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Cuddli Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Cuddli Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 22-29
Profiles 2 100 000
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Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is geared with geeks, eager to match like-minded people.
  • A secure and fast sign up process.
  • No worries about how to start a conversation, as the community is friendly.
  • Available for both Android and iOS.
  • Users have highly reviewed the Android version.
  • Top-notch security.
  • It is entirely free.
  • It sets you up with a date in your city.
  • No annoying ads or paywalls.
  • iOS version has a lot to work on.
  • A relatively new app, the user base is low but growing.
  • A generous amount of time and effort goes into chatting before a date is settled.

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The world of dating sites has not been considerate to people with keen interests in gaming, comics, and tech. It happens that such hobbies have been belittled and taunted. Not everyone enjoys the comic and gaming world. But with Cuddli, things are different. Your appetite for games, comics, and other nerdy stuff is highly appreciated by like-minded people who have the same mindset. These so-called ‘geeks’, ‘nerds’, ‘freaks’ have contributed enormously to our society. But their struggle to find romance has been a long and dreadful tale. Inspired from such exotic passion, this website is a safe romance brewing house for this community. From genuine love to friends with benefits or a companion for ages, Cuddli is overloaded with the capabilities.

Cuddli Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Experts Review of Cuddli

Cuddli has been co-founded by Steve Tauber, Robert Walker, and Pinguino Kolb on 10th January 2014. These pros had been working in Microsoft, NBC Universal, and Verizon. They went with their idea to create a user-friendly dating app that is safe and fun. But the most integral part is, the geeks would be the popular kids in this block, and interests like gaming and comics will be appreciated. The exclusive idea was to make love matching tailored to their desires and curiosities. Even though the app was designed in California, the software development was headed north of Croatia’s capital Zagreb. Cuddli is ranked 8,820,175 among websites globally and has a monthly web visit of 1,471.

Being a new site on the market, the number of members is particularly low compared to other dating sites. Even though it is based on geeks, there are no such constraints on its use by other communities, as long as they relish this app. The number of men prevails with an overall percentage between mid-fifty and near sixty. It is open to all sexual preferences. Be particular during the time of signup and specify your choice of sexual orientation. One has to be above 18 years to access the website. The platform is open to all races and ethnicity within the regions it is available.

Website Design & Usability

Being an app customized for geeks, you expect the design to be cool, tacky, classy, and catchy. And it surely does not disappoint. The use of colors is enjoyable and breathtaking. For a moment, you would be awestruck at the design and want to keep looking at it and get lost in it. Moving on, the functionality is top class, and that is precisely what you expect from the creators who were parts of such big companies before. They know what the users expect from an app, what people want, and what they don’t. There is hardly a negative thing to point out. The navigation is super easy with well-crafted menu bars, sub-menu bars, and detailed headings.

Website Design & Usability

Special Features

  • A super-fast signup process without any complicated questions. The answers to questions can be procured by clicking specific ‘icons’ corresponding to your interests.
  • The before said ‘icons’ are a forerunner for conversation starters. Matched icons are indicators of something both of you enjoy. Hence they are the best conversation starters with no awkward pauses.
  • ‘Couples Mode’ in Cuddli for those who have found their match, that special someone who has made their heart flutter. This enables couples to continue to chat with each other. But during this mode, they are not permitted to match or chat with anyone else. This keeps their relationship history and romance intact. And there is also the guarantee that your sweetheart is not keeping you on the sidelines while finding other options.
  • ‘Four Square’ is an integration feature that suggests date activities, date spots, and other events that would make the real-life love affair entertaining, based on shared interests. This feature has been added, keeping in mind its geeky audience. As most of them spend a lot of their time online, they mostly unaware of the whereabouts outside and also not good at talking to real people. Further, the dates for the assigned meet-up could be integrated into your Google Calendar, not to forget it.
  • Sticker store is available to make conversation funny, breezy, and engaging.
Special Features

How does Cuddli work?

Cuddli accumulates the passions and desires of geeks, and fetch you closer to come upon the geek that was made for you. Like many other dating sites, it uses GPS and a swiping mechanism to match users. However, these features are not the same. It does not feature a pending list of matches. Users have to respond to their existing match requests before they start further matching with other people. This way, people are not left waiting for a response.

Sign Up Process

Like many dating apps, the initial signup offers users to connect via Facebook or Google. And this is a must for profile authenticity reasons. After this, a set of questions are asked regarding the location, age, sexual orientation, etc. Following this, you are given the option to upload selfies and photos. One can be creative and pick their top images for people to get a peek inside their lifestyle. Perhaps a picture in a t-shirt with your favorite marvel comic character or a snapshot from a comic event you attended. The deal is to get innovative. When it comes to your interests, Cuddli does not ask you to write and describe yourself but instead asks you to choose from a variety of icons available. There are many options from every corner, be it entertainment, science fiction, mathematics, literature, competitive video games, fantasy world, and many more. It is best to choose as many options as possible, to up your chances of a match that can go the distance, and heed attention to your nerdy plans.

Users Profiles Quality

Gear up if you feel connected to the nerd loving community. Following the easy signup process, you are ready for the experience. During the signup, users select interest icons that indicate what makes them geek out the most. A mutual interest match is highlighted for easy identification. As soon as there is a mutual match with someone, they are free to message as much as possible. Whether anyone knows HTML, other coding languages, or is a mathematics lover, their interests are served. So do fill this section with involvement. Additional critical information regarding profile matches is that you must respond to an existing match to unlock the next match. Delaying a conversation will take you nowhere.

