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ThaiCupid Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

ThaiCupid Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 76%
Popular age 22-29
Beauty 46%
Profiles 4.568.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Large user base
  • Strict verification
  • Attractive layout
  • Android app available
  • More male users than female users
  • Free users can’t send IMs

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ThaiCupid is a website that defies boundaries in favor of love and companionship. The site is designed with one primary goal – to connect Thai singles with other Thai singles and people who appreciate them. We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing a partner. Some people want a partner who shares their cultural background while some incline another particular culture.

Asian countries have forever been associated with exoticism – be it Japan, India, or Thailand. The countries and their people have intrigued and attracted Europeans and Americans with their unique cultures and lifestyles. Even more than their lifestyles, their unique beauty has quite an impact. The luxurious skin tones and attractive features of Asian men and women make any foreigner’s heart skip a beat.

ThaiCupid entered the already saturated online dating scene with a unique service that pushed it to the top of its niche. The service presents itself as a social discovery platform where Thai men and women can meet other people from Thailand, regardless of where they currently are in the world. ThaiCupid also welcomes people from other nationalities, but only those who are interested in building a relationship with a person of Thai origin.

Love is unique, and it doesn’t limit itself by race or geographic location. But it’s OK to have a preference. Who knows, maybe you were meant to find your soulmate in a Thai man or woman. Whether your potential match is living a few blocks away or across the world, ThaiCupid promises to connect you through a simple, engaging, and fun platform.

Expert’s Review of ThaiCupid

ThaiCupid Review

One of the most popular Thai dating websites worldwide, ThaiCupid, comes from the dating network, Cupid Media. Cupid Media has made a name for maintaining the largest portfolio of niche websites in the world. Its niches take into account cultural and sexual preferences as well as relationship types and physical attributes. The company has a total of 34 niche websites in its portfolio.

Thai Cupid revels in the recognition that Cupid Media enjoys. Backed by a powerful network that values user experience and customer service, ThaiCupid has crafted a place in the cultural niche dating segment. Much like other websites from the network, ThaiCupid breaks boundaries and connects people with similar backgrounds and preferences living in different parts of the world.

What we have noticed when reviewing niche websites is that most of them don’t see any major growth. This observation does not stand for websites in Cupid Media’s portfolio. ThaiCupid is no different. The website sees consistent new registrations year-round and even enjoys higher than average growth during some months.

A quick google search will reveal that there isn’t a shortage of Thai dating websites. Most of these websites, however, are just following in the footsteps of pioneers such as ThaiCupid. A lot of them don’t even do a very good job of it. Among those that do, ThaiCupid takes a top spot. Its reliable service and quality dating experience have attracted over 1.5 million users from different corners of the globe.

Despite being a website for Thai dating , the largest majority of registered users hail from the United States. Estimates show that six hundred thousand of the website’s 1.5 million users are based in the US. A portion of these users is of Thai origin, but there is also a large density of American nationals. This shows the breadth of the country’s obsession with eastern exoticism.

The United States isn’t the only country that appreciates Thai beauty. ThaiCupid also sees many registrations from European countries, specifically the UK, France, and Germany. Of course, the other portion of users is made up of Thailand residents in search of love among other locals.

Probably the greatest potential ThaiCupid shows are for young women of Thai origin. The website offers them the opportunity to pick their partner of choice from an ever-growing pool of prospects. Many women are searching for love, while others wish to make a life for themselves in Europe or the US. No matter what their motivations, ThaiCupid is a treasure trove for Thai women.

The situation for men, however, is not that promising. The reason women enjoy a greater probability of finding a suitable match is because of the website’s uneven user ratio. We have to admit, when it comes to providing equal opportunity to both men and women, ThaiCupid performs poorly. An estimated 85% of the users are male, and merely 15% of users are female.

Despite the uncannily unequal user ratio, several success stories have come out of ThaiCupid. The website must be doing something right to see new user registrations every month, and new success stories cropping up over the internet every once in a while.

