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Grindr vs Scruff – Full Guide for Comparing

Grindr vs Scruff – Full Guide for Comparing

Grindr vs Scruff is an interesting comparison. The two dating sites are almost the same when it comes to the services they offer. Grindr is a top gay dating app that utilizes your mobile device’s geolocation to find gay, trans, bi, and queer singles in your area.

On the other hand, Scruff also serves the dating needs of gay, trans, bi, and queer singles. It is popular among people looking for networking, dating, and casual no-strings-attached sex. After facing several bans from Google Play Store, the app has prohibited users from uploading half-naked images.

Both services have dedicated mobile apps. However, despite catering to the LGBTQ community, the design does not feature the rainbow flag. Nevertheless, both apps have functional and user-friendly interfaces.

As you can see, choosing between the two could be a daunting task. This Scruff vs Grindr guide will help you decide on a suitable platform. Read the following sections to learn more.

How to Choose a Better One?

Your choice of the dating service determines whether or not you will succeed in dating online. In the past, it was a cakewalk as only few platforms were available. However, now we have an enormous number of free hookup dating sites and apps, and one may easily get confused.

Here are some critical factors to consider:

  • Your end goal – this is the first thing to pay attention to. What kind of relationship do you expect to find? Are you interested in long-term relationships that could lead to marriage? Are you up for a casual one-time encounter? Whatever your desires, there is a dating platform for you.
  • Investment – the amount of time and money you are willing to spend on online dating is directly proportional to the type of relationship you are seeking. For instance, if it is a serious relationship, you should take some time and fill several survey questions to build an impressive profile. You might also have to spend on membership to access better communication features. Therefore, go for an affordable platform.
  • Lessons from past experience – if you tried online dating and failed, evaluate the reasons behind your failure. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, don’t expect to get different results.
  • Age – your age plays a significant role in your online dating success. Don’t get it twisted; no matter your age, there is someone for you as long as you use the appropriate platform. Therefore, you ought to take your time and check the age bracket of the members to see whether you fit in.
  • Lifestyle – several dating sites focus on lifestyle. As you choose a dating platform, consider the lifestyle of other members. For instance, are you a millionaire looking for fellow millionaires? Whatever your lifestyle choices, please join a site with users who share them.
  • Usability – there should be a user-friendly interface with superior communication features and other special perks.

Grindr vs Scruff: What About Price Comparison?

Grindr and Scruff both offer free and premium services. So, which one is more beneficial? What can you do for free? What is locked behind the paywall? Here is a comprehensive cost breakdown:

Free Services

Scruff Grindr
Browse the site without a user account Create a user profile
Create a user profile View up to 100 matches
Browse other users’ profiles Send and receive messages
Send, receive, and read messages Select 1 tribe
Check how many people respond to you Use basic filters
Explore other users’ profiles
Create a group chat

From the above comparison, it is clear that Grindr offers its members more free features. However, the two platforms are not very different. For instance, free users can send and receive messages, which is an essential feature that helps your partner search a lot.

Premium Services

When you upgrade to a premium membership on both platforms, here are the features you will unlock:

Scruff Grindr
No interruption from ads Ad-free browsing
Connection with over 1000 guys in your proximity Push notifications
Unrestricted sharing of private albums Possible matches – up to 600
Access to advanced grid sorting Online-only view
Browsing incognito Choose 3 tribes
Access to unlimited search features and filters Unlimited Blocks and Favorites
Save and send chat phrases

Comparing the two premium features shows that they are not miles away from each other. However, they are ideal for different dating types. For instance, if you are interested in a casual sex encounter, you should go for Scruff that offers you access to 1000 guys in your area.

Subscription Plans

Grindr and Scruff have different subscription plans. Here is the breakdown:

Scruff Pro Duration Grindr Xtra
14.99 USD/Month 1 Month 13.00 USD/Month
13.33 USD/Month 3 Months 9.40 USD/Month
10.00 USD/Month 12 Months 5.20 USD/Month

Thus, it is obvious that Grindr is more economical than Scruff. However, it also has an “Unlimited” subscription plan for users willing to spend more for exclusive services.

Grindr vs Scruff: Who Can Join?

