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Xmatch Review 2021: Is It Really Good?

Xmatch Review 2021: Is It Really Good?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 250.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy and fast registration
  • A huge user database
  • No interaction required
  • Kinky folks are welcome
  • Sex Academy
  • Virtual sex
  • Lack of interaction may disappoint active singles
  • A lot of fake and inactive profiles
  • Poor customer support
  • Tons of porn
  • Limited free functionality
  • Insufficient safety

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XMatch turns out to be a hookup resource owned by the FriendFinderNetworks, also responsible for the creation of SwapFinder alongside AdultFriendFinder. Well, in case of reaching the age of majority, you are also welcome to join this dating platform. The project boasts one of the most diverse audiences in the industry. It is because the resource shares the user database with its sister websites.

The dating resource caters to folks who need hookups with singles or couples. Here you are welcome to pick up a worthy match from millions of sexually-driven and open-minded users. That’s one of the best solutions to quickly satisfy your rapidly soaring sexual drive.

A Detailed Glimpse At Xmatch

A Detailed Glimpse At Xmatch

Started in 1996, Xmatch enables a great number of people to make their sexual desires come true. The adult resource encourages users to exchange with their home videos at no cost.

Once you find yourself on the platform, you realize that you have come to the obscene kingdom where thousands of nude bodies magnetize you from the home page. They offer you to disclose your sex desires and jump with two feet into the most exciting experiments ever. About 7,000 Xmatch participants are online daily.

You can easily get lost in its huge database because it’s common for other FriendFinderNetwork dating resources. Here, you can select a hookup partner from up to 96 million hot guys and babes. The site audience is mainly represented by male users (nearly 70%). On the other hand, female participants are strikingly active on the dating resource, so you can count on a storm of messages. In addition to individuals, it also encourages couples to register with Xmatch.

The dominating age group on the dating platform is 24-35. We can characterize them as young professionals seeking memorable hookups. More than half of the site audience (about 45 million) are US citizens.

The dating site welcomes people of any sexual orientation. Nevertheless, Xmatch seems to be a mostly heterosexual community.

Assessing Xmatch Usability And Design

Assessing Xmatch Usability And Design

This dating platform’s design has much in common with what we observe on its sister Internet resources. The Xmatch logo is the only visual element that makes it stand out.

You can conveniently reach out to any feature using the tabs on the top of the home page. Every tab comes with a highly-informative drop-down menu disclosing the sub-sections of each site category.

Xmatch comes up with a very intuitive layout – everything is rationally arranged using clear grids and boxes. They drastically facilitate accessing the required navigation elements. So, no matter how old and tech-savvy an Xmatch, user is, he or she will easily find the desired stuff on the website.

Although the Xmatch design is fairly good, some users complain at a small font used for profile descriptions as well as articles in the Blog section. It prevents the older members from viewing the site content.

Xmatch Exclusive Features

Xmatch Exclusive Features

The dating platform Xmatch boasts several worthy features enabling you to have a good time there even without physical contact with any user.

  • Magazine: Here, you can obtain a bunch of helpful tips, hot photos, and some exclusive information on dating online. Additionally, the site admins update this section regularly.
  • Hot or Not: It’s a roulette match generator. Here you will be granted a picture of another Xmatch participant to vote for. It’s up to you to decide whether this particular person is exciting or not.
  • Sex Academy: Here, Xmatch offers you to educate yourself on sex-related topics.
  • Blogs: In addition to Sex Academy mentioned above, this section is also another good place to learn more about sex.
  • Contests: If you feel bored, then the best way to cheer yourself up is to take part in various contests held by Xmatch regularly.
  • Erotic Stories: Visiting this section is the best way to get a thrill. Here Xmatch users excitingly narrate how they made the most of the dating resource or had an unforgettable one-night stand anywhere else.
  • Adult Movies: Undoubtedly, porn fans will appreciate this section.
  • Live Action: If you are fond of live erotic shows, visit this page. Thus, you’ll learn who’s currently offering this thrilling stuff.
  • Bling: To comment on other participants’ pages and pictures, you should use so-called “blings” – animated erotic GIFs.

Xmatch: How Does It Work?

Xmatch: How Does It Work

The dating platform caters to folks who look for casual sex adventures. We can characterize it as a hookup website. What’s more, it simultaneously has much in common with a social networking site and a porn resource.

A newcomer can quickly join this obscene community due to a fast and easy registration procedure. Xmatch happens to be an ideal place to socialize with people who share the same sexual interests with you. Moreover, the endless networking possibilities of the resource will enable you to get acquainted with a slew of unique personalities.