Website Design & Usability

ThaiCupid Design

ThaiCupid borrows a lot of its aesthetic elements from its sister Cupid Media websites. The layout is clean, simple, and clutter-free. The pages aren’t filled with useless options, which could easily be organized elsewhere, just to give the impression of a busy website. The website has been divided into six primary sections. Each page contains a set of page-specific features on the left side.

What particularly captured our attention was the color scheme. ThaiCupid goes for a familiar aesthetic that resembles a social media website. The background is white and grey, with a strip of navy blue running across the top. This, in our opinion, boosts a website’s appeal and attracts more users. The familiarity users feel with the website makes it easier to navigate and spend more time exploring it without tiring out.

Aligned horizontally across the top-middle section of the page are options for Matches, Search, Messages, and Activity. The Matches section contains the list of people you have liked and people who have liked you. When a user returns your like with alike, they show up as a match. The top right-hand corner of the screen displays three icons for language change, profile, and settings.

Special Features

ThaiCupid Features

ThaiCupid doesn’t offer any community features like some of its sister websites do. All the features the website possesses are designed to enhance your search and dating experience. Making full use of these features will allow you to find a compatible match in no time.

  • Account Verification – The biggest concern anyone has with regards to a dating website is if the profiles are real. A fake profile can waste a lot of your time, but it can also be potentially harmful. ThaiCupid allows users to stand out by verifying their profile. After the required documents have been submitted and reviewed, a ‘Verified’ badge will appear on your profile, so people can approach you with confidence.
  • Cupid Tags – Tags are a smart way of giving users a highlight of your hobbies and interests. Having tags on your profile will also help you show up more often in search results. Users can also choose tags that represent their personality traits. If you search for any of the words in your tag, your profile will show up in the search results.
  • Profile Matches – Approaching a user is one thing, but how do you know if they like you back? The ‘Match’ section presents a list of options that you can either like or pass up. If you like a user and they like you back, both of you will be matched. You can then initiate a conversation with the knowledge that the other person has already reviewed your profile and deemed you worthy as a prospect. This section works as a great icebreaker as well.
  • Instant Messaging – Emails are great to an extent, but they become a hindrance if you’re trying to make a real connection with the other person. The trail of back and forth emails can often ruin the vibe. ThaiCupid offers a more natural alternative in the form of its instant messenger. The messenger comes with a camera and an attachment option so you can send your selfies and other pictures to the person you are talking to.

How Does ThaiCupid Work?

ThaiCupid Work

ThaiCupid has a unique search system that we haven’t seen on many websites. The website employs Cupid Tags to fine-tune results in addition to a basic and advanced search algorithm. Cupid Tags is to provide users with viable matches with which they are more likely to connect. Although search filters do this job well, the tags further narrow down the results, so you’re not wasting your time on users you are not compatible with.

The website provides a few different options to contact your prospects. However, as with any dating website, options are limited for free users. If you haven’t subscribed to any of the premium membership plans ThaiCupid offers, you can only send users interest and hope they will respond with a message. Only premium users can send emails and instant messages that free users can reply to at no cost.

Being a premium user also has other benefits in addition to the ability to contact anyone you please. Premium members can make use of the website’s advanced algorithm to sift through the thousands of registered users. Advanced search filters reveal some pretty accurate results, so we think a premium membership will not be a wasted investment for anyone picky with their prospects.

Sign Up Process

Not only does ThaiCupid look like a social media website, but it also promotes connections with popular social media platforms. Users are given the option to sign up using their Facebook account. Signing up via Facebook removes a couple of steps from the sign-up process, making it faster and simpler. However, if you don’t wish to use Facebook to sign up, you won’t be at a disadvantage either.

The registration process only requires basic information, such as your email address, age, and gender. All the other information that goes on the profile is left for the user to fill in at a time of their convenience. We do like websites that force new users to add a bit more information since that makes the profiles a bit richer. However, we don’t mind that the registration on ThaiCupid is short and quick.

User Profiles Quality

ThaiCupid puts way too much emphasis on the quality of the profiles. This is a great thing until it isn’t. The moderation team is quite active in flagging and removing profiles that look suspicious. Profiles that aren’t sufficiently filled are also removed. Because of this strict moderation, we have come across cases where genuine users were removed from the website.

