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Oasis Active Review 2021 – a Perfect Site for Teens and Young Adults

Oasis Active Review 2021 – a Perfect Site for Teens and Young Adults
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Pros and Cons

  • It offers a lot of interesting and outstanding features
  • Oasis active happens to be a free service
  • It takes only two minutes to get registered
  • Oasis active members can use a chat room
  • It provides a mobile app
  • It is not hard to create fake profiles on this dating platform, so there are many of them

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There are many dating platforms these days that obtain advantages. At the same time, they can cost a lot. And what should you do if you cannot afford to pay for a subscription plan but are willing to find your match? This is when you can use Oasis active. Keep on reading to find out a lot of useful information about this online dating service.

What Is Oasis active Dating Website?

Oasis Active Review

Oasis active happens to be another brand-new dating services that offer free matchmaking experience and communication. Although it was founded in Sydney, people from all over the world can use it. Currently, there are many members from Australia and the USA. The Oasis active dating site happens to be developed by 3H Group Pty Ltd. The online service caters to young men and women who are looking for friendship, serious relationships or casual dating.

Just like many other dating sites, Oasis active does not have an equal number of female and male users. As such, there are around 65 percent of men. This is something very unusual because there usually more women. The members of the dating platform are mostly from 18 to 35 years of age. They make up around 75 percent. There are still some users who are over 25 years old. Initially, Oasis active was meant to be a dating service, but it is possible to anyone here these days. The communication on this website is free of charge, so its members feel free to look for any communications they are willing to find. The users are highly active with 200 daily logins. There are websites that have more members, but it is still not hard to find someone on this dating platform.

Is the Oasis active Website Design User-Friendly?

Oasis Active Design

You will not see any bright colours while using Oasis active. This can sometimes be off-putting for younger users. The good part is that all important features are where they should be and can be accessed through a drop-down menu. This means that the Oasis active website design lacks in colours, but the navigation is easy. All pages happen to be carefully organized, and they load quickly. That is why the users of Oasis active do not face any problems when using the website.

Does Oasis active Still Offer Special Features?

To communicate on Oasis active, members do not have to pay anything. At the same time, there are several off-the-menu features that make the platform even more rewarding:

  • My Maybes

The majority of dating websites are applying an approach presented by Tinder. That is, users should either swipe right or left, which implies that they like or dislike other members` profiles. This means that you should decide about someone` Oasis active account straight away because if you dislike a user, you are not going to be matched again. It is possible that you cannot decide immediately, and this is when you can use this feature. You can just add this individual in your Maybes list and come back to it later.

  • Shoutouts

The feature lets Oasis active members to cast a wide net when searching for potential partners. Thanks to this, they can choose from a few pre-generated messages, get one customized and send it to one thousand users who have similar romantic criteria. Although it seems to be spammy, the feature can bring results.

  • Who likes me?

If you are curious to find out who has liked your profile, you can see a full list of Oasis active members who viewed the profile and are interested in meeting you in person. Thus, if you are willing to interact with these users to save both effort and time, you are allowed to check out the list.

How Does the Oasis active Website Operate?

As discussed above, the dating platform is free of charge. This happens to be a great relief because many other online dating services require payments. To use Oasis active, you need to get registered and provide some basic information. There is a chat room you can use along with sending messages to other Oasis active members. It is obvious that reading messages you receive is also free. In addition to that, you can look for potential partners with the help of rather basic search filters. It is possible to set the same criteria one mentions while getting registered, and they are location, age, romantic preferences and gender.

If you get too many text messages, and you think that these Oasis active members fail to match your romantic preference, you can do either of two things. Firstly, you can edit the search settings and make the preferences clearer. For this purpose, you need to open “My Seeking Criteria.” Secondly, you can restrict individuals from contacting you. Moreover, this option can be more effective.

If you are not able to contact some Oasis active users, you may not meet this member`s matching preferences. At the same time, if you fail to like some user, it implies that this individual has already disliked your profile. There are no other restrictions when it comes to communicating on Oasis active. You can still report offensive members, and the management of the dating platform will pay attention to this issue.

How to Sign up Oasis active

Oasis Active Sign up

In most of the cases, it will take you around two minutes to get registered. There is a very simple form, so you will have to provide very basic information. It includes location, gender, age and romantic preference. In addition to that, you will need to create a username and a password for Oasis active. It is also possible to import photos from your Facebook page or from your computer. Thus, the signup process happens to be very quick and simple.

Are User Profiles Detailed?

The dating platform offers many fields for the members to complete. Meanwhile, all of them are not compulsory, so the majority of Oasis active users are not completed. You can browse through the database, view their pictures and read through the profiles. Moreover, the photos can be accessed by everyone until you decide to make some of them private.

You should consider that it is not hard to create a fake profile on Oasis active, so it is hard to see how many fake profiles there are. In addition to that, users are not obliged to verify their identity, so there can be fraud. At the same time, other social media websites have the same issue. Besides, Oasis active is free of charge and is full of young people, so there are very few things scammers can do here. Still, members are encouraged to be careful and remember about basic safety rules. All fields of your profile can be filled in or edited later.

Is There a Mobile Application?

