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Facebook Dating Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Facebook Dating Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Starting to use the matchmaking service is simple. There isn’t any separate matchmaking platform; users only need to sign into their existing Facebook account and go to the dating section.
  • Filling out profiles happens automatically since the profile details are imported from the current Facebook page.
  • The site allows users to link their Instagram and import profile pictures.
  • Even though users access this service through their Facebook page, the social website and matchmaking sections are not the same. What users do on their matchmaking section can never be shown on their social media page. Again, users can never be matched with people from their Facebook list.
  • Users can get matches as per Facebook groups they are involved in or as per the events they attend.
  • The Facebook Dating feature exists on the Facebook application alone. Users using the site won’t find this matchmaking feature.
  • Users may interact with any individual they want any moment; it is not necessary to have mutual matches first before communicating. Being able to text anybody leads to receiving messages from users you do not like.
  • Anybody can use the matchmaking service; it doesn’t matter whether your relationship status is married, dating, or single. Also, users’ relationship statuses do not appear on the matchmaking platform, which encourages cheating.
  • The latest privacy scandals on Facebook bring concerns regarding the safety of the information the members give and how it is utilized.

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The online Facebook matchmaking tool is not a scam. The developer designed a safe platform for users to meet partners. The safety of users is taken seriously on this matchmaking service. The developer worked with security experts to ensure they have protections on the matchmaking platform. The platform has safety features like reporting or blocking abusive individuals, and preventing people from sharing pictures, links, or recordings in texts. Security guidelines are offered too. All that and more makes users feel safe when they use the Facebook Dating platform.

And just like all other web matchmaking sites, the service has various advantages and disadvantages.

Facebook Dating introduction

Since Facebook was created in the year 2004, the platform has been getting people’s data. The data that the site gathers includes habits, location, likes, and more. This platform uses people’s information to customize the adverts, pages, and other content displayed on the website.

Now, the platform is using all information gotten from people to find them romantic partners. Possessing enough details to offer a partner is why the Facebook Dating feature was created. Keep reading this review and find out whether the matchmaking feature is better than other web matchmaking services.

Expert’s Review of Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?


The Facebook matchmaking feature came in 2018. This dating tool is not a standalone application. It is a function added to the Facebook application. The feature exists on mobile devices for iOS and Android.


Facebook’s online social networking app has millions of members. But the Facebook Dating section of the application contains very few people. Many app members are not looking for romantic partners; they only wish to interact and become friends with individuals around the globe.

However, Facebook is still advertising the matchmaking feature. This service is likely to stand out from all other web matchmaking platforms. At the moment, the function is still new. There are not many people; hence it is challenging to get a suitable partner.

Sexual orientation

The Facebook Dating platform welcomes bisexuals, lesbians, gays, and straight individuals.


The minimum age to use this dating service is eighteen years old.

Race and ethnicity

The dating platform has users from America, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Singapore, Bolivia, Laos, Guyana, Thailand, and several other countries.

Website Design & Usability

This matchmaking site is easy to navigate through. Users can access any feature on the site directly from the home page. The features include messages, likes, recommended matches, secret crush, and others. The Facebook Dating site has a menu bar at the lower section of the screen. The menu bar is for navigating the whole app, not just the matchmaking section.

When users get a new message or like, a notification appears. The alerts on this dating site indicate the number of incoming texts. As users continue using this matchmaking service, there are more tools they will discover. The tools include the following.


  • The app has match cards that show people’s first name, height, display picture, and age.
  • Users can click on the match card to see a person’s entire profile and images.
  • Users can like or pass a profile by clicking on the X or like button, respectively.
  • Users can report or block abusive members.


  • To see pictures on the Facebook Dating platform, users should scroll down the profiles.
  • Users can click on photos to like or write comments.


  • Users can answer profile questions.
  • Users can comment on other people’s content by clicking on it and writing their responses.


