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Meetville Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

Meetville Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 24-37
Profiles 2.000.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • In-depth profiles with an unlimited number of photos;
  • Meetville has a smart and intelligent user base 30+;
  • There is a quick match option;
  • Advanced searching criteria;
  • Ability to search for partners in your area;
  • There is a video chat;
  • Successful stories of real members;
  • The app is available for iOS and Android;
  • There is a video introduction of how to use the site;
  • Email verification helps reduce the number of bogus accounts.
  • Meetville website has solely informative character;
  • Instant messaging is not free;
  • The price of the premium subscription costs a pretty penny;
  • Members complain about the presence of imposters;
  • The number of active users is not high.

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Meetville creators admit that it is a perfect space to find a person of your interest for singles of all ages. This dating app operates to help smart, intelligent, and mature singles search for life partners and build lasting relationships. Sex-seekers will not estimate all the benefits of Meetville because it is not a hookup site. The primary user base is men and women 30+. It is a perfect age to think about starting a family and having kids. Sadly, but our super busy daily schedule makes it complicated to search for love in real life. That is why an increasing number of singles use online dating as the only recourse for finding a husband or a wife.

Meetville allows single people to match with members in their region who have the same interests and life goals as they do. An in-depth questionnaire during registration guarantees the fairest result, meaning that the app users can be sure to receive matches corresponding to their criteria. Dating with the right people is a slogan of this application, and success stories available on meetville.com prove that their strategy works. As a global mobile dating application, Meetville has fans throughout the world. It does not matter whether you live in the USA, Europe, or Asia; you can be sure that Meetville will select the best candidates. Twenty-seven million users worldwide is an evident proof, but is everything indeed so perfect with this app?

Expert’s Review of Meetville

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Meetville is not a beginner in the dating world; the website dates back to 2008. As a pioneer in the industry, Meetville currently counts a bit more than 27 million users worldwide. Thousands of singles from the US, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and Asia register on the app monthly. The users’ indicator shows about 100,000 active members daily. The majority of them are guys and ladies over 30 who are mature enough for a serious relationship and marriage.

The most active users are the US residents at the age of 30-40 years old. The app is open to people of different religions, ethnicity, and sexual orientations, though the dominant part is straight singles. Meetville members are well-educated and intelligent persons according to the information on their profiles. However, there are multiple comments on the Internet where the former members complain about the enormous number of not-real accounts. They share their negative experience after using the app, saying that it is not worth wasting your time. All these unsatisfied members admit that it is almost impossible to find a partner on Meetville due to a miserable amount of active users online. With its 27-million user base, 100,000 active users are indeed not enough for bonding with the right matches.

Website Design & Usability

Meetville dating app has a website that operates for informative purposes. What does it mean? People can use meetville.com for reading about its primary goal, terms of use, successful stories, privacy policy, and so on. Visitors cannot use the site for registration and partner search; it is up to the Meetville mobile application. The website has a link to download the app on your phone. You need to provide your valid phone number in the corresponding field or ask for QR-code to get the link. Usually, this process takes less than a minute.

In general, the Meetville website has an elegant design in nude colors. There are images of the members who could find their love due to this dating app. You can read their love stories to be sure that it is possible to find a husband or a wife on the Internet. Newcomers can learn more about the terms and conditions, and privacy policy rules in the drop-down panel of the home page. There are links to Meetville accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Users can contact the customer service by filling in the form in the help section. If you have some technical or other issues, you can describe your problem in a message and send it to the Meetville representatives. Please, do not forget to provide your valid email address while filling the form.

Special Features

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

What makes Meetville so unique compared to alternative apps? First of all, there is no limit on the number of photos that members can download to their profiles. Another feature is group chats that allow communicating with several members at the same time. There is an in-detail questionnaire that newcomers have to fill in during registration and an option of searching by location.

It sounds good, but the test showed that, in reality, Meetville does not differ much from dozens of similar dating applications. It connects singles based on their shared preferences and lifestyle, but Meetville has no technologies to process the profile data except for the standard matching parameters. Besides, a small number of active users (compared with its 27-million user base) often turn the match searching process into a real nightmare. Members frequently complain that they fail to find potential partners in their area while traveling halfway around the world for a date may sound ridiculous.

