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SingleParentMeet Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

SingleParentMeet Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Popular age 27-40
Beauty 82%
Profiles 2 800 000
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Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Active user base
  • Interesting connectivity features
  • Good ratio of men and women
  • Plenty of free features
  • Only premium members can send messages
  • Some features require e-currency

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Being a single parent is a great challenge, and it comes with several other problems. Caring for your child, while trying to manage a job, getting sufficient rest – all this is stressful as it is. An added challenge is finding a partner. Many singles avoid getting into a relationship with a single parent as they consider the children to be baggage.

This is where SingleParentMeet comes into play. The website provides a platform for single parents to meet other single parents. Because everyone on SingleParentMeet is going through a similar situation, they are privy to each other’s needs and situation. It means that these individuals have a better chance of finding a partner who will accept them and their children.

Single parents online dating , as a concept, has been picking up in recent years. Despite the idea of gaining acceptance, there aren’t many quality services that make it easy for single parents to find companionship. SingleParentMeet comes as a breath of fresh air – it provides a whole set of features and easy usability so such individuals can look for a partner in an accepting environment.

SingleParentMeet aims to be more than just a dating website. After all, there are plenty of those out there. Being one of the largest dating services for single parents, SingleParentMeet has become more of a community. It has become a safe space for people with similar lifestyles and similar challenges. These people come together to discuss their troubles, find friendship, and meet people who will accept them as well as their children.

Expert’s Review of SingleParentMeet

SingleParentMeet Review

SingleParentMeet entered the dating scene to simplify online dating for single parents. A single parent can often be hard to keep explaining your status to new prospects you match with on regular dating websites. It isn’t something that people can find out about unless they go through your profile in detail. Thereby, you could end up wasting a lot of time with people who are not ready to accept the responsibility of a child.

Thus, online dating for single parents has become kind of a niche of its own. Many dating websites have tried to cater to this growing segment and failed. A lot of websites just don’t get what it takes to provide an all-inclusive dating solution to single parents. Fortunately, this is not the case with SingleParentMeet.

With the experience of several niche websites to bolster its offering, SingleParentMeet has crafted a unique position in the online community. The website is from the same dating network that manages match.com as well as six other highly-ranked online dating websites. Many of these websites cater to specific niches and are the best in their respective segments.

One of the first things you notice about SingleParentMeet is that it’s bustling with activity. That tends to happen when you are among the biggest and the best at what you do. And SingleParentMeet certainly is that. The website has attracted hundreds of thousands of users with unique and fun features and a smooth and clean experience that users can enjoy.

SingleParentMeet sees average monthly traffic of over 400,000 users, which is something not many niche websites can claim. The users regularly engage with the website’s activities as it sees almost fifty thousand online users every week. What this means for the individual user is an engaging experience, and increased likelihood of finding a match who responds.

SingleParentMeet has gathered a large user base from the limited countries that it operates in. A vast number of users come from the USA – almost eighty thousand users hail from different states across the US. The rest of its users are from Canada. Unfortunately, SingleParentMeet presently only offers its services to residents of these two countries.

For a website that is only active in two countries, its numbers are incredibly astounding. Where uneven ratios plague many niche websites, SingleParentMeet enjoys a great number of men and women. The website’s user base comprises of fifty-five percent male users and forty-five percent female users. Although this isn’t an even ratio, the difference is insignificant. It means more hits and more diverse activity on the website’s many interactive sections.

A majority of users on SingleParentMeet are middle-aged individuals between the ages of 35 and 44. Many of these users are leading generally stable lives with demanding professional careers. So it makes sense that they would seek a service that would allow them to find friendship or love despite their busy and tiresome schedules.

It is also not uncommon to see users in SingleParentMeet who are teenagers and young adults. These age groups, combined with individuals between the ages of 45 and 54, make up for a good spread of age groups on the website. There is also good, although significantly lesser, the density of users above 55. These ratios are promising as they provide people of all ages with a chance to meet other people their age so they can develop meaningful connections.

