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Kik Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Kik Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 1%
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Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 200.000.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • If you want an efficient chatting platform, this is your best bet
  • They have their cryptocurrency
  • One of the most popular chatting services as of today
  • They have what seems to be an endless selection of emojis and stickers to use in chats
  • They have excellent options for both group and private chats
  • They offer one of the most intuitive interfaces you could find
  • They have updated their design to make it easier on the eyes
  • They have fantastic bots with which you can interact. And they offer tons of information on many topics
  • They offer Kik codes that work similar to a QR code, and they allow you to find specific users
  • They put a lot of effort into improving security
  • They offer a blog for users where they can interact in yet another way
  • From time to time you may come across ads from adult websites
  • It gives users the option to chat anonymously, which can lead to someone getting abusive
  • Not great for businesses. It is better suited for casual conversations
  • The users are very active, for that reason, sometimes the notifications coming in may seem overwhelming

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Kik has a lot of features that make it unique. Besides, they invest a lot in security. With more advanced algorithms and new systems, they have greatly improved the experience. Now you can find a lot of tools to make it safer and more enjoyable. Simple things like a guide for parents are a welcomed update. These guides help parents better understand the platform and avoid certain content, so their kids don’t see it. After all, this is a platform for everyone, and it would be great to see other sites offering something like that for parents.

And they offer much more. Things like the bots or their blog take the experience to the next level. As soon as you enter the platform you notice, it is not a simple chat room, but a community with tons of functionality, information, and incredible people.

Expert’s Review of Kik

This platform started as an idea that a group of students from The University of Waterloo had. They wanted to create the best system for people to connect via chat and make new friends. Now with millions of users, it seems they had the right idea. The platform grew and developed over time, and even today, they are improving it continually with little tweaks to enhance every aspect of the system and experience.

It all started in 2009; the original project was born out of necessity. As some may remember, there wasn’t a good option for chatting between operating systems like Blackberry, early android iterations, and IOS. But those guys were set on changing that reality by creating a platform that allows everyone to chat with one another and unite people.

Once they successfully reached that goal, they decided to move their focus into the younger generation. For that reason, the platform has a focus on teens, and they invest in chatbots. As strange as that may sound, it is a great combination. The platform is mostly safe for younger users, and it also offers handy guides for parents so they can regulate their kid’s use of the platform. All while their kids enjoy an excellent time chatting with bots that can tell them jokes, show news, and even help them with homework. There are many chatbots that anyone can interact with, and they are very informative and fun.

But of course, this is not only a place for kids to ask a bot for jokes. Here you can meet all kinds of people and chat with anyone, anywhere at any time. This platform offers the opportunity to meet amazing people from everywhere. They have millions of users, and most of them are interested in meeting new people and sharing their experiences. To that last point, if you want to share more about yourself and your experiences, they have an interesting blog page. The user can post in the blog, leave comments, or just consume content. You can find all the latest news and information about the site, learn about the bots, and much more.

Expert's Review of Kik

Website Design & Usability

Kik works as a mobile app, so if you want to chat and use all the features they offer, you need to download it. Their website is more of an informational resource for people to learn about the app. On the site, you can find the history of the brand. How it came to be and what their goals are. Moreover, you can read the blog right from the website. It is excellent for those who spend lots of time in front of a computer.

Also, there you have lots of valuable information like the guides for parents and community guidelines. Most importantly, the site offers direct links to Google Play or the App Store so you can download it.

Special Features

There are many unique things about this platform, and most of them are oriented to making the chatting experience more enjoyable. Not only that, but they are continually improving their security and usability so users can enjoy the best possible experience.

One great feature they offer is emojis and image suggestions. You may think that you also have emojis on your phone, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the amount and variety they have at Kik. There are tons of funny ones, serious ones. There are lots of options for every emotion and then some.

Other than that, they have picture suggestions. The way that works is, during a chat, you may want to answer using an image, maybe a meme or something witty. This platform has you covered, just click on the images icon, and the system will suggest photos based on the conversation. It is the best way to use images and memes, which is certainly better than trying to find that one image amongst the many “picture” folders on your phone.

They also introduced “Story” a couple of years ago. It is a total hit among users because it allows them to express themselves and share their lives more creatively. They work similarly to Snapchat, where you can share a small video clip that disappears within a day. A great way to share some quick thoughts, beautiful views you came across, or just something funny you saw.

One very unique feature they offer is the bots. Bots are a fantastic way to interact with the interface and make your life easier. Imagine having a personal assistant that does all for you—ranging from selecting clothes to telling jokes, giving advice for healthy living, and much more. These are some of the things bots can do. Just start a chat with one of the bots, the fashion one, for example. Answer a couple of questions, and then it will be able to suggest clothes to you, help you pick outfits, and more. The best part is, there are tons of bots to help you with all kinds of tasks.

Kik Special Features

How does Kik Work?

It works as a chatting platform that is open to everyone. Since the beginning, the team had the goal of creating a way for people to communicate regardless of which phone they use or where they are. For that reason, they created a simple but compelling platform.

They do not use phone numbers like most other messaging platforms. All you need is to create a user name, people can find you either by that name or by using the unique Kik Code of the user. A Kik code works like a QR code where you can scan it, and the person’s profile pops up immediately so you can start messaging.

The chat experience is intuitive, and you get tons of options for images and emojis to share. Those help to spice up conversations and make the experience much more fun. You can chat with other users or with the bots. As mentioned before, the bots serve many purposes, depending on what you ask them for. In the same way, there are lots of bots to choose from depending on what you need.

This platform also has some of the best notification settings. Not only do they notify you about new messages, but also you can configure it to inform you about actions. You can get notified when a message is sent as well as when the other user received it. It is configurable, and you can select a variety of tones for each notification.