In terms of the basic functionality, the site user interface resembles what we see on Friend Finder-X and Adult Friend Finder. The key sections are What Is Hot, My Stuff, Community, Search, and Live Action.

If you find someone interesting on the platform, you are welcome to send him or her winks, bookmark or like this profile or send this member messages.

When it comes to matching, this dating platform takes into account your individual cupid preferences, in particular, the potential partner’s body parameters, age, race, and so on. However, we should note that the given preferences are fairly vague, especially considering 36 million members. It will bring you millions of potential partners. On the other hand, it would be hard to be compatible with all of them.

Every profile on Xmatch comes with a compatibility score giving you a prompt of how compatible with you this particular user is.

You can discern a hotness points system alongside a newsfeed one, which is crucial social media feature. However, what makes it stand out is that Xmatch allows its users to express themselves as sexually-driven personalities via comments, snapshots, videos, etc. entirely. You don’t need a lot of imagination on this hookup resource.

Here participants actively post hot videos and photographs, invite each other to private webcam shows, comment on all this stuff, grant points, etc. Xmatch has a separate section for the hottest content uploaded by its members. Respectively, here you can spot the most popular folks of the platform. The dating resource enables anybody to let their exclusive erotic shade shine through and assists in spotting soulmates.

One of the most effective ways to spot folks with the same sexual preferences is to take advantage of the Kink section. Here Xmatch participants can have a Kink questionnaire completed. Its outcomes will be further displayed in their profiles, so anyone will have a clear idea of what to expect from this particular member. Additionally, the questionnaire highlights up to 31 sexual activities varying from fetishes to erotic massage. Well, on Xmatch, you don’t even need to fill out your profile because just running a Kink search would be enough to spot the right matches.

Registering An Account With Xmatch

Registering An Account With Xmatch

For an average Internet user, there’s nothing difficult in creating a profile on this dating platform. First of all, you are expected to uncover your gender. Moreover, you should specify your potential partner’s gender. By the way, you can select all the available categories of the site participants, such as couples, males, and females.

After this, you require disclosing your place of residence as well as your birthday. Don’t forget to provide your zip code. Secondly, you need to come up with a password and a nick. Your actual email address needs to be specified too. After this, check your inbox to follow a link in a confirmation letter sent to you.

Once you log in to your account, disclose your personality, including your marital status, body parameters, sexual orientation, and race.

Finally, you need to go to the More About You tab. Here, you need to write a catchy introduction title, which will serve as your headline. After this, you require completing the main paragraph. In this section, you can find some templates and tips you can take advantage of if you struggle to complete it on your own.

Xmatch Profiles: How Informative They Are?

Xmatch Profiles: How Informative They Are

On Xmatch, Gold users are allowed to browse through profiles. As for free users, they can view a concise summary of other participants’ pages when hovering a mouse cursor on a person’s profile photograph. The summary provides:

  • A brief biography;
  • Contact features;
  • The participant’s nickname, location, and age;
  • The participant’s interests and preferences;
  • The person’s status (premium, free, and verified);
  • His or her friends, and previews of photographs, and videos.

If you’re about to look through a person’s page, it can be done for a modest fee. On Xmatch, user pages come with five sections. The first one has to do with the profile data that you chose to share on the platform. Additionally, it displays your pals, Sex Academy courses, kinks, testimonials, and activities, not to mention a compatibility chart.

Other sections are used to upload videos, photographs, articles posted on the platform’s blog, responses to the site profile questionnaire.

Getting Familiar With The Site Mobile App

Getting Familiar With The Site Mobile App

To our great regret, Xmatch has done nothing to develop a specific mobile application for iOS or Android devices yet. On the other hand, its absence wouldn’t be fatal for the vast majority of the site participants. It’s because the site is quite compatible with modern mobile browsers. Once you log in from your smartphone, you will see that everything there suits you. You can access all the required features as if you are using the desktop version. So, in this regard, it’s not inferior to typical apps of the modern dating industry.

Major Alternatives To Xmatch

If you don’t find this dating platform worthy enough, you may consider its alternatives. Let’s review them here below.

