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GirlsDateforFree Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

GirlsDateforFree Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • GirlsDateforFree account does not cost an arm and a leg to set up the account and use basic options
  • GirlsDateforFree has a global outreach
  • Comes in desktop and mobile versions
  • The profile quality is excellent for the low price (the users can upload audio & video files)
  • The app is popular among female models
  • Membership for females is free and for males, a fee is required
  • No app, only mobile version of the site

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If you are looking for a way to blow off some steam, GirlsDateforFree is your destination. The name of the site is stating the core principle of its operation. Hanging out with girls & boys is easy and the site’s mission is to prove it to you. For everyone experiencing a rough patch in dating life, GirlsDateforFree review will serve as an excellent guide.

Jump into the dating world with GirlsDateforFree to take your mind off a bad breakup, or annoying boss. It is a paradise made for people to find the satisfaction of all their romantic desires.

Expert’s Review of GirlsDateforFree

GirlsDateforFree Review

The primary audience of GirlsDateforFree are residents of the UK, the US, India, and Australia. Besides, European users are often guests.

Since GirlsDateforFree is free for females, the number of girls is huge. In general, the user base accounts for about 100.000 users with about 2000 users active daily.

The intentions of users vary, the most common desire voiced by the users is a casual date or a fling. The users with any intentions are encouraged to use the site, however, GirlsDateforFree emphasizes that the effectiveness of dating is in simplicity. The site creates favorable conditions for users to achieve their goals when they come to the site.

Website Design & Navigation

GirlsDateforFree Design

What comes to attention the minute you enter the website is the simplicity of navigation. It serves the purpose. Nothing extraordinary about the colors, just regular plain red, white, and grey. It is not considered to be an upscale site, but enough to satisfy the main need of the user which is a match. Even for someone not very tech-savvy the registration procedure will go smoothly. All the key buttons are highlighted, and it is especially useful when it comes to special features of the site.

Special Features

On average the dating sites are offering a pretty standard set of options. GirlsDateforFree introduced some unique solutions for online dating goers.

  • Safety Mode is a special tool GirlsDateforFree offers to users who care about their privacy and want a limited amount of users to have access to their account. With the Full package of the mode, the user can find only trusted members instantly. Also, the search results will have only trusted users displayed.
  • Winks/Reactions/ Gifts. It is a special feature but also present on many other websites. Anyway, the efficiency of this feature has been proven by the users. For those hesitating about how to start a conversation, sending a wink works best.
  • Numerous Rooms for Chats. Chat Rooms are available to all users of GirlsDateforFree. It is a creative way to get noticed and also spot your catch.
  • IceBreaker. It is a common practice at schools and public speaking courses to practice icebreakers. They help overcome the fears and mental barriers while speaking with new people. GirlsDateforFree implemented this useful feature to ease up the communication between the users. For those who use the site for free, the number of breakers is limited. It takes a full paid membership to enjoy the unlimited amount of icebreakers.

The last but not least feature of GirlsDateforFree is FastFlirt. The user can send a quick flirty message to another user.

How does GirlsDateforFree Work?

GirlsDateforFree Work

The users who come to GirlsDateforFree are usually looking for hookups. Hence, the platform offers an inexpensive, but a comfortable environment to meet, talk, make plans and find someone to spend time with. Whether it is a one night stand, affair, or casual dating, everyone will find a match. The female users at GirlsDateforFree are benefiting from the free access to all the services. Men who have trouble making the first move will enjoy the attention. A couple of thousands of users are online daily which increases the chances to find the hookup, possibly nearby.

Sign Up Process

Signing up with GirlsDateforFree is a piece of cake. Everything that the user needs are contact information, and profile information. The profile information does not have to be extended. The user is free to upload a photo and fill in the details about the background or leave it for later.

An obligatory piece of information is a date of birth and name. Later on, the account also received an ID which is a number. It is easier to find a user by that number.

The verification of email is required. The process is standard, after a couple of minutes the user receives the link needed to verify the address. Without completing the verification stage, it will not be possible to approve the account. Upon creating an account the user is offered to get a membership package of stay on the trial one.

Profiles Quality Assessment

As soon as the user fills in the basic info on the registration stage, the time to enhance the profile comes. Since there is no particular requirement as to how much information should be displayed on the profile, some look poorly. However, it is a matter of taste. GirlsDateforFree lets the users upload the video introduction in addition to photos.

The profile gallery can contain up to 20 photos and the user decides which ones will be visible to the public or friends. Bear in mind that every picture that users upload, go through the verification.

Although registration on GirlsDateforFree is not possible via Facebook account, the users can still connect the photos between the two. A tip is to make sure that your cover photo or main profile photo is of a high-quality. The picture paints a thousand words, it is not necessary to smile, but you should look relaxed and happy in the photo. Another secret of a successful account is regular updates. Avoid leaving some cliche phrase hanging there for ages, it will be a sign of inactivity and reluctance.

Mobile Application

GirlsDateforFree Mobile

The mobile version of GirlsDateforFree appears to be the equivalent of the desktop one. There is no app, but as soon as the site is opened from the smartphone it offers to switch to the mobile version. The users can enjoy the same functions of texting, chatrooms, flirting, calling via smartphone.

Alternative options to GirlsDateforFree

The platform GirlsDateforFree operates similarly to well-known apps like Tinder, Adultfriendfinder, Ashley Madison, Flingster. These are the platforms within a similar price range that provide not only dating but some of the extended romantic and erotic services.

