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Meet24 Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Meet24 Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 3.250.000
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Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This app is meant for serious and long-term relationships. It means that users are less likely to be scammers.
  • One can share pictures, send video messages, and upload photos to one's profile on Meet24.
  • The versatile search factor helps find people around you as well as users at a distance with the help of the distance search feature.
  • The registration process is 100% free. One can also download the application for free.
  • Several social networking features allow users to exchange videos and pictures on the website.
  • There were many fake accounts on the Meet24 application. However, app managers have recently made efforts to weed out the fake profiles and secure the genuine ones from chances of scamming.
  • A concerning privacy issue on the Meet24 app is that once users upload a picture on their profiles, they cannot delete them. They cannot remove the accounts either. The images remain on the site forever.
  • There are quite a few technical issues on the app which the developers ought to address.

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Meet24 is the perfect dating site for singles looking for serious, long-term relationships to connect. In a world of casual flings and fleeting romances, some people find it more challenging to find good, serious relations. Most sites are developed, keeping in mind a culture of casual dating and one-night stands. When global dating standards are oriented on casual flings, it becomes more difficult for folks looking for long-term relationships. It is where a dating site like Meet24 comes in. This online dating platform focuses on the romantic needs of people who want to make sincere connections with compatible matches. The Meet24 dating forum was developed to meet the needs of those trying to find long-term relationships and possibly marriage. The pros and cons of the dating forum, the privacy and authenticity of the app, and more such relevant details will be discussed in this review.

Meet24 Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Expert’s Review of Meet24

Meet24 is a unique and versatile dating application with immense popularity among users. The app has thousands of reviews on both Android and iOS platforms, and it holds a steady 4-star rating on both the platforms. The users on the app are mainly late teens to people in their twenties. 80% of the demographic on the app belongs to the younger generation. In terms of gender ratios, the app has a three to two male to female ratio. Meet24 is the most popular dating app in terms of membership and installs. While there are nearly 2 million installs from both Android and iOS, the Meet24 app has around 30,000 registered users. According to research, the app seems to be used widely by both homosexuals as well as heterosexual users.

Website Design & Usability

The Meet24 application offers a satisfactory user experience. The free version functions decently. The main catch is that free users can access all the essential communication features without paying a subscription fee. The appearance of the Meet24 app, both the Android and iOS versions, is satisfactory. Users are directed to their home screens immediately on logging in. A mini dashboard right on top of the user profile indicates username, current location, and several followers, matches, and visitors one has had. It also displays a user’s available points that function as internal currency in the app. The dashboard also features an option for buying more points. There are six features, indicated by six distinct access buttons. Right below these buttons is a user’s options to access their newsfeed or notifications. Meet24 does not always plague users with messages to upgrade to the premium version. The only upgrade reminders are given when a free user tries to access a premium feature.

Website Design & Usability

Special Features

Meet24 offers quite a few distinct interactive features. These add an entertainment factor to the application and help users interact with each other smoothly. Some of these features are discussed as follows.

  • Find flirts: One of the most popular features on the Meet24 application is the “find flirts” feature. These features show users titled images of other profiles on the app that Meet24 has deemed compatible with the user. All they have to do is click on the image to access that profile, and send the consistent user a chat request or rate their profile.
  • Encounters: Another common feature of the Meet24 application is the “encounters” feature. It gives users a chance to explore the available profiles on the app. Users are shown profile images of other members on the app. You can either swipe right to accept and left to reject. Once two users mutually right swipe and “accept” each other, a communication line is established. This Tinder-like feature makes it easy for users to view multiple profiles in a single login.
  • Meet24chat: Most online dating platforms have multimedia chatting options. It makes the forums more interactive and, thus, more effective. Meet24 has an exciting chatting feature that engages users in conversations with each other. Users have the option to exchange pictures and videos with each other as well. The most impressive part of the chatting feature on Meet24 is that even free users can access all the significant interactive chatting features. No additional subscription fee is required to access Meet24 chatting.
  • Favorites: Like most online dating platforms, Meet24 has also provided users with an option to mark specific profiles as Favorites to convey that they are interested. This feature also acts as a pretty smooth ice-breaker between two compatible strangers. Users can also see others who have marked their profiles as “favorites.”
  • Identifying users nearby: Meet24 has a very versatile search filter. This feature allows users to locate the Meet24 phone application users nearby. This feature helps users connect in a quicker, more hassle-free manner.
  • Search via distance restriction feature: The Meet24 application allows users to locate prospective partners nearby. Its distance search feature also offers users a way to restrict the distance within which they are looking for partners. It is a useful feature that saves users a lot of time and energy that would be otherwise spent in communicating with members who they cannot meet.

