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GuySpy Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

GuySpy Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 68%
Popular age 24-30
Beauty 70%
Profiles 2.150.000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The app has free registration.
  • You can keep your audio in the profile to impress guys.
  • Unlimited voice text, audio call, text message, etc.
  • Like pictures on other profiles.
  • Check out who is liking your profile, who's stalking you, etc.
  • The free membership has enormous features.
  • There might be a security issue if you are not careful.
  • Paid membership has the anonymous feature.
  • This all is for hookup purposes only. You can't expect a long term relationship from here.
  • It covets in gay, bi people from the LGBTQ community.

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Guyspy was first launched initially in 2010 with a motto to give something different to the LGBTQ community people. It is an online dating app for gays and bisexuals. The app uses the location feature to track down humor guys just for you. Every profile comes with detailed information and plenty of photos to ignite the fire in your heart. It was launched in 2011 for the Gaywhistlers WinterPride festival.

GuySpy appears to be bribing the LGBTQ community together and providing solidarity for a better generation who is non-judgemental!

Expert’s Review of GuySpy

GuySpy Review

It was initially owned by Stark mobile, and later in 2017, the pink triangle press bought it. GuySpy is available on English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Portuguese, Hungarian, Japanese, and Dutch. It is one of the most famous and best apps available for Gay and Bisexual dating online . They have a high base all over the world. You have a considerable choice of guys to sleep with. You can use the location feature to track guys in your area while traveling. GuySpy will not let you sleep a lonely night, even if you are not in your country.

If you are trying for a hookup, then GuySpy will be the best option for you.

Website Design and Usability

The website design is pretty simple, as well as usable. The features are all set right at the obvious point. The website is quite compact, and the feature seems a bit disoriented if you have used the mobile app.

Special Features

There are unique features of GuySpy, which makes it different and special from other gay dating apps. The special features are:

  1. You can use your voice clips in your profile to attract guys.
  2. You can connect your social media account with your Dating profile.
  3. Upload pictures that can bring you more dates and make your nights memorable.

How Does GuySpy Work?

GuySpy Work

GuySpy is one of the popular gay and bi dating sites, which helps get hookups. This works simply like every other dating site world. First of all, you have to create an account on GuySpy by registering on their site. You will only be charged an amount for creating an account, neither you will be charged to install the app. Once you are done installing the app, you will be able to have access to all the fantastic features on GuySpy. You need to provide your location information then. It is a location-based dating app.

They will use your location. You find guys near your site. Once they find guys near your locality, they will notify you based on your criteria. You will be able to send interest to the profiles that attract you the most, and when they like you back, you can start chatting with each other. The audio clip on your profile will surely attract a lot of guys; hence, don’t forget it. It is a useful feature. Once you have found a match, you can send them text messages or voice texts. This is unlimited and therefore don’t worry.

Sign Up Process

GuySpy Sign Up

Like every other dating site, the process is similar. The initial step you need to take is to install the app on your phone or visit the website. The apps can be downloaded for free and are available on both the Android and iOS devices. Creating an account is free, of course. You have to provide your email ID to sign up with GuySpy. They will send a verification mail to your account. Open the email and follow the links correctly. Your ID will be verified. Once you are done with this, they will ask you to provide a password that will protect your profile.

Now that you are done with this, GuySpy will ask you a few questions. These are some of the necessary information needed for making matches. The data is general, and they are your age, marital status, body type, height, location, appearance, etc. Location plays an essential role because it works on site. This particular app operates on location. They find you dates who are near your location. Once you finish the sign-up process, you will be asked to upload your picture. Once you do it, you can now start surfing and try to find yourself some matches.

Users Profiles Quality

The profiles are not descriptive because most of the people do not fill in all the sections. Everyone must fill out the location details because GuySpy uses these details to find your dates for your perfect nights. The profiles consist of the profile pictures, your social uploads, and the description you gave. These descriptions help check the compatibility. Once the compatibility is verified, you can start chatting. Your profile will have a column of private photos that cannot be seen by everyone. Only when you want someone to check out your private pictures will they be able to do so.

They can like your photos in the gallery. If they have made themselves anonymous, you can only check out the profiles if you have a premium subscription. Profiles will also contain the information you provided, like your age, body type, height, relationship status, etc. GuySpy wants you to write your bio correctly and clearly because this will help you meet desirable guys.

Mobile Application

GuySpy Application

GuySpy is available on both the versions of mobile devices, namely Android and iOS. It is also available on the website. You can download these mobile apps from the iOS store and the play store. They are free to download and create an account. The mobile app is 56 MB, which is quite small for a japanese dating online. It can be downloaded in your external memory and hence, not creating a space issue. You can find the app on the social networking and lifestyle category on the mobile app stores. It was last updated on May 28th. It has a rating of 4.5 stars on the app store.

The mobile app is pretty much smooth and easy to use. They have a beautiful layout, which will surely attract your attention immediately. The fonts are bold and are visually appealing. The colors used they have used for the app are breaking the stereotypical labeling of feminine and masculine color choices. The features are designed and presented beautifully. It is straightforward to find any element you want. The website version is a little haphazard with the features. Otherwise, there is very little difference between the mobile and the website version of the app. The features are working smoothly in the mobile app without any intervention or disturbances. It’s smooth as butter. You just have to find the right guy every time.

GuySpy Alternatives and Similar Website & Apps

GuySpy is a fantastic gay dating app, but it is specially designed for hookups, of you want any alternatives to this look below. Here are some of the similar/options to GuySpy.

