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MuzMatch Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

MuzMatch Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Updated app
  • Plenty of search filters
  • Verified profiles
  • Privacy and security features
  • No website available
  • Only weekly membership option available

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The current dating landscape poses many difficulties for Muslim singles due to their religious and cultural background as well as unique requirements. MuzMatch comes as a welcome solution. Most Muslim singles consider some factors when looking for the perfect partner, including their devotion to religion, family background, sect, and ethnicity.

Muslim dating can be tricky, as devout Muslims live by a code. There are several restrictions to be followed regarding relationships out of marriage. Other cultures may not have these restrictions or may not follow them as devotedly. Therefore, Muslims are often faced with a lack of understanding about their restrictions and particular needs when it comes to dating.

MuzMatch provides a platform for Muslims from all backgrounds and countries to find potential life partners from among their community. With an array of search filters, MuzMatch eliminates the problem of unsympathetic dating partners by matching Muslims to other likeminded Muslims. This makes it possible for these individuals to have a relationship within the boundaries of their religious and cultural norms.

Expert’s Review of MuzMatch

MuzMatch Review

MuzMatch is a fairly recent dating service that came as a result of the changing cultural landscape. As online dating was becoming more popular, Shahzad Younus noticed the absence of any quality dating services that catered to the unique needs of Muslim singles. Younus is a Muslim entrepreneur in the UK and the CEO of MuzMatch. He created the service in 2011.

Although Muslim relationship websites did exist, most of them existed in the form of marriage bureaus. These websites were limited in functionality, extremely difficult to use, badly designed, and flooded with poor-quality profiles. Many of these websites were also being run as scams with hidden charges, hefty fees, and no transparency at all.

The modern Muslim individual is often torn between two extremes. Young individuals are advised against casual dating, with emphasis on getting married as quickly as possible once they are of legal age. This poses a problem for young Muslims who are unable to find a suitable partner without being exposed to a suitable pool of prospects. This is the problem MuzMatch intends to solve with its services.

A quick overview of MuzMatch reveals a modern dating platform like any other. However, a more detailed analysis reveals underlying features that cater to the needs of the modern Muslim individual looking for a partner. The service makes use of leading technologies and algorithms to provide an up-to-date social networking service that connects Muslims to potential partners.

Something that struck us during our review of MuzMatch was the number of success stories and testimonials that were available online. For example, one was from a couple in Uganda. They were the only two registered users in the country at the time the platform came into being. For them to find each other and be compatible is the kind of success story that any new dating website would look for.

MuzMatch boasts an enormous user base of three hundred thousand Muslims across the world. That being said, a majority of the registered users hail from the USA, Canada, Australia, and many European countries, including the UK. The reason behind this trend, we believe, is the difficulties Muslims face in these countries when searching for a compatible partner from their community.

More than 128,000 users registered on MuzMatch are from the USA. This presents an opportunity for not only residents but also international users. Anyone can find the perfect match without being limited by geographical boundaries. Since many Muslim members focus on finding a marital relationship rather than a casual one, the international nature of MuzMatch works very well.

When assessed as a dating service, MuzMatch leaves many others in the dust due to its active user base and high-quality profiles. The app sees average weekly traffic of forty thousand users, which is more than what some other similarly priced dating services can claim. Another promising aspect of MuzMatch is that it has an equal ratio of male and female users. This gives all users, regardless of their gender, an equal opportunity to find a viable match.

Website Design & Usability

MuzMatch Design & Usability

The founders of MuzMatch decided that they did not want a traditional matching service, and they designed the whole user experience. MuzMatch is among the more current dating services that are only available as a smartphone app. This Muslim dating service is not accessible through a website, but this isn’t a problem for the user base that MuzMatch intends to target.

First impressions of the app are generally positive. It is like any modern dating app that focuses on good user experience. The aesthetic is appealing, and the layout is simple but functional. Although the app uses bright colors to spice up the experience, we like that the choice of colors isn’t overwhelming. The fonts are readable, and the icons are trendy.