How does Meet24 work?

Meet24 operates in a smooth and streamlined manner. The sign-up process is not only super user-friendly, but it also does not cost a dime. The Meet24 application functions by connecting like-minded individuals, looking for genuine, long-term relationships, and establishing a connection. The plethora of features, most of which are interactive, help users chat and bond effectively. Features like “flirt” and “favorites” make it easy for users to break the ice and start an interaction. One can also explore all the members registered on the application using the “encounter” feature. They can also select or accept prospective partners by right swiping their profiles. If both users right-swipe each other, Meet24 opens a communication channel via which the two matched users can start chatting.

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process for Meet24 is pretty active and user-friendly. It is effortless and can be completed within 15 minutes. After this, users can start to use the application. The sign-up process is completely free. There are optional in-app purchases that users can make later, but the sign up is a 100% free process. To sign up for Meet24, visit the Meet24 sign up page. Here, you have to tell the site what your gender is and what the gender of your prospective partner should be. In simpler words, the site asks for your gender identity and that of your future matches. Once you have provided this information, you will be asked to enter a functional email address and pick out a password. It is also when you get to pick out your Meet24 username. Following this, you will be asked to fill out some personal information, such as your age and location. It completes the registration process. Once this is done, you can log in for free and start meeting new people any time you want.

Sign Up Process

User’s Profile Quality

The Meet24 profiles can be pretty descriptive and intense. Since this is a site for people looking for serious relationships, the questions on Meet24 can get pretty personal and lengthy to answer. However, these answers can distinguish your profile from countless others. The more energy and effort one puts into developing their Meet24 profile, the higher their chances are of connecting with someone. The Meet24 app asks users to answer several questions. The answers that one gives to these questions determine the quality of their profiles. Most users answer these questions in detail to maximize their chances of finding a partner. These questions allow the app to find compatible members to suggest to users as prospective matches. There are a few fake profiles on the site as well. However, the Meet24 team has been continuously trying to ensure that bogus profiles are weeded from the site.

Mobile Application

The Meet24 applications are trendy on both Android and iOS platforms. They have hundreds of thousands of reviews on both the platforms, and both the versions are similar and hugely popular. The application has enjoyed a consistent 4-star rating on both Android and Apple Operating Systems. It means that there is a steady engagement between the user and its users. Both the versions of the Meet24 application can be downloaded for free. The registration process on these apps is also completely free.

Mobile Application

Meet24 Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

The online dating industry is brimming with dating sites and applications. Countless dating apps are being launched each day. Some of them make it big in the online dating industry, while some fall victim to overcrowding in this digital market. Tinder is a perfect alternative to the Meet24 application. Even though it does not cater to serious relationships, in particular, Tinder has a lot of success stories to flaunt. Another dating app is Bumble. It is a similar application that makes location-based matches among interested users. This application also caters to both heterosexuals as well as homosexual couples. There are many dating apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Match, OurTime, Plenty of Fish, and Hinge are only a few names on that list. With their slightly different features and intricacies, all of these applications can function as a proper alternative for the Meet24 dating app.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The registration and membership on Meet24 are free and will not cost users a dime. Anyone can download and sign up for Meet24 for absolutely no charges. However, there are some significant in-app purchases that users can make for the experience to be more productive. Users can also upgrade to the premium version of the Meet24 application for a nominal subscription charge. The premium version of the Meet24 app costs $12.99 per month. However, users only have to pay $74.99 if they pay for a full year in advance. They can also purchase points while on the application after they have exhausted their existing points. These act as a form of internal currency in the Meet24 website.

