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XCheaters Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

XCheaters Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Popular age 29-32
Beauty 48%
Profiles 320.500
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Visit rate 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Creating an account on the site and completing the profile is free for everyone.
  • The site offers umpteen messaging and chatting options.
  • The sign-up process takes less than five minutes.
  • There are plenty of ways to show interest in the profiles of other users.
  • The user interface is easy to use and straightforward.
  • Navigation from one feature to another is also easy.
  • The site follows no verification approach to ensure the safety of the users.
  • You are sure to receive fake messages and likes.
  • Auto-generated messages and likes are a trend on the site.
  • There are fake profiles on the site.
  • Upgrading to premium membership is a costly deal.

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XCheaters have been functional for quite a long time now. However, it fails to gain people’s trust when it comes to online dating, though there are too many users on the site. Most of the users usually sign up on the site as it is free to do so. There are several reasons why trusting this online dating platform is a little tricky. The site contains some virtual profiles who contact you after you have a glance at your interests and hobbies. These virtual profiles are a mastermind of computer software that has the intention of luring you to upgrade your membership. Thus, you need to be very careful.

Though there are certain advantages that the site offers but the disadvantages that come in association with the site are difficult to ignore. Here are few perks as well as pitfalls of creating an account on this site:

The site undeniably seems to offer users plenty of perks and promising features to find an online match. However, the limitations of the site are hard to ignore. Thus, you need to be very careful if you are planning to create an account on this site.

Short introduction of XCheaters

Though the site claims itself to be an ‘adult’ community, it also entertains members who are looking for more casual encounters, including one-night stands or those looking for real as well as a long-lasting relationship.

Expert’s Review of XCheaters

XCheaters Review

The site boasts of having over two million active members with more than thirty thousand users who are active on the site daily. However, believing these numbers is a little hard. Members on the site belong to diverse sexual orientations as there is no discrimination against them based on their sexual preferences. Only people who are 18 years or above can create an account on this site. Both men and women are equally active on the site from all across the globe.

Website Design & Usability

The homepage of XCheaters website displays a large photo collage of users who are members on the site using it to satisfy their dating needs. The possibility of pictures on the website’s homepage being fake or fraudulent is also high, so do not believe what you see. With more than half the screen showing these pictures, you can spot a form in the center asking for your details to join the site for free. At the bottom of the site, you can find icons like Search, Help, About, Terms, and Privacy. On the extreme top of the site, you can see fields asking for your username/email address or password to help you log in to the site if you are already a user on the site. Also, in case you forget the password, there is a link under the password tab that helps you recover your password. The website has a neat and clean design.

Special Features

XCheaters Features

There are plenty of features that the site offers, and some of these are unique to the site. Following are a few of the most distinctive features that differentiate this site from others:

Sending Likes and Receiving Matches

The site offers you a feature where you can not only view the profile of other members on the site but at the same time, you can also show your interest by liking their profile. When the other person sees that you want their profile, they have two options. They can either ignore your likes or respond, demonstrating a mutual interest. Both the members then get a formal notification about mutual liking for one another. Your profile will now show up in the ‘My Matches’ section. This further means that you can now send a message to continue the conversation. In case the user did not like your profile back, then the profile of that user appears in your ‘My Likes’ section.

Liked Me section

There is a menu on the left-hand section of your profile that shows the ‘Liked Me’ section. This section shows you the list of users who like your profile, but you did not respond to their gestures.

Profile Icons

There are few icons on the site that play an essential role in helping you to separate some profiles from others in terms of visibility. A green icon next to the picture is an indication that a person is online. If the green icon is not bright, then the user is offline. If the users are online, you can send them a request to chat to get an instant reply. To differentiate standard members from the premium members, you need to look for a star icon that represents premium members.