  • Tinder is a well-known free app originally created for speed dating, and one night stands. It has recently turned into a regular dating site where people seek relationships as well.
  • Ashley Madison launched specially for people who are engaged, involved in a relationship of any kind. It was launched in Canada and now used worldwide. This site is for those who are seeking kinky experiences.
  • Flingster. The name is pretty self- explanatory. The site is oriented on short-term relationship seekers.

Membership Price and Payment Method

GirlsDateforFree Price

Memberships at GirlsDateforFree come in various price ranges. The user who wants to roam around the site and get acquainted with the services can get a trial version that costs $4.98 for three days. The billing on the site works on auto renewal, so the next step is to update the membership or continue usage of the trial version. The next update is becoming a Full Member on GirlsDateforFree. This type of package can last for 1 ($34.99),3 ($59.97) or 6 ($95.94) months. Mind that there are a lot of discounts taking place constantly, especially in times of holidays. The users are welcome to select one of the payment methods: credit card, cheque, or PayPal.

Benefits of Free Membership

Being a Free member at GirlsDateforFree is a good chance to see the range of services and assess what they are worth. Free members are also offered trial packages to use certain services for 1 week or 3 days. The options available to a free member are texting, 5 ice breakers a day, a list of people online, search options, sending winks, and reactions, visiting a chatroom, and a list of people that visited your profile.

Benefits of Premium Membership

GirlsDateforFree Premium Membership

The price of Premium membership on GirlsDateforFree is quite low taking into account the features it opens up. The Premium users enjoy live chats, unlimited amounts of messages, icebreakers, advanced search, and safe mode. For only $34.99 a month the user gets all the benefits a dating site can have.

Is GirlsDateForFree Really Safe?

Although GirlsDateforFree is quite an affordable platform, the terms of use provide enough regulations to state that it is secure. The personal information from the account is accessed by the moderators when they approve or reject the user profile. All the photos uploaded get verified. The billing details are used by the payment systems that cooperate with the site. The site does not have any hidden fees.

In the user agreement, GirlsDateforFree clearly states that they do not share the personal information from the profile with any third parties, so the users on their end should make sure that they keep the data secure. GirlsDateforFree works on a free basis for females, so there are a lot of accounts that might call for suspicion. To eliminate the chances of meeting a fake person, there is a safe mode option. It lets the user automatically close the access for the profiles who have not been verified, are under suspicion, or are on a free membership. Besides, there is always a Block button that protects the user from unwanted attention.


Dating is another pleasure that sweetens people’s lives. GirlsDateforFree is a platform that provides easy and quick solutions. The users are entertained with a moderate set of options on the free basis as a preview and motivation to get the quite affordable paid membership. GirlsDateforFree unites an immense pool of females, and men have a unique chance to communicate with as many women as they want. For those who look for a perfect balance of price and quality, GirlsDateforFree is a bargain.

How to delete GirlsDateforFree account?

By creating the account with GirlsDateforFree you sign the agreement on the conditions of use. According to this agreement, every user is entitled to the right of deleting the account. It is possible to delete your account by contacting the site via email or phone, or via your account settings. The account settings have an option available that lets the user remove the account from the site. In case the user wishes to use a phone/email to remove the account, the email address and phone number attached to the account have to be verified by the employees of the site.

There are a couple of things that the site warns you about. The details of your account should not be passed to any other parties or people. Hence, your account cannot just be used by someone else. This policy aims at eliminating fake accounts.

How to message someone on GirlsDateforFree?

GirlsDateforFree provides a couple of options to communicate with people. Some of them are pretty standard and some are more creative and unusual.

The users on a free membership basis are for sure more constrained in their actions compared to the paid membership ones. As to the functions available to everyone, these are winks, reactions, and ice-breakers (5 per day for free memberships).

Among the prominent communications features of GirlsDateforFree is visiting chat rooms. These are public conversations where members exchange any ideas & thoughts depending on the topic. They are created for the user to get to know each other without pressure. Later on, in case the user fancied someone, they can exchange private messages.

The regular options of sending a text message and email are also available. As well as the video and audio connection.

How to see who likes you on GirlsDateforFree without paying?

GirlsDateforFree users are divided into three categories. The Guest visitor is the type of package which does not require a fee for registration. If the user wants to use more options than a subscription will be required. In case the decision to become a full- time member is till up in the air, the user can use trial periods. They last for 3 days and some options are available for not more than 1 hour. However, it is a way to have a glance at the options you might potentially want to pay for.

How to block someone on Girlsdateforfree?

For the convenience of the users, GirlsDateforFree offers a couple of blocking solutions. To start with, there is a block button you can click to automatically send the user away.

The other solutions include applying a special feature. GirlsDateforFree created a mode for security purposes. When some users do not mind receiving messages from all the website visitors, there are people more conscious about the content they receive. Hence, to prevent disturbing from unwanted guests the user can use Safety Mode in its three forms Off, Basic and Full. These options stay on guard of the user’s security and safety.

How to cancel GirlsDateforFree subscription?

By purchasing the paid or subscription or the free based one the user agrees to the site’s terms and conditions. They presuppose that the subscription that the user selected will be automatically extended. In case the user wishes to terminate the existing subscription, there are two options to use. The user can cancel the subscription via profile. The second option is to contact the GirlsDateforFree team and inform them. Whichever way the user goes for, it is obligatory to start this process before the next subscription period starts. According to the agreements signed by all users initially, GirlsDateforFree subscriptions are renewing automatically.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: NSI Holdings
  • Address: London, Angel Square
  • Zip Code + City: EC1V 1NY
  • Country: UK
  • Customer Support Email: admin@girlsdateforfree.com
  • Facebook
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  • Blog
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