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Parship Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?

Parship Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 25-26
Profiles 1.700.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s a dating website for long-term relationships.
  • You can undergo a free test for your compatibility with other singles.
  • The web design looks modern and well-organized.
  • The prices for premium subscription plans are above average.
  • Free users face limitations to contact other singles.
  • The registration process is time-consuming.

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Parship is a highly efficient dating service that gets based on compatibility between single men and women. It is proud to have more than eleven million members who come from Europe. You can access the website if you come from any European country. The most active members come from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the UK, and others.

Parship focuses on providing satisfying services to single men and women who are dreaming about long-term relationships. The process of searching matches is fun, entertaining, and at the same time, effortless. You get excellent search results, thanks to the available compatibility test. It is an exclusive feature called the “Parship Principle.” The website uses the automatically generated results of this personality test and offers you the matches with the highest rate. Now, you do not have to waste your time communicating with people who want to go completely different directions in terms of love and serious relationships. You will find 100% compatible partners here.

Expert’s Review of Parship

Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

The Parship website appeared online in 2001 due to Valentine’s Day. It was an exclusive gift for millions of singles in Europe. The developer wanted to create a unique european dating service , which really works. He collaborated with a professional psychologist, who helped to set a questionnaire for a matching algorithm. The goal of Parship is to bring single and like-minded people together in a safe online environment.

The majority of members come from the United Kingdom and make 125,000 registered members. Many members are pretty active. The difference between male (47%) and female profiles (53%) is minimal. All new members have to undergo a personality test to join the community. Single people are looking for long-term relationships. It is the right place to find a match from Germany, Switzerland, France, and other popular European countries. Singles from European countries believe that Parship will help them find a soul mate within this online dating community, and they are 100% right.

Website Design & Usability

You will like the web design of the Parship website. It looks fresh, eye-catching, and modern. The developer did an excellent job of making the design well-structured and free from bugs. The first impression of using this dating site is positive. The interface is user-friendly, neat, and well-organized. Parship has a background mixed of white and red colors. The background does not have too many graphic elements. There is nothing that can disturb your dating experience. The only disadvantage is the speed of web pages loading. Some pages load slower. However, if you have a stable and pretty fast internet, you will not notice anything. All the text content is easy to read, thanks to simple fonts. There are plenty of tabs, which you will navigate easily.

Special Features

Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Parship offers several special features that you will not find on other similar dating websites. You should check them out to initiate a new conversation with your potential match.

  • Compatibility Test
    The website developed an exclusive personality. This scientific approach helps singles create personal profiles and match to the right people. The test works by evaluating the given responses and gives an overview of your personality. The website uses your test results for matchmaking. You can see the compatibility score with offered matches. Before you start interacting, you can see whether this person can become your life partner.
  • Smile
    You can use this feature to launch a new conversation. It is the right way for shy people to overcome their fears of communication with new dates. When a user wants to send a smile, it is allowed to attach a private short message with a beautiful picture.
  • Icebreaker
    This feature will help you make new contacts with people you like. It will help you understand whether a potential match shares the same interests and have the same priorities in a couple’s life. It is not difficult to know how the “Icebreaker” feature works. When someone visits your profile, he or she presses the “Send an Icebreaker” button. The site sends a short form with four questions. So, whenever you get the “Icebreaker” invitation notification, you should answer these four questions. The system evaluates the answers of both sides and makes the compatibility conclusion.
  • Compatibility Level
    It looks like a chart that you can see in all users’ profiles. Every time you open a profile, you should check the rate. Otherwise, you will lose your time communicating with people who do not meet your criteria. The results get based on shared interests, personality traits, character traits, habits, and life goals.

How Does Parship Work?

Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

You do not need plenty of time to understand how Parship works. It turns around singles who want to make new contacts and meet in real life to build serious relationships further. All registered members can send smiles, icebreakers, share, and like each other photos. It is essential to complete your profile at a minimum of 50% of it to send private messages to other members. There is no fee to send texts to each other on this platform. Parship has several ways to interact with singles. The company offers both free and fee-based messaging options. You will find the most convenient way to make new contacts with millions of singles from around Europe. Do not ignore the request to fulfill your profile. Detailed profiles attract more attention. You should choose the most beautiful pictures of yourself and add them to your profile. Note that your image looks blurred on the search results unless you release it. Sending messages is not the only way people communicate on this dating platform. You can send an unlimited number of smiles, likes, icebreakers, etc. It is a flirty way to make new contacts and check the similarity of interests.

Sign Up Process

Everybody has the right to register for free. When you sign up, you can choose to use your valid email or do it via your Facebook account. The registration step is not complicated at all. In the beginning, you have to write your email and password. Next, all new clients have to go through a pretty time-consuming process of a personality test. It is a special questionnaire, which takes around 20 minutes. The questionnaire consists of five parts. You have to answer them all to get the correct matching recommendations. As a rule, the compatibility results are 100% accurate.

Users Profiles Quality

The quality of Parship profiles is high. They are informative enough to make the first impression of a potential match. The site encourages its clients to make profiles as noticeable as possible. You should make your profile complete and comprehensive. At the same time, the website doesn’t push you to reveal your real name and contact information.

Only Parship’s premium users have the right to watch profile photos. As a free user, you will only see blurred images until the owner decides to release them. The site does not display your names, but your profession. Other members can see if your profile is complete or empty. It is a good reminder for you to complete your dating profile not to get suspended by moderators. It is not complicated to accomplish this task. Also, every profile displays your compatibility level with this potential match. The rate focuses on shared interests and personality traits.

