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Grindr Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Grindr Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 74%
Popular age 25-32
Beauty 89%
Profiles 460.000
About Site
Visit rate 4.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is the largest dating platform for gay, trans, bi and queer people
  • Free users enjoy the full functionality
  • Over 20 million photos and 228 million messages are sent every day
  • Photo approval happens in a matter of seconds
  • It is possible to log-in via Facebook
  • It is quick and free to register
  • Registration does not require email verification
  • You can view the distance of members from your location
  • Grindr has the highest LGBTQ engagement out of other dating apps
  • Live Chat is only available to premium users
  • It has fewer ladies compared to men
  • You cannot upload several photos at once

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Grindr is a major networking platform for bi, gay, trans, and queer individuals. With its location-based technology, the Grindr app enables millions of its users to find partners within their location in almost every country. The platform represents a modern LGBTQ lifestyle that not only focuses on dating but also on other LGBTQ issues that range from original content to social problems to create a meaningful impact on society. It is a safe space where users can navigate, discover, and get close to the queer world around you.

An Honest Review of Grindr

Grindr Review

The Grindr dating platform has been in existence since 2009. It is one of the dating apps run by Grindr LLC. The app is the first location-based gay platform in the world that works by utilizing a mobile geolocation technology to help gay, trans, bi, and queer singles find partners within their location. The platform brings together a community of over 27 million people around the globe.

In April 2018, the platform experienced a backlash when it introduced an HIV status element on the user profile, with members being astounded by the revelation that the app shares their information with third party members. Grindr took steps to assure members that it will no longer be sharing personal information with third party service. However, it maintained that it would continue to display HIV status in its user’s profile. After consultations with members and HIV prevention experts, Grindr gave users the option to share their health status on their profile.

You will need to include an HIV status and the date of the test to finalize your community profile. However, it is worth noting that if you decide to put your sexual health status in your profile, the details will be visible to other Grindr members.

Grindr has a base plan that is free but ad-supported and an Xtra plan that is available for a small fee. The premium plan is ad-free and offers access to additional features. The app has a simple, uncluttered user interface that is easy to use. The most exciting part of the app is the stats section on the users’ profiles. The segment features the main details of the user, including weight, height, body type, ethnicity, relationship status, body type, and what the user is looking for on the app. The app goes further to add sections targeted to gay people, including the preferred sexual position and the tribe they belong to, such as Poz, Geek, Clean-cut, bear, Jock, and Otter.

Once you setup your profile, you will need to visit the cascade page to view possible matches. Profiles of men in your area will load as you scroll down until you reach the maximum profiles that you can see. If you need to load new members, you will need to refresh the cascade page by pulling down the top of the page with your finger and then releasing it. The app has several filters that you can use to sort the profiles, which include; online now, my type, and fresh faces, among other filters.

If you find an attractive profile, you should swipe the photo anywhere to get the user’s details. You can also preview the picture without getting to user details by long pressing on the cascade tile. To access your messages, you should tap the chat bubble that is on the right corner of the screen. The dating site has two messaging features that you won’t find with other dating apps. It has a saved phrases feature that lets you keep your favorite phrases from the messages sent by other users or those you have already submitted. The second message feature is the Gaymoji that features an extensive compilation of about 500 LGBTQ-themed emojis that you can use to customize your messages. The app has plans to add more emojis.

Unlike other dating sites, Grindr offers the majority of its app functionality to free users, but you will have to pay to stop seeing ads. The ads are not obstructive, and thus, you do not have to upgrade your membership to start meeting new people. However, if you choose to update your status, you will be able to send multiple photos at once as well as chat without viewing banner ads. With its premium-like free functionality, massive user base, and ease of use, Grindr is a functional site for gay men looking to get the best from the local community.

As the largest dating platform for the LGBTQ community, Grindr has over 27 million users worldwide, as mentioned earlier. The majority of Grindr users are between the ages of 25 and 34. The United States has the most significant number of users totaling to about 6.5 million members, the United Kingdom has about 1.8 million users, and Australia has 650,000 Grindr registrations, while New Zealand has 124,000 users. Singapore and Hong Kong have 162,000 and 191,000 members, respectively.

Website Design & Usability

Grindr Design

Grindr is built to help the LGBTQ community get connected without distractions. The app and site follow a simplistic design that is easy to navigate and get around. In addition to a straightforward design, attention is on the people as opposed to the features of the app. Its highlights include:

The purpose of the app is to help you meet your next date without any hassles. It enables you to meet your partner in the shortest time possible by giving you the profiles that are closest to you. However, it is worth noting that you cannot manually search for a date, which is a negative point for those who would not like to share their exact location with the app. It is perfect for those who need quick meet-ups as you can easily filter profiles based on who is online.

Another downside of Grindr is that you do not have a way to filter messages. The message format can be annoying, especially if you are receiving a lot of as you can quickly lose the person you are interested in talking to, among those who want nothing more than just sharing nudes.

Special Features of Grindr

Grindr Features

Grindr has a few unique features that make it easy to find an LGBTQ date. They include:


Customizable LGBTQ-themed emojis make communications more enjoyable by providing a unique way to chat with your community. With over 500 Gaymojis available for users, you can keep your conversation going without worrying about the lack of fun. The emojis are not available on any other social media platform, which adds to the uniqueness of your message. The emojis will spice up your messages by enabling you to express yourself in the wildest ways, whether you are talking about guys, dates, travel, or fun times.


With most dating apps, you have to send messages to people who interest you, but that is not necessary with Grindr. Tap is a flame icon that lets you show that you like someone without starting a conversion. If the people you tap catch your attention, they can begin a conversation themselves, which means that you do not have to keep sending a lot of messages before you can get a reply.