How Does Meetville Work?

Meetville applies the same principles of connecting singles as many other similar portals. For starting using Meetville, you can download it on your phone from AppStore or Google Play. The next step is registration because purely registered members can get access to the app services. Then you will need to spend some time for completing your profile, and voila, you can start looking for other singles. Meetville offers a diverse set of searching filters to the registered members, plus there are ice-breakers to start a conversation with an object of your interest more smoothly and with no tense.

Sign Up Process

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

To join the Meetville global community, you need to register on the app first. It takes about seven minutes because the entire process consists of several steps. Install the app on your phone, click on the Signup button, and enter the required information in the pop-up window. Then you will need to pass email verification, and you are ready to dive into the world of attractive single ladies and men.

Users Profiles Quality

It indeed takes no effort to sign up on the app, but the next stage, i.e., profile creation, will take much more time. New members need to complete a questionnaire that aims to collect as more personal information about each member as possible to guarantee a successful match. There are several text fields that users need to fill in, including In my words section (basic info about age, ethnicity, body type, zodiac sign, etc.), My interests section (hobbies and lifestyle), and My answers section. The last one includes questions about your potential partner, such as describing your future husband/wife or imagining your future family and how many kids you want to have.

Overall, the questionnaire requires about 25-30 minutes to answer all the questions, but it is not a necessary step. Meetville leaves it up to the users to decide whether they want to give precise answers or leave empty fields. It seems confusing that the portal integrates such an in-detail questionnaire but makes it unnecessary to answer the questions. Maybe, it is the reason why multiple subscribers argue about fake accounts present on Meetville. Nevertheless, if you search for serious relationships with the right person, it will be better not to skip the questionnaire stage and give honest and extensive answers.

The final step is adding photos to boost your profile quality and attract prospective matches. Meetville has no limits to the number of photos you can add to your profile, but there are specific requirements for their quality. The app forbids nudity, as well as explicit and offensive content. Meetville is not the place for finding sex partners for one night; it is a reputable space for finding your soulmate. At the same time, users admit that there is still a vast number of fraud profiles. When they want to contact other singles, they often get no response because there are no real people behind the attractive profile images.

Making contact

When the profile creation stage is over, it is the right time to contact people you like. Meetville offers such a specific feature as a quick match, meaning that you can immediately get a list of potential partners using the standard filters. There are instant messages and video chats; members can also arrange group chats with several singles simultaneously. You can check your matches in the Connections section. Connections include people who view, fave, or like you, as well as your personal favorites.

Members can set up advanced filters to search for lovebirds by location, ethnicity, or even occupation. Users can boost their profile priority. It means that their profiles will be visible at the top of the faces gallery. There are ice-breakers to get in contact with other singles. These are short introduction messages that help avoid the awkwardness of the first conversation. In general, Meetville has all communicative options typical to thousands of other dating portals. Messaging is a priority of premium members on meetville.com, which means that unpaid singles have little chances to get satisfaction from socializing with other males and females.

Mobile Application

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Meetville operates as a mobile dating application for Android and iOS. The app is the only feasible way to use Meetville services because the website and its mobile version exist purely in informative purposes. As for the application, it has an elegant design without numerous advertisements on the pages. It is easy to figure out how to move between the sections and search for matches.

There is an option called People Nearby, which allows seeing persons strictly in your area. It works this way: the app determines your current location due to your mobile phone GPS and generates a list of candidates nearby. There is also the button Improve matches. You can click on it if you are not satisfied with the matching results. In this case, the app will suggest an alternative list of potential lovebirds.

Meetville Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Meetville stands for lasting relationships, and its primary goal is helping singles worldwide meet soulmates and start families. However, it is not the only dating platform that has this goal. Below, you can find a list of Meetville alternatives, which may interest you for regular use.


CountryMatch is a dating portal that welcomes single men and women who cannot imagine their existence without a country. That is right! CountryMatch members are devoted fans of everything related to the country lifestyle: music, dancing, clothes, food, and so on. The site is open to people of different sexual orientations; the most active audience is singles 40+. Like Meetville, CountryMatch involves search by location, but this option is available purely for singles living in the United States. Traditionally, messaging is a priority of the gold singles. Photo verification helps keep scammers far from here.