  1. Grindr — It is one of the most popular gay, bi, trans dating apps all over the world. Also, they provide free membership to all. It is a fantastic app for making new friends and finds yourselves some amazing hookup partners. You can meet some local guys you never knew existed. You can opt to stay with the free membership, or you can go for the paid membership.
  2. DaddyHunt — Would you love to meet some daddy bears? DaddyHunt has a vast member base who can be your sugar daddies. If you’re interested in hookups, you should check out this dating site. Initially, they will provide you free services, but if you wish to explore some extra features, you have to buy the premium membership.
  3. Grizzly — Are you tired of your monotonous, boring gay dates? Want to spice up your dating life, then join Grizzly. They have some fantastic guys to offer you. You can go in for free but to enjoy extra features, upgrades, and a must. One of the most amazing things about Grizzly is that they have fantastic super fast customer service. This is an essential thing a dating site has to offer you.

Membership Price and Payment Method

GuySpy Price

Membership is free for GuySpy for a limited time. If you want to experience some fantastic features, you will have to upgrade to the said membership. The prices for paid membership are as follows:


  1. For one week — $4.99
  2. For one month — $9.99
  3. For three months — $24.99
  4. For six months — $39.99
  5. For 12 months — $59.99


  1. You can pay for membership prices through credit, debit, prepaid cards, Paypal, or Western union or by billing your home phone through a number 1-9000. For Credit Card payments, they accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.
  2. To pay using PayPal, you’ll first require a PayPal account and create an account using your bank account or credit card information.

Free Membership Features

GuySpy Features

The free membership features are pretty much limited but exciting. To enjoy more features, you have to subscribe to a paid membership.

  1. You can exchange unlimited pictures and videos with your matches.
  2. It allows you to send voice messages and audios. You can submit unlimited voice notes and sounds to your match.
  3. You have the right to manage notifications. You will be notified about anything only when you want to. You will have total control over your notifications. If you don’t want to see your notifications you want. Sometimes notifications can make you uncomfortable in front of people, to avoid such mishaps, GuySpy will let you manage your notification.
  4. You will have access to the buddy list, where you can add members you talk to.
  5. Check for men in the area.
  6. Also, you will have access to special photo features. Where you can send private photos to the member you want to. No one else will be able to see it.
  7. Get in on an expedition to find men all over the world because you will be able to do so.

Premium Membership Features

GuySpy Features

Premium membership comes with a few amazing features:

  1. You will get to know about the new members.
  2. You will be notified about new hot members first.
  3. Check who added you as their favorites.
  4. Check out the profiles anonymously.
  5. They will inform you about who liked your pictures.
  6. There will be no ads while you are using the app.
  7. You can control who views your profile.
  8. You will know who is talking to you, and you can stalk them back anonymously. It will be a fun one!

Is GuySpy Really Safe?

GuySpy Safe

Like every other dating app, GuySpy also has some unique privacy and security features to protect its members. They have very tight security for their members. If you ever get harassed, or misbehaved by any of the profile bearers, report the profiles and block them. They might be the scammers or fake account holders. Even though GuySpy takes every measure to curb these incidents, there are glitches. If you don’t complain about the profiles, they might end up indirectly hurting anyone emotionally, which might have serious consequences. If you take serious steps to report these profiles, you will indirectly help others as well. Anyone can be a victim of these incidents because they will take advantage of innocent innocence.

It is vital to check every profile before sharing any information with them. You should strictly follow the rules given in the official website. They have a rules section for online dating. You should not share any of your personal information with any stranger. Neither you should share your credit card details. You might think that the site itself has the data, then what’s wrong in sharing it. But the information you provide to the dating site is kept safely in the database, and nobody else has the right to use it or know anything about it. Therefore, you must keep your safety in your hands, and Guppy will do whatever they can to save you from any harassment or mid behavior.


GuySpy Conclusion

GuySpy is online dating for gay and bisexual men looking for a hookup or casual sex or relationship. If you are trying to find yourself a life partner, don’t go for GuySpy. The app has plenty of amazing free features. You won’t even have to subscribe to the paid membership because the free features are amazing and plenty. The app has a worldwide following. Therefore, if you are not in your country, you will have to spend a lonely night. Have some fun guys, because life is short, and so are the free features on GuySpy!

For sure, you are having thousands of queries regarding the app. Therefore here are some of the crucial questions that are necessary to know before you join GuySpy. Read this section, and you will understand the full review of GuySpy. This popular section will help you answer a few technical questions. If you are not satisfied with this, you can visit the official customer care page for a better understanding.

How to Delete the GuySpy Account?

  1. For iPhone/iPad/iPod users, Path: My Account->Delete Account.
  2. For Android users, Path: Settings->Delete Account (under the Account Settings section).
  3. For Windows Phone users, Path: Settings->Account->Delete Account.

You can deactivate your account, which will disable your account, and your account will appear as deleted to other users. If you wish to join the platform again, you will have to reactivate the account. If you cancel your account, it will be deleted permanently from their database, and customer care won’t be able to bring back your profile either.

How to Message Someone on GuySpy?

Once you have created an account, you will be able to search for matches. When you have a profile match, you can send them instant messages or interests to start a conversation.

How to See Who Likes You on GuySpy?

GuySpy will send you notifications about who likes you. If you, by any chance, have muted the notifications, you won’t know about it until it’s too late. Therefore, it will be best to keep the notifications on and secure your mobile with passwords or face locks so that no one can use it.

How to Block Someone on GuySpy?

To book someone on GuySpy, follow this process mentioned below.

Open the other guy’s profile and click on the three-dot icon on the upper right corner and select Block.

How to Cancel GuySpy Subscription?

On your Android phone or tablet, open your Google Play Store. Locate and open the app that offers premium services for a fee. Tap on Subscribe. Choose one option on the subscription list. If the trial period is available, try the app for some time free of cost. To cancel the subscription, cancel your subscription of GuySpy before the trial period ends. This way, you can avoid charges.

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