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MeetMe vs. Skout – Full Guide For Comparing

MeetMe vs. Skout – Full Guide For Comparing

MeetMe is a dating site that emerged as a creation between a dating platform and a social media piece. It was established by The Meet Group way back in 2005. This dating platform allowed users to interact via small group chats, video streams, and threads via mobile and browsers. It got more popular with years, and now we can see MeetMe as an independent platform full of perks for every generation. Today it has an audience of over 15 million users, which is quite impressive. They spend most of their time communicating on mobile devices (according to the site itself, this is about 90% of all participants). First of all, convenience and functionality are key here. Secondly, the site values its policy and safety.

MeetMe has both a website and an app version. The first one doesn’t look so good, to be honest. The design looks like an old Facebook interface that is sad considering how big an audience attends this site daily. But there is no reason to sob, overall, since most people have moved to an app version that looks much better. The app has a cleaner and more decent look than the web version and has a few exciting features that meet the eye. The app looks updated and modern, which is a nice touch, making the app finally cater to a younger audience.

Skout used to be just a social network, similar to Facebook, emerging in 2007. This site is currently one of the biggest social apps which help people find relationships, friendships, and even marriages. These people come in all shapes and forms, from all countries and of different nationalities. Skout unites the majority of people from all over the world. It is an app that helps you find members based on the location, as it caters to more than 100 countries. Now you can find a single member whenever you are. It is our convenient way to connect and get to know people of different cultures. Skout is a freemium which contains both free and premium features. It allows people of different budgets to connect and still try out unique options. Skout has more than 10 million users to be online daily. It also has a fantastic dating game called Blind Date. The streamer can allegedly hear the person, but they cannot see who’s joining them. It is a fascinating game that reveals more about a particular member without getting attached to their looks, creating the deeper meaning of dating. As they go along, an interlocutor’s image gets less and less blurred until they fully reveal their face. But participants can continue chatting as you would typically do with usual dating sites.

Skout has an equally dull and old-fashioned site. However, this is not the problem for the elderly generation that is not all about hip design decisions. Since the majority of Skout members are young adults, it is not so pleasing. On the other hand, the design is not bulky, it requires less time for a page download, but that doesn’t help.

How to choose a better one?

1. Site’s history. The longer the portal exists, the more likely you are to meet a real person. It means that people who most likely love using this site are long-term returning subscribers. Also, algorithms work best when the site has gone through some trials and tribulations. Finally, you can count on an appealing interface and lots of updated features.

2. There is a live audience. Many newbies of dating come across portals and popular dating sites where most members are just scammers or bots. The fewer dead accounts the site has, the better.

3. The site has live support. When you come across a scammer, a rude person, or will have questions; it’s best to ask a specialist to help you.

4. Availability of free features. Free messaging will cut up your expenses.

5. Availability of registration. A credible dating site should require registration.

6. Availability of reviews. Reviews are an inevitable and integrative part of any dating platform. The number of positive testimonies can prove to you that the portal is legit and that there is a sense in using it.

MeetMe vs. Skout: What’s about Price Comparison?

MeetMe is an inexpensive dating app that allows you to choose between a Premium plan and credits. Why do you need credits? These are the virtual coins you can buy individual features with. They are more than affordable. This purchase frees you from the obligation to pay for a whole month of dating if you don’t want to or are not sure. The prices are as follows:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
MeetMe +
1 Month 6.99 USD / Month 6.99 USD
6.99 USD 5.66 USD / Month 16.99 USD
6 Months 4.17 USD / Month 24.99 USD
250 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 2.99 USD
500 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 4.99 USD
625 Credits 0.02 USD / Credit 9.99 USD
2,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 14.99 USD
3,700 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 24.99 USD

Skout is an averagely-priced app that allows you to buy only a monthly plan. For the other options, you will have to purchase credits. These are the prices for credits and a monthly plan:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
Skout Premium
500 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 4.99 USD
1,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 7.99 USD
1,200 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 9.99 USD
2,500 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 16.99 USD
8,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 49.99 USD
18,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 99.99 USD

MeetMe vs. Skout: Who can join?

MeetMe is a site that values diversity and equality. The majority of users are from the US, though anyone can join. There are more than 100 countries available on the list. When it comes to gender disposition, the majority of members here are men. The ratio of men to women is 60 to 40 percent. Although males are predominantly active on this app, females are happy to receive invites and talk to mysterious strangers on the web.

You need to be at least 13 years old to register on this site, unlike many communities that require legal age. Although this community is also meant for teenage dating, it can be dangerous for teenagers to register on dating sites.

When it comes to Skout, most members here come from the US, Australia, or Taiwan. These are people of different nationalities, skin tones, and ethnicities. The site is meant for relationships and friendships, but the starting age is 13 years old. Although the minors’ policy is unclear, the site managers ask users to be strictly supervised if they are not of legal age.

The average age for Skout is 25-34 years old. Men outnumber women in 65 to 35% proportion. Most of these members are phone users, which leads us to think that the computer app is not so popular.

MeetMe Features

MeetMe exists both as a website and an app. However, the latter is much more popular. The app wins when it comes to aesthetics and interface. It also has an acquired set of unique features such as:


Suppose you’re looking for a way to start a conversation with someone but aren’t sure how; MeetMe’s Questions can help. Post a question to other users, and if they are interested, they will reply. Questions are submitted anonymously, and only the other user’s name is known if they respond to the questions.

MeetMe Live

MeetMe’s streaming service is available and thriving. Users can broadcast live and communicate with their audience. Viewers can like and give diamonds to streamers, which can later turn into in-app credits or real currency.

Secret Admirer

Hidden admirer is a casual game that helps users meet new people while having fun. The app notifies you that you have a secret admirer, but it does not reveal who it is. Instead, it presents you with several images of different users simultaneously, and you must guess who they are. You have five guesses, and if you get it wrong, the secret admirer warning gets removed.


QuickPick is MeetMe’s take on Tinder’s swiping method, and it’s available on the site’s mobile version. You’re shown an image of a random user and given the option of showing interest or passing and moving on to the following user.

Overall it’s easy to sign up with MeetMe. All you need to do is provide your basic information. You do not need to state your interests or any of that matter; just upload a picture.

Skout Features

Skout has over 3.4 million monthly visitors worldwide. It has a handy app, available for both iOS and Android. It looks more modern than the computer version. The app is relatively quick and easy to navigate. It also has a list of special features. Here they are:


A buzz is a spot where you can show off your personality in addition to your profile. You will engage people in conversation by posting material such as photographs or friendly questions.


Skout can present you with multiple profiles to select from, and you can simply like or discard them by pressing the green check or red X symbol. It would be a match if you tapped the green search on someone who did the same to your profile.

Skout Travel

Buy a 24-hour ticket to hundreds of cities all around the country. Your phone will be set to any area, and all of the settings will be exclusive to that location. It allows you to immerse yourself in culture and encounter people from various cities.

Shake to chat

You will be paired with a random user nearby if you click on this option and then shake your phone. It’s a risk because you don’t know much about the person, but that’s part of the fun.


You can use this option to mask your images and encourage members to access them. You can set the unlocking price somewhere between 10 and 10,000 points. You get a percentage of the points received for each person who unlocks your pictures. Members that have opened your image will award it a ranking of one to five stars.

And the Winner is: MeetMe vs. Skout

According to a number of data calculations, Skout presented itself as a more reliable and trustworthy site with many essential options. It also has a better searching engine. Although the price is higher for this app, you are paying for much more excellent quality. Skout has more produced and free features, which ultimately makes this site more useful.

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