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Fling.com Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Fling.com Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 3 900 000
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Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Fling.com possesses an extensive base of profiles.
  • Simple registration attracts users.
  • The design of the website is stylish.
  • The platform offers a mobile application.
  • There are a lot of fake accounts.
  • You may encounter scammers here.

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Fling.com belongs to a group of dating platforms that aim to help people all over the world to find their partners for casual dating and random sexual encounters. The name of the website itself tells a lot about its goals and purposes. Probably you will not expect to find your forever true love or something on a website called like this. Though such cases do exist, the majority of people are here for another reason that is not related to the building of serious relationships.

Fling.com Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Expert’s Review of Fling.com

Fling.com was launched more than ten years ago and has earned much experience since then. The company was registered in 2006 by Mr. Jeff Greenberg, the current owner of the organization. The developers of this dating platform gathered all their knowledge about hookup algorithms and people’s desires related to sex meetings with random people from the Internet. Thanks to this, the number of people visiting Fling.com is impressive. It comprises more than 3 million people from the USA solely, let alone other countries. The website continues expanding, and about 100,000 users show activity every week. The sex ratio on this platform is 30% women to 70% men, making the website a functional space for women to find a guy for a one-night stand.

As for genders, in particular, we cannot say that there are only men and women using the platform. Some individuals define themselves as transgender. Nevertheless, their percentage cannot be counted and is rather low.

However, all sexual orientations are welcome on Fling.com. This means you have equal possibilities of finding a heterosexual bisexual, or gay partner here. The platform does not care about your race, skin color, ethnicity, or nationality. Though Fling.com is not available in some countries, it is still viewed as an international hookup website. Yes, in most cases, couples are formed within one country or, more accurately, one city or even district. But there are cases when people found great potential partners for sex in other countries and have intercourses when traveling to these countries. All in all, the idea the platform represents seems exciting and quite successful.

Website Design & Usability

First that you notice when you visit the main page of Fling.com is a pleasant combination of attractive light and bright colors. The design is modern and stylish, and you immediately want to join the platform, just looking at these colors. The choice of location of the buttons does not surprise you as most of the platforms feature the same outline. Still, the colors of the text and buttons, the font, and the size are chosen exquisitely. Delicate and still passionate words in the texts in various forms make you feel excited about your future experience with this platform. Indeed, Fling.com knows how to attract the attention of its user.

As for usability, much from the design has contributed to the usability of the dating website. The platform is easy to navigate, and all pages are user-friendly. It will not take much time to comprehend how to use Fling.com, even if you are completely new to this kind of service. Overall, the ease of usage and the design create a nice, neat, and inspiring impression that motivates anyone seeing the platform to go and try it. We monitored the commentaries about the experiences of current and former users of Fling.com and saw no complaints about its efficiency. No one reported slow work of the platform or bugs and glitches. It seems like the hookup website is updated regularly. Thus, it may be concluded that Fling.com is worth your attention if you enjoy great designs and quick work of websites and applications.

Website Design & Usability

Special Features

Fling.com offers several appealing features to boost your mood when you explore the hookup space and motivate you to spend as much quality time here as possible. As such, we decided to tell you about four main features that we found the most interesting. You will see the description of each function below.

Status posts. Like on Twitter, Facebook, or some other social media, you can post short statuses on Fling.com. You can write there anything you want except for offensive or abusive content. If you are sure no one will get hurt by your lines in your status, feel free to post them as many as you wish. However, it should be noted that not all people like it when you change your status very often. So, it is better to think about what information and how frequently you want to share with the users of Fling.com thoroughly. As such, you can share your current mood or your impression about a book or a movie, any opinion of a certain event, etc. Overall, this is a great function that seems to be rather helpful when seeking a hookup.

Advanced search. Fling.com offers multiple various filters when it comes to the searching process. There are numerous options among which you can choose. You can set up your preferences regarding age, sex, location, activities, and many more. The developers properly cared about the convenience of the users when they search for a new date with whom you will have a great fling.

Live cams.This is a hot and intriguing feature that not many hookup websites offer. When clicking on a respective link that promises you a satisfying experience, you will be redirected to a private section full of live cams offers. Here you will be able to filter your search requests and choose a live cam performance to your taste. This will lead you to a seductive experience with hot boys and girls with whom you may have great virtual and sexual communication. This live cam shows can also result in future interaction in real life, which may be as hot and passionate as your online sex. Note that this feature is premium only.

Safe mode. This feature is contrasting with the previous one. Safe mode is developed specifically for you to avoid explicit content if you do not want to see it. You can turn it on in your settings and ensure your safe exploration of the platform. This way, you may be sure that no intimate photos or videos will be shown to you unless you do not want to see them. Besides, this is a handy feature when you are visiting Fling.com somewhere in a public place where random individuals may happen to see the screen of your laptop of phone accidentally. Someone who sees photos of nude bodies on your screen may think of you negatively or consider you a pervert. By using the safe mode feature, you will be protected from such a problem.

How does Fling.com work?

When we checked how this hookup platform works, we noticed that the creators of Fling.com developed several ways how you can find a partner for sex on their website. They provided a bunch of functions that will help you select the best person to have a one-night stand with him or her. As such, you can use live cams, create a list of potential mates, play the game that is called “Who’s cute,” or just browse the most popular and demanded pictures and videos.

How does Fling.com work?

Sign Up Process

You will need only an email address and a safe, unique password to sign up for Fling.com. After a quick verification, you will get access to the platform. However, you will still be asked to fill in your profile with basic information about yourself. This includes details about your date of birth, gender, whether you are a couple or a single person, etc. Next, you will have to specify what sex you prefer, male, female, transgender, or couples of various sexual orientations. Uploading your real photos will contribute to the efficiency of your experience on Fling.com.