Elite Singles

It is a pioneer dating site for global use that counts about 15 million fans worldwide. All members are smart, self-confident, and successful men and women (90% of them have a degree). The site name makes it clear that young people who did not achieve a lot in life have reduced chances to find soulmates on this dating portal. The site offers recommendations and dating tips from psychologists. If you decide to register on Elite Singles, you will need to pass a personality test. It is a necessary step because it helps generate the best matches for you among the site audience.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

How much does it cost to enjoy unlimited messaging and other useful stuff as a paid subscriber? Some people admit that membership on Meetville is not cheap at all compared to alternatives portals. Users can buy premium subscriptions for one, three, six, and twelve months.

One-month cost $40
Three-month cost $60
Six-month cost $80
Annual cost $100

Sadly, but there is no free trial period on Meetville. If you hesitate to choose the duration of the paid subscription, it will be useful to start with a one-month membership to understand whether the app is suitable for your needs. Meetville accepts payments via iTunes accounts.

Free Membership Features

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Free members on Meetville have a couple of useful features in their access, though they can forget about direct messaging unless they upgrade their subscription status.

Free features:

  • Search for soulmates using standard filters;
  • Access to the profile gallery;
  • Sending likes;
  • Creating favorites list;
  • Adding an unlimited number of photos;
  • Free users can report abusive behavior.

Premium Membership Features

Premium members have a larger package of benefits on Meetville. In addition to all features affordable for unpaid users, premium singles can socialize via IMs and even more.

Paid features:

  • Enlarged filtering for finding partners;
  • Option to search for people nearby;
  • Unlimited number of IMs;
  • Access to video chat;
  • Possibility to improve matches;
  • Premium singles have priority on the profile gallery.

Is Meetville Really Safe?

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Meetville has more than 27 million subscribers worldwide, but how can all these people be confident about their safety while using it? Meetville policy makes it loud and clear that moderators will ban anyone who violates the terms of use, shares forbidden content, or acts aggressively with other members. Email verification helps reduce the number of scammers who tend to use the app for their benefit and profit. At the same time, there are many negative comments on social media from people who claim that Meetville is not worth wasting your time due to a large number of bogus profiles. For this reason, dating experts recommend never give your contact and financial data to the unrelated parties.


Meetville is a loyal online dating niche for single men and ladies who dream of meeting their soulmates and starting families together. Sex-seekers and gold-diggers can skip this dating app because Meetville is not a space for casual hooking. Its dominant audience consists of intelligent, smart, and independent people who are successful in their lives and careers. Still, the only thing they miss is a reliable partner with shared interests and outlook on life.

Meetville has about 27 million members in different parts of the world, but a lot of subscribers complain that it is complicated to find matches due to the lack of active users (about 100,000) in their area. Another weak point of this dating app is multiple reports about fake profiles. In short, the review showed that Meetville is a typical dating portal, similar to dozens of others in the market. Nevertheless, successful love stories of its members prove that Meetville may be worth your attention.

Meetville Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Below, there is a list of the most popular questions about Meetville, its features, and its subscription policy.

How to Delete Meetville Account?

For deleting your Meetville account, select the corresponding option in the Account settings. Please note that all your profile information will disappear from the app. If you decide to return to Meetville later, you will need to create a new account and choose another email for verification.

How to Message Someone on Meetville?

Singles can contact each other by sending likes, IMs, and video chat, but direct messaging is a priority purely of the premium subscribers.

How to See Who Likes You on Meetville Without Paying?

This option is available free of charge. Go to the profile section, select Connections, and click on Likes me button.

How to Block Someone on Meetville?

If you experience any abusive or aggressive behavior of other members on Meetville, you can block them by clicking on the Block user button in the Connections list.

How to Cancel Meetville Subscription?

Meetville subscription renews automatically after the expiry date, but you can turn off the auto-renewal option in the Account settings if you want to change it. Users can cancel their subscription by clicking on Deactivate subscription in their Meetville profiles.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Meetville
  • Address: meetville.com
  • Zip Code + City: VA, Virginia, 20149 Ashburn
  • Country: US (United States)
  • Customer Support Email: https://meetville.com/feedback.html
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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