Mobile Application

A fantastic mobile application is available for both Android and iOS dating users, with the Android dating version being widely reviewed as one of its kind. Even though this version has had bad reviews, its iOS counterpart has not had a smooth sail at all. With frequent reports of crashing, it still has a point to prove and places to go. With the technical background of the founders of Cuddli, it is expected to be looked upon and bring out a far better outlook.

Mobile Application

Cuddli Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are various dating sites in the present time. Its main competitors and alternatives are Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble because of their large user bases, where you supposed to find a match whoever you are looking for. Being one of a kind in geek dating app , it specializes in this direction and can be rightly claimed to be the best dating site for geeks.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The overall experience with Cuddli is free, with no membership options later on after signup. The best thing is their team has asserted that it will remain free forever. Like Facebook, a similar approach is cool as long as it is free and wants to stick to this idea. This approach is mostly unheard of dating apps, where the signup and registration are for free, but the following features are paid.

Free Membership Features

Being a completely free site, this does not have a vast number of features. But the limited features it possesses are to the point and oozes excellence. One can view the matches and take a challenge. Pursuing this, they may chat and come to a discussion about a real date. And what’s best is that Cuddli helps find a perfect place or event for a date in likeness to their interests. Two members who have struck a bond between them can express themselves as a couple. Using this function, they will remain undisturbed by other members, and neither can contact others; hence they can focus their attention on their respective partners.

Apart from this is the basic feature of uploading selfies and photos. You can see another member’s photo gallery only when they have been matched with you; you cannot search for people here. Whatever profile comes your way, is all you got, and have to remain content with that.

Premium Membership Features

As mentioned before, Cuddli is a free app. There are no available paid memberships. Hence the features are the same for every user.

Premium Membership Features

Is Cuddli Really Safe?

For a dating site, you invariably want to check the security box, because of various reports of scams in such services. A guaranteed assurance that there isn’t a safer dating site than this is that the security professionals have developed it. First and foremost, one has to connect to the app through Facebook or Google to register. This guarantees credible users in their database.

Among the types of personal data, Cuddli collects only cookie and usage data. It actively uses 16 technologies for the safety and privacy of the website. They include Viewport Meta, iPhone/ Mobile Compatible, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) by default.

When an individual tries to add you, you remain invisible to them until you add them back. This is a way of reducing the creep factor and awkwardness, which exists in other dating sites. If one chooses not to accept the add request, the digital invisibility cloak works to reduce the odds that the rejected match will try to reach you without your acceptance.

The use of cookies and other tracking tools serves to identify users, remember their preferences, and provide the essential service to users. The user is responsible for the sharing of personal data to a third party through this application.


If you have been a geek throughout and have been yearning for love, a companion to talk to and express inner feelings and thoughts, you are just one step away from finding such bliss. Download the Cuddli app and find someone geeky meant for you. With its simple yet technically built features, the application is made to bring two like-minded geeks wanting to be in a relationship together. Thereupon starting a conversation is a piece of cake. If you happen to fall for someone, the website suggests you a place to meet up as per both of your interests. Remember, you get all of this for free. I doubt you would find any such app like this with beliefs in catering to the interests of people in such an astonishing manner in this present situation. Many of the dating sites will charge you an enormous sum before landing upon something fruitful. So don’t stop yourself from joining Cuddli, if you are a geek.


Are there any scammers?

So far, there have been no reports of scams. Because of the high tech safety and privacy policies with a professional team of security officials, you are totally safe.

Is it compulsory to connect with Facebook and Google?

Yes, it is compulsory during signup. Through this, the authenticity of a profile is known for security reasons.

Is there any restriction on the type of photo uploaded?

Yes, definitely. Any pictures containing nudity, sexual act, racism is prohibited. Some moderators have to approve your photos to be finally uploaded. The approval time takes a maximum of two hours.

How to access the Four Square integration for date ideas?

From your homepage, click on the horizontal bar menu. A submenu with different options will roll down. Select the ‘Let’s Dance’ option to be integrated with Four Square to give you suggestions of possible date locations and events as per the common interests.

How to delete Cuddli account?

Well, there is no particular option for deleting your Cuddli account, but you may deactivate it and come back again when you wish to. For deactivating your account, go to the ‘Settings’ from the three horizontal line bars on your home page. There is an option of ‘deactivate an account.’ You will be asked a few questions regarding the reasons and whether you intend to be back. Follow the procedures as they come up, and you are good to go.

How to message someone on Cuddli?

You cannot message random people here. You have to stick to messaging your matches or dates. They can be accessed by clicking the horizontal line bars to the left of your homepage. After that from the submenu choose either ‘My Matches’ or ‘My Dates’ to see the profiles present in them. And then click on the intended profile you want to message. Over there is an option to message, click on it, and start your conversation.

How to see who likes you on Cuddli without paying?

Cuddli is a free application. There is no term as ‘like’ here. But speaking in terms of its intended meaning, one can see who has added them as their match. This is an indication that the other person has liked you.

How to block someone on Cuddli?

If you find inappropriate behavior from your fellow match, you can report and block the member. This can be done by visiting their profile. Near the profile photo, there will be three dots. Click on it; you will see the options report or block. Select it to report the user as well as block them.

Another unconventional way of blocking available within Cuddli is when someone tries to add you, but you do not accept the invitation.

How to cancel Cuddli subscription?

Since this is a free application, there are no subscriptions. So you cannot cancel them. But you may go to the Android Store or iPhone Store and uninstall the app if you do not want to use it.

Contact Information

Contact Information

The customer service is available 24/7 and can be accessed by emailing them at info@cuddli.com.

  • Company Name: Cuddli
  • Address: Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US, Studio City, California, United States of America.
  • Zip Code + City: 91403- Los Angeles, California.
  • Country: United States of America
  • Customer Support Email: info@cuddli.com
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