MuzMatch is a Muslim dating app , but not to forget, it is one that is targeted towards young adults. Aesthetics and usability are of utmost importance as most users of this age group are technologically savvy. Therefore, an app that poses the slightest annoyance may be discarded in favor of better apps. MuzMatch does not give its users the opportunity to discard its services.

For the user interface, MuzMatch takes inspiration from social networking apps. All the primary menus are accessible through a tab at the bottom of the page. The tab includes a Discover option, which also doubles down as the home screen. Right next to it is the Explore option, which is MuzMatch’s interpretation of the search feature. A More menu listing at the far right takes users to their profile and account settings.

Special Features

MuzMatch Features

MuzMatch is designed specifically for Muslim singles, and as such, it offers a number of unique features. Most of its special features revolve around making the dating experience more secure and reliable for the users. Some of its best features are as follows:

  • Premium Trial – We pick this as a special feature because not many dating services allow new users to try out their premium membership tier. Many services use feature restrictions to get users to buy the premium subscription. MuzMatch, on the other hand, gives users an experience of all its services in their entirety. This, we believe, is a better motivator to encourage people to purchase their premium membership.
  • Blurred Picture – Muslim females are often not open to sharing their pictures with people they don’t know. MuzMatch recognizes this and offers an option to blur your profile picture. Specific users can be given permission to view your profile picture according to your preference.
  • Selfie Verification – MuzMatch eliminates the nuisance of fake profiles by requiring all users to go through a selfie verification. This process requires the user to submit a selfie for assessment. That selfie is matched with the profile picture of the registered user.
  • Chaperones – This is a truly unique feature that you won’t find on any other dating website. This is because it is a requirement unique to Muslim individuals. Female users may often find themselves uncomfortable when communicating with a stranger. Through this feature, both male and female users can add a parent or a guardian as a chaperone to monitor the conversation. For the conservative Muslim individual, this serves as the added peace of mind.
  • Community Rating – As members spend their time on the app and communicate with other users, they will receive a quality score. This score determines your popularity within the community. Users with high scores are deemed to be more reliable and desirable individuals. Any user can rate other users based on their interactions.

How Does MuzMatch Work?

MuzMatch Work

In its primary user experience, MuzMatch mimics the Tinder matchmaking style. Users who login to the app are greeted with a discovery page. You will get a suitable match right off the bat. Users can either swipe left or press the cross button to dismiss a suggestion. Alternatively, they can swipe right or press the heart button to like a suggestion.

Swiping left does not notify the user, but swiping right informs the user of who has shown interest. The recommendations can be filtered using a menu at the top left-hand corner of the page. This is an extensive menu that allows users to filter out prospects on the basis of physical attributes, hobbies, motivations, and sects.

MuzMatch allows users to revisit all the profiles they have encountered, regardless of whether they swiped left or right. These profiles show up in the Explore section under relevant headers. You can always revisit a profile and change your swiping action, although this is a feature only available to paying members. Paying members get the option to message any user, even if they have not swiped right on your profile.

Free users are limited to a certain number of swipes every 24 hours. New users are allowed a hundred swipes to give them a chance to explore the app. Blurred pictures are revealed if a user you have swiped right on also swipes right on your profile. Unlike other websites that don’t let remembers to see who has liked them, MuzMatch is more transparent in their approach.

Sign Up Process

MuzMatch Sign Up

The registration process on MuzMatch is one of the easiest we have seen. Users are given the choice of either registering manually or registering through their Google or Facebook accounts. In the event of social media registration, only basic information such as your email address is lifted from the account.

Users are asked to fill in other relevant information as they are taken through the registration process. This includes their gender, age, height, and other physical attributes, location, and sect. All this information can also be changed at a later time. The registration process also requires that users upload a picture. Once the process completes, new users are asked to verify their profile by submitting a selfie. New user profiles do not show up in search results until they have been verified.

