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Hiki Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam

Hiki Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam
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Pros and Cons

  • Design and usability: The platform is specially designed to provide a comfort level to the autistic community. It is kept quite simple so that it doesn’t appear too difficult for them to enjoy the platform.
  • Location feature: Hiki uses the GPS feature to locate the members near you and also shows the distance between you two. It’s good to have someone you care about closer to you.
  • Sign up: The registration process for Hiki is quick and easy and can be done via phone number Or Facebook profile.
  • Safe meeting environment: The platform is open to finding new people in a secure environment. All the profiles are monitored by the administrator constantly to remove scammers and fake profiles and maintain the decency of Hiki.
  • Open for all types of relationships: Whether you are in search of a friendship or want some special love in your life, Hiki appreciates everyone to love and to grow.
  • Appreciate openness: The app has multiple pages with which you can describe yourself and present your beauty to the world. The more they know about you, the more will be your chance of getting a companion.
  • Limited to the autistic community: The app is available only for people with autism, and neurotypical individuals are not invited at Hiki.
  • No advanced features: Hiki is designed to provide an easy way for autistic people to meet new individuals and make some new friends. The platform does not have any fancy features as it can discomfort the primary audience of Hiki.

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Hiki is an online dating and friendship platform created to provide a space for all the autistic people out there who face lots of difficulties in finding love and friendship in an offline mode. Money and power can be a privilege to some, but love and friendship should have no limitations, no boundaries, and no specifications. All should have the happiness and joy that love and friendship can bring into one’s life. All should have a chance to bring someone special in their lives who can understand them, support them, and adore them unconditionally. Hiki is a specially designed platform for those who are different from rest and unique in their way. The platform appreciates and celebrates the uniqueness of the autistic community and allows them to find companionship and love with the people who are just like them.

Expert’s Review of Hiki

Hiki Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

Jamil Karriem founded Hiki in June 2016. The whole idea of creating such a platform had come from the cousin of Jamil, who is a beautiful person having autism. While spending some time with him, Jamil realized that his cousin is scared that he won’t find love in his life as he is not an ordinary person. Jamil then realized that there are many platforms where ordinary people like him can explore and win some hearts but no site where people like his cousin can find some love. So he created Hiki and devoted it entirely to the autistic community so that no soul can ever feel lonely and scared when the lights of the sun turn down.

While you register on the platform, you will see that the app welcomes men, women, and non-binary with open hearts. There are no restrictions on anyone based on their gender. People from all racial backgrounds and ethnicity can be found as members of Hiki. If you are an adult above the age of 18 and have autism, the platform is waiting for you to register and enjoy its vibes. Finding love and companionship for the autistic community was never so easy, then it is on Hiki.

Website Design and Usability

A team of 5 members designs the app. Two of them are autistic, and the other three are educators for a very long time. They gave all of their efforts to create a platform that makes the autistic community comfortable enough to stay at the platform for long durations. The app is kept quite simple, and majorly has two light colors- white and green as bright colors can trigger their senses or alarms them. The layout is kept simple, and it was made sure that no sudden changes appear on the platform as it can disturb them. The aim is not to surprise them as anything beyond expectations can be uneasy for the autistic community to handle.

Special Features

Hiki does not have any special or fancy features as such fancy things might make the autistic people uncomfortable. But what is great about this platform is that it is the only network that is a unique space for people with autism to meet with people like them and celebrate their uniqueness. Like all other dating apps, the Hiki also has a match feature and chat feature.

Match feature- you can scroll through the various profiles, and if they seem interesting to you, you can either send them a smiley face to become their friend or click on the heart to have something more.

Chat feature – an inbuilt chat system of the app can be used to connect with people and spend time with them.

Posts- the platform allows everybody to express themselves as much as they want to. You can write about yourself or your thoughts and feelings and post them on your profile to share yourself with a bigger audience who can hear your voice and understand your feelings.

How Does Hiki Work?

Hiki Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

Hiki is more like a social platform than a dating platform. The unique thing about this social platform is that it is all about autistic people. So if you have that fear of social interaction in your daily lives, you can join Hiki, where all you will find is people like you. A simple registration process, and then you can share all about yourself by filling up your profile. You can be as explanatory or as direct as you want to. You can search for someone who can be your friend or someone who can understand your heart’s feelings of love. The only thing you have to do is send them a smile or a heart to start a conversation. If you two feel the same for each other, you can begin bonding by chatting on the platform.

Sign-up Process

Once you open up the platform, you have two options to sign up. You can register via your phone number, or you can choose to sign up with your Facebook account. Then you have to identify yourself as a man, woman, or non-binary. The next step is to upload a picture. You can click a selfie right there or upload a photo from your gallery. You can even state down your requirements, i.e., whether you are looking for love or some friendship. You then have to choose your sexual preferences. You can be all open about that. Just mention your age on the next page, and you have completed the basic requirements of the profile.

You can further complete your profile by adding some more detail about you. You can do it right for them or can choose to do it later. In the subsequent pages, you will be asked to write the following things about you:

  1. Your special interests
  2. Your favorite stim
  3. A small paragraph describing yourself
  4. Something you want to learn about
  5. Pick up an emoji that best describes you

After filling all such details, your profile will be complete, and you can start looking for finding new and exciting people.

Users Profiles Quality

Hiki Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

Hiki is all about creating healthy and beautiful connections between people. The profile is as descriptive as it can be. While you are browsing through profiles, a big picture of the member greets you. The page also shows the name of members, what they are looking for- love or relationship, and the distance between you two. If you like the profile, you can send a smiley to be friends or a heart to create some romantic relationship. Once you click on the profile, it will show the following information about that member:

  1. Name of the member
  2. The emoji that best describes them
  3. Distance between you two
  4. Special interests
  5. Favorite stim
  6. Things they want to learn
  7. Their posts

You can select your match preferences based on your gender, sexual preferences, age of the member you are interested in, and maximum distance. The profile is kept as simple as it can be, and all the features are quite basic and organized in a user-friendly manner.