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to look at the member demographics of a dating site to know whether you can fit. Here is a Scruff vs Grindr comparison

Scruff Demographics Grindr
12 million (3.6 million from the US) Total members 27 million (3.3 million from the US)
800,000 Active members (weekly) 500,000
Most members are aged between 25-34 years.
It has members in the other age brackets, including 55+.
Age The majority of the users are aged 25-34 years.
It also has members aged 55+ and the other age brackets.
90% of the members are men. Gender It has a male-only userbase.
Most of the users are interested in same-sex relationships. However, there are also people looking for flings, hookups, and friendships. Types of dates Members are looking for hookups and short-term relationships.

When you check the member demography of both platforms, you can choose the one that suits you best. However, considering Grindr vs Scruff popularity, Grindr seems to be more popular.

Grindr Features

Grindr has several unique features that make your browsing experience unmatched. Here are some of them:

  • Gaymojis – Gaymojis are emojis designed for the LGBTQ community. They are a fascinating way of communicating. The app has over 500 Gaymojis that you cannot find on any other social media site. The Gaymojis will help you add more spice to your game and make your communication more fun.
  • Tap – a flame icon represents this feature. It is an excellent way to show other users that you are interested in them without having to start a conversation. If you grab their attention, they might make the first move themselves.
  • Favorite – you can use this one to bookmark new profiles that interest you and send them a message later. However, the other user will not know that you have favorited them.
  • Explore – this is a search mode functionality that allows Grindr users to search for members outside their country. If you are using a premium membership, you can utilize this mode to chat, Favorite, and Tap users.
  • Discreet App Icon (DAI) – this feature is available to iOS and Android users. DAI acts as an added security tool, allowing you to choose how the Grindr app will appear on your mobile device.

Scruff Features

Scruff has several features that make it stand out from its competition. They include:

  • Scruff Match – Scruff uses the standard swipe functionality, where users swipe left to ignore or swipe right to like. The dating platform presents you with matches based on your “Open To” information. If you are open to networking, you will receive possible matches of guys who have the same purpose. You can also tap on the clock feature on a profile if you are not sure. The platform will show it to you the next day.
  • Scruff Venture – this feature is similar to the “global gay travel companion.” It is a handy tool if you are traveling. The app presents several cities and allows you to add your own. When you tap on a city, you will see local guys online, those currently visiting or planning to visit that place soon. There is also some kind of Airbnb for gays.
  • Scruff Events – this feature lists events happening in your locality. You can change the area if you wish. The app informs you about the guys who have RSVP’d to the event and the event’s popularity based on the number of flame icons. You can browse by popularity, location, and whether they are sponsored by Scruff.

And the Winner Is: Grindr vs Scruff?

Having read the guide to this point, which one is the winner? Scruff or Grindr? Well, based on the findings from the discussion above, Grindr seems to be the clear winner. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Membership – Grindr has more members than Scruff. That means that you will have a larger pool of potential matches to select from. Furthermore, the users on the platform are very active. Numbers from the app suggest that there are close to 230 million messages sent every day. Therefore, when you log in, you will find someone to chat with.
  • Popularity – Grindr is more popular than Scruff. That is evident by the membership numbers. When dating online, it is easier to find a match from your locality. Dating apps that are not popular usually limit you in terms of location.
  • Live Chat feature – all modern top-rated dating apps have a live chat feature. Scruff is limited in this area. With the live chat feature, you can chat with a potential match when they are online. You don’t have to post a message and wait anxiously for days for a reply. However, you must be a premium member to access it.
  • Superior features – Grindr has better functionalities than its counterpart. For instance, it allows you to select your match’s tribe. It also allows you to save and send chat phrases. Moreover, free users can access more tools on Grindr than on Scruff.
  • It is more economical – the dating platform has well-thought-out subscription plans. The Standard plan, referred to as Grindr Xtra, is more economical than Scruff’s. Besides that, it also has an “Ultimate” plan for users who don’t mind spending more to get more services.
  • Superior app design and functionality – the Grindr app has received numerous positive reviews from users worldwide. On the other hand, there have been complaints about it crushing.
  • It is the perfect gay app – if you are a gay man looking for the ideal gay dating app, then Grindr is your pick. This is because it is male-only; there are no females on the platform. It also allows users to post their health condition, including their HIV status and when they were last tested.

Based on the arguments, it is clear that the Scruff vs Grindr battle winner is Grindr! Therefore, if you are a gay man looking for like-minded singles from your locality or around the world for any kind of relationship, you need Grindr.

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