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Tinder vs Grindr — Full Guide for Comparing

Tinder vs Grindr — Full Guide for Comparing

The detailed comparison review of Grindr vs Tinder aims to make your online dating experience positive. Modern people have no time to waste. Find out the main advantages and disadvantages of both platforms and make the right decision for yourself.

Tinder pros and cons

  1. The app has one of the highest engagement rates compared to similar apps.
  2. As a free member, you can access full functionality free of charge.
  3. There are more than 220 million private messages and around 20 million photos shared every day.
  4. The app sends you compatible matches, which get based on your current location.
  5. Communication via live chat is available to premium subscribers only.

Grindr pros and cons

  1. You can like/dislike members’ profiles quickly by using the swipe left/right feature.
  2. There are millions of Tinder users to checkout and date in real life.
  3. You can join the platform if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community.
  4. It is possible to get connected to Spotify and Snapchat apps.
  5. The authenticity of profiles is under doubt due to a lack of security measures.
  6. Users’ profiles don’t have enough personal information.
  7. Singles are matched mostly by appearance.

How to Choose a Better One?

After analyzing the information for Grindr vs Tinder comparison, you can see that both apps offer free and paid services. Check out the lists of available features to know where you should invest your money and time.

Tinder FREE Services

  • You can download Tinder to any mobile device.
  • A free and easy registration process.
  • Get access to the left swipe feature.
  • You can add pictures to your dating profile.
  • There is a search filter based on your current location.
  • Every member receives a “Super Like” per day.

Tinder PAID Services

  • You can access the list of users who have liked your profile.
  • You get instant matches daily.
  • The right swipe feature is unlimited, as well as the number of likes.
  • Your profile gets placed at the top of the search.
  • You can date singles from all around the world.
  • It is allowed to rewind the swipe.
  • Your profile gets access to the “Top Picks” special feature.

Grindr FREE Services

  • You can open a new profile and create a photo gallery.
  • It is allowed to view not more than 100 matches per day.
  • It is possible to send or get private messages.
  • You can choose one tribe.
  • You can search for dates using basic filters.
  • The possibilities to explore profiles are unlimited.
  • You can create and participate in group discussions.

Grindr PAID Services

  • You can use the platform with an ad-free experience.
  • It is possible to push notifications.
  • You get access to 600 matches per day.
  • You can filter people who are online right now.
  • You can choose three tribes.
  • The “Blocks” and “Favorites” lists are unlimited.
  • You can save and share chat phrases.

Tinder vs Grindr: What’s About Price Comparison?

The costs for Tinder subscription plans are the following:

  • 1 Month costs 15 USD
  • 6 Months cost 9 USD per month
  • 12 Months cost 7 USD per month

The costs for Grindr subscription plans are the following:

  • 1 Month costs 13 USD
  • 3 Months cost 10 USD per month
  • 12 Months cost 6 USD per month

Tinder vs Grindr: Who Can Join?

Grindr is one of the biggest free hookup site that cater to people with non-traditional sexual preferences. You can join the community if you are gay, bi, queer, or trans. It has an outstanding worldwide userbase full of interesting individuals. Join the movement despite your nationality, age category, spoken language, religious beliefs, or hobbies. It is the app for you if you prefer to date anonymously as it does not ask for too many personal details. The only restriction is for minors who are prohibited from opening an account. You will find many people to share your sexual desires and have fun in your short-term relationships without too much commitment.

  • Grindr has 3,000,000 users from the USA.
  • All the members are pretty active (500,000 logins per week).
  • Gender distribution is well-balanced.
  • The overall number of users who visit the app daily is 3.3 million.
  • The app is dedicated to the worldwide LGBTQ community.
  • Around 25% of the singles are from the USA.

Tinder is a perfect service for adult men and women who look for dates, love, or friendship. You can join the community regardless of your race, ethnicity, or spoken language.