Mobile Application

Hiki Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

Hiki is only available as an application version. The app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store for iOS or Android users, respectively at free of cost. Since Hiki is available via the third party, you have to agree on the terms and conditions of these third parties to download the app until their terms or conditions disagree with the terms of Hiki.

Hiki Alternatives and Similar Website & Apps

There are many websites and apps popular for providing dating services, but no such platform is specially made for the autistic community. So if you are looking for any other alternative which can be a better place for autistic people, unfortunately, there is none. But if you want to visit some other social dating websites which are open to all, you can browse through tinder, Lamour, MeetU, bumble, and the list is never-ending.

Membership Price and Payment Method

No pricing policy and payment methods exist for Hiki as the platform offers all its services to the autistic community at free of cost.

Free Membership Features

Hiki Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

All the platform features are open for everybody, and this is a significant & encouraging factor for the people with autism to come up and join it.

  • Sign up: The registration process is free for all the members. Hiki encourages all the autistic people to join them and live a life worth living. They want to create a world where all can be respected and loved, no matter whether they are different from the world or just like others.
  • Share yourself: People with autism face great difficulty in expressing themselves face to face because of their weak verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Therefore, the platform allows them to find a space where they can open up and share all their thoughts and beliefs. Finally, they will be getting a place where they would be heard and not ignored.
  • Profile browsing: You can set up your match preferences and sort out the profiles you would like to view accordingly. There is no restriction on the number of profiles you can visit, and Hiki appreciates you trying to meet more and more people.
  • Like photos: If any profile seems your type and you are intrigued by it, you can like them and get a chance to know them intimately. There are two options- if you are looking for friendship, tap on the smiley and if you want to build a loving relationship, click on the red heart.
  • See who likes you: All the members who liked you and sent you hearts and smiley will be visible in a list format under the matches section next to the communication feature. You can revisit that list and decide whether you want to initiate a conversation with them or not.
  • Chat feature: All conversations on the platform are free and unlimited. You can message to anyone once both of you like each other.
  • Post your views: Hiki gives you a platform where you can be as open as you want. The post section of the app is much more similar to other social media apps, such as Instagram and Facebook. You can write your thoughts or feelings and post them on your profile, and a big audience out there has the option to appreciate your thoughts and beliefs.

Premium Membership Features

Hiki Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

There is no membership feature, and all the services are entirely free for all members.

Is Hiki Safe?

No other website can take care of its members better than Hiki. Since the platform is full of autistic people, securing them is the priority of the Hiki admin. Every member signing up on the platform has to agree with terms of use, privacy policy, and the membership agreement to continue their access to the platform. In case any members break down the core rules of the community and create an unfriendly environment, their profile will be terminated by the administrator immediately, and the termination will not be canceled for any reason. The Hiki team continuously monitors all the profiles and make sure that they are genuine people. They understand that autistic people can feel uncomfortable if they find even a single wrong person at the platform. Hence, they try everything which can maintain peace and decency in their community.


Hiki Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

Hiki is a platform created for those who need to be supported and appreciated; it’s a unique space where even the autistic people have the right to find love and friendship and be happy. Hiki provides that comfort and secured space where even those who face difficulty in social interaction can be themselves and speak up. It is a perfect service that empowers people with autism and makes them feel special in their way. So, join now as all your love and companionship cravings can be fulfilled here.

Here are details on some of this platform’s essential subjects:

How to Delete the Hiki Account?

Deleting the Hiki account is as simple as signing up on the platform. All you need to do is to log in to your profile and click on ‘settings’ at the bottom of the screen. You can then tap on the ‘delete account’ option at the very bottom of the screen. The platform will ask you your reason to delete your profile. It will show four option, which are:

  1. I found my partner
  2. Not enough people near me
  3. Online dating not for me
  4. Other

The aim of asking this question is just to get feedback, which will eventually be used to strengthen the platform by working on its weaknesses. Once you click on any of the reasons mentioned above, the platform will confirm whether you want to delete your account or not. You can click on ‘delete account,’ after which your profile will be permanently removed from the platform and cannot be recovered again.

How to Message Someone on Hiki?

Hiki Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

The first option to initiate the conversation with someone is to send them a smiley or heart, depending on your needs. If you get a smiley or a heart back from the profile, you can now use the inbuilt chat feature of Hiki to start your communication. You can start with basic greetings and then take things further. Since there are no restrictions on the number of messages you can send to a profile, you should take your time and follow words with their speed. Don’t rush in; just be polite and friendly.

How to See Who Likes You on Hiki?

The platform is entirely free for all members. You can like any profile by sending them a heart or smiley. If they also find something interesting in you, they will send you back a heart or smiley. After that you can chat with them. All your matches will be visible to you on your profile in the matches section.

How to Block Someone on Hiki?

Hiki aims to maintain a safe dating environment, and hence, if you encounter a member with suspicious or bad behavior, you can block them by going to their profile and clicking on the ‘block’ option. You can report them to the hike authority, and the administration will make sure that such profiles will be terminated from the community.

How to Cancel Hiki Subscription?

Hiki does not have any subscription plan, and hence there is no need to worry about canceling it.

Contact Information

  • Company name: Hiki Inc.
  • Address: Hutchinson, Kansas, USA
  • ZIP code+country: USA
  • Customer support: help@Hikiapp.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog: No information available for Hiki
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