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Dine App Overview 2021 – Why to Choose This Dating App?

Dine App Overview 2021 – Why to Choose This Dating App?
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Pros and Cons

  • Using the app's currency, you will be able to monitor the Facebook profile of your potential partner before you date him or her for the first time.
  • First of all, you can go straight to the date request if you use this app.
  • If long-term relationships are not what you are looking for, the Dine app will suit you perfectly.
  • The availability of “Dine Pass” feature that gives you discounts when visiting restaurants and snack bars nearby.
  • You will get one date (or more) per month.
  • If you don't live in a big city, you won't probably find a lot of partners for dating.
  • If there are no users from your city, you will be offered to date the users from nearby towns. It means that you must always be in touch.
  • You can get up to 5 matches per day.
  • The distance between your cities can be considerable.
  • The matches expire within 24 hours.
  • To exchange messages, one of the members must be a Gold membership owner

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Dine app dating is a beautiful app for those who don’t want to spend time on messaging but want to start planning the first date at once. Are you still lonely and want to find a perfect partner for you, then why not to use the services of this beautiful dating app?

Once downloaded the app, you will be able to choose from offered matches every day. This app is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with new people, make friends, and fall in love.

What is Dine App?

Dine App Overview

Dine app is owned by Mrk& Co., a company founded by Japanese gaming giant DeNA.Dine was officially launched in March 2016, and it was featured by Apple on the App Store under Best New Apps. The app is popular among the citizens of the United States and Canada. You can download and install the Dine app absolutely for free. Users of all ages, nationalities, and sexual preferences are welcomed to join the Dine’s team.

Dine app is a perfect dating product for singles whose aim is to meet and date each other in real life. Looking at the person’s cuisine preferences, you can make your own idea about the personality and even the social status of the person you intend to date.

The concept of the Dine app is simple. After creating your profile, you must choose three restaurants or snack bars where you’d like to have a date. Dine offers you up to 5 potential matches per day, and you can also see three places they’ve chosen. You can make a request to meet at a particular establishment. As you see, the whole mechanism is simple – download an app for free, choose your perfect match, and go to meet him or her to one of the offered restaurants.

Is It Easy to Use the App?

Dine App

The app is easy to use. Even if you are a newbie, it won’t be difficult for you to understand how this app functions. The information is well sectioned; that’s why it will be easy to navigate the app.

If long messaging is not for you and you want to meet a person as soon as possible, the Dine app provides you the great dating options that lead to a date.

What Special Features Are Available?

Dine Special Features

One of the exciting features the app proffers to the daters is a Dine Pass. “Dine Pass” gives the daters the right to obtain discounts when dining out at one of the selected restaurants. The daters can get one drink for free on their first date or other discounts (it all depends on the establishment you are going to visit). This feature is only obtainable for participants with a paid subscription.

Here is the list of some restaurants that collaborate with the company:

  • Pig &Khao (LES)
  • Azasu (LES)
  • Hummus Kitchen (Hell’s Kitchen)
  • Berimbau Do Brazil (West Village)
  • Lionsbeerstore (East Village)

The list can be extended. All information about restaurants collaborating with Dine app can be found on the internet.

How Does Dine App Work?

Dine Work

Dine app participants opt their three favorite restaurants and bars from a roster of available options, and then they send and receive date requests to meet at the chosen restaurants. A participant gets up to five matches daily; he or she can “like,” “skip,” or send a Dine request to a participant she or he likes. If the offer is accepted, the participants will see a chat box they can start planning their date.

If you don’t live in a big city, you can still use the Dine app. Pay attention that the distance you will have to accomplish to meet a person you’d like to date can be considerable. If a distance is not an obstacle, this dating app can really help to find your perfect partner.

How to Register?

Dine Register

Download the app from the App Store is absolutely gratis. Using a drop-down menu, you must select your location. You can also perform this step manually by entering your city in the empty field.

The whole process of registration is simple and won’t require much time. You will have to provide some necessary information as your sex, date of your birth, email address, and other. You can also alter the information from your account if there is such a need.

It must be reminded that to use the services of dating resources a person must be 18 at least. Only people of legal age have a right to register on dating resources. Mind this, please, before you download the Dine app.

What Does the Profile Contain?

Dine Profile Contain

You can set your profile quite quickly. After you chose your location, apply “General preferences” to indicate the age range and sex of the person you would like to date with. The members of the LGBT community are welcomed, and there is a particular function for you if you are one from this community. You can also apply the “Smart” section where you must like or dislike stills from 100 profiles.

Next, you choose the three restaurants or bars where you’d like to meet the person you liked. If it’s difficult for you to choose a restaurant, apply the Dine’s list of top places.

The app offers its users to choose the dining options that will suit the most to the daters. All dining options are sorted into the categories:

  • Grab Coffee;
  • Lunch Dates;
  • Hit The Bar;
  • Top Brunch;
  • Dinner Dates.

Once you’ve selected your three establishments, you should upload photos. The number of photos you can upload on the Dine app is up to six.

Then you can add some necessary data to your profile page such as your profession, height, nationality, and so on. Dine app offers its users the “About Me” section, where you can write a short description of yourself up to 1,000 characters.

Spend some time to fill out this section. In this way, you will be able to increase your chances and find your perfect partner. All participants want to know something about the person they are going to meet with. “About me” section provides them with such an opportunity.

Why Mobile Application Is Convenient to Use?

Dine Mobile Application

Our fast-paced world requires us to be active. Nowadays, more and more people are doing everything on the go. Dating is no exception. Applying your mobile gadget with a stable internet connection, you can get plenty of dating possibilities. You can download and install the dating app on your mobile devices for convenient usage. With mobile apps, you don’t need to apply your mobile browser, open the site’s page, and enter login data.

