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Paltalk Review – Perfect or Scam?

Paltalk Review – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-21
Profiles 1.600.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is free of charge. This is an excellent advantage to the site. It gets a large population of interested users without locking anyone out.
  • The site is available on different platforms giving many users a chance to join the site. It reaches a broad market.
  • The site has a comprehensive coverage in the world. It can reach many people around the world. It is possible with the various chatrooms offering different topics.
  • The site has unreliable customer support, which is not available on video chat.
  • The site allows ads that can be very annoying to the users on the site.

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Paltalk is a near-perfect video chat group with members from all over the world.

Paltalk is a dating site owned by PeerStream Inc. The site provides free features for its users to enjoy the services. Some of the free features include free group video and voice chat services. Most of the users join the group to meet new people and find friends through live video chatrooms. The site works on various platforms. There is a website version that can be accessed on desktop or mobile phone. There’s also the app version that can be accessed on Android and Apple devices. The group chats have different categories you can choose from; romance, entertainment, politics, and social issues.

Expert’s Review of Paltalk

Paltalk Review – Perfect or Scam?

The site has been in existence since the year 1998. It is a video chat site with over 5000 chat rooms. The chat rooms offer topics ranging from politics, romance, social life, and many others.

The site has no specific number of users, although it accommodated 30 users in a single chatroom. With the number of chatrooms available, it is evident that the number is vast. Sexual orientation also cannot be determined considering the many chatrooms with numerous topics. It is the same as race and ethnicity. According to the site’s privacy policy, no one between the age of 13-18 is allowed on site without adult supervision.

Website Design & Usability

Paltalk has a website version and a mobile app version. You cannot send messages from the website. You can access the mobile app from an android or iOS device. The desktop app version can be accessed from windows and mac computers. There are so many different gifts available for every occasion and any personality. The site ensures that there are new gifts every day. Although the provided gifts are not a requirement, they make the conversations more interesting. The mobile app and the desktop app load fast, and they work smoothly. You can always control how you want the window to appear on your computer if you are using the desktop version. There is the multi-window version, which allows you to monitor several chatrooms at a go. You can choose a suitable model if you want the site to show you only one chat room. You will find a default multi-window mode when you start using the site for the first time. You will change the settings at your general settings option if you want to choose between the two available modes. Then you select the setup preferences. Your device should be able to produce clear audios. It will help you hear people talk on the website. Also, a webcam is not necessary for viewing other users’ profiles.

Special Features

Special Features

There are different special features that the site is offering to the users. The features make the communication inside the chatrooms entertaining. The members can get the following features for free or at a small fee while using the same account.

Virtual Gift.

This feature lets you send a gift as a conversation starter with a new user you are interested in, or to a particular room. You are also allowed to get a gift for yourself.

Sticker Packs

There are hundreds of sticker packs with different themes for you to choose from. You can select a gift to what is happening or reason for your message. The sticker packs decorate your messages. They range from cute characters to unsafe graphics.

Multiple Webcam Viewing

It is a feature that you can use when you want to watch several live webcam broadcasts at a go in a group or a chat room. You can watch even without showing your webcam.

Group Chat Rooms

This feature allows you to have your room and also to join others. You also set your policies. You will be the one to manage it as the chat room administrator when you come up with the room.

Voice Chat

This feature will help you access hundreds of chatrooms worldwide, with members that prefer voice chat interactions. What you require for this feature is a microphone for your device, and then you can chat in the room you are in.

How does Paltalk work?

How does Paltalk work

Paltalk is a site whose main communication is through chatting. You are not restricted to any of the messaging features. Any account can access all these features. You are allowed to create your chatroom and invite other members. For you to create a more exciting experience, you can buy sticker packs that you send to other members. As well, you can send digital gifts. When you create the chat room, you are the administrator, and you control everything that happens inside the chat room. The members can send messages to anyone around the world. Only those that have restricted their accounts to pals only can’t receive messages. Such profiles can only receive virtual gifts.