  • Ashley Madison: That’s one of the most well-known adult platforms. As Xmatch, it also caters to those folks interested in confidential as well as speedy hookups. Up to 55 million people have already become members of this online community. It gives grounds to ascertain that it’s one of the leading dating resources in the globe. The site audience is made up of mostly married folks willing to have a memorable love affair. However, singles hang around there as well. It takes newcomers a couple of minutes to sign up. Having registered, they can instantly get down to matching. Each member’s profile on the platform features a feedback rating determined by other users.
  • AdultFriendFinder: That’s one of the top-ranked dating platforms around the globe. Many experts attribute this popularity to the platform’s eagerness to cater to anyone’s dating needs. The project has been successfully gaining new members for more than twenty years. So, it is not difficult to guess that its audience is very large. Here you can come across singles who need casual sex. Even those who are currently in relationships also rush to AdultFriendFinder to satisfy their sexual desires. We should note that the dating platform is built around a points system, which drops a hint at a game. With the help of these points, members can encourage other users to show their photographs, videos, updates, etc. If you manage to collect enough points, have them spent to access other site sections.

Pricing And Payment Methods

In contrast with other dating resources, the website is quite average in terms of pricing. So, let’s see how much you are expected to shell out to get laid tonight. If you make up your mind to become a premium user, get ready to deal with the following amounts:

  • $107 – 12 months;
  • $36 – 3 months;
  • $20- 1 month.

On the site, you can purchase points for the following amounts:

  • For $10, you can buy 1,000 points;
  • For $6, you can purchase 500 points;
  • For $3, you can acquire 200 points.

Unfortunately, Xmatch doesn’t provide too many payment options. So, here, you can only rely on:

  • Cheque;
  • Credit cards.

Free Membership: What To Expect?

As a free user of the platform, you can:

  • Send winks;
  • Have other participants bookmarked;
  • Stream erotic shows;
  • Take advantage of special features.

Being An Xmatch Premium User

If it’s affordable for you to become a paid member of the platform, the following services will be available:

  • Enjoy live porn shows performed by professional models;
  • Watch user streams;
  • Have unlimited communication features;
  • Access any profile.

Is This Dating Platform Safe Enough?

GoDaddy is a watchdog responsible for verifying and securing Xmatch. Moreover, as the site privacy policy states, it strives to protect its users’ personal data. For this purpose, high-quality firewalls are implemented.

Safety always appears to be the number one concern when dating in the network. In this case, you have to share a great deal of sensitive and personal data, which can be stolen, resulting in fatal consequences. Fortunately, Xmatch implements a bunch of cutting-edge solutions, excluding sudden and devastating data breaches.

On the other hand, despite the huge security effort taken by Xmatch, many things are still to be improved. For example, it’s possible to find any suspicious profiles reportedly run by scammers on the site. What’s more, there’s another thing happening on Xmatch that can make anybody angry. Well, even with a blank profile, you may be suddenly bombarded with messages from hot members. It feels like Xmatch generates this stuff to make you think that all these babes or guys are interested.


In general, we can conclude that XMatch turns out to be a trustworthy platform ideally suitable for casual sex. A great number of its users are ready for an exciting game with you. By the way, you don’t necessarily need to end up finding someone. Instead, you can choose to entertain yourself with the platform’s rich array of special features. You are welcome to register with this dating site at no cost and make your erotic dreams come true.

For the last six months, it has managed to attract up to 1,300,000 new members, bringing the total audience to the mind-blowing figure of 36,000 users. As a rule, an average Xmatch user visits 26 profiles and stays on the website for about 12 minutes. As follows from these figures, people are used to staying there longer than on other similar Internet resources. The site is especially popular with people from Brazil, Canada, and America.

On a social scale, this dating platform is undoubtedly higher than any regular porn website. As a hookup resource, it does its job well, helping many people worldwide find the best sex partners. Here, hookup lovers can not only find good matches but also amuse themselves with exciting videos and snapshots. If you become a paid member of Xmatch, you can access seductive shows given by professional models.

How Can I delete my account?

Go to the settings section to have your Xmatch memberships canceled.

How Can I Send Messages To Other Users On The Site??

To do this, you require clicking on the green button ‘Send IM.’ Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Send Message’ button next to the chosen member.

Can I Learn That My Profile Was Liked At No Cost?

No, this option is only for paid members.

How Can I Block An Xmatch Member?

To report a problematic Xmatch user, just go to his or her profile and click on the button “Report.”

How Can I Have My Subscription Canceled?

For this purpose, you should go to the Settings section.

Xmatch Contact Details

  • Company Name: Various, Inc
  • Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008
  • Zip Code + City:
  • Country:
  • Customer Support Email: privacy@friendfindernetworks.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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