Oasis Active Mobile Application

Like many other dating platforms, the Oasis active dating platform offers a mobile app. It obtains the same simple design and functionality as the desktop version does. This is incredibly good because users are able to utilize all of the features via the Oasis active app as well. You can download it free of charge.

What Oasis active Alternatives Are There?

If you are not willing to use Oasis active, you can opt for other similar dating platforms:

  • Tinder. This dating website is one of the most popular ones around the world. People can find almost any kind of relationship here.
  • Facechat. This is where people can meet new friends in many countries around the world. There are free chatrooms that are live. Users do not need to get registered, provide emails or create a password. Besides, it is anonymous.
  • Smoothie. This platform allows people to get casual encounters or instant dates.

How Much Does Oasis active Cost?

The Oasis active dating platform is free of charge. This means that you can access all features offered by the dating platform. You can enjoy limitless communication with other members. There are still two extra features that are to be paid for, and they happen to be reasonably priced. If you are willing to use Shoutout, which is going to cost you around 3.49 dollars. The users of Oasis active should also remember that they can send only one in five days. To go ad-free, you will have to pay 3.49 dollars for one month.

What Free Membership Features are There?

Oasis Active Free Membership

Free Oasis active users are allowed to do many things. They are free to make use of all features on this dating platform. They can open a new account. For this purpose, they need to provide some basic information and upload some photos. Although the profile picture can be seen by everyone, it is possible to make some of the photos private. The users of Oasis active can also search for their potential partners using a rather simple search feature. Messaging and chat functions are also available. Profile themes can be used as well.

What Fee-Based Services Does the Site Offer?

Although Oasis active is free of charge, there are extra services, which are supposed to be paid for. The first feature is Shoutouts, which allows members to use generated messages to send to a thousand potential partners. The second one releases you from ads. It is to be mentioned that ads on the Oasis active dating platform are not too annoying because most of them are not obtrusive and do not usually interfere with the process. Thus, one may be willing to pay for blocking ads if he or she happens to be an ad-hater. Another reason can be your desire to reward the dating service for a good job. In other cases, the free option should be enough to enjoy the dating platform.

If you decide that you need either of them mentioned fee-based services, you can pay with the help of a debit/credit card or PayPal. The Oasis active dating website does not offer other payment methods at the moment.

Is It Safe to Use Oasis active?

Oasis Active Safe

It cannot be said that Oasis active is a safe dating platform. There are several reasons for that. First of all, it is free of charge. Scammers do not usually go for websites that cost a lot. They may even think twice before they join an average site. Free services are always full of fake profiles and scammers. Another reason is that there is no verification process. Oasis active does not check photos or personal information provided by users. At the same time, there are many other social media websites such as Facebook, which have a lot of fake profiles. Thus, you can use the Oasis active dating websites, but you should always be careful and never provide your bank account details or send money to other users.


Oasis active is a great dating platform due to several reasons the most important of which is that it is free of charge. This means that you will not have to pay to communicate with people using this dating service. the registration process happens to be extremely easy and fast. Another good thing is that Oasis active offers an app, which is easy to use and helps to send and receive messages on the go.

At the same time, there are many fake profiles on this dating website, and that is thanks to it being free and easy to join. That is why if you decide to use this dating website, you should be careful. Still, if you are looking for a free site that is goo to use, you should choose Oasis active.

Oasis active: FAQs

Oasis Active FAQs

How Can You Delete Oasis active Account?

It is not hard to delete an account on Oasis active. All you need to do is to log in to the website and find “Account settings”. After that, you need to click on “Deactivate account”. It is possible that you may change your mind. In this case, you can reactivate your Oasis active account, but this should be done within six months. If you are willing to take a break from dating but do not want to delete the account, you can hide your profile. For this purpose, you should log in to Oasis active and select “Account Settings”. Then, you need to select “Change your profile privacy settings” and “Hide my profile”. As a result, your Oasis active profile will be hidden, so you will not be allowed to contact other users.

How to Contact Other Users on Oasis active?

When you want to contact another Oasis active member by chat, you have to like their profile. If this member likes you as well, then he or she is going to appear on your contact list. After that, you are free to start chatting. To like a user, you need to click on the “yes” button. If the Oasis active members are online, they are going to be instantly notified that you like the profile. After that, they are free to like you back or ignore the request. In the case of being ignored, the request should be expired in three days.

If the Oasis active users like you, they appear on the contact list of your immediately. This is why you can click on any username and open the messenger window and start communicating. If these members are offline, the message is going to be delivered as soon as they are online.

How Do I See Who Likes Me on Oasis active?

If you are willing to know who likes you on Oasis active, you can open your contact list and see. The thing is that if another user likes you back, she or he appears on the list automatically.

How Can I Block Someone on Oasis active?

If you want to block other Oasis active users, you need to click on the “block” button, which is at the top of every profile. This implies that such members are going to be removed from your contact list, and you are going to be removed from their contact list as well. Thus, you will not be able to contact each other anymore. In addition to that, blocked Oasis active users will not be allowed to see you in their search results. It is also possible to unblock other members at any time if you click the “Unblock” button.

How Can I Unsubscribe from Oasis active?

It is possible to cancel your Oasis active subscription by getting logged in to the website and clicking on “Account Settings”. After that, you are to click on “Email notification preferences” and select what emails you are willing to get and the frequency of receiving them.

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