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MillionaireMatch Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

MillionaireMatch Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 50%
Popular age 27-40
Beauty 82%
Profiles 689.560
About Site
Visit rate 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Pioneer in elite dating
  • International presence
  • Attractive aesthetic
  • Great community features
  • Over 4 million users
  • Anyone can register
  • Free users can’t send messages

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You may have heard of dating websites for specific niches based on cultural and ethnic backgrounds, physical attributes, and sexual preferences, but it isn’t that you see one based on net worth. MillionaireMatch is a website that welcomes the rich and the powerful and their admirers. It is one of the first websites of its kind that connects millionaires with other high-earning individuals.

MillionaireMatch, however, understands that dating, and love, should not be limited to a particular segment of the population. Indeed, people of the same social class may not have as much difficulty adapting to each other’s lifestyles as people of opposite social classes. But what if you’re a millionaire who doesn’t want to date other millionaires?

To cater to this need, MillionaireMatch has opened itself up to anyone. You don’t have to be making hundreds and thousands of dollars a year to get yourself on the website. Anyone can register themselves and avail the website’s services for free. There are some features on MillionaireMatch available to free users, and you don’t even have to spend a single penny doing it.

MillionaireMatch has extended its services to lawyers, doctors, CEOs, athletes, models, Hollywood celebrities, and other elite individuals for over two decades. MillionaireMatch bolsters a ton of success stories. Millionaires have found love in the most unlikely of places, and paupers have risen to the heights of wealth over of just a few months. When hearts connect, your net worth is only a number.

Expert’s Review of MillionaireMatch

MillionaireMatch Review

Launched in 2001, MillionaireMatch has created a strong presence in online dating. The website counts as a part of an accessible network of niche websites, including one for single parents, one for BB individuals, and so on. Over the years that it has been in business, MillionaireMatch has created a reputation of quality and credibility through its high-profile offerings.

MillionaireMatch, the name, has become synonymous with exclusivity. Anyone can register on the website, but the website of MillionaireMatch distinguishes its elite members from others. You can sign up for free, but if you wish to be part of the website’s millionaire users, there is a thorough verification process that users are subjected to.

In order to be a certified millionaire, the website of MillionaireMatch asks for a few things. The first form of verification that needs to be submitted is a photo ID. Next are the financial documents such as a tax return from the previous year that displays revenues of over $200,000. Users of MillionaireMatch can also submit a bank statement for the current year showing the same financials, proving that you possess assets valued over $1 million.

So, what does all of this verification get you? Access to one of the largest userbases on an elite dating website . Also in MillionaireMatch, you will also find attractive singles that aren’t necessarily as rich but will make an attractive pair. Despite being open to everyone, MillionaireMatch makes it very clear that it is not a hookup website. It also does not encourage sugar daddy/mommy relationships.

MillionaireMatch isn’t the only dating website that enjoys such prolonged exposure to the online dating scene. We know of several other websites that launched around the year 2000 marks, yet they failed to leave their mark on online dating. Through the consistent provision of reliable dating services and a focus on regular improvement, MillionaireMatch has generated a user-base of over four million users.

The robust presence MillionaireMatch enjoys is in the US. Of the 4.5 million users, 2.6 million are living in the United States, that’s more than half of the website’s total userbase. The numbers surely are impressive, but numbers can be sabotaged. Besides, a high quantity of registered users doesn’t mean much if the userbase is inactive. Users on MillionaireMatch are relatively active, and the website sees average daily traffic of almost three thousand users.

MillionaireMatch is a website that exemplifies quality in online dating. As such, it wouldn’t make much sense if it had a subpar user ratio. Anyone successful like some users on MillionaireMatch, doesn’t want to waste time on a service that doesn’t yield any results. MillionaireMatch does yield results, and that’s all thanks to its almost equal ratio of men and women.

In connection, when it comes to the ratio of MillionaireMatch, we couldn’t help but notice that more men are certified millionaires than women. It is also most men that opt for the website’s premium membership. Although there are a good number of female millionaires as well, a large number of female registrations are models and attractive women looking for the attention of a successful man.

