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Ferzu Review 2021: Can We Call It Trustworthy?

Ferzu Review 2021: Can We Call It Trustworthy?
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the best dating sites worldwide for furries
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • A right combination of a dating resource and a social media site
  • Restricted functionality for free users

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Ferzu happens to be a wonderful combination of a social networking resource and dating website for specific users, known as furries. These people imagine themselves as anthropomorphic animal personages, thus creating a unique subculture. To maximally resemble these characters, furries wear so-called fursuits.

Professionally Assessing Ferzu

Professionally Assessing Ferzu

As we told above, Ferzu is the place where traditional dating solutions blend with social media. Despite being very specific personalities compared to ordinary people, furries also require some romance, regular dating, new impressions, and friendship. What’s offered by traditional dating sites can hardly suit them. Ferzu is here to help these folks to reach their goals in dating. Thanks to this online resource, they have an opportunity to come across interesting people belonging to the same subculture and sharing the same value with them.

Grokio LLC started the dating company in 2016. The very name of the dating agency Ferzu is made up of two words: “zoo” and “fur.” Such a combination creates a strong association with the animal world, which gets along with how furries perceive reality.

As a dating project, Ferzu focuses on long-term relationships. However, nothing prevents the site participants from practicing hookups.

Sexual orientations make sense even for such weird people as furries. Among them, one can find heterosexuals and gay people. Ferzu welcomes all of them.

The number of users on the site is currently estimated at 60,000, and this number keeps actively soaring.

Ferzu: Estimating The Site Usability And Design

Ferzu: Estimating The Site Usability And Design

The site design is very simple. Ferzu greets its newcomers with a pleasant and brief white and green color scheme. It can’t distract you from matching. The layout here is a masterpiece of minimalism – you can instantly get to the required element. That’s what any user needs. It makes no sense to spend a lot of time just to figure out how it works. Finally, the website doesn’t irritate its members with excessive and naughty ads – a common practice observed on other dating platforms.

Exploring Ferzu Special Features

  • My Type: The given filter enables the site users to determine what types of Ferzu participants should emerge in their quicklists. For example, the filter can take into account such nuances as who’s online now, who lives nearby, who has already uploaded fresh photographs, and who has already looked through your profile. You can turn it on/off at any time, thus switching between the local and international environment.
  • Newsfeeds: Here, furries can learn what other members post on their walls. By the way, you can customize your newsfeed by simply setting the required criteria such as body parameters, fursona, not to mention the member’s relationship status.

Ferzu: How This Dating Resource Works?

Ferzu: How This Dating Resource Works

Regardless of the chosen fursona, Ferzu offers all the necessary tools enabling you to reach your dating goals. Start sending messages or flirts to anybody you find interesting. You are also free to comment on articles, photographs, and walls.

Ferzu comes up with an effective search engine, which is very effective in finding anthropomorphic partners worldwide. The platform’s search feature greatly outperforms what we see on other dating resources for furries. It lets users spot folks in their town who share the same fursona and sexual preferences. Ferzu users don’t need to seek furry matches on various discussion boards. Instead, they can rely on the site search feature and enjoy the outcomes. If you are a premium member of this dating resource, you can seek matches using such criteria as the potential partner’s age, intimate kinks, body parameters, languages are spoken, relationship status, and so on.

Location rules when it comes to dating. In this regard, Ferzu outperforms most of its competitors. It comes up with cutting-edge location-based tools. You can specify such crucial location criteria as your postal/zip code, town title, state, etc. Once you input this into the system, it will be converted into concrete geographical coordinates, and you will see how far from other Ferzu users you are.

On this dating resource, you can use a convenient chat feature. You don’t need to immediately respond to new letters sent to you – they will be held in your inbox until you have them answered. In this chart, it’s possible to reply without publishing your answer immediately. So, you can just spare your replies and then add them to the discussion screen at any convenient time. By the way, the answers you get will instantly emerge on the page. In this case, you don’t require updating the page.

