abstracts will not be posted. Pornography, Obscene, or offensive photos will not be posted too.

Can I send an email id or phone number in my messages on Fdating?

You can send messages as you please, but email id and contact information are highly not recommended unless you are confident about the person.

I forgot my password and need it emailed to me. Where can I do this on Fdating?

If you forgot your password, go to http://fdating.com/password and enter the email id you used to create your Fdating account and then click on the “Send me my password.” Now you are good to login with the password received.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Fdating (Address and contact details information not available)
  • Customer Support: https://fdating.com/contact
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: information not available
  • Website
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