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Hitch Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Hitch Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • The sign-up process on the site is easy and quick.
  • There is no need to fill in the details manually.
  • You do not need to fill any descriptive and lengthy fields to reveal your information.
  • The app is available for download for IOS and Android users.
  • Hitch app is available to download free of cost in over fifty countries in diverse languages.
  • Location is an essential parameter of dating that helps you to find your soul mate.
  • More attention is given to mutual interests and location rather than appearance while matching.
  • It is difficult to find active conversations on the site.
  • The topics of discussion are usually not interesting.
  • The app has no special feature to offer other than the unique criteria of matching.
  • It is not a successful platform to look for long-term relationships.
  • Premium members get just one additional feature after paying a hefty amount for upgrading the membership.
  • The site asks for too much personal information, like access to the phone's contact address book.
  • Customer service is not quick or readily available.
  • Hitch fails to execute the matching algorithm to full success.

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The Hitch is an online dating portal that has been actively serving the community since its launch in 2015. The site offers a modern way of dating where you get to involve in meaningful connections. The connections you develop take two factors into consideration, mutual interests, and location. There is, however, no specific filter or criteria to look for a perfect date. The approach you use to interact with other users includes topics you discuss in a group conversation. The discussion points are the ones that are of mutual interest to all the users like food or traveling though most of the users do not find the content interesting.

In this competitive era, the online dating site must offer something to the users that differentiate it from its competitors. Though Hitch tries its best to provide unique criteria to find a perfect date, there are some areas where it fails to take the lead or perform the essential functions that an online dating portal should. Here are some of the primary perks and detriments of creating an account on a famous dating site Hitch:

Though the site offers a unique matching algorithm, it somehow fails to execute it successfully. However, it is a decent platform to look for a blind date if you find this concept interesting in the 21st era where dating has become easy and convenient.

Introduction to Hitch

The Hitch is an online dating platform that uses innovative concepts to connect individuals sharing standards worldwide despite the profile of users showing very few details. It is the first site that allows users to check-in their locations to meet other users on the site. The website makes it customer services available via the form that you need to fill by visiting the contact page.

Expert’s Review of Hitch


The app is popular in regions like England, USA (Los Angeles and New York), though users sign up on the site from every nook and corner of the world. One of the best aspects of the app is the matching algorithm that lures people of all age groups to create an account on it. These people belong to different regions across the globe and follow diverse ethnicities. However, the most active users on the site are in their late twenties and early thirties. Both men and women share a similar interest in the site looking for dating opportunities within their vicinity. The website allows individuals who are eighteen years or above to create a profile on this online dating platform. There are millions of active users on the site from all across the globe. The site’s popularity is evident from the fact that over five years of its service, the app has several success stories to credit. Organizing a blind date can never be as convenient and instant-on any other platform but Hitch.

Website Design & Usability

Hitch Design

Red, blue, and white are the theme colors of the site. With a view of the Metropolitan City in the background and hearts spread all over, you can see various options in the center of the page from Home to contact. Navigation from one age to another on the site is simple and straightforward. Clicking on most of the icons on the homepage takes you to a different page displaying almost the same information on these pages. The interface of the app, as well as the desktop version of the site, is user friendly. Everyone, irrespective of their age, finds it comfortable to use the site regardless of whether they are tech-savvy. All the credit goes to the simple to use straightforward interface.

Special Features

There are very few features in general that the site offers to its users. One such feature is being able to check-in on the app wherever you go. Checking in allows you to come in contact with the person who is within your vicinity. Using this feature, you can plan a random blind date with other users.

How does Hitch Work?

Hitch Work

Hitch connects your profile on the site to your Facebook account and imports your information from there. However, the site does not post anything on your Facebook wall, nor does it send notifications to other Facebook users about you creating a profile on the app. using your common interests, the site tries to connect you to other users. The app seeks your permission to gain access to your phone’s contact book to obtain information about mutual interests. However, you have the authority to deny this in case you do not feel comfortable sharing your information with the site. There are plenty of users who do not share crucial personal details with the website.

Sign Up Process

Hitch Sign Up
  • Sign-up using a Facebook account.
  • Share or not your phones’ contact address book.
  • Provide little profile information.

Signing up on Hitch is a straightforward and easy task. You need to log in using your Facebook profile within minutes as the site imports all your data, including name, age, location, work, and education, and photos from your Facebook account. The site makes use of your contacts to form connections with people who share contacts that are mutual to both of you. The app uses your phone’s contact list to find bilateral contacts. Sharing your contact book is not mandatory; if you are uncomfortable sharing the address book, you can choose not to do so. Hitch has fundamental user-profiles displaying almost negligible information in comparison to other online dating sites. Owing to little information about the users, the credibility of the users seems to be quite low.

Users Profiles Quality

The quality of the pattern of users on the site is surely not up to the mark. Hitch derives most of the information that is visible on the user profile from the users’ Facebook account at the time of the sign-up process. The user-profiles on the app are not as descriptive as necessary. Unlike other dating apps that focus on the importance of profile pictures, this app lays more emphasis on the location and mutual interests of the users. It would have been more beneficial if users had access to descriptive profiles. Most of the user profiles on the app appear to be incomplete and devoid of the necessary information.

