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The Inner Circle Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

The Inner Circle Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Popular age 25-30
Beauty 70%
Profiles 68.000
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Visit rate 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Users are verified
  • Browse singles in other cities
  • Encourages offline meetups
  • Frequent community events
  • Balanced user base
  • Difficult to get selected
  • Registration can take weeks
  • Limited access

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Whether you live in an urban center or a relatively quiet town – if you’re single, chances are you’ve visited at least one dating platform. Online dating has changed the game and given a new twist to the concept of date hunting. It’s easier and more comfortable than walking up to someone in a bar. And it works, kind of.

The problem with online dating is that it tends to be superficial a lot of the time. Many people who create accounts on dating websites are after a quick hookup rather than a long-term relationship. Even if you do find someone who you think is your ideal match, they could lie about who they are. These are some issues The Inner Circle intends to eliminate with its service.

Despite the seemingly infinite number of dating sites, love is hard to find. It becomes harder if you are an educated and successful individual. Meeting someone who has the same aspirations as you and is on the same page becomes next to impossible. As such, it is unlikely that you will find your ideal partner on a run-of-the-mill dating website.

The Inner Circle works where other platforms fail for one simple reason. It is an exclusive place, where registration isn’t as simple as entering an email address and selecting a username. All requests are reviewed, and only the best of the best are allowed in. Forget fake profiles, you will also find that the website is free of any time-wasters who aren’t serious about finding a partner. Being on The Inner Circle is truly an experience that will give you your money’s worth, and here’s why.

Expert’s Review of The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is undoubtedly one of the best dating websites in Amsterdam. It specializes in what it calls ‘selective dating.’ The users who apply for registration go through an extensive verification process carried out by a team of real human beings. None of the stages are left to automated systems, which can be easily manipulated.

To get a sense of its exclusivity, consider that only half of the applications sent to The Inner Circle are accepted. The users that get approved immediately are successful and attractive individuals who fulfill the website’s eligibility criteria to the letter. According to an estimate, ше receives close to four thousand registration requests every day.

In order to be considered, people need to have active and updated Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. This is the first time we have seen a dating website requiring membership on other social networks as a pre-requisite for signing up. This practice may be unorthodox, especially when The Inner Circle itself wants to be treated as a social networking platform, but it serves a purpose.

The requirement of having social media profiles enables the verification team to judge the individual’s accomplishments. Additionally, it also reveals the likelihood of the person actively maintaining their dating account. Such measures ensure that not only real users get accepted, but they also work to maintain an engaging environment for other members.

Once you are approved, you gain access to more than just a dating site. With various community sections and a good selection of activities designed to encourage interaction between visitors, The Inner Circle surpasses the definition of a traditional dating website. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call it a social networking platform, especially with the emphasis it holds on offline events. The Inner Circle frequently organizes exclusive offline meetups for its user base in the cities that it operates in.

The members don’t appreciate interactions that aren’t direct or would waste their time. A lot of them share their location or pictures, especially if they are in a restaurant or a pub, which other users then comment on to get the conversation rolling.

When we review a dating service and assess its popularity, we normally look at its registration numbers. As a rule of thumb, the higher it is, the more effective the website tends to be in helping you find a soulmate. This criterion had to be reassessed for The Inner Circle. Because it is so picky in its user base, judging it on numbers alone is unfair.

The Inner Circle only operates in selected cities around the world. This is another reason why the registration numbers aren’t so high. Currently, it is open to individuals residing in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and a few other cities in North America. It also has a presence in some of the biggest cities in Europe and Asia, including Hong Kong, London, and Berlin. It has shared plans of expanding to several other major cities, especially in the US.

A quick look at The Inner Circle reveals that a large majority of the participants are successful professionals. These corporate types dominate the search results, with both men and women making a close to equal proportion of the user base. Other members include a number of founders, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, artists, and other creative minds.

The majority of the users are adults aged 25-34, with the average age of the community being thirty. All of them are well educated, with inspiring personal and professional goals. An interesting observation about the user base is that there are more female members in the young adult (18 to 24) age bracket than males. In all of the other categories, the ratio of male visitors is higher.

Website Design & Usability

Initial impressions of the website can be summarized in two words, sleek and elegant. The Inner Circle opts for a clean white background with hints of blue on the menus and options. The fonts are stylish and easily readable, which is nice attention to detail you don’t notice on other dating services. The color combination, although minimalistic, works in its favor. It saves the site from looking tacky and overwhelming, which is on par with the exclusive vibe The Inner Circle goes for.

All the main sections are laid horizontally across the top bar of the webpages. The bar is the same white color as the background, with a thin shadow-like lining separating the two. Most of the options are in an icon form, such as Visitors, Messages, and Likes. The top bar also displays Search, Members, and Settings. Profile settings can be accessed from a drop-down menu right beside the website’s logo.

Special Features

The entire experience of The Inner Circle is designed around making meetups happen. This reflects highly on its functionalities. Most of them simplify initial contact and meetups to ease users into communication. There is also an excellent selection of community features that encourage members to carry out offline interactions.

  • Winks – This is, by far, the most mainstream tool The Inner Circle offers. It is one that will not be new to anyone who has ever had experience with a dating website. What makes it special is that it is open to everyone, unlike other interactive features. Winks can be sent and viewed by anyone, regardless of whether they hold a premium membership. Many users prefer different direct modes of communication, but winks are still a good way to initiate contact if you are a bit nervous about approaching prospects directly.
  • Spots – This is where the website’s social networking capabilities come into play. Members can add a selection of spots to their profiles and updates. These can be places that you frequent most during the week, the ones you would like to visit, or would prefer as meetup spots for your dates. They play a key role in setting up meetings and are great conversation starters if another person likes the same places as you.
  • Events – As mentioned earlier, the focus of The Inner Circle is to make real meetups happen. To encourage offline interaction, the website will organize community meetup events from time to time in different cities. Some of them are free to join, while others are more exclusive and require users to purchase a ticket. People can also create their own parties and invite others to join. These events can be private or public, depending on the host’s preference.