Another aspect of MillionaireMatch that we paid particular attention to is the average age of registered users. Unsurprisingly, teenagers and young adults make up the lowest portion of users. Majority of the users fall in 45 to 54 age bracket, most registered from the United States are between the ages of 35 and 44. The statistics of MillionaireMatch shows that although US residents make more than half of the userbase, a majority of the millionaires are from out of country.

Website Design & Usability

The element of exclusivity shines through in all aspects of the website as a website for successful individuals. MillionaireMatch doesn’t try to be anything that it isn’t. It keeps its layout simple and grounded in functionality. The website of MillionaireMatch also foregoes bright and overpowering colors in favor of a mellow gold and black aesthetic. There are hints of orange here and there which kick things up a bit.

The gold MillionaireMatch logo adorns the top left-hand corner of the website. It sits on a dark grey bar that runs horizontally to the other end. This bar holds the website’s four primary sections and other relevant options. The Home button takes users to the landing page, which shows community updates. The Search option is what you will use most of the time to find compatible prospects. Premium users of MillionaireMatch can make use of some great advanced features.

The other two options on this bar of MillionaireMatch are My Lists, and Community. The My Lists section holds several lists, including users you marks as favorite, users you have sent interest to, users who have visited your profile, and users who marks you as their favorite. The Community section in MillionaireMatch is what inspired us the most. This portion contains a forum as well as pages for events, other tips, and a dedicated dating counseling section for premium members.

Special Features

MillionaireMatch wants to be more than just your run of the mill dating website, and fairs quite well in this department. In the years following its inception, the website has grown into a community of successful individuals who come together to swap ideas and have a generally good time. MillionaireMatch keeps building on its community features to give members more to do. The following are some of its core features.

  • Community Forum – This is where a bulk of the discussions in MillionaireMatch happens. Users can make posts asking for advice. Everything is open for discussion as long as it falls under the community guidelines.
  • Community Blogs – This is a great place to let out your creative side. The section of MillionaireMatch contains posts from other users with links to their profile so you can connect with them if you like their piece.
  • Date Ideas – Users can update this feed with their own experience or ideas they would want to try out for their first date. Free users can’t comment on other users’ posts.
  • Dating Counsellor – You can have all the money in the world and yet not have much luck in the dating department. Dating counselor is an add-on service on MillionaireMatch, which enables to help you find the perfect match.
  • Luxuries – This section is where members can post pictures of events and their personal belongings. It’s a great place in MillionaireMatch to show-off your wealth, and also to get inspiration for your next purchase.

How Does MillionaireMatch Work?

MillionaireMatch Work

Searching for and connecting to prospects on MillionaireMatch works as it should on any good dating website. It also comes with the same limitations that plague other websites. Free users can only make use of basic search filters. If they find someone they like on MillionaireMatch, they are limited to sending them a frees wink, and adding them to their favorites list. If the wink has been sent to a paying member, they can view the wink and reciprocate it with a message.

Free users of MillionaireMatch are allowed to reply to any messages they receive from premium members. Joining a conversation initiated by a premium member is free and does not require the user to be registered to a paid membership. We are used to seeing these limitations in online dating, so finding them here wasn’t a deal-breaker.

If you are a free user of MillionaireMatch, you will be spending most of your time in the community section. This is the section that will yield the most results. As you create forum posts and blogs or respond to posts by other users, you will have a great chance to catch the eye of a premium user. These sections of MillionaireMatch are great ways to showcase your personality and making conversation with other members for free.

Sign Up Process

MillionaireMatch Sign Up

The process to sign up in MillionaireMatch is simple but can take anywhere between seven to ten minutes. We have seen quicker sign-ups, but we don’t mind it as the detailed registration process means you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your profile later. The most prominent aspect of the registration page in MillionaireMatch is a large disclaimer that prohibits any sugar daddy or similar relationships.

Registration through Facebook is available, but it will only remove a minute for the registration process seeing as it only lifts basic information from your social media. You have provided the basic details, MillionaireMatch asks you for physical characteristics such as height, weight, and body type. The last stage of signing up requires a picture to be uploaded, and two short paragraphs describing yourself and your ideal match.

User Profiles Quality

MillionaireMatch takes you through a lengthy sign-up process; the profiles feature a lot of details and are fun to browse. All profile pages comprise of a picture gallery and four information tabs. The first two tabs contain basic information such as relationship status, demographic data, introductory paragraphs, net worth, and annual income.