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process on the site is fast and straightforward. You need to register using a valid email address. It is not mandatory to have a profile picture. If you decide to upload one at all, you must consider the rules set aside for that function. You can sign up using the mobile app or the desktop version. To fully set your account or modify live support, you need to access them on the website. After providing the site with the registration requirements, they will send you an email. As a safety requirement, you are supposed to confirm your email. When you complete the process, you are free to start messaging other users. You can only search for members and chatrooms on the website accessible on your desktop. If you want to get access to any of the chat rooms, you must use the application.

Users Profiles Quality

For you to join the site, you need to have a verified account. You also need a valid email address to set up your account. This is another major process to cub fake profiles. There are very few fake profiles without their original photos. Users are allowed to browse other users’ profiles if they don’t have the private setting on. When you receive or send the highest number of gifts, you get a chance to appear on the list of valuable members. You can buy gifts for other users, and you can purchase the gifts for a chat room. You can buy a gift in the form of a subscription for your friend.

You must log in to the site from a computer. You will find a list of chat rooms and their owners. You will also see the rooms that they are members of. You will see the types of gifts a user has ever received. The virtual gifts are a sign of being popular in the site.

For you to get more information about a person, you will need to initiate some conversations and other activities on the site. It will help you to identify some characters. Unfortunately, the site does not ask for personal information during registration; it is quite difficult to get any information on the users’ profiles.

Mobile Application

Paltalk Mobile Application

The site has a mobile app accessible from both Android and Apple devices on mobile, and windows and mac for desktop devices. However, some functions cannot be completed on a mobile app. You have to log into the site.

Paltalk Alternatives And Similar Websites And Apps

There are so many dating sites in the entire world. Many of them operate the same way or better than Paltalk. Some of the sites include Flingster, Adultfriendfinder, Ashley Madison.

Membership Price and Payment Method

There are four main types of subscriptions offered by the site:

Prime Membership

When you subscribe to Prime membership, you are allowed to have unlimited access to the webcam videos. No adds will interrupt you, and you will have HD videos. You are also allowed to see the users who view your profile or cam.

VIP Membership

VIP Membership has more exciting features than the prime membership. Apart from the features you access from prime membership, VIP gives you the following;

You are allowed to have a nickname and a profile badge.

Extreme Membership

When you subscribe to extreme membership, you enjoy all the features of prime and VIP membership. Apart from that, you enjoy the green nicknames.

Plus membership

This type of membership allows you to remove banner ads and let you see who has viewed your cam and profile.

When you pay for membership on this site, you not only enjoy the features and services of the site, but you also feed a hungry person somewhere. One dollar is donated to Rise Against Hunger charity. It is an international hunger relief organization distributing food and necessities to developing nations.

For you to buy virtual gifts from the gift store, you need the Paltalk credits’ official site currency. You earn points for a crown status every time you receive or send a gift.

You are allowed to pay for your subscriptions by use of credit/debit card and PayPal account. It will automatically renew your subscription at the beginning of another subscription period. You are also allowed to cancel a subscription anytime you want. Canceling will be accepted if done at the end of a running subscription.

The pricing of the subscriptions is as follows;

Plus Subscription

You pay 47.88usd for twelve months or 3.99usd per month.

Extreme Subscription

You pay a one-month subscription at 9.95usd or a twelve-month subscription at 59.88usd.

VIP Subscription

You pay for a monthly subscription at 19.95usd or a twelve-month subscription at 107.88.

Prime Subscription

You either pay for a monthly subscription at 39.95usd per month or 179.94 for twelve months.


