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Japanese Dating

Japan Cupid
Japan Cupid
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Top Review of Japanese Dating Sites 2020

Knowing a lot about Japanese culture does not mean you get an A score in Japanese dating culture. It is a whole new world for people from other cultures. Regardless of your knowledge, it is a welcoming world of dating magically beautiful and handsome singles. Whether you live in Japan, travel there, or live in any other country, Japanese dating within reach of a hand.

Within the last twenty years, the industry of online communication grew intensively. Not only websites for socializing became popular. The ones that took the responsibility of being international and local Cupids gained not less fame. Naturally, the development of technology interfered with how traditions were developing. Even in the countries where people tried to stick to the old-fashioned ways, the Internet managed to have its effect. It is hard to say now whether the outcome is good or bad. It probably has its pros and cons. For the Japanese singles, it brought numerous advantages. Living in the country or anywhere in the world, they manage to find partners, lovers of various political, religious views, and sexual orientation. The freedom to pick the person they like and control the relationships came with mobile apps and websites that ensured dating privacy and safety.

For sure, the platforms for meeting people differ from country to country. Knowing some rules is excellent. Even if you are a Japanese man, but you do not date much, read some tips to help you out. If you are new to dating, reading about the types of platforms and memberships you can get there is vital. You can have anything you want for any price. The modern market is very flexible, and every wallet size will find the perfect product to buy.

Meaning and Benefits of Japanese Dating

So, what are the rules of dating Japanese women and men? Is there something you do not know about that might mess up your chances of getting a match? To start with, the people online are looking for the same things as you. They want relationships, dating, sex, and socializing. The rules of socializing are different. Your communication strategy should depend on the type of platform you selected. Some platforms give you an option to stay incognito and find a partner for virtual entertainment. It includes adult shows and live performances of your favorite celebrities. Others offer you a pool of people who want to settle down or find a person to date. The options are limitless, as long as you know what you want. Hence, it is high time to decide what category you belong to. You can meet Japanese singles for dates, trips, socializing, and more.

A lot of things about the Japanese attract the attention of people from everywhere in the world. Firstly, women always look young. Secondly, the longevity of life is impressive. These people have something magically mysterious about them, and everyone wants a piece of it. Very often, the Japanese want to date singles of other nationalities. It is especially popular among immigrants who moved out of the country for various reasons. So, the audience on any Japanese dating site is diverse.

Pros and Cons of Japanese Dating

Every coin has two sides, and when it comes to dating, all countries have different perspectives and traditions. Depending on how open you are to accept another culture into your life, the Japanese dating experience will be good or sad for you. With a little information, you will be able to adjust to the requirements and find your way around every rule you do not like. It is worth to make an effort and find out as much about the culture as possible to make it easier for yourself. Hence, be aware of the benefits you can enjoy and the downsides you should stay away from.


  • Bridges are built online, and your locations do not matter. If you are a single American and she is a single Japanese lady, your ways might never cross even if you live in the same country. Imagine how many thousands of people move around New York every day? The chances to meet are not high. You will simply not notice each other. With the app that identifies people close to you and those whom you have been in the same location with changes everything. Next time you go to do your groceries, you will not be looking at tomatoes only. You will look out for that person who matched with you.
  • Dating a Japanese man is possible even if you have not seen any in your community. Living in a small village isolated from everyone is not a curse. Download an app or register on the website and indicate the closest locations. Let the platform do the work for you and find you a guy who will come and save you from loneliness. The same applies to females. Distances do not matter, so when you communicate with people, do not turn down someone who lives far from you.
  • Any Japanese dating app can help you communicate with people in the right way. If you are shy or do not have much experience of romantic conversations, the apps have various communication tools to help you. For example, there are ice breakers at most platforms. These are the phrases written for you by experts. Using these phrases, you can start talking to a person you like. Besides, there are pictures, gifs, and emojis.
  • If you speak different languages, online communication will go smoother than the live one. With the help of the website interface and free platforms for translation, you can talk to potential matches. In that way, you will know a lot about each other before the first meeting. Language should not be a barrier on your way to dating a Japanese girl or guy.
  • Select the website or app that is popular in your location and has more than a million users. Not only the design of the platform should be interesting for you. Look into the activity on the platform. A lot of users should be online daily. Take into account that many countries use the site. The users come from various locations, and they are active round-the-clock. If you want to meet people from a certain region, check out their time zone.
  • Even the Japanese government admitted that the birth rate has decreased. As a result, some boost was given to the online platforms that help people meet each other and start families.
  • Japanese people work like nobody else does and know how to spend their money wisely. It is a rare case to see a gold digger among these women and men. They will never spend the money on luxury things. They are also very modest, so you will never feel like they are with you for the wallet.


  • Japanese dating culture largely depends on traditions and worldviews. Even if a person does not live in the country anymore, the origin takes over very often. A notion called ‘tatemae.’ It was created by a society that encouraged individuals to be alike and denied showing off emotions. As a result, a trait that many Japanese people have is hiding their real feelings deep inside since it is socially unacceptable for them to speak up. It becomes a problem when you want to have a relationship with the person, and they cannot share their frustrations and pains. It takes time to adjust to the way they express their feelings, and it also requires the partner to know how to read their mind. Although it seems impossible, many people succeed.
  • In many cases dating Japanese women means that you are in a serious relationship even though she does not want to tell you. They are looking for a provider because they either want to leave their country or start working less. Being a hardworking person is a must for them at home, so they try to break free from that labor chains. Hence, in many cases, they want a person not because they have feelings, but because they want another benefit.
  • The more traditional family of a person is, the less likely they will sign up for a hookup. If you want to start dating a Japanese girl, prepare to have a conversation about not having sexual intercourse and even not showing any signs of love and attraction in public. Even if the friends will be ok with that, the family members will always be on guard and will not let you live in peace without going official with your relationships.
  • If you are a male, you have to always be in charge of the conversation. Do not expect the woman to text you first since her culture does not let her do it. Considering that many platforms require payment for communication, males have to spend more money than women on finding a match. The effort and price are worth it, so get used to the fact that you should not wait for the message after you like a photo.