The star of the game should probably be their integration with social media. Right from the app, you can invite anyone from your phone contacts, your Facebook friends, and anyone to join you in Kik. It makes the transition much more intuitive and painless. There is no need to manually introduce phone numbers or trying to find someone on the platform. All you need to do is sync with your social media, and all your contacts will be added or invited to your circle.

All that functionality and small details like the options for notification sounds make for an outstanding experience. It is not a surprise that this is one of the most popular apps of its kind. Moreover, this is one of the very few that focus on younger audiences like teenagers. And probably the only one that spends so many resources in creating bots and exclusive chats for younger users and their parents.

Kik How does Kik Work?

Sign Up Process

As mentioned previously, they do not require a phone number. You just need an email and a username to sign up for the service. It helps a lot with anonymity, which is an essential factor for users. Your phone number is not displayed, and other users pretty much just see your username. It is both good and, in some cases, not so much. People may want to take advantage of that and start spamming others. Not a big deal, but it is suggested that users stay vigilant.

To register, just enter the app and click on “Sign up.” That opens the registration page where the app asks you for your name, date of birth, email, and username. If you want, you can add your phone number, which would help to import the contacts from your phone later on. Then you are taken to the main page of the app. A pop up asks you to accept cookies so they can enhance your experience, and that’s all. Now it is time to start using the service.

Users Profiles Quality

This platform is not about profiles. It is all about leaving the traditional “Social media” conceptions in the past. When you are using this service, you cannot enter other people’s “Profiles.” When you use the search options and click on someone’s profile, all you see is their picture, username, and a button to start a chat.

This approach to profiles and usability helps with their theme of anonymity. That is one of the main highlights of this service; you can use it and be completely anonymous in your chats. Of course, you can share more info, add photos, and interact with friends, but that is an option you can choose. They differentiate themselves from other chat services by not forcing users to add tons of info about themselves.

Kik Users Profiles Quality

Mobile Application

It is a mobile-first platform. It was created as a way to communicate with others via chat regardless of what device you are using. It was a time when the only way to communicate between operating systems was SMS, and this platform took the first steps to change that.

The application is clearly focused on younger users. You can see a lot of bright colors, bold texts, and fun designs. The main characteristic of the app is the simplicity they offer. When you open it, all you see is your chats. A small “Plus” button in the bottom right that opens options like “Find people” and “Start a group chat.”

Below that, you have the “Meet new people” tool that automatically suggests someone for you to chat with. It is super fun because you do not know who you will meet there. Users love that feature.

In the top right corner, you have the settings button that takes you to your profile so you can edit your profile photo, information, or find your Kik Code.

And that is the mobile app, extremely simple but does an excellent job in delivering a top-notch experience for meeting people, joining chat rooms, and communicating with friends.

Kik Mobile Application

Kik Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Kik is in a league of their own when talking about chatting apps. They have millions of users, fantastic functionality, super useful bots, and more. If you want to try something different for any reason, here are a couple you may want to consider:

  • Beejive
  • Verbs
  • IMO
  • Threema
  • Signal
  • Telegram
  • Podcast Addict
  • IM+
  • Hangouts
  • iMessage
  • WhatsApp
  • My Profiles
  • Tasker
  • Vine Messages
  • Group Me
  • Stealth Chat
Kik Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Membership Price and Payment Method

The app is free to use for everyone, but they have in-app purchases for some extra goodies. Things like the chatbots, sticker packages, and some games can be bought from within the app. If you just want to chat and meet new people, you can do it for free. Nonetheless, the app is more fun when you have the latest stickers and chatbots, so you may want to invest in those.

Free Membership Features

As mentioned in the previous point, they do not offer paid memberships. You can chat for free, and if you choose to, you can buy cool stickers and use chatbots for a small fee.

Premium Membership Features

If you decide to go into their store, you can find an endless number of gifs, stickers, bots, and more. They are constantly updating their selection, and, of course, you can find thematic content for holidays, movie releases, and more. The price will vary depending on what you are purchasing, but overall the prices are very reasonable.

Is Kik Really Safe?

They are mainly a chatting platform that offers anonymity to their users. Anyone can join with just an email address, and their information is not displayed for others. For that reason, some people take advantage of the platform.

Nonetheless, Kik puts a lot of effort into responding to claims of abuse. They work closely with the police department in case a user is found involved in illegal activities.

If you use the app with caution and are smart about what information you disclose, then yes, you can have a fun and safe experience here.

Is Kik Really Safe?


It is one of the most impressive chatting platforms you can find. They created an incredible place for people to interact and have fun. It is not only a place to chat with your friends but also a resource to meet new people. They have tons of tools and innovative ideas to enhance the experience. With things like the chatbots and stickers, you can get a lot of use out of the platform. For those and many reasons, they are now one of the most popular chatting apps, and Kik is easy to recommend.

How to Delete Kik Account?

You can either temporarily or permanently deactivate your account. For that, you need to head into the support page and look for the “deactivate account” section. There you will find a link to the deactivation website, go to that page, fill up your information, and send you an email with a deactivation link.

How to Message Someone on Kik?

Find the person you want to chat with, click on their avatar which opens their page. Under their description, you will see the “Start Chat” button.

How to See Who Likes You on Kik without Paying?

You do not have the option to like someone’s profile; if you adore someone, you can start chatting with them.

How to See Who Likes You on Kik without Paying?

How to Block Someone on Kik?

Click the “options” button from the chat with the person you want to block. Click on ‘report user,’ and from there, you can block him or her.

How to Cancel Kik Subscription?

Kik does not offer subscriptions, just in-app purchases.

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