Users Profiles Quality

In fact, the profiles and information required about the profiles are well-developed. This means that everything there is arranged conveniently and sufficient to find a person for a hookup. However, the sad news is that a great number of users reported fake profiles. According to them, a lot of pages with hot pictures and attractive descriptions have nothing to do with reality. The members complain about the fact that numerous profiles contain the same photos of individuals, and messages from them bear the same content. The drastic situation with fake profiles may impact your experience on Fling.com negatively.

Mobile Application

Fortunately, Fling.com offers a decent mobile application to its users, which is a significant factor in the modern world dominated by mobile devices. As such, you can download the application to both Android and iOS devices. All features available in the browser version are present in the app.

Mobile Application

Fling.com Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Though the platform is popular, especially among the American users, other hookup services may serve as alternatives to Fling.com if you do not like something about it. You may want to familiarize yourself with all of them before choosing where to register. As such, the main competitors are the following:

  • Tinder
  • iHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Get It On
Mobile Application

Membership Price and Payment Method

First of all, you may opt to use Fling.com for free. However, you can purchase a paid membership. On this hookup platform, you can buy either SILVER or GOLD type of subscription. SILVER subscription can be purchased for one month or a year (24.95 USD and 99.95 USD, respectively). As for a Gold subscription, you can subscribe either to 3 months of use or for 18 months (34.95 USD and 119.95 USD, respectively). You can pay for them with your credit card.

Free Membership Features

Free features are minimal. As a free user, you can only create and customize your account, search for profiles of other users, and like photos of girls and guys of the community. If you want to have sex in real life with the help of Fling.com, you will have to use premium features.

Premium Membership Features

With a premium account, either SILVER or GOD, all the doors are open to you. You can use all the features limitlessly. A paid subscription is the only way to find a partner on this hookup website.

Premium Membership Features

Is Fling.com Really Safe?

The website promises you a safe and secure experience and protection from Norton, a good point. However, there are tons of sad and even angry complaints from the members about scammers flooding Fling.com. These scammers create fake profiles and try to get money from real members of the platform. They report that they did not manage to find a sex partner or partners and claim it was a waste of time. Thus, we may conclude that certain difficulties may be encountered when searching for a real person who wants to have sex.


Fling.com is a popular hookup platform that promises to guide you through a great number of accounts to get you the best sex experience in your life. The website has an extremely stylish and attractive design, which results in high usability. Nevertheless, there is a serious drawback. Though the developers claim that they have 24/7 team support that review profiles to ensure you with safe experience, the support members seem to be very unproductive. Fling.com is full of fake profiles, which is a significant negative characteristic. Therefore, there may be issues with seeking an individual or a couple for a fling. However, you may become a lucky guy who will find there exactly what you want among all those fakes. To join or not to join Fling.com, it is up to you to decide!

A demanding reader may want to find answers to some general questions about using an account on Fling.com. That is why we decided to gather a few popular questions below to provide you with the answers you may be interested in. If you want to know more information or learn a certain question in a more detailed way, you can go to the FAQs page on Fling.com and study the issue attentively.

How to delete Fling.com account?

It may happen that you do not like the platform’s services and decide to remove your profile from their database. To do this, you will need to go to Settings and find a respective button, “Deactivate My Account.” After this, you will be redirected to another page where you will have to click on the “Delete Account” button and provide your reasons why you did not like the website or the application.

How to message someone on Fling.com?

You can only text someone if you are a paid member of the community. Free users do not have such a possibility. Therefore, if you found an interesting profile or even several of them and think of starting communication with these individuals, you need to be aware of this fact. If you are not going to use this platform for long, you can purchase a short 1-month membership just simply to write these people. If you plan to stay on Fling.com for a long time, it is better to choose a subscription for half a year or a whole year.

How to see who likes you on Fling.com without paying?

Many people are always interested in the amount and kinds of people who found them attractive. This is an ordinary issue if you want to find out the same. However, we regret to inform you about bad news regarding this question on Fling.com. There is no way you can view the list of individuals who like you if you do not pay money for your premium account. But if you decide to go premium, you will have no limitations as for such a list.

How to block someone on Fling.com?

Blocking users on Fling.com does not take much of your time. You can do this if you see abusive or intolerant behavior. Moreover, if you clearly understand that the person’s texts are offending, this may be viewed as cyberbullying. In such cases, you are advised to report such behavior to the support team. This can be done in a few clicks in the dialogue with this person (or couple). If you decide that reporting an individual’s poor behavior is not worth it because the person is simply silly, you may opt to block them without reporting to the support team. Just go to their profile page and click on the “Block This User” button.

How to cancel Fling.com subscription?

There is not much difference between deleting your subscription from Fling.com and doing the same thing from another hookup app. To cancel your membership, you must be logged in to your profile and go to the page with the settings. After this, you should find the section that is called “Deactivate My Account.” Do not worry, a simple click on the button will not delete your account right away. You will be redirected to another page where help with premium accounts is provided. There will be a button with the title “View” and you should click it. You will finally be there. Here you will see the button “Cancel Your Membership.” There will be a few steps that you will have to follow, but in fact, no problems with these steps should arise.

How to cancel Fling.com subscription?

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Fling.com, LLC
  • Address: 12378 SW 82nd Ave
  • Zip Code + City: Miami, FL 33156-5223
  • Country: the USA
  • Customer Support Email: supportteam@flingcams.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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