Video Dating: Where to Find Suitable Platforms?

Video Dating Sites 2021

Before the pandemic, dating has been considered to be a tricky thing, whether you date a person in real life or online. During the time of lockdown, you can’t go to bars, clubs, and other public places. That is why finding a perfect partner for you becomes a real challenge. Fortunately, you can find various methods to make a romance or get flirting. One of the most popular ones is video dating. If it is impossible to organize a face-to-face meeting, you can find a great alternative – cam-to-cam conversation.

Video calls are an integral part of our lives. They are useful for business, study, and other industries. So, why not use video communications for dating purposes. Many providers have already incorporated the latest technologies on their websites and make it possible for users to connect with their potential matches via video calls.

Moreover, many reputable platforms come with mobile apps that allow you to get in touch with your admirers while being on the move. The majority of apps aren’t inferior to their desktop competitors in terms of functionality. They have all the same features and capabilities. However, mobile applications have one substantial advantage – they allow you to keep up with the latest events on the platform, read the messages and call your partners whether you are at home, in the park, or jogging in the forest.

Before you take a deep dive into the dating world, you might have numerous questions. Why are video-focused dating platforms so special? Which organism from the video is the least useful for relative dating? How to choose a reliable platform? Which aspects to pay attention to? You will never find the answers to all these questions and even more until you read this overview to the very end.

Scroll down, and you will find out all the particularities of the dating platforms, their pitfalls as well as advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, read on and discover the useful tips that will allow you to turn your dating journey into something special. Having this information at hand, you can make the informal choice whether you need to sign in on one of the platforms and use the services on offer.

How Do Video Dating Sites Work?

If you consider the video dating site that something that stands out on the modern market, you should be ready to have a few different things compared to the regular dating providers. Although video-focused platforms’ main aim is to connect people via the video means of communication, they still offer the same features as ordinary providers.

If you decided to get registered on the website that connects the singles vie video means of communication, you should know these facts:

  • Some platforms offer video services free of charge, while others provide paid subscriptions that include several packages. It is only up to you which provider to pick. The only thing you should understand that platforms with paid membership have more robust security measures and privacy policies. Moreover, you will hardly meet some explicit content or scammers on the reputable platforms designed to connect the users for long-term relationships. However, if you are on the lookout for a one-night stand, you can choose the free platform and seek people with similar intentions.
  • The majority of features on paid platforms are hidden behind the premium subscription. This refers to video calls and messaging options. The providers offer messaging options for the money, mainly because they want to avoid scams and frauds on their websites. Those who wish to commit a scam will hardly pay for a monthly subscription. However, you will still need to be cautious when talking with a stranger. Usually, if you are a free user, you can take advantage of such perks as account creation, sending likes, browsing profiles, viewing photos, etc. if you are a paid user, you will open up new horizons for your dating by using such features as instant messaging, audio and video calls, ability to highlight the profile, comment on photos, create blog articles, browse the profiles unanimously, a view which has just visited your page, etc.
  • There are a lot of dedicated platforms that incorporate video communication features. You can even register on the video gamer dating community and share your interests with aspired gamers. Regardless of your social status, preferences, and expectations, you will find a community to your taste. Just carefully read the reviews about the particular provider to outweigh its strong and weak points.
  • Some websites with questionable reputations create fake accounts to attract more users. They artificially create pages, upload pictures of beautiful people, and upgrade their accounts to create a look of the real one. You may think you are gaining popularity on the platform, but in reality, you just cooperate with unreal people. The site developers do this for you to pay for the services to create an impression of greater success. However, not all providers want to squeeze some money out of their users. Reputable and well-recognized providers create a really safe environment for their members to get the most effective experience possible.
  • To make your dating journey even more efficient, you can use the searching options. The websites offer basic and advanced searching options. The former allows you to search for candidates by age, location, and gender. The latter lets you choose the preferable parameters to look for the best match. You can also use the matchmaking algorithms of the platform. Based on the information you’ve provided, the system will analyze your data, compare it with the information specified by other users, and give you possible suggestions.

Hits and Misses of Video Dating Sites

Before you download the dating video chat app and start using it, learn all the possible upsides and downsides of video-centric dating.


On a video dating site, users want to meet new people and create relationships

If we exclude not quite adequate personalities (which, however, are enough not only online but also offline), people on dating sites really want to build some kind of relationship. That is, this is the place where people go consciously and purposefully to get to know each other. Therefore, an attempt by a man to meet a woman (or vice versa) in the online community is a completely normal and expected phenomenon.

Some people (especially women) don’t really like dating on the streets or in other public places. Besides, the person you like on the street may already have a couple. Yes, in some cases, it is immediately obvious when you notice the wedding ring on the ring finger. But a man/woman may not be officially married. When a person registers on a video dating site, he/she realizes that most of the users came to this site for the same thing – to get acquainted.

A dating site makes it easy to start/finish contact

On a dating site, the process of establishing contact is much more comfortable. It’s okay if the person doesn’t respond to your text. The person doesn’t experience any stress from this and doesn’t stop making new attempts to meet other people.

By the way, dating sites make it easy not only to start dating but also to stop it if the need arises. Some men in real life are very clingy, and women don’t know how to get rid of them. On a dating video chat app, everything is more straightforward. You can simply ban (add a user to the Blacklist), and that’s it. After that, the member of the community will no longer bother you.

Online dating communities offer a large selection of men and women

Of course, when a person is looking for a match, he/she wants to find the most suitable one. Usually, dating communities have an extensive database of users, so you will definitely have to think about your choice. It is clear that on dating sites, there may be a lot of already “dead” profiles, but all the same, new people regularly appear on the platforms, and the database renews every day. Therefore, of course, on such platforms, you can find a suitable match.


