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PussySaga Review 2021

PussySaga Review 2021
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 63%
Beauty 76%
Popular age 23-30
Profiles 610.000
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Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration takes a user several minutes.
  • The application is full of bright hentai images and animations that catch the attention of every newcomer.
  • This app is available globally, with no restrictions for ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc.
  • The service is compatible with all devices, while the interface is entirely convenient and straightforward.
  • Such a service is suitable for those who are looking for casual hookups. A person has no chances to find serious relationships there.
  • The service is considered a virtual dating game; hence, users are about to meet no real people there.

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Expert’s Review of PussySaga

The PussySaga app is a dating simulator launched in 2019. The game has already gained popularity all over the world. The total amount of downloads exceeds 4 million subscribers. Users of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and age ranges are accessible to download the app and practice dating skills.

As for the age, such a platform is for adults only; hence, users under 18 are not permitted to download the app (Note that in some countries, the adult content is available for 21+ persons only). The age range of fans is quite diverse. Men from 25 to 55 dominate the service. While referring to gender, men outnumber essentially (91.4%).

This dating simulator is popular worldwide, but there are some locations represented by the largest number of users. Those countries are: Russian Federation (20.84%), the USA (13.30%), Germany (11.18%), Ukraine (8.77%), France (5.35%).

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

The PussySaga website design is seducing and well planned. The simulator catches users’ attention instantly. A wide scope of features enables a user to be prepared for real dates. Furthermore, virtual help prevents you from being lost. Multiple colors, distant fonts and icons, images of cute girls. Such an app is about to make you spend a lot of time. Members are affordable to switch the language to the preferred one (seven options are available).

  • The website contains the following menus:
  • The upper menu enables a user to change language options.
  • The left-hand menu is for new tasks, resources, new girls, etc.
  • The lower menu shows your progress.
  • The website footer displays additional information, useful tips, and helps users contact customer support.

Special features

There are diverse virtual girls to communicate and date with. Those girls are of different appearances and characters; therefore, such a game is perfect training for real dating. Conquer a girl’s heart to get your prize.

Apart from dating, a user is enabled to purchase different businesses that give more points and bonuses. This dating simulator makes a person think and build different strategies. Find the best way to conquer a certain girl. The site allows a user to upgrade his own dating skills to obtain more pleasant reactions from girls. There are eight skills available to upgrade.

How does PussySaga work?

A user needs to date girls and solve tasks to have virtual sex with those ladies. Apart from most porn games, such a dating simulator requires a player to build up a complicated strategy to achieve the results. You need to place three or more crystals in a row to make your dating successful, but such a principle is just the ground. The PussySaga game contains numerous pitfalls to take into account.

For instance, you need to build dialogues with the chosen girls. Those dialogues contain complements and other reactions, useful for real life, as well. Sex is possible after five successful dating, while every next one is much harder. When you’ve conquered a girl’s heart, and had sex with a cute hentai lady, get hot spicy photos. Furthermore, a player is able to give different tasks for a girl and enjoy the game more.

Apart from the standard features, there are more additional ones. A user may purchase different objects, send gifts for the chosen girl, and even get to know more about her character. That’s pretty good for real dating. This dating simulator makes you dig into the virtual world, full of interesting features and diverse opportunities.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

On the one hand, the PussySaga application is available for unregistered members, but on the other hand, users get more opportunities since they’ve opened an account. The following steps are required:

  1. Visit the official website of this dating simulator.
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’.
  3. Press on the ‘Register’ button colored blue.
  4. Inscribe your email address. The system generates a unique code, sending it to the indicated email address. Furthermore, a user needs to agree with the terms and conditions of such an app. The box is tickled automatically.
  5. Click on ‘Get Bonus!’
  6. Validate your account by entering the code sent to your email. Press on the ‘Activate’ button.
  7. Create your username and password.
  8. Get your bonus (10 diamonds).

The whole registration process takes a user just 1-2 minutes. The game requires no personal information. Inscribe your email and get a free account.

Users Profiles Quality

Unlike real dating services, subscribers cannot fill in their profiles by adding personal information. Users have different skills (eight totally) that impact your dating success. Collect tokens to upgrade those skills and get more success during dating. The better skills are, the more chances a user gets to finish dating with a sex session.