How Does The Inner Circle Work?

The Inner Circle Work

The Inner Circle offers a good selection of communication features. The most prominent one, obviously, is direct messaging. However, it is can only be used by paying members. Free visitors are barred from sending or viewing direct messages. However, we noticed that majority of people who sign up to the website opt for a premium membership to avail of all the full functionality.

Free users can gain the attention of other members by liking them or sending them winks. Both these actions notify the person of the contact. It’s then possible to choose to respond with a message if you are too shy to initiate a dialogue by yourself. Another way of gaining attention is by sending welcome messages to newcomers. The Inner Circle notifies existing members of new registrations as they occur. In addition to digital contact, people are also given options to buy tickets for exclusive events and accept meetup requests by other members.

Sign-Up Process

The registration process on The Inner Circle is among the most interesting and the most cumbersome that we have encountered. It includes a blend of basic information questionnaires and personality tests. Once these tests have been filled up and submitted, they go through a screening process that can last up to a couple of weeks.

There have been instances where users have had their registrations accepted within a couple of days, but the average waiting time is between two to three weeks. Members who are not accepted after the screening are put into a waiting list. They are often ones who do not exactly meet the registration criteria but can improve their applications to be considered again at a later time.

User Profiles Quality

The Inner Circle Quality

Because of the strict entry and verification procedures, profile quality on The Inner Circle exceeds expectations. They do not carry a lot of data, as that tends to get boring after a while. Everything is broken up and presented in the form of lists, including the user’s education, career information, city of residence, and physical traits.

Users can also list their preferences, such as hobbies, interests, and favorite spots on their profile. People who access the service through its app can also avail of the Current Location option. It collects information from your phone’s GPS and displays it on your profile. This helps others find you at activity hotspots, such as bars and pubs. Of course, the app will only display such information if expressly allowed.

Mobile Application

The Inner Circle has a great mobile app available on both Android and iOS platforms. It holds all the features of the website. The color theme also remains the same, while the menus are redesigned for easier usage on gadgets. The platform’s primary tools are shifted down and displayed in the bottom menu, while the Settings option sits at the top right of the screen.

A majority of the users prefer using the service through the app rather than the website. This could be due to the smooth functionality of the former and also because it gives more freedom to browse the service on the go.

The Inner Circle Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

The Inner Circle Websites & Apps

Following are some other alternatives that provide great dating prospects to successful singles:

Elite Singles

  • Global presence
  • Welcomes educated professionals
  • Personality surveys available
  • Verified profiles

Millionaire Match

  • Anyone can register
  • Verification is required
  • Majority of users are successful males and attractive females
  • Both serious and casual relationships

The League

  • One of the best exclusive dating services
  • Huge waitlist
  • Difficult to get accepted
  • High-quality profiles
  • Group chats and community features

Membership Price and Payment Method

The Inner Circle Price

Unlike other online dating sites, The Inner Circle only offers a weekly payment option for their premium subscription.

Premium Membership Charges

  • 1 week – $5

Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • App Store Payments

Free Membership Features

  • Upload pictures
  • Basic search filters
  • View profiles and photos
  • Purchase event tickets
  • Receive invitations from others
  • Send winks

Premium Membership Features

  • Send and receive direct messages
  • View all winks
  • View profile visitors
  • Receive complimentary event tickets

Is The Inner Circle Really Safe?

The Inner Circle Safe

No dating website is ever completely safe, but The Inner Circle is up there in terms of security. The team ensures that only the best profiles are allowed on the platform. Users are thoroughly vetted, and even some authentic members aren’t allowed entry for minor shortcomings. Because of the strict procedures, it is void of fake profiles.

That being said, drawbacks exist everywhere, and no level of verification will reveal a person’s true nature. Although The Inner Circle is among the safest dating platforms out there, you should still approach your prospects with caution. Use your common sense when interacting with newcomers. It is also a good idea to go through the website’s safe dating guidelines, which can be accessed from the bottom of any page.


In terms of dating potential, The Inner Circle is easily among the best. The site and the corresponding app offer a safe and high-quality dating experience to its users. Through a carefully picked set of community features, The Inner Circle makes real-life interactions easy and smooth. If you are a successful professional and happen to reside in a city where The Inner Circle is in operation, do try out its services.

The Inner Circle FAQs

How to Delete The Inner Circle Account?

Accounts can be deleted by selecting the option at the bottom of the Settings page.

How to Message Someone on The Inner Circle?

Users can be contacted by pressing the message icon under their profile picture on the search page or by navigating to their profile.

How to See Who Likes You on The Inner Circle Without Paying?

Only premium users can view their profile likes. This list is available in the Favorites section.

How to Block Someone on The Inner Circle?

Members can either report or block accounts by selecting the relevant option at the bottom of their page.

How to Cancel The Inner Circle Subscription?

Auto-renewals can be canceled by navigating to the Billing section available on the Settings page.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: The Inner Circle
  • Address: N/A
  • City: Amsterdam
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Customer Support Email: support@theinnercircle.co
  • Facebook: @theinnercircle
  • Twitter: @InnerCircleCo
  • Instagram: @innercircleco
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