  • The Facebook matchmaking platform does not require users to get matched to start exchanging messages. Users can send and receive texts from strangers.
  • To start communicating with someone, users begin by liking the person’s profile or commenting on his/her pictures or questions.
  • All messages on this matchmaking platform are in text form.

Special Features

Facebook Dating Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Facebook Dating service provides interactive features that enable users to have a pleasant experience. The features are below.

  1. On pause
    Users often need to detoxify themselves from social media. Because of that, this dating service provides the pause feature. The pause feature allows users to halt their online dating actions without deleting their accounts. Users can still send messages to other users that match their requirements while on pause.
  2. Second look
    This Facebook Dating service is in the setting section. The service displays users in a reverse chronological manner for you to look at them again. This tool enables people to check their match suggestions once again to find out if there could be suitable matches that were left out.
  3. Preemptive block list
    Users can go through their blocklist to make sure they do not get matched with individuals that do not exist on their Facebook. The people not on the Facebook list could be past friends who you unfriended, relatives, or just acquaintances.
    This site blocking feature is the best way to ensure people do not meet unwelcome individuals.
  4. Profile content
    The Facebook Dating feature offers entry sections on accounts, which get used in initiating a conversation. The entry sections include shared towns and institutions. This matchmaking service promotes serious affairs; it offers tools such as interactive profile information, which helps people to establish a good foundation with other users.
  5. Secret crush
    This Facebook Dating tool lets people choose at most nine pals they can show interest, but the crushing needs to be mutual. So, if you select someone and he/she likes you too, the two of you can get matched. Once the site matches people, their identity will get revealed. But if the user you choose fails to like you too, nothing will happen.
  6. Instagram integration
    The Facebook Dating feature wants to connect all its other related sites. Pictures on Instagram may get displayed on this matchmaking platform. The site integrates other platforms to form an effective and genuine encounter. Instagram works as a system that shows people’s character on the matchmaking platform. People may personalize and upload the best pictures from Instagram.

How does Facebook Dating work?

Facebook Dating Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

To use the Facebook Dating platform, one must be over eighteen years old. Users must additionally install the current Facebook application. After users enter the matchmaking platform, they see the other people who have also joined.

The matchmaking feature recommends matches as per one’s likes, activities, and anything else they do on Facebook. The matchmaking service does not entail swiping and waiting for other members to like you so that you can start communicating. If you love somebody, you may write a comment on his/her profile, and also consider clicking the like button; they will be notified that you like them. Users may also ignore the users that they don’t like.

The Facebook Dating feature lets people connect with friends of friends and even people that are not on their Facebook list. This platform will never match members with friends unless a user uses the crushing tool. All matchmaking activities remain on the matchmaking part of the Facebook platform; no dating activities will get shared on the social Facebook page.

Sign Up Process

To use the Facebook Dating tool, you must be at least eighteen years old. You should know that opening a Facebook profile won’t automatically register one for the matchmaking platform. Also, blocking an individual on the matchmaking section will never block him/her on your social Facebook page. The same applies to texts; your primary account and the matchmaking tool messaging services are different from one another.

To activate the matchmaking tool, people should opt-in. An individual’s location gets verified through mobile. The process of registering takes only one minute. Users should not worry about their friends, finding out that they joined the matchmaking platform. No person will ever be notified, and neither will anything you do on the matchmaking section appear on Facebook.

The Facebook Dating tool gets separated from the primary Facebook page to be sure that users willingly choose to join the online matchmaking platform.

Users Profiles Quality

Facebook Dating Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The social networking page account is different from the matchmaking account. The matchmaking tool provides non-binary genders and sexual orientations. Users may upload pictures that are not on their social page on the matchmaking platform. People enter their details on the matchmaking account manually.

After creating the Facebook Dating account, people must verify their location. The verification happens through mobile location technology. The Facebook site also takes all the necessary measures to ensure that the primary Facebook account is different from the matchmaking account.

The friends that users have on their Facebook accounts will not see their dating profile. Only people who are on the dating platform can see it. Also, people’s details on their main Facebook account do not get synced on the matchmaking platform.