Website Design & Usability

SingleParentMeet Design

With a simple and uncomplicated design, SingleParentMeet manages to keep things current. Granted, it is nothing close to the streamlined designs of modern social media platforms, but it doesn’t need to provide an enjoyable user experience. The fonts are large and clean, so it doesn’t matter what age you are; you will be able to navigate through the menus with great ease.

Another obvious design choice is the color combination. Breaking away from the bright and vibrant colors that adorn modern dating websites, SingleParentMeet instead opts for a mellow blend of grey and green. This style is uncommon, and we can’t say we have seen many dating services that opt for this particular combination. What is rarer than the combination itself is the fact that it works.

The aesthetic of SingleParentMeet is comfortable, and the colors don’t look dull at all. The grey littered with dark green and a bit of orange in places works like a well-balanced dessert. The website’s six most prominent sections are layered horizontally across the top bar. These options include the Home page (which also works as your timeline), the Inbox, the Search section, the Matches Section, Settings, and Tokens (where you can purchase the website’s premium features).

Special Features

SingleParentMeet offers a few great features that help users better connect with prospects. However, the website’s greatest strength lies not in over-the-top features but in the quality and performance of the features it does offer. Some of its features are incredibly simple, yet they significantly increase the chances of finding a viable match. Following are some features that are worth mentioning:

  • Personality Questions – A lot of people can’t get themselves to write paragraphs about themselves. It takes a lot of effort to come up with things to write. What you do come up with isn’t that great. Personality Questions are a smart replacement for profile bios. SingleParentMeet let users answer a series of questions about various aspects of their lives and their preferences. Not only is it easier for the writer, but it’s also easy for the visitors who read it as well.
  • Today’s Matches – Being a single parent, you don’t always have the time to spend an hour on the website and go through tons of profiles to find matches. With Today’s Matches, the users of SingleParentMeet are presented with profile suggestions based on their similarities with you. The selected profiles are likely to be the most compatible with you. If you don’t think so, don’t fret as the suggestions change every 24 hours.
  • Who Do You Like? – It is an exciting game unique to SingleParentMeet. The users are presented with two profiles that share preferences with you. Although both profiles are of users that the website thinks you could potentially match with, you will be asked to pick the user that you like better. With this, it is a strategic way of getting clarity on some of your requirements and assessing which one is flexible and which not.
  • Virtual Gifts – Woo a prospect with an unexpected gift, or show appreciation for a connection you have been chatting with recently. Virtual gifts cost Tokens – SingleParentMeet’s form of currency. They carry more value than a simple wink, and the other person knows you are spending your precious money to show appreciation.

How Does SingleParentMeet Work?

SingleParentMeet Work

Like many dating websites, SingleParentMeet offers some useful communication features for free users, while locking other more effective ones behind a premium membership. It is a common practice, so it is not surprising finding it here. Although free users of SingleParentMeet are not allowed from sending direct messages to prospects, they can respond to messages sent to them by premium members.

Free users should not feel disappointed as there a couple of ways they can get in touch with prospects without sending a penny. The first and most obvious option is to send users free flirts. By sending a flirt, you can get the attention of the one you like, and some of those SingleParentMeet’s user with premium accounts. If a premium user happens to notice your wink and reciprocates it with a message, you can make a connection already.

Another great way of connecting with prospects is through Matches. It is a feature in SingleParentMeet that has gained much popularity since it made its debut on prominent dating platforms like Tinder. It lets you pass up a user or send them an interest. If the user reacts hearts back to you, you will be connected to private chat for free.

Sign Up Process

SingleParentMeet Sign Up

Signing up on SingleParentMeet is straightforward, but you can expect to spend a few minutes doing it. Although the only compulsory requirements are an active email address and a username, the process does take you to another set of information pages that can contribute to your profile. Filling this information up as part of the registration is always recommended.

Your profile in SingleParentMeet will become visible on the website as soon as you finish the registration. Thereby, filling in part of your profile and adding a picture during the process increases your chances of getting early hits. Filling up the information is not as dull as people think of it. Sections are divided down into smaller question-style subsections. Signing up, as we mentioned earlier in this review, is currently open only to residents of the USA and Canada.

