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Wamba Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam

Wamba Review 2021 — Perfect or Scam
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Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-21
Profiles 1.900.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You can set your level of privacy according to your choice. The option of anonymity is also available for users to secure their privacy.
  • The sign-up process of Wamba is quick and easy to complete.
  • This dating site does not ask for any registration fee from the users.
  • The site is available in more than 20 countries. Wamba helps you to interact with different types of people and broaden the area of your communication.
  • It is a trusted and secure website that has more than 25 million registered users worldwide.
  • The profiles on this dating website do not contain many details, as it is not compulsory to provide all the details.
  • Sometimes, profiles of free members are not reliable.

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Wamba is a well-reputed dating website for people who are trying to find serious relationships and friendships. At first, the site was initially launched in Russia only, but it soon spread to other countries.

Wamba helps to build communication between people from different countries. The international dating platform offers 17 languages on its website, including English, French, Spanish, and German. The site has successfully connected many people and helped them start their romantic journeys. If you are a single man or woman who wants a fresh beginning for love life, then Wamba will support you in your love journey.

Expert’s Review of Wamba

Wamba Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

The website was born in 2002, and it was initially available in Russia. The previous name of the site was Mamba, and the brand was recreated as Wamba later. Today, Wamba and Mamba exist as two separate dating websites.

After beginning in Russia, the website grew as a reliable online dating platform that helps to build friendships, romantic relationships, and marriages. A considerable number of members belong to Eastern European Countries. Now, it has spread to more than 50 countries across the world. It is one of the most internationally popular dating websites.

  1. Member Quality: Most of the people who sign up on this dating website search for long-term relationships or marriages. Though it is not mandatory to fill out all the information in your profile, it asks for a lot of data from the users. Filling out all the information may seem a lengthy and time-consuming process, but a detailed profile on Wamba helps the users to find potential matches quickly and successfully.
  2. Sexual Orientation of The Members: Most of the members on this dating platform are heterosexual men and women looking for long-term relationships or marriages. The site also offers its services to gays, lesbians, as well as bisexuals.
  3. Age of The Members: Most of the people on this platform are young, and they come under the age group of 25 to 44. To get a membership on this website, you must be 18 years old.
  4. Race: As Wamba is available in different countries of the world, the members of this website belong to different races, but most of the members belong to the European et.
  5. Ethnicity: Since it is an international dating website, you will find members of various cultural backgrounds such as European, Asian, American, etc.

Website Design and Usability

Wamba Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

The website is simple and easy to handle. It loads and works quite quickly. After completing the sign-up process, you will get to see a lot of features on this site. The features are easily understandable and provide a good user experience. You can also access this site on your mobile phone, and the mobile version of this dating site has similar features to that of the desktop.

Special Features

It has been more than two decades since Wamba has established itself as a premier dating website. It consists of a large number of people from all over the world. Some features have been kept the same throughout these years, whereas some features have been updated, and also some new features have been added to the website. The excellent point is that all the features are quite simple and help you to connect with people globally.

  1. The Live Streams or Shows: Like many other social networking platforms, this dating website also offers people to go live using the live stream feature. Live streams are the live videos that you make by yourself. It increases the chances of your interaction with other people because other members can see and contact you through these live streams. The live streams help you to express yourself and be more spontaneous.
  2. Encounters: After you complete the sign-up process on the website, each time you open Wamba, many profiles will pop-up. You can either like or dislike these profiles— these profiles displaying on your screen are displayed based on your location. Your like or dislike will help you to know more about the matchmaking procedure of the website.
  3. Personals: This is the profile page of your account. It is a unique feature that connects with other members through the creation of a Personal. A Personal lets you express yourself & what you are looking for in a better way with the use of texts and answering the questions with multiple options. If you want to create your personal, click on the Personals tab; then, you have to choose the “create a personal” option from this tab. A form will appear on your screen, where you can add detailed information about your personal choices regarding a partner. This information includes your criteria for choosing a partner and your active email address where you will receive the responses. A text is also essential to be added to your personal. Once you finish creating the personal, an email for confirmation of your email id will be sent. If you confirm, then the email will be again sent to the moderation team of Wamba. Your personal should not contain any personal contact information or links. The text should also be compatible with the individual. The Personal is only relevant for the website of Wamba and not outside that.
  4. Applications: This is quite an enjoyable feature that offers users the scope of installing internal apps of the site. Using these apps, they can take part in different types of games with other users. Through these activities, you will be given a chance to meet and interact with other users. These games will also help you to understand your compatibility with someone.
  5. Giving a Compliment: Much like sending a gift, it is quite easy to compliment another user only through a simple click. The different options for giving a compliment will be provided to you, such as a bouquet of friendship, a gift of romance, or just a usual free compliment. You can send a gift by visiting the profile of the member and then choosing the present icon. From there, you can select what type of gift you want to present to the member.
  6. Extend VIP Status: If you want to show your kindness to a particular user, you can stretch the users’ status of VIP by visiting their profiles. If you go to the user’s profile and click on the icon of VIP, you will be given the number of days you want the extension.

The fees for the VIP status are as follows-

  1. $5.70 for ten days
  2. $26.90 for one month
  3. $54.90 for three month
  4. $44.90 for six months
  5. $66.90 for 12 months

How Does Wamba Work?

Wamba Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

After your process of signing up on Wamba is complete through the verification of your social media accounts or email addresses, you can update your profile, photos, and access. You can avail features such as applications, chat, and create personal to interact with other people and find your compatible matches. Fellow members can be navigated through location, age, and criteria. The website is accessible from multiple countries in different languages. Premium membership supports you to communicate in a better way through advanced search filters.

