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Minder Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

Minder Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Minder is a specialized dating app for devout Muslims;
  • The diverse age range of the users (18-65);
  • Suitable for looking for a serious partnership;
  • The app is free to download and use;
  • Religiosity Barometer feature which shows how religious you are.
  • The app is only available in English;
  • Minder is not popular globally.

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Finding a partner is not always easy for devout Muslims. They have to follow the traditions which dictate the specific pattern of building relationships. Muslim life values do not allow representatives of this religion to step over a thin line that separates morality and Western European dating culture. Minder appeared as an app that wanted to solve the existing contradiction. Its primary goal lies in offering a favorable environment where Muslims can meet but stay conscious.

Expert’s Review of Minder


The developer of Minder is Haroon Mokhtarzada, Harvard graduate, the son of Afghan immigrants. He faced the life situation when most of his friends remained single and could not build romantic relationships due to their beliefs. The way he chose to solve this problem was launching an app specifically designed for Muslim dating. Haroon wanted to create a webspace where occupation and ethnicity played a minor role in choosing the partner. Instead, users’ religiosity (which they specify on their own with the help of a barometer feature) would be of utmost importance.

Mokhtarzada wanted to create a web service that would bring single Muslims together for the long-term relationship. Minder is not just about finding a partner for a day, a month, or a year. Its concept involves helping people who seek marriage and serious dating meet and fall in love. Because Tinder has been the most advanced dating service of recent years, Mokhtarzada borrowed its “swiping” algorithm. This feature is understandable for users and creates a friendly atmosphere inside the app. It reminds Muslims that they are the same human beings like all the rest and should enjoy the up-to-date design and fresh functionality.

A dating app with a religious incline does not necessarily be strict or boring. Minder is fun and modern. Of course, this dating app’s name should be read as “Tinder” but with initial “m.” But if you delve into its symbolic meaning, Minder could have originated from “mind,” which tells you should be mindful while using it. Thus, the web recourse described below is a perfect example of how you can combine modern dating culture with an awareness of the traditions.

Website Design & Usability

Minder Design

The design is appealing and straightforward. The color red runs through the entire app. It is effortless to use because there are no extra buttons or complicated features. The interface of Minder gives you everything you want within easy reach of a few clicks.

Minder is almost identical in structure to Tinder. If you have tried the latter at least once, you will be glad to meet a similar functionality. Tinder cannot meet all communities’ requirements, and many of them are searching for the app with a simple design but a narrower userbase. Minder is your alternative for Tinder in the world of Muslim dating website . You can find other members via GPS here and communicate with those who are not far away. The significant difference between the apps is the religious background. You should be sure that all Minder members are Muslim. You can always learn more about the person on clicking on their profile, which reveals their interests, nationality, and religiousness rate. The interface shows you all the essential details about a user, and you shouldn’t conduct in-depth research to find out more about them.

However, the working principle of Minder is the same as in Tinder: at first, you only see the picture of a potential partner. If you swipe on display to the left, the profile disappears, and the other person will not even know you have rejected them. But if both of you swipe to the right, there is a “match,” and you can now communicate.

Special Features

Young Muslims are today in conflict: on the one hand, the traditional demands of the parents, on the other their very personal ideas of happiness in love. More and more Muslims want to choose their partner. Minder meets their requirements for a perfect dating app with a religious focus. This service combined different features and took some cultural peculiarities into account, making Muslim singles a bit easier.

One of the unique features which stands out is the “Religiosity Barometer.” The motto of this dating resource is to marry instead of flirt. While most are looking for a fleeting adventure at Tinder, Minder appeals to people who look at the potential partners’ life values and beliefs. While registration, every user should state their religiosity and choose from “very pious” to “very liberal.” This information is public, and users can insert it as a search criterion. Being aware of this part of a person’s life immediately shows you whether you match.

Another cool feature is an opportunity to message any user regardless of whether you have been matched. The so-called “Telegram” feature is not free but useful. It enables you to get in contact with anyone, and communication becomes more pleasant.

