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MeetMindful Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

MeetMindful Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 73%
Popular age 27-45
Beauty 64%
Profiles 256.500
About Site
Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The app provides a platform for serious and deep connections.
  • The dating app strives to be a place for like-minded people to come together.
  • The graphic user interface is modern and cool in design.
  • With only three likes for standard users, members often feel they are forced into subscriptions.
  • Most members are from bigger cities, and the platform’s location-specific matching may not give great results in smaller cities.

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Birds of the feather always flock together. It is empirically proved with a host of social experiments that humans are continually looking out for like-minded partners. The theory of ‘opposites attract’ has been debunked several times over.

Most successful relationships in the world are based on a strong foundation of similarity. According to Angela Bahns, who is the assistant professor at Boston’s Wellesley College, when two strangers meet for the very first time, their like-mindedness instantly plays a dominant role in how their future is going to shape up with each other in case they choose to be together!

Expert’s review of MeetMindful


Brigitte, who a big fan of online dating and writes extensively on the emerging dating online trends, reveals how she was almost not going to sign up for the MeetMindful dating website because she found a lot of negative reviews online. But given her experience in being able to discern a good buddhist dating site from the bad one, she went ahead and paid for a monthly subscription. She says she was appalled when she realized that all the negative testimonials were doctored. Imagine!

She says that dating companies who charge through their nose are doing it out of compulsion because running a company, albeit online, requires a lot of investment. And MeetMindful is doing an excellent job of getting more and more like-minded people into one place. To quote her, “it is much-needed attention to the dating world, and an important one.”

Website Design & Usability

The website has an excellent graphic user interface, and navigating the site is a piece of cake. The website uses pleasant templates and gives out extremely positive vibes to all its members and guests. Going along with its theme, there are no loud, flashy colors or screaming templates that look out of place. It is designed in such a way that it can help instantly connect to its target group.

The design element is contemporaneous and straightforward. The spacing and the placement of all its features are well placed to give a seamless browsing experience to members. Everything in its place and everything has a place, and this enhances the site value tremendously.

Special Features

MeetMindful Special Features
  • One of the most sought after special features includes an advanced search on the website. It helps the members to narrow down their search results based on the parameters that they want in their future partners.
  • The website is designed in such a way that it sends you a location-based match only. However, people who are on the site without a paid membership will not be able to break the ice first because they can only reply to the message of people that like them. They can’t begin the conversation.
  • Say you do not want a partner who is from the same location as you, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is to adjust the distance range to find your match from a different location.
  • There is a chatroom on the platform too. If you are someone that is not very keen on paid membership but would like to check out who the members are, then a chat room feature is a good one for you. It will let you understand the quality of the people on any platform.

How does MeetMindful work?

MeetMindful work

MeetMindful is a dating site par excellence. Even though it works on the same protocols as most of the other dating platforms, there are a lot of things that set it apart from its competitors. The members can review profiles of other members and either like them or message them. A basic member itself is given ten matches daily. As a basic member, he or she can decide if they like to reciprocate the interest or simply let it pass.

A free member cannot message one on one:

If a basic member likes someone and wants to message someone that hasn’t liked them back, they cannot unless they upgrade their membership to a paid account. Members of paid accounts can send messages to other members with whom they haven’t made any connection yet. There is no limit to how many messages you can send if you are a premium member.

Location-based matchmaking:

The dating platform works on the principle of location. It matches and sends a notification to its members based on the location of the members. This could be a strong point, as well as a weak point. This is one of the reasons why we see a significant concentration of active members in the USA alone.

Signup Process

MeetMindful Signup Process

MeetMindful requires every member to create an account. But you don’t have to worry really as signing up is very easy. You must be ready with answers to all the essential questions as well as be prepared with a valid email and password in case you intend to register and verify your signing up with through your email. The initial signup process will not take you more than ten minutes.

At MeetMindful, you can register at the website in two different ways:

  • Register via your Facebook profile
  • Register by verifying your account through a valid email

The best part about the dating portal is that the admins strive to make it a very safe experience for the women members as well as the males. Every signup is scrutinized to see that it meets the levels of standard safety. This is the reason that the registration may take a little longer but not exceeding 48 hours at the maximum.

While some information on the creation of profile will need to be personally filled up, your other vital personal information, as well as your photographs, can be imported and synced from the Facebook app itself.

What happens once you verify and sign up at the portal?

Once you have signed up using your Facebook account or confirmed your account successfully via email, you will be asked a series of questions that are good if you answer. However, there is no compulsion really to answer all of these questions; you may skip them if you are short of time or you have no inclination to do it. But that could mean a severe repercussion as your profile will look blank and incomplete and may not attract interest from a lot of other members.

Is MeetMindful gender-specific in its signup?

This is one of the most asked questions, and there is a specific question on the registration itself where members are asked to state their sexual orientation. Having that said, the platform has no bias whatsoever. It is open to members of any gender.

An essential requirement for creating the profile as stated already is:

  • Using a valid email account
  • Having a unique password

Users’ Profiles Quality

MeetMindful Profiles Quality

One of the best features relating to the users’ profiles on MeetMindful is that if you are interested in a member but you feel that his profile is incomplete for you to understand them better, you can send them a notification to complete the profile.

The profile form mostly consists of questions that will require you to write slightly more extended answers. A monosyllable answer like ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and likely will not suffice. It is for you to be able to express yourself and your partner living in your own words.