Mobile Application

Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

All Parship members can get access to the mobile version. Everybody can download the Parship application free of charge. If you want to use Parship on the go, you have to install the all from Google Play Store for Android devices/Apple App Store for iOS devices, depending on the mobile device you use. All registered members have the right to log in using their Facebook. The number of downloads is more than 500,000. The application has the same principle of work as the desktop version. It uses a similar advanced matching approach, which can ensure a 100% compatibility. It is the only way to find the right partners and build a harmonious union. The app’s users are pretty active. According to the statistic, the number of logins is around 71,000 per day. The only restriction of Parship is the age. You have to be above 18 years old to get access to dating services.

Parship Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

  1. EliteSingles
  2. eHarmony
  3. Match

Membership Price and Payment Method

  • Parship “Premium Lite” Membership Costs:
    The three-month plan costs 90 GBP or 30 GBP per month.
  • Parship “Premium Classic” Membership Costs:
    The six-month plan costs 120 GBP or 20 GBP per month.
  • Parship “Premium Comfort” Membership Costs:
    The one-year plan costs 179 GBP or 15 GBP per month.

Here are the available options to make the payment: PayPal or any credit/debit cards.

Free Membership Features

  1. You can register a new Parship account.
  2. Users can add photos to their profile gallery.
  3. You can send smiles to people you like.
  4. The site has prewritten icebreakers for the first messages.
  5. You can browse profiles to find perfect matches.
  6. It is allowed to add people to the favorites list.

Premium Membership Features

Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?
  1. You can read and reply to private texts.
  2. Users enjoy watching full-size photos.
  3. There is a scanning service available.
  4. The site finds matches in your area.
  5. There is a special section where all your profile visitors get listed.
  6. The matching suggestions get updates regularly.

As soon as your premium subscription plan ends, the website extends it automatically for the same price and duration. The next auto transaction happens through the previous method of payment you have used. It is allowed to stop the auto-renewal option for your Parship Premium Membership. You have to do it a bit earlier by contacting the Customer Support Team.

Is Parship Really Safe?

Parship can protect the safety of its clients thanks to strict safety measures. The company never shares its clients’ data to any third parties. Parship can guarantee your anonymity. There is no need to share your real name. Also, your photos get displayed in a blurred way. Your details, such as email, registered address, mobile, never get disclosed.


Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Nowadays, there are plenty of dating websites and mobile applications. All of them have their exclusive features and way of providing dating services. However, they are focused on bringing like-minded singles together. The Parship dating platform is one of the most reliable and efficient dating providers based in Germany. It deals with many European countries. The team’s principal goal is to help single men and women build long-term relationships in this busy world. Modern people are too busy making their living, so they lack time to go outside looking for potential partners. Parship has a scientific approach to finding the right people for its clients. The developer offers everybody to undergo a special analytical test, which results will help the system to determine the level of compatibility between like-minded people. It is one of the best matchmaking approaches you have ever seen. The only disadvantage of Parship is that its prices for premium subscription plans are high. Not many people can afford such services. That is why plenty of members prefer to keep their free status. If you are 100% sure that your soul mate is waiting for you on the Parship platform, you should not hesitate to test it. It is your chance to meet a special person who will be pleased to share his or her life with you. Using Parship’s services, you can be sure that all the matches will be compatible and accurate to your criteria.

Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

Read the following answers to the Frequently Asked Questions to find the needed assistance to common issues.

How to Delete a Parship Account?

Before you decide to remove your account, you must understand that you can’t reverse it. As soon as you remove your account, you can’t access your dating profile anymore. Also, you are not allowed to see the recommended matches or read private messages anymore.

Non-Premium members should follow these steps:

  1. You have to log in to your account.
  2. Go to the “My profile” section.
  3. Press the “Data & Settings” option.
  4. Find the “Manage Profile” tab and choose the “Profile Status” option.
  5. Press the red-colored icon.
  6. You must type in your password and confirm that you want to delete your personal data.

How to Message Someone on Parship?

Every member has the right to send private messages. If you are a free member, your message should not contain your contact details. Only premium users have the right to share their emails and phone numbers.

How to See Who Likes You on Parship without Paying?

There is a special feature called “Smile,” which works as like. It is an excellent way to express your interest in starting a new conversation with a person you like. It is the easiest way to launch a new interaction with a potential match. You will find this feature on the left side of your screen, just under a profile image. The site sends you a notification like a regular message.

How to Block Someone on Parship?

Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?

There is a special feature called “Smile,” which works as like. It is an excellent way to express your interest in starting a new conversation with a person you like. It is the easiest way to launch a new interaction with a potential match. You will find this feature on the left side of your screen, just under a profile image. The site sends you a notification like a regular message.

The “Report profile” button gets located on the left side of a user’s profile. By pressing it, you just draw the admin’s attention to members who do not follow the official Terms & Conditions. By reporting, the admin will receive an automated message. The Safety Consultant will do the needed actions as soon as possible. The company treats such messages confidentially.

How to Cancel Parship Subscription?

If you are a Premium Member who wants to delete your account before your subscription plan gets finished, you have to contact the Customer Service. You will receive the needed assistance there.

You should note that as soon as you have canceled your premium subscription plan, you can’t use the advanced features as before. There will be some limitations to view photos and send private messages. The company offers you a cooling-off period for eight days. During this period, all Parship members can cancel the contract without paying any fine. When you cancel your subscription, you retain your dating profile. It is possible to cancel your subscription plan online or by sending an email/fax/letter.

You should not rush to cancel your subscription. It is your chance to find a really compatible partner without wasting time with people who do not want to go in the same direction as you do. Give this platform a bit of time to reveal its full potential. The principal reason that pushes people to stop paying is that they have already found a soul mate and are busy building their happy lives.

Contact Information

Parship Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam?
  • Company Name: PE Digital GmbH
  • Address: Speersort 10
  • Zip Code + City: 20095 Hamburg
  • Country: Germany
  • Customer Support Email: datenschutz@parship.de
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