Free Membership Features

  1. Free users can use all the interactive features, like “flirt” and “encounter” on the Meet24 app.
  2. Free users can view and search for other profiles.
  3. Free users can access the distance restricting search features on the Meet24 application.
  4. Free users can use online chat functions. They can exchange text messages as well as multimedia messages among themselves.

Premium Membership Features

  1. Users of the premium version of the Meet24 application can send each other “presents.” These act as winks for Meet24 users.
  2. Premium users can see the members who have liked or viewed their profiles.
  3. Users of the premium version of the app also receive a notification when their messages have been read.
  4. Free users can also view members who have added their profiles on their “favorites” list.
  5. Users of the premium version of the Meet24 application are given the added benefit of removing all advertisements from the platform altogether.
  6. Paying for the app’s premium version also earns users a premium icon next to their profile images.
Premium Membership Features

Is Meet24 Really Safe?

Meet24 certainly has some privacy concerns that are yet to be addressed. Some users have complained of dicey privacy policies. The application does not seem to employ updated policy protection methods. Users have also complained that the customer services are not up to standards.

As a result, this leads to many people creating fake profiles on the Meet24 application. Users often find it burdensome to receive messages from scammers or fake profiles.

Another security issue that the app developer is yet to address is that once users have uploaded pictures on the Meet24 app, it is impossible to delete these pictures or hide them. Even if one is not looking for a partner, their photographs will still float on the application once uploaded. The developer, Wildec LLC, does little to address these highly concerning security issues plaguing the Meet24 app.


Meet24 is a splendid application when it comes to long-term dating, relationships, and marriage. User profiles are detailed and dedicated to close connections. The app is hugely popular among members of the younger generation. Barring a few privacy concerns, the Meet24 application is a beautiful way to look for a life partner. The app caters to both homosexual and heterosexual relationships. It’s fun, and interactive features keep things interesting for users and, at the same time, help in establishing a firm bond between matched users.

This review has attempted to answer most of the questions relating to the Meet24 online dating platform. From usability to safety, all topics have been thrown under the spotlight. Furthermore, the answers to some of the most popularly asked questions about Meet24 have been given.

Popular FAQs

How To Delete Meet24 Account?

To delete one’s Meet24 account, one has to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Sign in to your Meet24 account on your device.
  2. Click on the menu button.
  3. Click on the “my account” option in the menu.
  4. At the bottom of the page, there is a “remove account “option. Click on that.

Users can also email the staff on the site’s customer service email address with the subject as account removal and kindly ask them to remove the user’s account.

How To Message Someone On Meet24?

It is effortless to message someone on the Meet24 application. The chatting feature on Meet24 is very interactive and versatile. It even allows users to exchange multimedia messages. To be able to chat with someone, one has to follow a couple of necessary steps.

  1. Use the Meet24 search engine to find online users.
  2. If you find a prospective partner, click on their profile.
  3. You will find the chat option on the profile.
  4. Send them a quick message and get the conversation started.

How To See Who Likes You On Meet24?

Being able to see who likes you on Meet24 is a premium version feature only. It means that users cannot see who likes their profiles on Meet24 without paying the subscription fee to upgrade to the premium version.

How To Block Someone On Meet24?

Meet24 does not allow users to block anyone. However, users are free to report any account if they deem fit. Even free users can report members if they misbehave. Users need to follow a couple of necessary steps to do this.

  1. Go to the user’s profile who you want to report.
  2. There is an option to report the person on the lower dashboard.
  3. Select that option—a drop-down menu of possible reasons as to why you want to report that user appears.
  4. Select your reason and report the user.

How To Cancel Meet24 Subscription?

Users can cancel their Meet24 subscriptions by emailing their concern to the support team available on the Meet24 customer care service.

How to cancel Meet24 subscription?

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  • Customer Support Email: support@meet24.com
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