Members are allowed to upload as many as half a dozen photographs. At the same time, you are pre-warned that nudity and obscenity in the profile pictures are not appreciated.

Is the profile information detailed and long drawn?

The answer is a resounding yes. The information on your profile is editable as and when you require doing it. But wordy explanations are a significant turn-off. The website believes that when you express yourself and your way of living in your own words, you come across as more genuine to your prospective partners.

Information about profiles, some tips, and recommendation

Here is a breakup of the type of information that will be expected of you if you want to sign up and create a profile on the website.

  • Your profile per se – where you will put all your personal information like name, age, sex, sexual preference, etc.
  • The qualities that are in you and what you are looking for in your partner. It may boil down to a section where you are talking about your likes and dislikes.
  • The more in-depth answers where you will tell to a great community of like-minded people how you live mindfully and why you choose to do it.

With the main mantra of the site being mindfulness, it is evident that members are all waking, and there is lesser judgment here than on other sites. It is not a wonder then that the profile page takes up a lot of space, and the pictures may take a back seat.

Mobile Application

MeetMindful Mobile Application

The mobile application is free to download for both Android and iOS users. Even though the design sensibilities are excessively similar to the web version, a lot of users complain that the mobile app needs way too many improvements already.

Member users often complain that after a few minutes, the application crashes. However, we are going to give a benefit of the doubt because it is a late entrant. Gauging by the popularity, we are sure that the people behind it are going to improve it so that users have more flexibility in messaging their friends and partners.

MeetMindful Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

MeetMindful Alternatives

Some alternatives to this excellent website are:

  • Tinder. It will get you a date in less than ten minutes of profile making and is the first and the last date on finding instant gratification. The majority of the difference between tinder and MeetMindful is that user profiles on the latter are very comprehensive, and members are looking more at your woke living than your pictures.
  • Plenty of Fish is an excellent portal to meet friends and partners, but it lacks the depth that members of MeetMindful are looking at.
  • Hinge can be best described as a dating app for the millennials, but again it is for people who have recently had a breakup and are still looking to find love. MeetMindful differs in the sense that members are keenly looking to hook up with someone whom they identify or relate with and not merely because they are feeling lonely
  • SeniorMatch is a dating portal for the seniors. A lot of apps sideline members who are past 50 or 55 years and portals that specifically address their concerns are making a mark today. MeetMindful alternatively is doing a great job in this aspect because a lot of members in their 50s are finding love on the portal!

Membership Price and Payment Method

MeetMindful Price

MeetMindful has four options based on the time duration for you to try a premium subscription. You could try it for one week at a very reasonable rate of $14. However, we will not recommend it to you since we feel the other packages are bang for your bucks. For one month, you need to pay only $29, whereas, for a 3-month and 6-month package, you only pay $49 and $79, respectively. MeetMindful is pitched average when it comes to charging for its membership, but the benefits that come with it are mindboggling. There is only one mode of payment, and that is through credit card.

Free Membership Features

MeetMindful Membership

Users with free membership can:

  • Create a profile
  • Edit their profile
  • Upload 6 photos
  • Get up to 3 likes and 10 matches in a day
  • Use the basic search filter on the site
  • Message only their connections
  • Access lots of articles on relationships

Premium Membership Features

MeetMindful Premium Membership

Apart from all the features of free membership, users with premium membership:

  • Have an unlimited number of matches
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of likes
  • Can chat with any members
  • Can personalize on their preferences
  • Can appear incognito and view other people’s profiles
  • Have an advanced search filter at their disposal

Is MeetMindful Really Safe?

MeetMindful Safe

MeetMindful is entirely safe. Generic concerns regarding scamming, gold-digging, and abuse of user information are reported much lesser than other sites. However, members are regularly cautioned to be careful when they are dealing with other members on the website.


For a dating platform to be able to collect 300,000 members in its first five years of operation is not an easy task! MeetMindful was only launched recently in 2015, and it has become a case study of sorts for garnering up so many fans in such a short time. The dating platform opened up a world of opportunities to come together for camaraderie and romance.

If you are looking to meet someone who is at par with you and lives life mindfully, this is the website that you must log in to. There is a mine of profiles of people whom you always desired to meet but never knew where to go looking for them.

MeetMindful Popular

How to delete MeetMindful account?

Deleting your profile is very easy. If the member met their future partner already, they might choose to delete a profile once and for all. The member must first of all log in and visit Settings and press the Delete Account button.

How to message someone on MeetMindful?

If you are on basic membership, you can send a like on their profile, and if the member chooses to reciprocate, you can take the conversation further. If you want to send a message to someone who has not sent you a like, then you must sign up for premium services on MeetMindful.

How to see who likes you on MeetMindful without paying?

Once you log in to your profile, there will be a summary of the activity on it. You will be able to see who liked you on the website on your dashboard itself.

How to block someone on MeetMindful?

If you think someone is spamming you or worse scamming you, you can go to the portal’s settings and block the person. Once the profile is blocked, there is no way they can send you a message or respond to yours unless you unblock their profile again.

How to cancel MeetMindful subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by disabling the automatic renewal of your membership on the website. Log in to the portal and go to settings. The path to be followed is Membership > Membership Settings > Cancel Membership and then following prompts from there.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Meetmindful, Inc.
  • Address: Greater Denver Area, Western United States
  • Zip Code + City: 80202; Colorado
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: hello@meetmindful.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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