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Bumble vs. Tinder – Full Guide for Comparing

Bumble vs. Tinder – Full Guide for Comparing

Precisely, if you are here to get laid, Tinder should be your best friend. It has always been the top choice of those who are more interested in hookups and casual relationships. Although much of your success would depend on how you use it, the advanced Tinder app can provide you with 14 out of 20 right swipes back. This ratio of right swipes translates into more chances of finding your dream date tonight.

On the downside, the site’s ‘super like’ feature is unnecessarily quick, and at times you find yourself accidentally sending it to strangers. We advise you to send it only to those you cannot ‘live without.’ Another quibble Tinder fans face is that sometimes people send annoyingly explicit messages and pictures. It becomes embarrassing in public places. Although Tinder offers a stealth version of the site in the form of a spreadsheet, the exposed images appearing on the screen can raise brows when you are at work.

Bumble, on the other hand, is a woman-friendly service with almost a similar interface as Tinder. However, it is different from Tinder in some ways. The first difference is that it only lets the women initiate a conversation. The primary purpose of launching Bumble was to empower women. Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, was a former Tinder employee, and she started Bumble after being sexually harassed while at Tinder.

The platform encourages women to send something other than a simple ‘hey’ to start a conversation. After sending the first message, the site allows the other end’s response for 24 hours only. It then automatically deletes that message.

This feature is the best to keep the users active and weed the forum off the inactive users.

A difference between Bumble and Tinder is that Bumble allows exchanging pictures in messages while Tinder doesn’t. However, if to start a conversation, you have nothing better than weather information, you should first practice your communication skills on Tinder and then move to Bumble.

How to Choose a Better One?

Much of ‘choosing better’ depends on your requirements and your cultural background.

It’s clear that Tinder is not for building lasting relationships; it is instead more of a hookup site. Here you will find guys initiating the chat. They usually get you into an explicit conversation, generally intending to get you laid out.

Admittedly, many users are searching for serious dating or a few may be for long-term relationships, but most are found hunting for hookups only.

Therefore, if you are out there for a one-night-stand, go for Tinder. We will recommend Tinder to those girls too who are not good at starting a conversation.

Bumble, on the contrary, is quite like an actual dating app. It aims at building relationships. If you want to have a partner to share, hang out and chat, register for Bumble. It won’t disappoint you.

So, Tinder or Bumble? Much of the better depends upon your requirements. First, know what you need and choose accordingly.

Bumble vs. Tinder: What’s about Price Comparison?

Since their launch in 2014 and 2012, both Bumble and Tinder have offered free downloads and use to their members. It means you can download the website or application version for free, create a pretty appealing profile, and upload pictures for free. You can also exchange messages with other users without spending a dime; however, like many other free dating sites, Bumble and Tinder reserve a few unique features for their paid members.

Tinder, for instance, has limited the number of swipes for its free users. It doesn’t allow its unpaid members to exceed hundred right swipes per day. Hundreds may appear to you a significant number; however, you will find yourself running out of your per day right swipes within 10 minutes.

A pro tip! Before swiping, quickly browse through the profiles and scan whether you want to pinch it right or not. This way, you will not waste your free right swipes blindly.

For those who are 30 and above, Tinder Plus charges $19.99 for a month and $9.99 for all those under 30. The package includes limitless right swipes per day. With Tinder Plus, you can also undo the left-swipes you accidentally do while navigating through the site.

With this package, you can also send five super-likes per day and can boost your profile to the top stack. This free boosting pushes you to the top and increases your profile visibility.

Tinder Gold includes two more unique features – you can spy on the members who have already swiped your profile to the right with the Gold subscription. It also sends you the list of top picks daily, and you can choose from them and contact them. However, to enjoy these perks, you have to pay $4.99 more than Tinder Plus’s cost.

With Bumble Boost, you can have the shelf-life of matches increased. It also lets you view the profiles who sent you likes. For these additional features, Bumble demands $9.99 per month.

As for pricing, Tinder is reasonable and lets you enjoy more perks.

Bumble vs. Tinder: Who Can Join?

Both men and women above 18 years can join Tinder and Bumble. Both the sites do not put any restrictions on age, gender, geographic location, and sexual orientation. However, they advise you to specify the radius to recommend you the dating matches from your locality.

It wouldn’t be wrong to suppose that if someone is dating, he/she must be on Tinder. Yes, it’s true! Tinder has a huge member base. People from diverse ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds join Tinder. You may meet here the people who value their career more than anything else. You may also find a range of artists, models, and comedians on Tinder.

However, people belonging to business class are also no fewer in number on Tinder. In short, it appears to be a kit bag of umpteen males and females who are either single or married. Therefore, you have to do a lot of searching to find a potential match on Tinder.