The “Explore” section is the part of the Minder app where users can browse profiles of people who have liked them. Everything they have to do then is to choose whom to swipe for a mutual match. This option goes with the premium subscription and allows every paid user to see who has swiped right. In this case, you do not go blind. Having explored the range of potential candidates, you will reach out to those already into you.

How Does Minder Work?

Minder Work

The primary communication method on Minder is a chat. But to open it, you should either have a paid subscription or receive a mutual match with a person. You should swipe of many accounts if you choose the second option. Just open the feed and vote for the profiles you see: swiping to the left means rejecting, if you swipe to the right — you are ready to communicate with this person if the sympathy coincides. The short description under the user’s photo helps you make a decision. It shows the improvised bio, an ethnic group, and which religious orientation the person is, for example, whether they are Sunni or Shi’a.

A Minder “Religiosity Barometer” shows how seriously the other takes their beliefs: from being a very conservative to a rather western-oriented Muslim. Men can specify whether they want to date a woman who wears a niqab, that is, a veil or a headscarf. And ladies can choose to be displayed only men with a beard dating online . There isn’t a particular search feature. You can only add criteria like location or age to narrow down the circle of people you see in your feed. But all users have to swipe and choose from whatever options the app gives them.

Sign up Process

Registration and Minder profile creation happens via linking your account to Facebook. The dating app will receive access to your profile picture and number of likes. You can add more images or change the profile avatar if you want. Minder checks all the information users post about themselves, and the moderators may not publish everything you want to describe. Because the inclination of this service is particularly religious, the appropriate atmosphere and corresponding rules are vital.

The review of your profile can take up to 24 hours, and only then will you use Minder. The app does not oblige you to state personal information, and the setting of the “Religiosity Barometer” is not mandatory. Any information you post, you provide voluntarily. But the more you tell about yourself, the higher will be the level of people’s trust towards your profile. People with detailed bios and quality photos attract more users and often receive matches.

Users Profiles Quality

Minder Quality

During the beta version testing of Minder, developers invited 8,400 and launched it in the USA and Great Britain first. Today the app works in most countries of the world, except it is not accessible in Eastern Europe. Despite this fact, its audience reached one million Muslims globally. The majority of users are looking for a serious relationship.

Looking for partners from devout Muslims works a little differently than regular dating without the focus on religion. The family often gets involved, and the Minder users understand this. When they register on this dating app, they show intentions to find their partner for life and are ready to meet as soon as possible. Often such dates include the presence of relatives or parents and are quite official. Two people who liked each other discuss the details of a real-life meeting and still a lot depends on their level of religiosity.

Minder users have high expectations and demands for potential matches because they do not seek casual dating. The seriousness of this approach pushes people to a fulfilling out of the profile description and careful choosing of the main picture. On Minder, all profiles are full of exciting things worth mentioning. People care about the first impression they make.

Marriage in Muslim societies is not only based on individual decisions. The family values play a significant role in communication between two people in love. It is usual for Minder users to talk about plans and beliefs. In general, the response rate is high, and the dating service’s vast audience guarantees you many matches. Free users get 100 swipes per 12 hours. If you use all 200 swipes every day and fill out your profile correctly, you should wait for extensive communication with real people and feedback from users. But be honest during swiping and do not swipe right all the time just to get more matches. You have enough time to read the member’s description before making a decision.

Mobile Application

Minder Application

Minder took the functionality of Tinder but adjusted its principles into geolocalized meetings for Muslims. Its motto says that this dating service is “the place to meet extraordinary Muslims,” which keeps up with the time and offers a modern dating environment with a religious orientation.

Minder claims to have 1,000,000 users worldwide. The only drawback that its critics put forward is the technical side of the app. Many people consider that it doesn’t go well with the Islamic values, and swiping people based on their picture is not morally right. But Minder intends to modernize Muslim dating, not cutting off young representatives of this religion from the rest of the world.

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Market. You should not pay for the initial registration, but you can buy separate premium features or a full subscription inside. The website has a mobile version for those who cannot access the app.

