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SkyPrivate Review

SkyPrivate Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • More than 27500 verified models
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Around ten payment methods available
  • Few search filters
  • Communication is possible only on Skype

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Like every other form of real entertainment, night clubs with private mini-shows behind curtains are also turning into an online reality. We suppose you’re here as you don’t want to go to a party tonight. You feel lost in a vast number of entertainment websites. Then, this article is a must-read for you to dispel sadness and boredom.

When it comes to private online shows, experts in the fields keep saying we’re looking at an incoming trend. SkyPrivate is a live cam website which is using Skype calls as a source of communication. That’s it. Instead of having your private show at a physical night club, you can stay at home and watch it directly from your sofa with your laptop on the table in front of you. If you enjoy the late 40es’ smell this kind of sexy shows still have, and the smoky air makes you feel already aroused, ## Skyprivate is just what you need for tonight!

In this review, we will help you with the registration and specific features of this website. You will find out how much it is easy to find the models’ profiles, and how much you will need to pay for them, as well as what you can experience for free.

Are you ready for this night’s home experience? Let’ get started!

How to Login to SkyPrivate.com?

SkyPrivate Review

The first step for you will be to sign on the website. If you are new to this, don’t be afraid because you don’t have a degree in computer science: you won’t need it. It’s just as easy and as safe as in the real world. Given the fact that you are safe at your home, nothing can bother you. Are you insecure about giving your personal email? You don’t want to receive spam in your incoming folder? Well, there’s a solution for everything: you can just create a whole new email account.

A trick of the trade from our reviewers is: keep this email account for sex-related websites. If you have harmless entertainment all in a mailbox, you won’t be bothered with marketing suggestions and useful promotions. The risk of messing up the emails is just around the corner, especially if you are not a regular mail user. Let’s spare your teenage child from live cameras, and create a brand-new email account, shall we?

Now we can move on to the next step.


Go to SkyPrivate’s main page. Look for the “create account” button at the top right corner of the page. You will have to fill in the registration form. The information this website is asking to provide is the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Account: here, you can choose from different options.

A few account types are offered to users. If you would really like to watch live performances, you can select a member account. Now check the “terms and conditions.” We strongly suggest you read all of it. Indeed, it’s not a light reading, but you can’t stand for your rights if you don’t know them. And online scams are just around the corner. So, listen to the experts and read every possible tip that may be useful to you.

After that, you will need to confirm your email. Go to your mailbox, check the incoming folder. You will find an email from Skyprivate, where they will give you further instructions.

SkyPrivate Interface

Unlike other hookup websites, the Skyprivate interface is high level and looks exceptionally contemporary in its design.

The graphics are close to a work of art. Still, the site navigation is straightforward to understand.

Left Bar

You can help yourself out using the left bar. As you can see, there are 11 tabs on it, which are:

  • Dashboard
  • Payments
  • History
  • Calendar
  • Store
  • Settings
  • Messages
  • Promote
  • See model profiles
  • Support
  • Create a new Membership

Different Languages

The website is available in three different languages: English, of course, then Russian, and Spanish. If you speak languages other than English, this is a feature you can easily use.

Profile Button

You can check and edit your account anytime you want by clicking at your profile image you can see on the homepage. You will notice your username and picture there. By clicking it, you will open up a curtain with the settings and log out buttons. Near your profile picture, there are notifications showing actions you should do as soon as possible.

Below the bar, there are photos of the girls online.

SkyPrivate Features

SkyPrivate Review

SkyPrivate is quite unique among the live sex cam websites. Some processes are more straightforward, and the features are above average. Let’s take a quick look at them!

The Booking Process Is Easier

Yes, you heard it right. Your fears of going into an endless process to pay for your performance is something belonging to the past. The booking feature will allow you to book a performance of a model, consulting an agenda first. It’s just like a regular agenda: find the empty gap in her schedules and book right away your private show.

The Store

Suppose that you like a model, and you would like to have a video of her to watch anytime you want. This is more a porn movie feature than an old-style night club one. Don’t give up on your most secret needs and desires, because SkyPrivate can answer to this necessity you are feeling: if you are a member, you can buy a video from the model you like the most.