Furthermore, a user is available to purchase businesses that bring assets required for skills upgrading. Thus, different options are interconnected within the game. Complete levels to get new game statuses.

The PussySaga is not for real dating; hence, subscribers are not empowered with the right to upload any photos and videos. The same concerns personal information. You have to follow the game scenario.

Mobile Application

Despite the fact developers wish to provide users with maximal comfort, such a dating simulator is not available for Android and iOS devices. Stores that add applications have strict policies concerned with the content. For instance, nudity is entirely forbidden. The game is released for adults; therefore, it contains many nude hentai pictures and strong sexual dialogues.

Meanwhile, PussySaga is available for mobile devices, as the game is compatible with all web browsers. The version adapted for on-the-go players offers the same functionality. Users just need to get on the website and start the dating simulator to have fun.

PussySaga Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

PussySaga Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are numerous porn games intended for adults, while those have simple scenarios. A user needs to complete some tasks to get naked photos of a girl or have a sex session. Those websites are hundreds, and players can hardly point out the essential differences of those applications.

While reviewing PussySaga, the game is considered a dating simulator that both brings much fun and is useful from the viewpoint of real-life situations. The website opens a new passionate world for a user where they purchase diverse objects, upgrades skills, meet with different girls, builds up virtual dialogues, sends gifts, makes compliments, and so on. The number of available features is diverse enough.

Furthermore, developers update the dating simulator constantly to add more functions and pleasant upgrades. The service catches a user’s attention instantly. The more progress you get, the more interesting such a game turns out to be.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Membership Price and Payment Method

A user gets three types of virtual assets required for purchases on PussySaga. Those assets are coins (bucks), nectar, and crystals. There are two ways to collect them. On the one hand, a user is available to complete missions, do the daily tasks, make progress in adding different virtual assets to your account. On the other hand, a player is enabled to purchase those virtual assets. The following packages are available:

Package Price for 1 unit Total price Savings
500 bucks $0.01 $4.99
6600 bucks $0.0045 $29.95 $36
13000 bucks $0.0038 $49.95 $80
19600 bucks $0.0035 $69.95 $126
250 nectar $0.02 $4.99
2200 nectar $0.01 $19.95 $24
3900 nectar $0.0077 $29.95 $48
7000 nectar $0.0071 $49.95 $90
50 crystals $0.1 $4.99
440 crystals $0.045 $19.95 $24
780 crystals $0.038 $29.95 $48
1400 crystals $0.035 $49.95 $90

The more virtual assets you buy, the more money you are about to save. The service accepts banking cards, PayPal, and other payment methods, depending on your country. The following steps are required to purchase bucks, nectar, or crystals:

  1. Click on ‘+’ next to the assets you wish to refill your account with.
  2. Select the preferred package and press the ‘Buy’ button.
  3. Choose the payment method you prefer.
  4. Insert the necessary payment information (name, credit card number, CVV, expiration date, etc.).
  5. Press on the ‘Confirm the purchase’ button.

Apart from the indicated packages, some special offers combine different assets and other features. Those offers are suggested for both newcomers and users in progress. The PussySaga review mentions the service as low-priced.

Free Membership Features

The following opportunities are available without any payments:

  • Members may register for free, but the dating simulator is available for unregistered users as well.
  • Select girls to date with, build up your dialogues. All girls are available for free.
  • Upgrade your skills and purchase different businesses for virtual assets.
  • Learn girls’ preferences and dreams to understand better what they wish and expect.
  • Give presents to different girls to conquer their hearts.
  • Collect assets by doing numerous tasks.

Thus, PussySaga is understood as a free dating simulator. Meanwhile, players are available to speed up the process through paid options and special offers.

Premium Membership Features

Among the features that can be purchased by subscribers, the following ones are mentioned:

  • Unblock a new girl instantly. Don’t wait for the required amount of virtual assets to activate the feature.
  • Give expensive and unique gifts to girls you’ve chosen.
  • Buy different businesses instantly to become more successful.
  • Send messages to girls whose hearts you’ve conquered already.