Today’s furry diversity magnetizes with its scale. There’s no one general furry type. Contemporary followers of this subculture represent nearly the entire animal kingdom. In the furry fandom, you can find all genders. Furries support equality in dating. They never tolerate inappropriate behavior, discrimination, etc. Therefore to properly date on Ferzu, you need to follow these simple rules:

  • The cornerstone of dating a representative of this fandom is a deep respect for the user behind his or her fursuit. You are expected to respect the member’s beliefs, character, and point of view. Your interlocutor’s personal space should be respected as well. Even if the online community welcomes cuddles, do it gently.
  • Being fond of the animal world doesn´t mean acting up like a real representative of fauna automatically. The matter is that beyond their fursuits, fursonas are often introverts and shy. As follows from this, you need to cautious when flirting with them. Just follow their signals.
  • Stay away from judging somebody before you’ve been in their shoes. The vast majority of furries properly understand how it feels when being judged by anybody. So, avoid making abusive comments. Never make a mock of them.
  • Like any other people, furries come with different character traits. It is so easy to frighten or offend them. You should take this crucial nuance into account when planning your first offline date with a furry. With a light-minded approach, you can easily ruin the upcoming event and touch someone’s feelings.

If you follow these simple recommendations, you will most likely enjoy a successful furry date with a person who 100% shares the same beliefs and interests with you.

Let’s Register With Ferzu

Let’s Register With Ferzu

It will take you no more than 15 minutes to join Ferzu. So, go to their signup page and disclose who you’re and describe the desired partner. In particular, specify his or her gender, and don’t forget to indicate your one. After this, you require providing a valid email address. To make your interlocutors a good idea of who you’re, simply use catch descriptive words for your nickname.

You should also specify your location as well as age. As you see, the registration procedure here is fairly simple. After this, you can proceed to matchmake on the dating platform.

Evaluating The Quality of Ferzu profiles

Evaluating The Quality of Ferzu profiles

To begin, you require visiting the Ferzu home page. As we told above, furries on this platform are concerned with finding life partners. Therefore, it’s normal that the portal will ask you a series of questions about your personality. You may find this process somewhat lengthy, but it will certainly pay off soon. Your answers are required to make your matching easier. Therefore, you would better invest enough time in working on your profile if you want to find a nice lifetime furry on this dating resource.

The dedication you demonstrate when answering those questions will show other furries how serious your relationship intention is. Detailed profiles can naturally count on greater trust, while blank user pages can only cause the opposite attitude.

Taking Advantage of The Ferzu Mobile Application

Taking Advantage of The Ferzu Mobile Application

This project reportedly has a special mobile app for iPhone owners. Its good user-friendliness enables you to conveniently use the platform’s features on the fly without any laptop or PC at hand. Many Ferzu users refuse to stick with it. Although it’s competitive enough compared with mobile products offered by other dating sites, some people are simply reluctant to download and install anything on their gadgets. This stance makes sense because if you access the site from your mobile browser, you will see that you can enjoy the same functionality as with that application. Moreover, a minor convenience advantage of the application over the mobile version of the website isn’t so big and can even be neglected by many users.

Let’s Compare Ferzu With Other Dating Projects

Let’s Compare Ferzu With Other Dating Projects

Notwithstanding that, Ferzu is considered to be one of the most effective dating solutions for furries worldwide, and it may not suit you for some reason. So, to be on the safe side, it makes sense to look at the best alternatives to this website.

  • Badoo: It offers an easy way to spot furry matches in your area and spend an unforgettable time with them. The number of its users is enormous – up to 420 million. In this regard, with its 60,000-user base, Ferzu doesn’t seem very impressive, to put it mildly.
  • Zoosk: Here, you can find a bunch of tasty fursonas. Enjoy unlimited dating options provided by Zoosk. The user base of this website isn’t so impressive as in the case above, but it’s huge enough (42 million) to leave Ferzu behind.
  • Furrymate: That’s one of the most popular dating websites for furries in the world. However, its audience is just twice larger than what we see on Ferzu. Up to 120,000 have already joined Furrymate. You can register an account there at no cost.
  • Furfling: Well, it has as many members as Badoo – up to 420 million. It gives us grounds to ascertain that it’s one of the leaders of the industry. Such a huge audience means that you will have fantastic chances to find a lovely furry on this website.

Ferzu: Payment Options And Pricing

Ferzu: Payment Options And Pricing

If you hope to date on Ferzu at no cost, we are sorry to disappoint you. It is not a portal for free users. It introduced a premium subscription not just for fun but for making a profit like many other dating websites do in the network.