Japanese Dating: Tips and Advices

If you are willing to learn more about dating a Japanese man or woman, your experience will be unforgettable. It is unusual, exotic, and full of pleasures. From what others say, the effort is worth it. If you want to be sure, open any website for dating and check out the stories of happy couples and individual users who satisfied their needs with online resources. To join the happy users’ team, read a couple of recommendations collected from experts and people with experience in dating.

  • Forget the word ‘anime’ and do not use it unless the other person mentions it. A lot of stereotypes about Japanese singles are not valid. They make them blush and feel uncomfortable. Among the topics that people are not keen to discuss are cartoons or, in other words, anime. It is a popular abroad thing, and many people watch it. However, when talking about romance stuff, you should not bring the stereotype into the conversation. It is disrespectful and makes you look narrow-minded.
  • Cultural divergencies are deal-breakers. Make an effort and read about the unusual traditions and rituals people have, such as eating with chopsticks, special food recipes, not traditional for your country, and many other make-up cultures. Not knowing them means being ignorant and not interested in a person. You will benefit from learning new things since you might discover your new preferences.
  • Remember that Japanese singles are timid and reserved. Whether it is a man or a woman, they do not say what they feel right away. If something is not going their way, they will bottle it up for a long time. So, be patient and learn to talk to them. When chatting online, ask about their likes and dislikes to avoid frustrating them. Later on, you will adjust and learned to understand each other.
  • If you want to start dating a Japanese girl, be a gentleman around her. When the Western world is going in the direction of women becoming equally strong with men, Japanese ladies are weak and need to be protected. If you are a foreigner, keep a gentleman’s image, at least until you get to know her better. It is a common practice in Japan to mistreat a woman. Suppose those who belong to the high and wealthy class of society suffer from home abuse a lot. So, mind your manners and be polite, whatever happens.
  • Make sure not to seem like you are looking to dating Japanese women, men just for nationality, not personality. Do not show that you are very excited about the nationality. Be interested in the person and their tastes. Ask about life and origin but do not emphasize the differences. A person should feel comfortable sharing with you.
  • Look for a real platform popular among Japanese people. You can opt for the website with a comprehensive audience. On the other side, you can find the platforms used by most singles in Japan and register there. In that way, you will have access to the pool of people of your interest only. Do not look for websites that offer you free services since they do not always stick to their promises. Besides, they might not have all the features you need to be successful. One of the paid features that can help is video calling. Not all platforms offer that service, and if you are talking to someone overseas, you need it.
  • Share a lot of photos on your page to show your real life. The profile is the main thing that makes an impression on a person. Hence, you need to polish it. If you have not many photos and are always offline, people will not believe that your account is real. So, take care of the profile like you would take care of the garden.
  • When you communicate with people online, you can talk to a couple of users concurrently. There is no shame in searching. You have a right to find the one. Do not be frustrated with the negative experiences since they can happen to anyone. Regardless of nationality, people do not always get along. You might not like one candidate but fall in love with another one.

Who joins Japanese Online Dating

Not only Asian people are into Japanese singles. Many nationalities admire the country of the Rising Sun and want to date and marry people from there. So, who will comprise the membership pool on the dating sites?

  • Single ladies from Japan. The ladies are looking for foreigners because the local men rarely have time for active dating. In particular, the girls who live in small villages want to get out and find a husband who can provide for them and show them the world. Another reason is getting out of their society, which is very old-fashioned.
  • Single men from Japan. The guys are looking for females of other nationalities in most cases. Besides, many homosexual males cannot openly talk about their orientation but still want to find a partner. Looking for a gay partner is much easier online.
  • Foreigners who are into Japanese dating culture Japan is a country of business, culture, and money. Lots of foreigners come there, and one of the things they want is women. Hence, dating sites are full of men wanting to spend the night and a lifetime together. Japanese dating sites do not lack users.

A lot of international marriages are born daily. The reason for that is the online dating industry. Whether you are a Japanese looking for the Japanese, or a foreigner looking for one, there is always a platform that can satisfy your needs. All the platforms have matching algorithms connecting you with any kind of guy or a girl you want.


Wherever you go, there is a standard set of dating rules. Avoid lying and be honest about your intentions with a person. Going out with someone from a different country and culture is exciting and develops your worldview. When you date someone, you get to know their lifestyle, habits, and beliefs. It broadens your mind and gives you new knowledge. However, not everyone has time to travel and meet people. If you are a busy bee and still want to try your luck with the Japanese singles, you need to use the alternative options of meeting people. Everyone is going online now, so catch up with the times. Even if you live on the North Pole, you can still meet Japanese singles. The apps can reach anywhere. So, there is no need to be frustrated and single. You can be in charge of your destiny now and experience Japanese dating.