The video gamer dating platforms (or any other dedicated ones) may include a lot of fakes

Even if the online community is the most reputable site in the world, it can’t 100% guarantee that you won’t encounter a fake. Some platforms specifically artificially create pages to engage the audience, while others simply have no verification approaches resulting in appearing numerous fake pages.

Yes, there can be a lot of “junk” on dating sites, but you can learn how to filter this “junk” with the right approach to their use. In this case, however, we are not talking about automatic filters, which have already been mentioned above. You will have to filter manually, but it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

The dating site may contain distorted information

Unfortunately, unlike the previous one, this problem is more challenging to deal with. A person can lie, and it can be very problematic to check it all at once. The only lie that is more or less easy to check (albeit only on the first date) is the distortion of appearance. Indeed, in the profile, you can distort not only text information but also graphic information, that is, photographs. Some users post old photos, and some considerably enhance them.

In order to protect yourself from such surprises before the first date, it is better to organize a video call (which is the main purpose of video dating), although it does not always help.

As for everything else (except for appearance), then there may be even more surprises, and they may not appear immediately.

Almost all dating sites are paid

Unfortunately, quite a few fake sites have already appeared where the activity is created by robots, not people. On such sites, you even have to pay to send messages. You will simply waste time and money communicating with bots.

Although most communities position themselves as free online resources, everyone who has used such platforms knows that this is actually not the case. No, normal (and not fake) dating sites do not force users to pay money, but they create such conditions that, after a while, people realize that the free options greatly limit their search. Nowadays, you will hardly find a community that would not lure money from users.

Again, officially, correspondence with users of the dating site is free (except for the fake sites with bots, which were just mentioned here). Still, every now and then, when you try to write a message, an inscription is displayed that you need to get a VIP status to send a message. This is explained by the fact that supposedly this person is very popular or something like that, so without a VIP status this you won’t be able to send a message to a particular user. Moreover, the settings of these VIP statuses are made so that the extension and withdrawal of money automatically occur in the future. Therefore, you need to be very careful when paying/ renewing VIP statuses.

Video Dating Sites Helpful Tips

If you want to take full advantage of your video dating journey, read and follow these tips, tested and proved by real experts.

Tip 1. Create a list of expectations

It is essential to clearly outline your vision of the desired partner. However, don’t narrow down the search too much. Come up with a list of the features you would like to see in your future partner, excluding those items that you both can change or are not so essential. It is possible to upload the final version of the list to your account on the dating platform.

Tip 2. Search by parameters

Don’t ignore the filtering feature that many sites have developed to help you create the perfect image and show you what you’re looking for. Also, this function will help extract those who are emphatically incompatible with you. However, mind that usually, the advanced search is available only for those users who avail of paid membership.

Tip 3. Create duplicate profiles

Although it seems like cheating, it is still a handy idea for those who are going to date several people simultaneously for different purposes. For example, the search for serious relationships and sex one-night stand should be spread across different profiles. Moreover, you can fine-tune the pictures so that they will not appear identical to the content from the first account.

Tip 4. Take advantage of the Ignored button

Don’t waste your precious time on senseless correspondence with obviously unsuitable people. And if they clamor for communication, just ignore them. This will save you much time that you can spend looking for a really decent partner. Some video dating websites incorporate the Ignore folder or Blacklist, where you can add the annoying user.

Tip 5. Advertise yourself

Do not hesitate to write first. If possible, use the feature (usually paid) that will allow you to appear at the top of the searching results. Take part in games and events that are often organized by numerous providers. The more popular your account is, the higher the chance that your potential match will pay attention to your profile.

Tip 6. Don’t delay meeting in real life

In today’s reality of quarantine, this tip is challenging to follow. However, in other circumstances, this is essential to not delay the real date and have physical interaction to determine whether you both have the same purposes.

Tip 7. End unpleasant conversations

Dating sites often become a haven for pick-up artists and other characters who like to “look for a victim,” play on emotions and sometimes even try to humiliate. Be ready for this; value your time and nerves, and use such wonderful service as a “ban.”

Tip 8. Be incredibly attentive if you date a person from a different country

If you want to be happy in a relationship, you should get to know your potential partner’s culture and customs. You need to clearly understand that even representatives of European countries may be too traditional, and if you decide to move to the homeland of your boyfriend and girlfriend, they may ask you to refuse traditional things. So, Italians do not drink coffee while eating, the Germans arrange a day of reasonable silence on Sundays, and the British prefer to look at the impudent people patiently. In fact, all these are small things, but it is better to know about them in advance in order to avoid mutual misunderstandings, resentment, and disappointment.

Who Can Join Video Dating Sites?

Video dating will cater to the needs of those users who want to interact closely with their admirers because they don’t have the opportunity to meet in-person. This kind of dating has been especially popular during the time of lockdown when people can’t go out for dates and are locked in their houses.

It doesn’t matter which age category you belong to, which occupation or hobby you have, and what is your sexual orientation, feel free to join any reputable platform.

When a person signs in on a particular dating video chat app, he/she realizes that most of the users came to this site for the same goal – connect with advantageous singles via video calls. Yes, there are married people (and some do not hide this), but still, the bulk of them are temporarily single people looking for a soulmate.

Whatever your goal is, you can become a member of the dating community and try to find the perfect match. The only thing you should determine is the purpose of your membership – to meet a partner for a one-night stand or serious relationships.

Bottom Line

The conditions during the pandemic make it really difficult to find a soulmate. That is the reason more and more people get registered on dating platforms. While interaction via instant messengers may seem rather interesting, video dating makes the process of finding a partner more effectively. Modern platforms offer a rich array of means of communication to make your experience streamlined and efficient. If you are an advantageous single lady or man seeking a soulmate, choose the most suitable video dating site, and good luck with your choice.