Mobile Application

Hitch Application
  • free to download
  • available in over fifty countries
  • accessible in different languages
  • downloadable on iOS and Android devices

The Hitch dating app is helping singles worldwide to break the monotony and find a suitable date. You can make a real connection regardless of your location with this app on your phone. The app is available to download free of cost on Android as well as iOS users. Be it at the bar, nightclub, beach resort, patio, poolside parties, hotels, restaurants, library, fitness club, or a coffee shop, a simple check-in using the app can help you meet a real connection. Being specific is also not a necessity; you can only check-in to a nearby location. Currently, the app is available for download in more than fifty countries and different languages.

Hitch Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Hitch Websites & Apps

In this era of competition, there are plenty of sites and applications that provide more or less the same features and the same functions. In such a scenario finding a suitable substitute if you find a particular feature unfavorable due to any reason is very convenient. Similarly, multiple sites function quite similar to the way Hitch does. Adultfriendfinder, Ashley Madison, and Elite Singles are the most popular substitutes for Hitch. These sites offer better features and a wider audience. Also, these sites do provide descriptive user profiles that help you arrive at a better decision about beginning an interaction with the stranger or merely ignoring the user.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The only mode of payment that the website accepts is via Mobile Phone. Fetching more information regarding billing on the Hitch app or site is a little tricky. There is no ideal way to cancel the subscription within the app or desktop. There are three types of plans that you can subscribe to one month, three months, and six months. The six-month membership plan is the cheapest of the three subscription plans. To cancel your membership, you need to contact Hitch.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
100 Coins 0.13 USD / Coin 12.99 USD
300 Coins 0.10 USD / Coin 30.99 USD
1000 Coins 0.09 USD / Coin 89.99 USD
1 Month 43.65 USD / Month 43.65 USD
3 Months 30.03 USD / Month 90.09 USD
6 Months 26.70 USD / Month 160.20 USD

Free Membership Features

Hitch Free Membership Features

Hitch offers few features that are free of cost to the user in comparison to the other online dating sites. These features are the most basic:

  • Free users can create a profile on the website and view other users’ profiles on the site.
  • Standard users get to see the conversation topics.
  • You are also able to comment on the conversation topics without upgrading the membership.

Premium Membership Features

Just like free features, the site does not offer much to those who are willing to upgrade their membership. The premium members just get one additional feature:

  • Premium members can chat with the other members.

Is Hitch Really Safe?

Hitch Websites & Apps

The site does not indulge in any verification tests while users create their profiles. Moreover, it does not ask users much information either. Thus, the chances of the existence of fake profiles on the site are high. You, therefore, need to be cautious. However, noticing scams on the website is a rare sight, if any, though most of the profiles you will find on the site are incomplete. The nature of the site is such that you need to share your personal information with the users to form connections, but Hitch cannot assure you that it is safe to do so. The site requests the users to keep their usernames as well as passwords confidential. In case you sense a threat to your account details, you can contact the site for help at help@hitch.dating.


The motif of this online dating app, Hitch, was to come out with an application that, unlike other apps, pays more attention to mutual interests and not just the profile pictures. Hitch intends to connect people with other users to form meaningful relationships. However, the app seems to have been unable to execute it properly. Instead of feeling the connection, users feel lost in superficial discussions. In addition to this, subscription to premium membership is also not that useful. After paying a hefty amount, all you get access to is chat with the premium users. The cost of premium membership is unjustifiable to get this feature. This website fails to show any active conversations. Thus, if you are looking for a meaningful relationship, then this is not the appropriate choice though you can surely try the site.

It is imperative to have doubts and questions in mind while creating an account on online dating sites. These questions and doubts increase when we come across profiles that have minimal information to display. Lack of descriptive profiles is one limitation that Hitch possesses. Also, it does not ask you much personal detail while you create an account on Hitch. All this gives rise to more doubt and unrest in our minds. To clear some of your doubts and answer a few common questions, here are answers to a few of the concerns that users frequently have about Hitch:

How to Delete Hitch Account?

The addition of the delete account button is the newest on the site. It is now possible and convenient to delete your account from the site permanently. You just need to follow a few steps. These steps are as follows:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to “Apps Settings.”
  • Scroll down and reach the bottom of the page
  • Click on Delete Account

How to Message Someone on Hitch?

The primary platform via which the app connects the user is group conversations, indulging in one on one chats is something that the site does not propagate. Only premium members can chat with other users.

How to See Who Likes You on Hitch without Paying?

Unlike other sites, Hitch does not offer any such feature where you can see who likes you neither to the standard nor to the premium members.

How to Block Someone on Hitch?

The users on the app do not have the authority to block other users. The site reserves this right to terminate the account.

How to Cancel Hitch Subscription?

There is no way to cancel your premium membership on the app or website on your own. To terminate your subscription, you need to contact the Hitch team at terminate@hitch.dating. Next, you need to follow the directions that you get from the representative of the site. After following all the steps, you finally get rid of the premium subscription on Hitch.

Contact Information

To receive help from the site regarding any matters that relate to Hitch, you can contact the customer representatives. The representative entertains you only if you maintain the code of conduct. In case you misbehave with the representatives, the site reserves the right to terminate your account immediately. To seek help, you need to click on the contact option on the homepage. You then arrive at a page where there is a form in front of you. You need to fill details like your name, email address, message, solve the equation, and press send. The customer support then contacts you themselves.

  • Company Name: CyberVision Media Inc.
  • Address: 2600 Skymark Ave
  • Zip Code + City: Mississauga, ON L4W 5B2
  • Country: Canada
  • Customer Support Email: help@hitch.dating
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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