Sometimes you do not have time to go through the profile to determine whether the person matches your interest. If you find a person that could be of interest, you can use the favorite feature to bookmark the profile for future reference. Unlike the tap feature, the person will not know that you have chosen to favorite them.


If you need more fun, you can use the explore feature to search for members beyond your country. If you are on a premium plan, you can tap, chat, and favorite users you find through this feature.

iscreet App Icon

You can customize how you would like the Grindr icon to appear on your phone. The feature comes as an added security feature for both iOS and Android users.

How does Grindr work?

Grindr work

Grindr is highly straightforward, with all figures and facts available on the go. You do not have to keep asking your connections for personal details as everything is visible on their profile. The app takes a supermodel approach displaying all aspects of its users, including the distance and penis sizes – eliminating surprises except those people that lie about it in their profile. Once you set-up your profile, you can browse profiles that are close to you, and if you get lucky, you will need to tap or message to get the communication going.

How to Sign up

Grindr Sign up

Registration at Grindr is free. Photos get approved in seconds, and setting up is easy and quick. You can also log-in via Facebook. Unlike other apps, you do not need email verification to register. You can get the app from Google Store and Apple Store if you are using an Android or iOS device. Registration is quick, taking less than a minute with Facebook or an email address. Although authenticating the email is not needed, you will need a photo that must be verified by Grindr’s team.

You will have to give your birthday, gender, and age to finalize the registration process. Once your account is ready, you will need to enable the app to establish your locality. The app needs your current location to allow you to locate users within your proximity. You can log-in to your account through the app or the website. You should provide as much personal information as possible to increase the chances of finding the perfect match. It is easy to update your profile. Members can choose to share their HIV status, including the date they got tested in the sexual health section.

Users Profiles Quality

Grindr Quality

At Grindr, you are allowed one photo at a time. Most of the details on profile are not mandatory, but you should include more information to increase your chances of getting a perfect match. You can easily edit your information, and even link your account with other social media accounts. The location of users will be determined from your current location. Grindr profile has five sections.

Grindr Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps


With over 40 million global users, Zoosk is a friendly gay-site that lets you indicate that you are interested in men. The platform is available on desktop and mobile, which is a plus over Grindr, which is only available through mobile. It offers different matchmaking and advanced search filters.


A large community of LGBTQ makes Match a worthy alternative to Grindr. The app seeks to build relationships that last long. It offers an easy-to-fill-out profile, extensive search filters, live events, and various communication tools. You can send winks, email, favorites, photo messaging, instant messaging, and match phone, among others. Also you can find Tinder vs Grindr — Full Guide for Comparing.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Grindr Price

Grindr has three plans that you can choose from. The basic membership is free, while the Xtra Lite plan will cost you 9.99 USD for one month. With Grindr Xtra, you can choose from three subscriptions of three months, six months, and one year. A subscription of three months will cost 20.97 USD at 6.99 USD per month. The six months subscription will cost you 29.94 USD at 4.99 USD per month. The one-year subscription offers significant savings costing you 47.88 USD at 3.99 per month.

Free Membership Features

  • Access up-to 100 matches
  • Basic filters
  • Select one tribe
  • Explore profiles
  • Send and receive messages
  • Create a group chat

Premium Membership Features

  • Advert-free user experience
  • View up to 600 matches
  • Choose three tribes
  • Push notifications
  • Save and send chat phrases
  • Unlimited blocks and favorites

Is Grindr Really Safe?

Grindr Safe

Although Grindr had an issue in 2018 where it shared personal information with third parties, the company soon rectified the problem and no longer gave out personal information to third parties. The company has also put in place measures that not only protect users’ information but also help to prevent modification, misuse, and loss of members’ data.


Grindr Conclusion

Grindr dating site that you should register if you are looking to join the largest LGBTQ community. Even without subscribing to the premium plan, the app offers gay, bi, trans, and queer people with some of the most advanced dating features. Whether you are looking for a long term relationship or a fun day out, the app gives you several filters that can help you find your perfect match. The matches you get are highly accurate as the app relies on geolocation technology, allowing you to find like-minded people within your location.

How to delete a Grindr account?

Deleting your Grindr account is as simple as registration. You need to look for settings, select Privacy, and click delete profile. However, before you go ahead and delete your account, you should keep in mind that it cannot be reactivated, and all your details will be lost.

How to message someone on Grindr?

With Grindr, you can create a group chat or chat individually. The app makes it easy to filter favorites and unread messages. The app further lets you tell others that you like them without actually sending a message through a tap feature. Grindr makes sure that your words will not be boring with 500 LGBTQ emoticons that you can utilize to customize your messages.

How to see who likes you on Grindr without paying?

Grindr through the Tap feature lets people like your profile. You will be able to see who has liked your profile even with a basic membership. However, if you need to know who viewed your profile, that is not possible even with third-party apps.

How to block someone on Grindr?

If you feel that you no longer need to communicate with a specific person, you can block the member by clicking the block button available on your chatbox. Once blocked, your profile will disappear from the member’s view.

How to cancel Grindr subscription?

If you are using an iOS device, you should go to your subscriptions and turn off Grindr’s Automatic Renewal on the manage section. For Android devices, go to Google’s Play Store and select accounts. On the Subscriptions section, you will find an option to cancel Grindr subscriptions.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Grindr LLC’s
  • Address: 750 N San Vicente Blvd
  • Zip Code + City: 90093, Los Angeles, CA
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: help@grindr.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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