Dine app is an excellent dating product for people who prefer not to put the case on the back-burner but to act quickly. They choose a person and ask her or him to go to the restaurant with them. No lengthy messaging, no wasting your time. Just select a potential partner and ask him or her to dine with you.

Nowadays, you don’t need to be dependent on your location, just download an app, and use all the dating advantages.

What Websites & Apps Similar to Dine App Can a Person Use?

It’s not easy to find the perfect match nowadays. That’s why more and more people start using dating sites and apps. The dating apps can help you meet people, even if you are not at home. Your location is not essential. One of the best dating apps is the Dine app. However, it’s not the only dating product that can catch your eye. Here is a short list of apps that may help you to find your love.

  1. Tinder. To use this app, you need to create a simple profile, upload several photos, and write a few sentences about yourself. The app displays singles nearby. If you like one of them, swipe the picture to the right; if you don’t like the photo, swipe to the left.
  2. Bumble.This app helps to find dates or make new friends in your area. This app will perfectly suit for active ladies. Using this app, the queen bee (any female) must make the first move. There are only 24 hours to start communicating, or the match disappears forever. For non-traditional connections, any person has to make a move within 24 hours before that connection is gone.
  3. OkCupid. This app has an extensive database of participants and excellent dating features.They are messaging features, personality tests, Instagram integration, and others. Premium subscription users obtain even more features, such as advanced search tools and the ability to see users who have liked them.

All these apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.

How Much Do the Services Cost?

Dine Services Cost

To get more Dine app dating possibilities, a user must acquire a paid subscription. The app offers two types of paid memberships.

Six-month membership will cost you almost $40 per month. The total amount is $240.

Twelve-month subscription will cost you almost $30 per month. The total amount you will have to pay is $350.

You can also acquire Dine’s coins.

  • 10 coins will cost you almost $25.
  • 30 coins will cost you almost $60.
  • 100 coins will cost you almost $180.
  • 300 coins will cost you almost $400.

So, as you see, to save, it’s better to acquire a more prolonged period subscription.

What Features Are Obtainable within Free Membership?

Dine app is a dating product that requires payment. You can only download this mobile app for free. To start communicating with other users, you will have to pay for a premium membership.

What Features Are Obtainable within Premium Membership?

As soon as you pay for your Dine app membership, you will get the following options:

  • You will be able to send and receive messages from other members of the Dine community.
  • You will get 30 coins per month, which can be exchanged to Dine’s unique features.
  • You will be able to hide your personal information, such as your job and education. Women can hide their Facebook profiles.
  • You will get a Dine Pass. This function allows you to receive free drinks or discounts on your dates (it depends on the establishment of what freebies you will get).

It must be mentioned that the app has its own currency “coins” that are used to unlock Dine’s unique features. Coins can also be used to increase the number of daily matches or to view Facebook profiles of other members.

Coins are purchased in bundles. You can buy 10, 30, 100, or 300 coins. The more coins you buy, the less you pay for one coin.

Dine app has one significant advantage if you compare it with other dating apps. Dine app guarantees that all the users will get at least one date per month. If you haven’t had your appointment within one month, Dine app gives you three-months subscription for free if your subscription plan is six months. If your subscription plan is 12 months, you will get six-months membership for free.

Is Dine App Safe to Use?

Dine Safe to Use

Dine app is secure, and it tries its best to guarantee users’ data protection. To get more information about data protection, go to the Confidentiality Policy page. Read this information carefully before you start using the services of this dating app. To avoid any unpleasant situations, carefully study the profile’s page and photos of the user you are going to communicate with.

Let’s Sum It Up!

Using the Dine app, you won’t have to worry about choosing the restaurant for your first date. The app offers you the excellent options that can satisfy the tastes even of the pickiest dater.Moreover, the Dine app is a great way to meet a perfect partner quickly and effortlessly.

Of course, you will have to pay for the app’s services, but it worth it. To find a perfect match, you will have to fork out. The app offers two subscription plans – six and twelve months. To acquire a more prolonged period subscription is more advantageous. Besides, you can purchase the coins. Coins are an exclusive app’s currency used to unlock some unique features.

One of the favorite features of this app is Dine Pass. It helps you to gain restaurants’ discounts on your first date. Dine cooperates with plenty of restaurants and bars, so you will have a lot of options to choose from.

Dine guarantees that you will get at least one date per month. It’s incredible, isn’t it? So, download this app for free and get a great dating experience.

Dine Popular Questions

Here is a list of the most popular questions concerning Dine’s app services.

How can a person delete a Dine app account?

To delete your Dine app account, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Main Menu and select “About.”
  • Click on the “FAQ.”
  • Scroll down to “How do I delete my account” and click on it.
  • Click on the hyperlink “You can delete your account from here.”
  • Choose the reason you’re deleting your account. The list of reasons is provided.
  • Then, click on “Delete Account.”
  • Delete the app from your mobile device.

How can a person send a message to someone on Dine app?

To start messaging, you need to acquire a paid subscription.

How can a person see who liked him or her on the Dine app?

Acquire a paid subscription and see who liked you on the Dine app.

How can a person block someone on the Dine app?

Open your messages with the user you wish to block and select “Block This Person.”

How can a person cancel Dine app subscription?

You can’t cancel your subscription during your active subscription period. After the period of your Dine app subscription is expired, turn off a subscription auto-renewal by skipping to the Google Play Account Settings.

Contact Details

  • Company Name: Mrk& Co
  • Address: Dogenzaka Sky Bldg 8F, 28-1, Maruyama-Cho
  • Zip Code + City: 150-0002 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Country: Japan
  • Customer Support Email: support@dinewith.co
  • Facebook: Dine App
  • Twitter: @DinesApp
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