Details such as bio, where you work, number of kids, education, religion, height, and so forth are entered manually on the profile. However, it is not a must to provide all the specified details; users can decide which information to provide.

Users can share pictures from Facebook, and even from Instagram. There is also a set of twenty personality questions that users must answer when building a profile. The personality questions that users answer on this platform include the song they love and how loud they like their music. Responding to personality questions makes Facebook Dating profiles appear more personalized and attractive.

Mobile Application

This dating tool exists on the Facebook social media application. There is an application for both iOS and Android users. The app is free to download at the Play Store. This application offers a homepage that has links to all its features on a small display. Users can access their notification, messages, friends, profiles, places, and more from the home page.

Facebook Dating Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

  • Hinge
  • Bumble
  • Tinder

Membership Price and Payment Method

Facebook Dating Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

The Facebook Dating tool is unpaid. There is no paid membership, no ads, and no paid services.

Free Membership Features

All users on this matchmaking platform enjoy the site services without paying. There are no paid services on the website. Some of the unpaid features that people enjoy are below.

  • People may create a profile.
  • People may access all matching features.
  • People may send other users likes.
  • People may view suggested matches.
  • People may use the crushing tool to get matched with their pals.
  • People may send and receive messages from anyone.
  • People may share details about their date through messenger.

Premium Membership Features

There are no premium features on this online matchmaking site because there is no paid membership. Everything on the platform is free.

Is Facebook Dating Really Safe?

To ensure users’ safety, everything happening on this platform is discrete. Nothing a person does on the matchmaking section appears on the social networking Facebook page. All users also have a chance to block abusive people. Anyone that gets blocked can never access your profile, texts, groups, or events you attend. And barring an individual on Facebook Dating platform does not block him/her on the social Facebook page. But the people you block on the social Facebook page will get eliminated instantly from the matchmaking section.

Another unique safety feature on this matchmaking service is that people can share details about a date with anyone they trust. Before meeting a stranger, use messenger service to share the meeting arrangements and place with people you know. Some minutes before the meeting commences, the person will receive an alert and access to your meeting location. The location gets shared for one hour.


Facebook Dating Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform, and it is nearly integrated into everyone’s life. People interact, do business, and meet people from anywhere around the globe on this platform. The site knows people’s interests, friends, and likes. With everything that Facebook knows about its users, it was able to come up with an interesting idea, which is the dating feature. This dating feature stands out because the Facebook site is widespread, and its services are genuine. The users found on the matchmaking section of the site are often real people and not bots like in most dating platforms. Also, the platform emphasizes that the dating service is not a casual dating feature. The Facebook Dating service aims to offer a platform where users meet and interact for serious romantic reasons.

How to delete Facebook Dating account?

To delete your account on this platform, start by going to the “dating” section on the app. While on the dating section, click at the upper right section of the display. Next, click on the delete profile, and Delete to delete your account.

How to message someone on Facebook Dating?

Users on this online matchmaking platform can send and receive messages from people they have nothing in common. All messages on this platform are in the form of text. To send a message, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on dating.
  2. Click on a user’s profile photo.
  3. Write your message and tap. The users will receive a “like” together with the text.

How to see who likes you on Facebook Dating without paying?

This online dating service is free; there are no paid features. Users have the option to like other users’ profiles to express interest. If your profile gets liked, you will receive a notification. And if you like the user who liked your profile, a match is formed.

How to block someone on Facebook Dating?

To block a user on this matchmaking platform, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on dating.
  2. Click on the upper right section and scroll down until you get to the privacy settings.
  3. Click on the block people option that appears and select the person you want to block.

How to cancel Facebook Dating subscription?

This matchmaking platform does not require users to subscribe; all its features are free.

Contact Information

Facebook Dating Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?
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  • Address: United States, California
  • Zip Code + City: 94025, California
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: support@fb.com and platformcs@support.facebook.com
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