We are all for strict moderation if it results in an enhanced experience for all users. The profiles here are very detailed, and users are encouraged to fill theirs up through notifications. Low-quality profiles, as we mentioned, are removed, which helps improve the quality of searches. Verified profiles are given preference in search results, which is a nice incentive for users to go the extra mile.

Mobile Application

Being a niche website, we didn’t expect ThaiCupid to perform well in this department. Niche websites often don’t offer mobile apps and limit users to the mobile version of their website. Although ThaiCupid doesn’t pass with flying colors, it does perform better than we have expected.

A mobile app is available; however, it is only available for Android devices. iOS users have no choice but to use the website’s mobile-friendly version on their browser. Both the app and the mobile version possess a clean and uncomplicated design.

ThaiCupid Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

ThaiCupid Websites

Finding a reliable website for Thai dating is rare. Following are some suggestions that users have loved:

Thai Friendly

  • Over 800,000 users
  • Mostly free features
  • Premium membership adds some nice perks
  • Majority of users are urban young adults

Asian Dating

  • Part of Cupid Media
  • Over 1 million users
  • All members of Asian origin are welcome
  • Translate messages

OK Cupid

  • Over 30 million users
  • Diverse user base
  • International presence
  • Impressive search filters

Membership Price and Payment Method

ThaiCupid Price

There are two paid membership tiers that users can subscribe to.

Gold Membership Charges

  • 1 month – $34.99
  • 3 months – $69.98
  • 12 months – $139.99

Platinum Membership Charges

  • 1 month – $39.99
  • 3 months – $79.98
  • 12 months – $159.99

Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Paysafecard

Free Membership Features

  • Add pictures
  • View profiles
  • Basic search filters
  • Send interests
  • Respond to premium members

Premium Membership Features

Gold Membership

  • Communicate with all members
  • Send direct messages
  • Send messages on instant messenger
  • No ads

Platinum Membership

  • All benefits of Gold membership
  • Browse anonymously
  • Highlighted profile
  • Increased profile space
  • Advanced search filters
  • Translate messages

Is ThaiCupid Really Safe?

Safety is a major concern for all users who register on any kind of dating website. A lot of users have experienced scams and cat-phishing first hand, so the safety of a dating website has become a major consideration. The team behind ThaiCupid goes above and beyond to ensure that users get a safe and quality experience.

The moderation team removes accounts at the slightest hint of foul play. Accounts that look suspicious are also removed without notice. Some could consider it a bit harsh, especially if you are a genuine user, but we think stern measures are sometimes a necessity.


If you are a man attracted to the exoticness of Thai beauty or a woman of Thai origin looking for love, ThaiCupid is certainly worth a go. The website comes from a reliable dating network and has proven its capabilities time and again. It isn’t much you can do without a membership. However, if you’re searching for the love of your life, consider it a small investment that is very likely to produce positive results.

How to delete ThaiCupid account?

Users can delete their ThaiCupid account from the Settings page accessible through the icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

How to message someone on ThaiCupid?

Only Premium members can send messages to all users. Direct messages can be sent by selecting the relevant option from the user’s profile. If the user is online, premium members can also send them an instant message.

How to see who likes you on ThaiCupid without paying?

Premium users will find a list of everyone who has favorited them in the Matches section. This page is accessible from the top bar.

How to block someone on ThaiCupid?

Members can either be blocked from the Messages section, from the Instant Messenger, or by selecting the relevant option on their profile.

How to cancel ThaiCupid subscription?

Users who wish to cancel auto-renewal can do so by navigating to Settings and then to Billing options.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: ThaiCupid
  • Address:

Level 5

  • 2502 / 5 Lawson Street
  • Zip Code + City: Southport QLD 4215
  • Country: Australia
  • Customer Support Email: support@thaicupid.com
  • Facebook: @ThaiCupidCom
  • Twitter: @ThaiCupid
  • Instagram: @ThaiCupid
  • Pinterest: @ ThaiCupid
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