After the purchase, the content is available forever for your personal use. You can download it, and you won’t have to wait for the show to begin. You just click on the “play” button. And enjoy, wherever you are.

The Tips

Right, like in real life. Of course, the models make a living out of their performances, but most of all, out of your tips. Like in the past decades: a tip for a model is just a way of supporting her work and encouraging to keep on.

That’s why SkyPrivate will give you the possibility to tip a lady during her show — on your Skype call or right after a performance. You have 30 minutes to leave a tip after a show was ended.

Rate the Models

If you are over-satisfied or under-satisfied with the performance, you may feel the urgency of leaving a tip. That’s why we picked SkyPrivate as a live cam website, and we decided to review it. During the call, you can give the model a rating using stars. If you did not like her — one star; if you liked her — give five glowing stars.

SkyPrivate Models

The SkyPrivate consists of the models who are performing and the members who pay for the performances. You can register and decide whether you will be a model or a paying member. The models are performing live sex shows, while the members are watching the performances and will have to pay for them. Who could ask for more?

If you are interested in modeling, you can pick this option while registering, and find out this whole new world. If you are more a user, well, actually, we did this review for you. So, you can keep on reading.

Count and Quality Users

FuckSwipe Review

Take a glance at the numbers on SkyPrivate. More than 25000 models are working here, and they are not messing around. The age varies from 18 to a maximum of 60 years old.

You can use the filters in the search option to select the model’s category, for instance. Then, the price, which can vary according to the model’s rate. Or, you can pick different languages — choosing the right one for you will likely make you feel more comfortable while asking specific things to the model, if she agrees to, of course.


Every category represents a model’s preference concerning sex performances, gender, and so on. Just read the description that goes with them. In some cases, the girls have sex toys, which you can virtually use by telling the model what to do with it.


After all this information, you may understand how much communication is enhanced and eased here. Skype is the main method of having a dialogue. It’s always better to set some common ground rules before the performance. More experienced models, who know their way of doing business, will text you exactly all do’s and don’ts. Another way to communicate with the ladies is to go to their shows. In this case, there is a true voice Skype chat.

Free Account and Premium Account

Skyprivate works by charging you every minute you see. There is no actual membership you can buy, except for a package that will allow you to watch the performances within the subscription time. One warning: you can’t run out of cash on your account. Otherwise, you won’t see the model’s performance.

Free Account

When you make your registration, you automatically have a free subscription. With that, you can see the models and gallery photos, as well as personal descriptions in profiles. Still, you can’t use any other feature without paying.

Premium Account

You will get a premium account as soon as you put money. A minimum amount is $25, to see a performance, while the minimal replenishment is set to $10.

Security and Support in SkyPrivate

SkyPrivate Review

SkyPrivate secures the payments via credit cards. As an extra privacy measure, they hide their company name from your statement of account. Basically, no one else with access to your profile will notice the transaction activity. Besides, your privacy is a number-one concern for SkyPrivate. To be competitive in the field, they need to be updated to the latest trend in terms of safety and online protection.

If you need help from the service desk, it is available 24/7. Before contacting them, though, we suggest you check the FAQ section. There’s a chatbot always available, email and live support.

SkyPrivate Mobile Version

Every mobile device with Skype can also run SkyPrivate. The live cams service works on Android and iOS. You will need a well-considered plan to look at the live shows all around the city, though. That’s why we suggest you stick to your computer, as you will have a more personal experience.

SkyPrivate Review – Verdict

If you are searching for a competitive service, then SkyPrivate will fit your needs. It’s easy to understand how it works and even easier to use and pay. You won’t be bothered by online scams, as you pay just for what you see, and you don’t need to spend large sums of money all at once. There are thousands of model profiles with various rates.

You can pay in many different ways, Bitcoins included. If you are still unsure about the website, be aware that this is one of the complete live sex cams services you can find on the Web. So, what are you waiting for?

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Sue is aware that growth takes time. She gives people the tools they require to deal with their emotions, enhance their communication, and reflect on their worth.
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