  • Tinder has more than 28,000,000 members from the USA.
  • The activity of registered users is high (8,000,000 per week).
  • The gender rate is 37% of females and 63% of males.
  • The userbase is international.
  • Young adults are the main target audience.
  • The highest rate of users comes from the USA.

Tinder Features

In this section, we are going to compare Tinder vs Grindr in terms of the registration process and the critical points of the functionality. The registration process on Tinder goes pretty fast and intuitively. If you’d like to speed it up even more, it is allowed to sign up through your active Facebook account, phone number, or email. The app takes security measures seriously, so you will have to verify your email/phone number in order to complete the registration procedure. You can add photos to boost your page and stay logged in on several mobile devices at the same time.

What are the unique features of Tinder? Check out the impressive list below:


The feature increases your chances to find matches by boosting your dating profile. You will get placed at the top of the list for half an hour. You can be sure many potential lovers will swipe right on your Tinder profile.

Super Boost

It is a premium feature that places your Tinder profile first in the queue. Millions of matches will get a chance to see your page. Make sure you activate this option during the rush hours where there are many online singles.

Super Like

Tinder gives you one “Super Like” free of charge. You must send it to a person of your choice. More “Super Likes” are available after subscribing to premium accounts. The icon looks like a blue-colored star. Just press on it when you see a single you like.

Passport Around the World

Matchmaking results are based on your current location. Use this particular feature to edit the location and find single men and women worldwide. It is an excellent option for people who travel a lot and want to meet foreigners.


It may happen that you swipe left accidentally. You can change your mind and use the rewind feature to undo the action.

Top Picks

This feature displays the most compatible profiles auto-generated for you. It is a way to save time while searching for your ideal date, and Tinder has only the best candidates to offer. Make sure you set the right criteria in your profile to get the most accurate matchmaking results.

Traveler Alert

It is an excellent safety tool of Tinder to protect its members. For example, you belong to the LGBTQ community, so the app will send you alerts if you go to a place where non-traditional sexual preferences may get denounced.

Noonlight for Tinder

It is another safety measure. Tinder works in cooperation with the Noonlight app. There is a panic button in case your date in real life goes wrong. Your alarm will get sent to the nearest emergency services.

Grindr Features

The Grindr registration process is free of charge. A new member can get a profile and photos approved in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to spend hours fixing up your dating account. To speed up the procedure, you can log in via your Facebook account. Besides, Grindr has no email verification, which makes it less safe if you compare Tinder or Grindr.

The app offers some exclusive features to guarantee your excellent browsing experience. Here are the main perks of Grindr:


These emojis get customized for the LGBTQ community. By using emojis, you make communication fun and more personal. The app has more than 500 Gaymojis. They are 100% unique, and you will never find them on other dating platforms.


It looks like a flame icon. Use this feature to express interest without starting a conversation. It is a way to catch the attention of people you like and encourage them to text you first.


Favorites help you organize your contacts. Use this feature to bookmark all new profiles you find intriguing enough for sending a private message in the nearest future. Other people will not know that you include them in your favorite list.


It is an alternative to a search tool. It allows you to find potential matches in foreign countries. The feature is available to members with an upgraded subscription plan.

Discreet App Icon

It is an excellent feature to increase the level of security on the platform, and you can get it free of charge on any mobile device. You can decide how the Grindr icon will appear on your phone screen.

And the Winner Is: Tinder or Grindr?

Now you have a general impression of Tinder or Grindr. Both apps are super popular. Grindr is one of the first services for gay people. The working mechanism is to utilize a smartphone’s geolocation to connect gays, bi, trans, or queers nearby. You can join the community of 27,000,000 worldwide members. The only disadvantage of Grindr is its niche-based target audience. You have nothing to do there if you have traditional sexual preferences. It is evident that the winner is Tinder because it caters to different sexual orientations, preferences, locations, ages, interests, and religious beliefs. Tinder shares many love stories of people who found find each other and created happy families. Hopefully, our comparison of Grindr vs Tinder has clarified many things.

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