User Profiles Quality

SingleParentMeet Profiles Quality

SingleParentMeet keeps an excellent check to ensure that profiles are authentic and follow their community guidelines. All new pictures undergo an approval process before they become visible. It is great because it not only gets rid of inappropriate images but blocks pictures of unrelated subjects that people upload as their profile picture.

The profiles in SingleParentMeet do not contain anything that you will not find on any other dating website. However, the way this information is sorted is unique. Sections display important information of the user. It is presented through a form of questions and answers. This makes the format more interesting, so it is easier to fill in information and read it as well.

Mobile Application

SingleParentMeet offers apps for both iOS and Android, and our research indicates that users prefer to use the service through the app. The app comes with a smart and simple interface that is even easier to navigate than the simple interface of the website.

The app borrows the primary elements from the website but does a better job of organizing and optimizing them for smaller screens. The app of SingleParentMeet also helps keep track of your notifications; notifications are delivered through push, so you can stay updated on the activities without logging onto the website of the one you like.

SingleParentMeet Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

SingleParentMeet Websites & Apps

Finding a dating website that caters specifically to single parents is difficult. The following are some websites worth a try if you are a single parent looking for love.


  • Pioneer in single parent dating
  • Community forum and news
  • A lot of free features
  • Large user base


  • Open for all relationship types
  • Large user base comprising of single parents
  • Smart algorithm matches prospects wisely
  • Single parents can match with non-parents


  • Basic search features
  • Low membership cost
  • Good quality profiles
  • Active user base

Membership Price and Payment Method

SingleParentMeet Price

SingleParentMeet offers only one premium membership tier. Membership charges are also more reasonable than what we are used to seeing.

Premium Membership

  • 1 month – $16.99
  • 3 months – $39.07
  • 6 months – $45.85

Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal

Free Membership Features

  • Use basic search filters
  • View Matches
  • Reply to messages from premium members
  • Send flirts
  • Like user pictures

Premium Membership Features

  • Send and receive messages
  • View users who send you flirts
  • ConnectMe
  • MatchMe
  • PromoteMe
  • Send virtual gifts

Is SingleParentMeet Really Safe?

SingleParentMeet comes from a line of great dating websites. It is among the most popular dating websites, and that has been made possible by an active moderation team. The team behind SingleParentMeet works to keep the website free from harmful and unexpected circumstances.

SingleParent Meet allows you to block the people who quickly annoy you. You can even report profiles and pictures that you think are going against your values and the website’s community guidelines. For a detailed list of instructions, as well as a helpful book on safe dating, users can navigate to the bottom of any page.


Due to the stresses of professional life, dating is not as easy as it used to be. It became even more difficult if you have a child to take care of. Also, if you can manage everything without trouble, finding a partner who will accept you and your child becomes another issue.

SingleParentMeet presents a solution to the dating woes of single parents by connecting them to other people in a similar situation. The close-ratio of men and women on SingleParentMeet dramatically increases the probability of you running into your next mister or miss right while navigating through the fun features of the website.

How to delete SingleParentMeet account?

To delete your SingleParentMeet account, navigate to the Settings option at the top right-hand corner of any page, and select “My Account” from the drop-down menu. Then, click on View Account Status and select More Account Status Changes on the next screen. Delete your profile by clicking Remove My Profile link.

How to message someone on SingleParentMeet?

Navigate to the profile you wish to contact and select the appropriate option to send a direct message. However, direct messaging premium users only.

How to see who likes you on SingleParentMeet without paying?

Users can view people they match within the Matches section. However, viewing users who have flirted with you requires a premium membership.

How to block someone on SingleParentMeet?

Users can be reported or blocked by selecting the preferred option on their profile.

How to cancel SingleParentMeet subscription?

Recurring subscriptions are available for cancelation by navigating to the Subscriptions section of your respective app stores.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: SingleParentMeet
  • Address:

8800 Sunset Boulevard, 3rd Floor

West Hollywood

  • Zip Code + City: 90069 CA
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: support@SingleParentMeet.com
  • Facebook: @SingleParentDatings
  • Twitter: @SinglePM_Dating
  • Instagram: @SingleParentMeet_dating
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