Of course, you can join Ferzu free of charge and even use some basic features. However, soon, you will discover that you can’t make the most of this dating website due to some natural restrictions. Ferzu will hint to purchase a premium package, and it’s going to be the right move. Otherwise, the site will not work for you. After all, you can’t break these rules because it’s not you who set them.

Another indisputable reason to opt for a premium membership is a possibility to get rid of ads. Despite, in terms of the number of ads displayed, Ferzu doesn’t tend to be so annoying compared with other dating websites. Nevertheless, ads may show up from time to time and irritate you. It’s not bad if you are shown a thematic advertisement having to do with buying a cool fursuit, for example, but it may show something different you don’t need. With a premium package at hand, you can forget about ads and focus on your matching.

Ferzue doesn’t appear to be a very costly resource compared to other dating sites.

  • For $40, you can purchase up to 6 months of a premium subscription;
  • Three months will cost you $20;
  • To get a general idea of the site premium service, buy just one month for $5.

Is It Beneficial To Be A Free Member Of This Site?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many things you can do for free on Ferzu. For example, you can create an account, look through profiles, make posts on your wall, send likes, and that’s all. You can’t view all pictures, especially those stored in private albums. Moreover, as a free user, you can’t send messages to other Ferzu members. That’s so painful to understand that you can’t socialize with a user you like until you make the required payment. However, the vast majority of other dating platforms can offer you the same conditions.

Of course, it’s possible to find free dating resources. However, get ready to sink in the ocean of ads – they also need to somehow compensate for the absence of paid members. Therefore, becoming a paid user on this portal is the only way to achieve the best dating results. Buying a premium package here also means that you are not going to come here to waste your time but want very much to find a lifetime partner. That’s a more responsible move that suggests your readiness to face some expenditures.

Ferzu Premium Membership Features

To derive the maximum benefits from it, you are expected to purchase its premium package dubbed Ferzu+. For a modest monthly fee, paid users can enjoy unlimited photo viewing, a bunch of special features, and so on. In addition to this, they can send private letters, comment on pictures.

Is Ferzu Safe Enough?

You don’t need to be afraid of scammers when staying on Ferzu. It’s because such websites as Ferzu can hardly be interesting for scams. After all, they are too specific. Furries are more like kids than grown-ups. Relatively small fees result in a relatively modest turnover, so scams prefer traditional hookup resources, where they have more opportunities to victimize people.

In addition to the specific focus of this dating platform that acts as a natural shield against scams, Ferzu also implements the most advanced encryption methods to protect personal data transferred.

Nevertheless, although the overall safety situation here seems good, never cease being cautious, even when using Ferzu because scams may show up on the site someday. Avoid disclosing your data to a person whom you don’t know. It’s especially dangerous to disclose your bank details.

By the way, the dating resource has a separate page devoted to online security. You can visit it to get several worthy tips on how you need to behave on the portal not to become suddenly victimized by scams. A safety web page is a must-have component of any reputable portal. if you don’t see such a page on a dating website you intend to join, it is no longer deserves your trust.


We see that Ferzu occupies a decent place among websites specializing in furry dating. It provides a slew of worthy features and assists furries in finding their soulmates in their area. What’s more, the dating platform isn’t costly for an average user. Unlike many hookup sites that tend to rob their users, you can reach your goals for a moderate fee, thus saving your hard-earned money.

It’s very comfortable to use the portal. Its laconic layout, as well as a calm color scheme, sets members to a peaceful mood.

On the other hand, Ferzu should have been better. Compared to other dating sites for furries, it provides a smaller number of free services. As a result, a great number of furries rush to such dating platforms as Furfling, Badoo, or Furrymate, the enormous audiences of which prove that Ferzu still has to do a lot to regain those users. We hope that the dating site will introduce more features available for free shortly.

How Can I Delete My Ferzu Account?

Click on the corresponding button in the settings tab.

How To Contact A Ferzu User On The Website?

First, make sure that you are a premium user because free users aren’t allowed to send messages. To contact the required user, go to the message tab.

Can I Learn That Someone Liked My Profile For Free?

Unfortunately, only paid members can access this information.

How Should I Block A Ferzu User?

Click on the “Block” button you can see on each user profile.

How Can I Cancel My Ferzu Subscription?

Go to the Settings tab and click on “Unsubscribe.”

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