The simulator makes it real to speed up the process for those who can’t wait for hotter hentai ladies and wish to make the game progress as speedy as possible.

Is PussySaga Really Safe?

Is PussySaga Really Safe?

Such a service is entirely safe from different viewpoints. Foremost, members don’t have to complete registration to join the game. Unregistered members get access to this dating simulator. Moreover, when a user completes the registration process, they need to give a username and email only. No personal information is additionally required.

The system collects email and password to provide a user with access. The received information is not transferred to third parties. As for the credit information, all data is collected by a gateway responsible for transactions, guaranteeing safe and secure payment. There is offensive or abusive content. All dialogues and possible variants serve for fun, having no intention to abuse someone.



Single men love porn games mostly to enjoy cute girls and have fun, but most games are based on the same principle; hence, they are about to annoy sooner or later. PussySaga has selected an entirely opposite way.

The developers have analyzed real-life situations and implemented those into a dating simulator. You meet different girls, communicate with them, find out something about their interests, hobbies, and even views. Build up a dialogue, telling a virtual girl about yourself. Such a mechanism sounds like perfect preparation for real dating. Learn how girls may react to different opinions and views.

Girls available within the game are different that makes the process of their conquering even more exciting. Work on diverse strategies, choose special gifts, etc. The service is a good chance to spend time for both lonely males and on-the-go users.

The simulator is well-planned, introducing a user entire virtual world, where different features are accessible: purchase businesses, upgrade your dating skills, and enjoy the progress. Furthermore, the whole process is full of bright colors and seducing pictures of hentai girls. That is hard to hold ground.

PussySaga is entirely free, but paid packages speed up your progress and unblock new girls instantly. Prices are modest enough – the review considered this service as low-priced. Players are free to choose the best way that corresponds to their budget. Thus, dating simulator is genuinely worth trying when you need to spend some time and have fun instead. Many tips and recommendations are useful in real life.

This site is straightforward. Moreover, you are about to get a virtual helper to coordinate your progress and give recommendations. Such a helper looks like a cute sexy fairy; hence, the game catches a user’s attention instantly. Meanwhile, users may have some questions that concern the functionality of the website.

How to delete PussySaga account?

There is no way to delete an account because the service gets no personal information. A user may just exit the website, and that’s it. Furthermore, registered subscribers still have the chance to continue their progress. Log in to the dating simulator and continue flirting with virtual girls. All profiles are anonymous. Moreover, you may use temporary mail addresses for the registration. As for the purchase, the partner gateway indicates something standard in your bills so that no one could find out the transaction’s real intention.

How to message someone on PussySaga?

Dialogues are built up towards certain scenarios. A girl says something, and you need to select an answer among three possible variants. Note that all girls have different characters and views; hence, your answers are expected to be different, as well.

Meanwhile, when your sex mission is completed, and you’ve finished five successful dating sessions, a messaging option is unblocked. Type messages and ask a girl to complete some tasks. The more progress you achieve, the more features are about to appear.

How to see who likes you on PussySaga without paying?

The dating simulator is not like traditional dating services. There are no real members. Users date with virtual girls; therefore, you cannot see who’s liked your profile at all. Hentai girls react to your actions in certain phrases. PussySaga is a website where everyone loves you. The only thing you need is the individually planned strategy.

How to block someone on PussySaga?

Such a website contains no other users; therefore, you don’t need to block them. As referred to virtual girls, subscribers decide on their own, select the first, and so on. The game’s idea lies in the necessity to have sex with all girls; therefore, users are not expected to swipe some of them. When you’ve managed to have sex with all the available girls, the main prize is presented.

How to cancel PussySaga subscription?

The PussySaga website implies no premium subscription. All users’ accounts are standard. Players purchase special add-ons to speed up their progress. Furthermore, there are special offers available from time to time. That means payments are being executed on the one-time ground. The service implies no subscriptions; hence, a user faces no necessity to cancel its auto-renewal.

For instance, you wish to refill an account with bucks or crystals. Choose the preferred package and complete the purchase. If your account is out of backs and crystals, you will have a necessity to purchase virtual assets one more time.

Contact information

Contact information

  • Company Name: Hooligapps
  • Customer Support Email: contact@pussysaga.xxx
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