Adult Content Option

Users have the power to control the amount of adult content that the site exposes them to with the help of Adult Content Option. There are plenty of sponsorship as well as advertisements on XCheaters from the portals that excel in depicting adult content. To customize if you want to see this content or not, you can have the ‘show adult content’ switch in the ‘edit account’ section as ‘on’ or ‘off.’

How does XCheaters work?

XCheaters work

There is no specific practical algorithm that the site uses. You just need to create an account on the site, and you are free to use the standard features to explore online dating options. Messaging is not free for the users, but if you are lucky enough to receive a text from premium members, you can surely reply.

Sign Up Process

You can create an account on the site within a few minutes. The process of creating an account on the website is simple and straightforward. To sign up on the site, you need to be 18 years or above. Signing up on the site is a free process. You need to feed your email address and nominate a password to create the account. Apart from this, the site requires you to enter your date of birth. You need to click on the checkbox that assures you have read all the terms and conditions plus privacy policy. Having put in all the details, you need to click on the icon that says Register Now. After this, the site takes you to another page with a new form where you need to nominate a username for your login credentials. The site automatically picks up your location, that is, your country, city, and province. You need to let the site know your gender and the gender of the partner you are looking for on the website. Next, you need to verify that you are a human by entering the field of verification of the alphabets that the site shows you and click on the icon that says “continue.” Now you reach another page where you need to upload a profile photo, but it is not mandatory. Also, you need to write something about yourself in at least five words, and click on the Get Started icon. Now you finally reach your profile’s dashboard where you see profiles of other users. To your surprise, you may find that you already have one like or a visitor the moment you enter, which raises questions on the credibility of the site.

Users Profiles Quality

XCheaters Profiles Quality

The user’s profiles are not as descriptive as you might want them to be, but these do include necessary information like the username and the age of the person. Apart from this, on individual profiles, you can also see ‘zipcode’ which indicates the current location/city of the user. The locations help the site to figure out a potential match for you or within ten to twenty miles from you. Though uploading a profile picture is unnecessary, many users upload an interesting profile picture to attract other users. One thing that you must realize here is that XCheaters reviews the photos you upload before approving and showing them on the site. You can thus upload only a picture that shows your face and physical appearance. The profile photo cannot be of a random thing like a car or flower.

Mobile Application

At present, the site does not offer any mobile application for download. Neither is the mobile app available for Android users, nor is it possible for iOS users. The only way to use XCheaters is by accessing the website that is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface.

XCheaters Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

XCheaters Similar Websites & Apps

There are plenty of online dating apps out there in the market that is better than XCheaters. These alternatives not only offer you all what this site does but in addition to all these features, these offer you hundreds of more interesting features. Some of the popular alternatives of XCheaters are:

  • FlirtLocal
  • SteamyDates
  • NoStringsFun
  • PassionDesire

Membership Price and Payment Method

XCheaters Price

Just like any other online dating site, XCheaters have an upgrade to the membership available on the site. If you want to get access to more useful and interesting features, you need to upgrade your membership to premium. Unlike other online dating sites, the cost of upgrading your account on XCheaters is comparatively expensive. There are three subscription plans that the site makes available, one month, three months, and one-year membership plans. You can pay for the subscription using your credit card and debit card with a VISA or Mastercard logo. The charge appears on your credit card bill as ‘XCBILL’.

One Month Membership

This one is the most expensive plan that you can buy. You need to pay a cost of $30 per month to enjoy the premium features.

Three Month Membership

In this plan, you need to make a total payment of $60, which means that you pay $20 per month. This plan is 33% cheaper than the first option.

One Year Membership

In this plan subscription, you need to pay a total of $120. This total means that you have to pay $10 per month. Plan three is undoubtedly the most profitable of all.

Subscription Plan Price Per Month in USD Total Price
One Month Membership 30 30
Three Month Membership 20 60
One Year Membership 10 120

Free Membership Features

XCheaters Membership Features

Just like any other online dating site, XCheaters also offers you plenty of features without you having to pay a single penny. However, not much of these features that you get are worth enjoying or useful at finding a date. As a standard user, you have access to only some of the main features of the site.

