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Love.ru Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam

Love.ru Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam
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Reply rate 98%
Popular age 26-29
Beauty 45%
Profiles 94 600
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Visit rate 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You have the potential to date right at your fingertips.
  • You can narrow the priorities by selecting only the ones of similar tastes.
  • The app comes in sections where the user can fill up their sexual preferences and ideal date type.
  • The user gets to know a lot of information about someone just by visiting their profiles.
  • You can leave the platform anytime you want.
  • Love.ru is the real deal for shy singles!
  • Since it is a dating platform, you have enormous options.
  • Some people find it difficult to communicate over text.
  • You have to be smart while talking as the person might lose interest in you in any second.
  • It is up to you to understand if someone is up for a hookup or looking for something serious. If you cannot understand their motive, your emotions might get hurt.
  • Sometimes, everything seems too formal.
  • Your chosen one might not look like his/her profile picture.
  • It becomes a casual date after you find out a single flaw about that person.
  • It can be a real deal to some who need the physical presence of their loved ones to fall in love or give efforts.

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Love.ru is an online dating app to meet and greet one of your choices. It helps hundreds of single men and women to meet online, chat, and take the journey of life. The creators of the dating app are from Russia. They have taken proper responsibility in executing their creativity skill through the app. If someone is looking for a serious relationship, Love.ru is the perfect online dating platform for them.

Expert’s Review of Love.ru

Expert’s Review of Love.ru

Love.ru is a quite popular app. Around 36 million men and women have their accounts on this dating platform. This website follows diverse ways, unlike the other traditional dating apps. The location feature helps to track the appealing singles in your locality. Even if you are outside your country, Love.ru will not let you feel the absence of your closed ones.

Brand history: Love.ru is a Russia based online dating website. The 13MB app is the doorway to heaven for most of the singles. The new-comer brand has launched one of the most beautiful developments on their first go.

Member quality: Love.ru has quality users. It is true that on a dating website, you either brag or be truthful about yourself. Each member has to start up by creating their profile with the necessary information: Name, sexuality, location, age, a crispy bio, and an attractive profile photo. Some dating apps prefer photographs over the personality of the members. They believe that pictures attract more than the person. Love.ru, instead, thinks that both are important. Being active on a dating site looks like your priority. But alongside, it is crucial to have a charming personality. You must try not to make anyone feel cringy and uncomfortable on Love.ru.

Sexual orientation: Love.ru is designed for heterosexual people. If you have other sexual preferences, Love.ru is not the real deal for you. If that’s the case, you can try out other popular apps in the market, specially designed for gay preferences. But on Love.ru, a lot of straight men and women get a chance to express their feelings regularly.

Age: Like other dating apps, Love.ru has its minimum age limit as eighteen and no limit on maximum age criteria. After you are a member of the Love.ru family, you can set your age preferences. The search algorithm on the app is designed to show you only the ones of your preference.

Race: Love.ru asks its users about their self-identification. You can report as White, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, or Black. It’s not that you have to be specific to any particular race. The dating site is designed to connect people irrespective of their race and color.

Ethnicity: While creating your user account, Love.ru will ask about your Ethnicity. Enter where you belong.

Website Design and Usability

The creators of Love.ru have designed the app in a very user-friendly way. Anyone can understand and use it. It has an icon with a reddish-pink shade as the background with the name imprinted on it. The app works on a transparent background, which makes it look brighter and catchy. The use of stickers, emoji, and profile photos are similar to other dating apps that are available online.

Special Features

  • User Profiles– A profile on a dating site makes the first impression. It introduces a user to their possible matches. Hence, Love.ru comes with a charming design. It creates a platform for the users to be their best and reveal their best sides. It has multiple customizing options, which are ideal even for the first time dating app users.
  • Matching– this feature is the prime feature for every dating app. Just like any other software, the prime duty of Love.ru is to match people. Thanks to the AI algorithms which successfully match people with their preferences. A quick match is very needed in the market as users demand flexibility and compatibility. If you have created an account on Love.ru, you must spend your time chatting instead of searching profiles.
  • Geolocation– What is a technology for if it cannot connect hearts from miles away? It might sound a bit unreal, but science has allowed us to express our feelings even miles away. In that case, Love.ru features enabling location, which helps users to locate their nearby single friends. You have to select the location by yourself and chat with the special one. While using Love.ru, the user never feels distant from their lover.
  • Account verification– If you want an authorized account, you can add legal documents such as a driving license or a passport. By approving your account, your match would feel like a real deal and seek to know you more.
  • Chatting– The best part of Love.ru is that users can talk freely. With enabled tags, GIFs, and emoticons, expressing feeling becomes easier. You can have a real-time connection by sending your picture in the chatbox. Since your chatbox is private, it will be within you and your partner.