The third section of MillionaireMatch is hobby and interests section that details all the activities the user stays involved in. This is great if you want to match your interests with your prospects and assess if you will be a viable match. The last section of MillionaireMatch is where users can leave comments on our profile, testimonials, much like the early days of social networking.

Mobile Application

MillionaireMatch Mobile Application

There’s no rest for the wicked, and although users of MillionaireMatch aren’t that, there’s no rest for the rich and successful either. Although luxury cruises and parties have become a symbol of success, behind this success is continuous hard work and dedication to one’s profession.

MillionaireMatch recognizes the needs of the successful professional and brings its service to smartphones. Both iOS and Android apps are available. The app comes with a clean layout and holds all the features of the main website.

MillionaireMatch Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

MillionaireMatch Websites & Apps

The following are some alternatives and similar website with MillionaireMatch:


  • Exclusive dating service
  • New members are voted in by existing members
  • Only verified profiles
  • All users are successful individuals

Seeking Arrangement

  • Best for casual dating
  • Sugar daddy relationships
  • Vast array of female prospects
  • Not great for serious relationships

Elite Singles

  • Not exclusively for millionaires
  • Majority is of established professionals
  • Good quality profiles
  • High ratio of female users

Membership Price and Payment Method

MillionaireMatch Price

Gold Membership Charges

  • 1 month – $70
  • 3 months – $135
  • 6 months – $240
  • 12 months – $400 (via App only)

Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Cheque

Free Membership Features

  • Upload pictures privately – max 26
  • Send winks
  • Reply to messages from premium MillionaireMatch members
  • Basic search filters
  • Post in Forums and Blogs

Premium Membership Features

  • Dating counselor
  • Send direct messages
  • Reply on date ideas
  • Advanced search filters
  • Highlighted profile
  • Views who marks you as their favorite

Is MillionaireMatch Really Safe?

MillionaireMatch Safe

When it comes to online dating, all websites require some care and attention on the user’s part. There are negative elements everywhere, but MillionaireMatch does a great job of timely addressing these elements. Because of the strict verification processes, there are no fake profiles, especially of certifies millionaires.

If someone says they are wealthy and successful, and MillionaireMatch verifies it, they most certainly are. Other guidelines and tips for safe dating are made available to all members through a Help section at the bottom of every page.


Many websites cater to the influential and the wealthy’s specific dating requirements, but MillionaireMatch is among the first. The website has grown its services and refined its user experience over the years.

If you don’t like a particular user of their activity, MillionaireMatch gives you three options to deal with. You can eitherhide them from showing up in search results, block them from contacting you, or report them to the moderation time. All these options are available in the left panel on a user’s profile. You can also report comments and posts in the Community section.

MillionaireMatch FAQs

How to delete MillionaireMatch account?

Users have the option to deactivate or delete their profile. Deleting is permanent, while deactivation isn’t. Both these options are available in the My Account section in the Setting drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

How to message someone on MillionaireMatch?

Direct messaging is only reserved for premium members. If you are a premium member of MillionaireMatch, you can navigate to the user’s profile, and select the Message Now option under their profile picture. Alternatively, you can press the small message icon under their profile picture from the search page.

How to see who likes you on MillionaireMatch without paying?

Options to view who liked you, visited you, or liked your photos are reserved for paying members only. Premium users can navigate to My List from the top of any page to view the list of members who have shown interest.

How to block someone on MillionaireMatch?

If you don’t like a particular user because of their activity, MillionaireMatch gives you three options to deal with. You can either hide them from showing up in search results, block them from contacting you, or report them to the moderation time. All these options are available in the left panel on a user’s profile. In MillionaireMatch, you can also report comments and posts in the Community section.

How to cancel MillionaireMatch subscription?

Navigate to Settings and then to the My Account section. Option to cancel automatic renewal of paid membership is available in the Membership section.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: MillionaireMatch
  • Address:
  • 10-8707 Dufferin

    St., Suite 160

  • Zip Code + City: L4J 0A6 Vaughan, Ontario
  • Country: Canada
  • Customer Support Email: via website Contact Us section
  • Facebook: @MillionaireMatch
  • Twitter: @SuccessfulMatch
  • Instagram: @MillionaireMatch
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