  • Free members can create an account on the site and also complete their profiles on the website.
  • You can visit the profiles of all the users on the site.
  • Standard members can receive as well as read messages they get from the premium members.
  • Free users have the authority to like the profile of other users though they cannot send other users a message.

Premium Membership Features

XCheaters Features

If you are a premium member, the site allows you to access not only the main features but also the additional features that facilitate exploring the website and its potential to a full extent.

  • Allow standard users to read your message.
  • You can allow the standard members to read your messages.

  • Send a message to all the users.
  • Premium members have the authority to send messages to both standard and other premium members.

  • Rank higher in search results
  • The site places a star icon next to your profile, which helps you attract other users, and you also get to appear higher in the search results.

  • Get full access to audio/ video files.
  • Premium members get access to not only the audio profiles but also the video files on the site.

  • Use dating center
  • You can also use the dating center where you can post updates to the profile and reveal what you have been doing the entire day.

  • Give additional contact information
  • While sending messages to the standard users, you can include additional contact information to enable standard users to contact you back. This information can be your email address or phone number.

Is XCheaters Really Safe?

The site does not offer enough instances to render it safe without a clause. Neither is there any verification process nor any other provision of ensuring that only genuine people log in to the site. Also, the fake profiles on the website make you lose trust in this platform quickly. The virtual profile sends you messages and, like immediately after you log into your account, which again is disheartening.


The site tends to serve people who are looking for a potential match online. Also, it allows people of all the sexual orientations to look for a prospective partner on the site. However, the virtual profiles on the site send you fake likes and messages, something that a good online dating site should never do to its user. It is a pure form of misleading innocent people trusting a platform to find a partner. Though you cannot openly announce this site as a pure scam, it is surely not legitimate with so many misleading acts on the platform.

XCheaters FAQs

There are plenty of questions that need clarification before you can make up your mind about creating a profile on the online dating site like XCheaters. Here are some of the most popular questions that people ask, along with their answers to help you get clarity.

How to delete XCheaters account?

Deleting an account from the site is an easy task. You simply need to visit the help page of the site and fill in a short form. The form asks you to state the reason for deleting your account. Here are the steps you need o to follow:

  • Visit https://www.xcheaters.com/profile/deleteAccount. Give a reason for removing the account
  • Click on delete account
  • Assure that you want to delete your account
  • Click on delete account again
  • You get a message on the site that you were able to delete the account successfully

How to message someone on XCheaters?

Only premium members have access to send messages to other users on the site. Premium members need to visit the profile of a user they like, type their message, and then press the Send button. You get a response on the same page if the other user replies to your message.

How to see who likes you on XCheaters without paying?

On your profile, you can see a section that is “Liked Me.” This section shows you the list of all the users who like your profile.

How to block someone on XCheaters?

Blocking an annoying user on the site is a straightforward task. There are just a few steps that you need to follow. These steps are as follow:

  • Visit the profile of the user you want to block
  • Click on the block (X) icon that is present under the photo of the user.
  • You receive a popup ‘Are you sure you want to block this user?’
  • Click on the ‘ok’ icon to confirm.

Before you block a person, you must know that there is no option to manage your block list, this means that you might not be able to unblock a person.

How to cancel XCheaters subscription?

Premium members can cancel their recurring membership any time they like by following a few steps. These steps are as follows:

  • Click on the Edit Account option that is present in the top-right menu
  • Here uncheck the recurring checkbox

After one month from this action of yours, you will be able to get rid of the premium account, and you will be a standard user again.

Contact Information

For any issues, big or small, you can always call on 1-866-883-4978 and 1-925-264-3473 to get an answer to all your queries.

  • Company Name: Flaming Head Limited
  • Address: 9A Theodorou Kolokotroni, Geri
  • Zip Code + City: 2201 Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Customer Support Email: support@xcheaters.com.
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