User Profiles Quality

MuzMatch Profiles Quality

User profiles on MuzMatch are dynamic and detailed. When exploring matches, users can peruse through the complete profile of any user without navigating off of the main page. As users swipe right or left, the profile is replaced by the next relevant match. Pictures can be viewed in high quality if a member has made them publicly available.

Because of MuzMatch’s stringent verification process, finding a fake profile on the app is rare. This enhances the user experience as users are not wasting their time on profiles that are not being managed by authentic people. The richness of your profile depends on how much information you enter. But MuzMatch certainly gives users plenty of options to describe themselves and their preferences in detail.

Mobile Application

MuzMatch Mobile

MuzMatch is part of the new breed of dating services that are only available in the form of a smartphone app. The MuzMatch app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app has been optimized for phones as well as for tablets, so you can expect a streamlined experience on all devices.

The app is intuitive and easy to navigate. Each of the four sections has its own set of subsections, usually available at the top of the corresponding screen. New users will probably spend some time exploring the app’s many sub-features. Once you get to know all the features, finding them is a breeze.

MuzMatch Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There aren’t many dating services that offer a modern dating experience catering specifically to Muslim individuals. Following are some websites that, like MuzMatch, offer a modern Muslim dating experience:


  • Largest user base
  • Presence in many countries
  • Advanced search filters
  • User-friendly app


  • Among the most popular Muslim dating services
  • Available as a website and as an app
  • 4.5 million users
  • Good quality profiles


  • International user base
  • Completely free
  • Only available as a website
  • Clean and simple layout

Membership Price and Payment Method

MuzMatch offers a Gold membership that opens up an expansive set of advanced features. Users can either purchase the weekly membership or buy credits to access only the features that they require.

  • One week – $4.88
  • 250 Credits – $12.99
  • 400 Credits – $19.99

Free Membership Features

  • Explore users
  • Limited swipes
  • Basic search filters
  • Favorite users
  • Send messages to matches

Premium Membership Features

  • Two instant messages every day
  • Advanced filters
  • Unlimited swipes
  • Change swipes
  • No advertisements

Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal

Is MuzMatch Really Safe?

MuzMatch Safe

Since MuzMatch is a service for Muslim singles, the website takes particular care of their unique requirements. MuzMatch realizes that Muslim individuals value their privacy. They are also more conservative in their communications.

The app, therefore, offers a multitude of features to make users feel safe and in control. We were sufficiently impressed by the quality control, which verifies each profile before making it available in the search results. The chaperone option was also a unique one, which adds an added layer of security to interactions.


MuzMatch Conclusion

MuzMatch is a great app that provides a refreshing change of pace for the modern Muslim individual. The app is a contemporary replacement of traditional marriage bureaus, which are fast going out of fashion. It is also an app that puts privacy and security at the center of all its services.

We would have liked seeing MuzMatch as a website as well. Having a website opens up the service to older users as well who feel comfortable with traditional layouts. Despite this shortcoming, we do believe that the app is easy to use for people of all age groups. Owing to its neat and simple layout, this is among the more impressive dating apps we have come across.

How to delete MuzMatch account?

Navigate to the Account menu by pressing the Settings button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The account deactivation option can be accessed under the Settings tab.

How to message someone on MuzMatch?

Users can either send up to two instant messages or wait for the other user to match before starting a conversation.

How to see who likes you on MuzMatch without paying?

The Explore section holds a list of all the users who have swiped right on your profile.

How to block someone on MuzMatch?

Navigate to the profile, and access the Block option through the additional options menu at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

How to cancel MuzMatch subscription?

Both iOS and Android users can cancel the subscription by navigating to the Subscriptions section in their respective stores.

  • Company Name: MuzMatch Ltd.
  • Address:

249 Cranbrook Road

  • Zip Code + City: IG1 4TG, Ilford
  • Country: England, UK
  • Customer Support Email: hello@muzmatch.com
  • Facebook: @muzmatch
  • Twitter: @muzmatch
  • Instagram: @muzmatch
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