For Bumble, on the contrary, you will not have to search a lot to find for diamond. The males and females registered on Bumble are a complete package in themselves. You will not find anyone on Bumble who is not a viable personality. You will find everything you are searching for – sexy appearance, impressive personality, and a six-figure salary. It is one of the main attractions the users experience for Bumble. However, at times it cannot be very safe.

As a woman, you might be more intrigued to join Tinder as it has almost double the number of men as of women. So, they can have plenty of fish to choose from. Most of the time, the selection becomes quite challenging, and you find yourself wasting much of your time swiping right and left.

On the other end, Bumble has an equal number of men and women, which is ideal for a dating site. This equal number of guys and girls daters on Bumble translates into equal chances of getting a date. Guys to girls ratio is a major difference between Bumble and Tinder.

Bumble Features

Bumble uses a dual-mode interface, quite like Tinder. These modes are image-focused and text-like chat modes. You will get used to the image-focused way quite easily as it is straightforward-swipe right if you like, swipe left if you dislike.

However, Bumble is different from Tinder in the way swiping works. Tinder allows you to swipe right, left, or super-like using buttons on the screen, while Bumble lets you swipe usually. Swiping up also plays a different function on Bumble. It allows you to view more photographs while swiping upward on Tinder means super-like. Bumble asks you to shake your phone while Tinder asks you to use the bottom key for undoing the left swipe.

Bumble is a well-manufactured portal that is easy to use. It is routinely updated with new features.

Signing up with Bumble is slightly easier than Tinder. It allows you to fetch your profile information and photos from Facebook too. You can also add your photographs manually.

Bumble respects your gender and your sexual orientation. You can pick from a list of options given on the site. It would also ask for your birthday and recovery email. After adding this basic information, you can fly your free flights on this beautiful dating app.

Tinder Features

Since its launch back in 2012, Tinder has been enjoying immense popularity due to its three remarkable features:

Geolocation: This helps you see the members within your location. The feature helps eliminate wastage of time with the users who are not in your radius.

Swiping: This unique feature of swiping right or left to show your interest is appealing and is being imitated by other dating sites.

Get Matched and Text: This feature also helps save time. Tinder doesn’t allow you to send a message to the members before you get marched via swiping.

These fun features have revolutionized the tedious and monotonous online dating process and made it appear more like a highly intuitive mobile game.

Tinder mobile app is available for both Android and Apple users. Its easy-to-use interface has led the established dating apps and newly launched apps to change their layout. The most reputed of such rivals is Bumble which changed its application layout to a more Tinder-like version. Bumble also replicated Tinder’s swiping and geolocating feature to attract more users.

We love Tinder because it’s not a static application; its moderators keep updating the site and app by adding more features and making it a lot more user-friendly.

You can now link your Tinder and Bumble profiles to Instagram and access your photographs’ chosen members. Your favorites can view your additional photos and taste for music.

Tinder Plus allows you unlimited undo of the left-swipes if you happen to do it accidentally. On the other hand, Bumble puts restrictions on it and allows undoing the left swipes three times a day only.

As for signing up, Tinder asks you for primary verification, which includes giving an email address and a phone number. After registration, you are asked to fill in your account information. Including your name, your date of birth, and gender is mandatory. Adding school is optional. Upload a few sexy photos, and you are all set to swipe right!

Both the sites allow their users to get back and edit or add to the profile information.

And the Winner is: Bumble or Tinder

Time to announce the winner!

Are you intrigued to know between Tinder and Bumble?

Let your curiosity boil down as…

We don’t have one clear winner to shout out to your surprise, as neither of these two dating sites can be called better than the other.

As far as uniqueness goes, we must acknowledge that Bumble deserves to be the highest place on the victory stand. With its most reputed feature of allowing only women to initiate conversation, we must say that Bumble is unique. This quality empowers ladies and makes them more confident. The primary purpose of empowering women on the platform is to protect them from sleazy texts from men.

While Bumble appears to be the more serious service for long-term relationships, Tinder does a great job providing quality matches for casual relationships and hookups. Therefore, in building a lasting relationship and quality matches, Bumble takes an edge over Tinder.

As for the unpaid features, both the services are equal. We didn’t find any marked difference in the free features they offer.

Tinder is a clear winner with the countless perks offering in its Tinder Premium packages at a reasonable price to compare their premium offers. It leaves Bumble Boost far behind in pricing and features.

Let’s sum up this way – Tinder is for those who want to have fun hooking up RIGHT NOW. Its modern interface and addictive swiping will never get you bored, while Bumble is for those men who want women to take the step first, value their privacy, and can make a move first.

Comment below if you agree with us or have any hiccups about our Tinder vs. Bumble judgment.

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