In case things go the other way round, the user gets full freedom to disable the chat.

How does Love.ru work?

Love.ru work

It has a very smooth user-interface. The entire registration process is essential to the dating site. If you pass the verification test, you can search for matches, talk, date, dine out, party, and do anything in the never-ending list. The main required categories are gender, age, relationship status, and location.

Sign-up Process

To create a Love.ru account. You have to follow the steps below:

  • You have to download the app on your Android or iOS device.
  • After installation, tap to ‘Create Account.’
  • Enter your current phone number.
  • Verify it by re-entering the OTP or by just waiting for the auto verification process to complete.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click on ‘I accept all the Terms and Conditions’ to start.
  • Set up your profile.
  • Find your match.

Users Profiles Quality

On Love.ru, you can meet a lot of attractive single male and females. They have a sharp bio besides a colorful portfolio. The user meets another user based on the preferences they enter. So, be careful while you design your profile as it is the key to everything – bad or glad!

Some of the essential tips to be the principal in this Love.ru school are the following:

  • Be Natural– The hugely successful way of getting a match on Love.ru is to keep it natural. You can add something which you think suits you the best. Say, your job designation or your ideal type of date? Try putting something that adds a spark in your partner’s eyes. This way, it will be a match in the very first place.
  • Never skip the Bio– The first thing someone notices on Love.ru after the profile picture is your Bio. The majority of the likes and ‘Hi! ‘s come from an attractive bio. Love.ru has a 100 word-limit bio for a reason – write your novel! Make it look appealing.
  • Connect your Instagram– since Instagram is the most used social media platform, it is worth connecting to your Love.ru account. This way, your match can browse most of your Instagram pictures. They will get to know you better from your Insta activities.
  • Try to be online on Sundays– since Sunday is a holiday, most single men and women tend to search for their perfect ones on Love.ru. You can connect, immediately chat up, and plan a meet in the evening.
  • Let your pictures speak for you– Select photos which have vibrant colors.
  • Try to avoid neutral color pictures as it’s time-consuming to read them.
  • Don’t go for small talks.
  • The more pictures you have, the more matches you get.

Mobile Application

Love.ru does not have a mobile app at this moment. Nevertheless, the developers might create one in the future. But the website is much handy for every user.

Love.ru Alternatives and Similar website & Apps

Love.ru Similar website & Apps

Love.ru is one of a kind. But if you are looking for alternatives (in case), these are some you can seek:

  • Bumble– If you are a confident woman and prefer your partner to be on time, Bumble is for you! It is a free dating app that wants women to make the first move. The guy loses their chance to date if they don’t reply within 24 hours. The timer facility is not to discourage any male user but to encourage procrastinators. The best thing about Bumble is that it sweeps the insecure singles from the dating pool.
  • OkCupid– This online dating platform is as real as Love.ru. There are a lot of single lonely users who have found the love they wanted through OkCupid. The profiles in this platform are very much in-depth, just like Love.ru. While most of the other dating sites focus on appearance, OkCupid prioritizes emotional connection. Initially, you have to take a series of texts after creating your account. OkCupid records your answer and connects you to the ones with similar tastes. By this, you save your time and energy from wasting on wrong matches.
  • Hinge– Hinge is the ultimate platform for intellectuals. It is a very under-rated dating app that reads you like a novel. It is probably the only dating platform that seeks to know your political dating site inclination, religion, and take in becoming a parent someday! These are the little things that help engage users amongst themselves. The hinge has a tagline saying – ‘Designed to be deleted,’ which means it is proven that you’d get that one serious relationship that promises you a lifetime.
  • Coffee meets Bagel– The name, very clearly, points to users who seek to have a more in-depth conversation. If you like extra-hold on the relationship, CMB is for you. But most of the users have reviewed the app as a bit confusing for the gimmicks. CMB very cleverly reminds its users to text their matches. But personally, it is not bad to take a break even from your loved ones. So, in cases of a break, CMB pushes the notification in unnecessary time.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Love.ru Price and Payment Method

Love.ru is a free website. Anyone can create their account to search for their soulmate. Besides that, there is a premium membership version. You get a few extra benefits on the premium version.