Sign-up Process

The process of signing up on Wamba is quick and user-friendly. The duration for creating a user’s account on this website is 3-5 minutes. The most convenient and fastest way to sign up is to connect other social media accounts with the Wamba account, such as Telegram, Facebook, and others.

Wamba’s security policy is quite strict. You need to complete your profile verification process through social media platforms such as Mobile, Telegram, Facebook, or you can opt for signing up through email. After the verification process is complete, your account gets activated on Wamba. The registration process is free of cost, and you can get a paid membership after joining the site as a member.

Users Profiles Quality

As soon as your signing up is complete, you can update your profile and access this site as an active user. As most of the people on this website are looking for commitment and long-term relationships, you need to fill up a lot of information about yourself on the profile to increase your validity and get a potential partner. The more information and answers you provide to Wamba’s questions, the more opportunity you will get to interact. Profiles with detailed information have a better algorithm on the site. If you want to maintain your privacy, you can also choose to be anonymous on this site. You should remember to upload a good quality photo to attract more fellow members. A good and reliable profile must include location, age, physical characteristics, personality traits, hobbies, preferences for an ideal match, appealing photos, etc. Taking care of following things may help you find a partner sooner:

  1. Always rely on the well-detailed profiles.
  2. Premium members are more bankable than free members.
  3. Block or report if you come across fake or inappropriate profiles.

Mobile Application

Wamba Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

Wamba’s mobile application design is more compact and comfortable to handle than the desktop version of the website. The app has a violet background, and it is more comfortable-to-use than the site. The app gives more preference to visually appealing photos, and they appear larger. It is easy to swipe right and left for liking and rejecting other users. The process of navigation is smooth in the app. The mobile application of Wamba is available on all Android and IOS devices.

Wamba Alternatives and Similar Website & Apps

Some of Wamba’s best alternative dating websites include AdultFriendFinder, eHarmony, Flingster, Tinder, etc.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Premium membership will be the best choice for you if you want to find potential matches. Also, the paid membership of this website is more affordable than its other alternative dating websites. As a paid member, your activities on the site will not be restricted. If you plan to sign up for a long-term membership, then your monthly cost will become lesser.

Duration Costs Total
VIP Status
1 Week 9.14 USD / Week 9.14 USD
1 Month 13.74 USD / Month 13.74 USD
3 Months 12.93 USD / Month 38.78 USD

The renewal of both premium memberships, and VIP status, happens automatically. The payment for membership or VIP status can be made through credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc.

Free Membership Features

Wamba Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

Though premium members get full advantage of the website, free members can access some features. You can ask questions and interact with other members. The information and photos on your profile can be updated according to your choice. You can easily navigate through the profiles of other users. Winks can be sent to your liked members. By the way, the members can take part in the site’s games. You can create your personal to find better matches for you. Your interests, pictures, and hobbies can be added to your profile to make it more informative.

Premium Membership Features

You can send messages to the people you like. The premium members can observe the people who have liked them in voting. You can also hide your activity status, age, and visiting time on the website. Premium members get access to advanced search filters to navigate other users on the site. Colorful stickers can also be applied during chats. As a free member, you can also see the people who have added you to their favorite lists.

Is Wamba Safe?

A lot of doubts arise regarding the safety of using Wamba. People ask whether Mamba is safe to use. When you are planning to join an online dating platform, it is your responsibility to decide for yourself. A little bit of research about the privacy policy of the site can lead you to better understanding. To get accurate information about Wamba’s safety policy, you should check out the website’s page that describes its safety policy in detail. If you want to join a dating website that does not have a dedicated safety policy, it is better not to become a member.

If you encounter any inappropriate and abusive behavior or pictures on the website, you should always contact the Wamba customer support team to launch a complaint or solve it. The site helps you to keep your privacy by choosing anonymity. You should be careful while interacting with any fellow member at the initial stage. The website offers its users the chance to cancel their memberships and deleting their accounts if they do not feel safe. Blocking or reporting a particularly suspicious user can also be the best option to avoid troubles on the website.

Wamba is an internationally trusted website with more than 4 million members for the past twenty years. You can entirely trust the website with your data and personal information because it exchanges information through an internal communication system.


Wamba Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam

Wamba’s detailed review article is written to help people clear all their doubts regarding this dating website.

Wamba is an internationally reputed dating website with its members spreading over almost 50 countries. The fame of the site has grown over the years because of its consistent and efficient service. The website is offered in so many languages that a vast number of people belonging to different parts of the world can access it. The useful and straightforward features are easily compressible, and simple design makes the navigation process easier. The updated and newly launched mobile application of Wamba makes the user’s experience smooth and helps you search through the website, even on the go. If you are a single man and woman belonging to any part of the world, you can light up your dull life by installing Mamba today.

Are there any questions left? Here’s the list of issues the newcomers usually are concerned about:

How to Delete the Wamba Account?

You can send a message or an email to the customer support team of Mamba telling them that you want to delete your profile.


You can sign up for your account with your existing password and delete your user’s account. You can get access to the Delete Profile option through the settings page of your account.

How to Message Someone on Wamba?

You can interact with people with some flirty messages if you are a registered member on this site. Creating exciting conversations with your matches can be pretty impressive. You can get access to the chat feature, also as a free member. You have to use the chat features to initiate the conversation with the fellow members through messages.

How to See Who Likes You on Wamba?

As a free member of Wamba, you can get access to your matches and chat with them. Through this, you can get an idea about who likes you on the site, but paid membership helps you find your potential matches more efficiently and accurately.

How to Block Someone on Wamba?

You should go to the user’s profile whom you want to block and select the ‘block’ option to block him or her.

How to Cancel Wamba Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime during the subscription period or before the auto-renewal period by notifying Wamba’s customer support team.

Contact Information

Wamba Review 2020 — Perfect or Scam
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