  • 25 Credits will earn you 1.99usd
  • 520 Credits will earn you 19.99usd
  • 1,530 Credits will earn you 49.99usd
  • 3,250 Credits will earn you 99.99usd
  • 5,000 Credits will earn you 149.99usd
  • >9,080 Credits will earn you 249.99usd

The subscriptions can be gifted to individuals in different levels of plus, extreme, VIP, prime, deluxe, ultimate, and elite. They have different prices and durations. The prices range from as low as 47.95usd to as high as 4999.95usd. The duration is from one month to twelve months.

Free Membership Features

Free Membership Features

You can access the site as a free member; however, you will be limited to some features. Some of the features that work with free membership include; joining of chatrooms, sending messages to users, sending some stickers to other users, adding other users as your friends, and creating a profile.

Premium Membership Features

When you subscribe to the premium membership, you enjoy a lot more. Apart from the features on the free membership, you get the following; buying and sending premium stickers, having colored badges, sending virtual gifts, and viewing unlimited webcam.

Is Paltalk Safe?

Paltalk is considered safe regarding its safety policies. You are encouraged to check out the safety policies of the site before joining. When you join, be quick to contact the customer service in case of anything unusual.


Paltalk is a great chat site that does not ask for payment from the users. It has allowed people from all walks of life. You can join and create a chatroom to invite other users. It gives a sense of organization on the site. Once you are in a chatroom, you end up with many friends who can turn out to be your future partners.

Paltalk Popular FAQs

The following are the popular most frequently asked question on the site;

What is a Paltalk credit?

A Paltalk credit is an official currency for the site. It used for purchasing virtual gifts on the website.

What do you benefit from free membership?

Nonpaying members are allowed to contact other users and join chatrooms. However, they cannot access several video windows at once time or even the colored badges.

Is there a limit for joining chat groups?

The Plus members are allowed to access only three at a go. Ad banners do not appear in the group /IM windows.

What do I benefit from upgrading a subscription?

When you upgrade another subscription options, you are awarded stickers for using with other members for free, and profile badges of your choice.

What are the steps to stop my subscription?

Paltalk Review – Perfect or Scam?

You can stop the subscription from your Paltalk account by clicking on stop auto-renew from your account.

Is it possible to change the mode of use?

When you are a new user, the two modes are your default settings. You can change the setting from your account’s set up.

Is it necessary to have a webcam?

It is not necessary to have one. You can see other users without using one.

How do I listen to voice chats?

You can hear or listen to the chats from any speakers on your computer or your device.

How can I send a file to other members?

You will send by choosing the “send a file” option on the member’s profile. You just select a file and click send.

Which members can I send a file?

Only the people on your favorite list can receive your files. It is on the condition that they are online.

Is it possible to change my password?

You are only allowed to do so by following a link you are provided with. The password should also be between 5-12 characters.

What are the photo guidelines?

The guidelines direct that the site administrators approve all the photos that are uploaded. It is to ensure that the images do not advocate violence, harassment, offensive language, and sexual content.

Why does Paltalk rate chat rooms?

Chat room rating is done to determine the appropriate language and photos that may be used.

What happens to members who violate the website’s standards?

Any user who does not follow the rules and regulations on the site is terminated.

Can I block users?

Yes, you can do so from their profile.

How To Delete Paltalk Account?

How To Delete Paltalk Account

Deleting an account on the site is not possible. However, you have the option of deactivating your account. You can contact the customer service for deactivation.

How To Message Someone On Paltalk

Messaging users is free for all users. You can send and receive from any members apart from those with a restriction on their profile.

How To See Who Likes You On Paltalk Without Paying

This feature is only accessible to users with a paid subscription.

How To Block Someone On Paltalk

You can block another user from their profile by using the block of this user option.

How To Cancel Paltalk Subscription

You can cancel your subscriptions by clicking stop auto-renewal on your profile.

Contact Information

Paltalk Contact Information
  • Company Name: Peer Stream
  • Address: postal address 326, Jericho.
  • Zip Code + City: Jericho, New York
  • Country: US
  • Facebook @paltalk
  • Twitter @paltalk
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