Free membership features

Love.ru has the following features for free members:

  • Phone Number Login and Instagram Link.
  • Your Love.ru profile.
  • Enabling GeoLocation for better browsing.
  • Like profiles of similar personalities.
  • Match with them.
  • Chat wholeheartedly.
  • Push Notifications.
  • Unlike the last liked profile.
  • Hides distance.
  • Hides age.
  • Zero Ads.
  • Control the distance between your search.
  • Manage your audience.
  • Highlight the best pictures.
  • Block users.
  • Personal security.

Premium membership features

The Premium membership features of Love.ru has the following benefits:

You get a more number of boosts after you take a premium paid plan. You can see who liked your profile.

Is Love.ru safe?

Love.ru safe

As far as other dating apps are concerned, Love.ru is safer than some preexisting apps in the market. It has been helping people to find their soulmates for quite long. Moreover, Love.ru has unique and very safe security policies. Hence, it is safe to use.


There are a lot of over-rated dating sites on the internet. Love.ru is a very trust-worthy dating site. Its primary niche is to connect similar people and help them stick together. This website has over 36 million users, and most of them are from Russia. The Love.ru community shifts the primary focus of the users on getting the best that they can get. So, yes! Go for Love.ru and make the winter full of flowers.

Popular FAQs

Are you still not sure if the platform suits you? This FAQ-list might help you make the right decision.

How to delete the Love.ru account?

  • Open the app and go to settings.
  • Scroll to the extreme bottom of that page until you get the ‘delete account’ option.
  • Now click on the ‘delete account’ option.
  • You have to choose between permanent deletion or ‘deactivate your account.’
  • In case you are deactivating, you can revive it anytime.
  • Now, you have to provide a reason behind ‘Why are you leaving Love.ru?’.

Once you delete the account permanently, you will lose all your existing matches.

How to message someone on Love.ru?

Just because it is a dating app, you don’t have to maintain a particular format. But, you should know a few techniques to win the show at the first go!

  • Ask your match how they’ve been for so long!
  • Ask them about their hobbies, favorite movies, the bands they listen to, and books they read.
  • If he/she is into partying, ask them about the drinks they prefer.
  • Ask her about life! Focus on detailed information as well as the highlights.
  • The key to win is to ‘Observe.’
  • Tell your match about you.
  • Tell him/her what you like about them or how you want them.
  • Flirt effortlessly! Keep your texts short and subjective.
  • Do not forget the humor!
  • While most of the guys get cheesy with texts, you are on the other side of the road.
  • Pay attention to what she/he reveals about you.
  • Go for a truth and dare game over text or a phone call.

How to see who likes you on Love.ru?

If you are online and someone likes your profile, you will receive a pop-up notification on your device. If you like someone’s profile, you will get information from Love.ru as soon as they like your profile back.

How to block someone on Love.ru?

  1. Go to their profile.
  2. Visit settings.
  3. Scroll down to select ‘Block Contacts.’
  4. Allow Love.ru to access your contacts.
  5. Now, choose the person you want to block from your contact list.
  6. Tap on ‘Block Contact.’

How to cancel Love.ru Subscription?

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Scroll down to the Subscription section. Tap ‘Manage.’
  4. Select the subscription slide to ‘Off.’
  5. Confirm when re-asked.

Contact information

Contact information
  • Company name: Love.ru.
  • Address: No information available
  • Zip code+ city: No information available
  • Country: Russia
  • Customer support email: info@dmplanet.com
  • Facebook: No information available
  • Twitter: No information available for Love.ru.
  • Blog: No information available
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