Minder Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Minder is not the first dating app designed specifically for Muslim people. “Muslim life,” “Islamic Marriage,” or “Salaam Swipe” have been around for a long time. But Minder should explicitly help you meet “clever, funny, and interesting Muslims.” Mokharzada, the founder and the CEO of the service, mainly wants to attract more Muslim women.

Everyone should feel comfortable using the dating resource, but the men to women ratio of users are not more inclined towards the first. Even if you do not find your soul mate here, you will see who voted for you and communicate with people who found you attractive, which will boost your ego. Using Minder is at least fun because of its Tinder-like functionality.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Minder Price

Dating sites with a specialization or an unusual twist are popular today. People eagerly choose the platforms where the circle of users is narrower, but their quality is higher. Often, you have to pay to access such sites. In the case with Minder, creating the profile is free, and you can enjoy the primary functions without a fee.

Free Membership Features

The features you receive free of charge are:

  • Registration;
  • Profile verification;
  • Support from the Minder team;
  • 100 swipes per 12 hours;
  • Seeing the feed with members;
  • Basic partners adjustments to specify the audience you see;
  • Editing your profile;
  • Reading other members’ descriptions;
  • Uploading photos;
  • Chatting in case of a match.

Premium Membership Features

Minder Features

The Paid Subscription will give you to:

  • Access all the features of free membership;
  • See who has swiped right on you in the “Explore” section;
  • “Telegram” other users — text anyone without a match;
  • Boost your account;
  • Use more search filters;
  • Undo the choice;
  • Browse in the anonymous mode;
  • Receive the verification mark;
  • Have an unlimited number of swipes.

You can carry out payments using PayPal or any credit card. Once you choose the payment method, the system will bill charge once a month. To terminate the automatic billing, you should annul the subscription. The price for the Minder paid membership is $ 10 per month. There are no tariff plans or long-term subscriptions.

The Telegram feature costs:

  • $2 per one credit if you buy one telegram;
  • $1.66 per one credit if you buy a pack of three telegrams;
  • $1 per one credit if you buy a pack of ten Minder telegrams.

Is Minder Really Safe?

Minder Safe

You can find the “Safety” section on the Minder site and inside their app. When clicking on it, you open the information blog presenting tips on online dating and informational safety.

The main page of this dating service doesn’t contain previews of people’s profiles, and you cannot access any personal details of users from the Google search. It seems that only authorized users can read the description of others and see their photos. If you have a premium membership, you can hide your activity and browse in a safe mode. Minder offers an opportunity to see who visited your profile or swiped right on your photo, but if the user was in a secure mode, you would not receive the data concerning their actions.

Profile verification that takes place during the registration allows moderators to confirm all accounts created on Minder manually. During 24 hours, your profile will be under inspection, and only if you pass the check will you access the site.


Minder Conclusion

Trying Minder is an excellent idea for all Muslims. Its audience is already big enough to satisfy the needs of people all over the world. Users from Eastern Europe may still find it hard to meet people within easy reach, but this is mainly because Islam is not the leading religion.

Muslims are increasingly marrying non-believers today and need a modern platform for dating. Minder is an excellent option for them. It’s understandable design, which reminds of Tinder, and many free functions guarantee you pleasant user experience.

This section of the review contains answers to the questions that may arise if you decide to use Minder. Be sure to read them in advance.

How to Delete Minder Account?

Open the “Preferences” section inside the app and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see the “Delete Account” button you should click on.

How to Message Someone on Minder?

Users should swipe right on each other and get a match to communicate for free. If you own a paid subscription, contacting any user is unlimited for you. Or you may purchase the credits to “Telegram” all people you like separately.

How to See Who Likes You on Minder Without Paying?

The “Feed” feature, which allows you to see who has voted you, is paid, and you receive it after purchasing the membership.

How to Block Someone on Minder?

Click on “Report” directly on the user profile you want to block or in the conversation window.

How to Cancel Minder Subscription?

Your platform’s application store is responsible for billing transactions. To cancel it, you should open the App Store or Google Play Market and check the “Payments” section.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Minder Apps, Inc
  • Address: 11951 Freedom Drive
  • Zip Code + City: Reston, VA 20190
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: not stated
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Minder Blog: there is no one available
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