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Gaydar Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Gaydar Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 79%
Popular age 18-30
Profiles 2 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Complete anonymity against non-members
  • Well reputed with a large fan base
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Free basic membership plan
  • Easy to navigate using fast filtering options
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Not suitable for the representatives of the gay community looking for serious relationships
  • Crashing mobile application
  • Fake profiles

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Gaydar is one of the widely reputed online dating websites for the gay community. With over six million users globally, it is considered one of the most user-friendly dating platforms on the Internet. Gaydar was founded in November 1999 as a desktop tool for men who were primarily looking for physical relationships. Then, it transformed into the pre-eminent leader in its niche.

Gaydar Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Expert’s Review of Gaydar

Gaydar is the perfect site for bisexual and gay people looking for casual hookups. It was designed in 1999 by South Africans based in London, Gary Frisch and Henry Badenhorst. In 2009, the website also launched its app for mobile users. It was made available on both Android and iOS platforms. The forum was majorly used by gay men seeking to flirt or have a fun fling online. However, in May 2013, it became a hot topic that the service had been purchased by Charlie Parsons, the owner of Big Breakfast. However, in the year 2017, the brand of Gaydar re-launched its site, mobile app, and brand.

Gaydar has a clean and modern interface that is easy to use and follow up with. This company can also boast an excellent customer care team.

If you are looking for a gay partner to fulfill your sexual desires, Gaydar is the site you would want to visit. With over 23,000 active users a day, it is very likely that you might meet your match. This website has the potential to compete with other similar apps such as Grindr or Adam4Adam.

Website Design & Usability

To access the website, a user needs to go to Gaydar.net. The site supports several languages for its users all across the world. When signing up for a membership, a meter icon will display the number of active users at the current time. The website is designed with a defined systematic outlook that attracts its target audience. Apart from that, Gaydar also has a fully functional and highly responsive app. It is optimized for boosted performance and quick search results.

The app and the website are designed primarily in blue. It has a separate column for all account and profile settings. Despite a few advertisements popping on the screen, the comprehensive experience of Gaydar is peerless. With its enhanced features and reasonable prices, owning and using an account provides value for money and time.

The unique and regular updates are crucial to improving. They have worked continuously on their seamless navigation features so that users can get results based on their preferences quickly. Gaydar also leverages the network effect to build critical mass. To improve the design even more, the application needs to maintain high user-feedback.

The app and website have been given an excellent rating in the market, averaging to 3.8 stars out of 5. As people recommending Gaydar, it is slowly climbing up the ladder. More details can be found in the FAQ section.

The one drawback in the system is the delayed loading time of its messaging network. It sometimes takes several minutes for the app to load its chatbox, which is used for private and group communication.

Special Features

Several features give Gaydar a sure edge over its competitors. They are the primary reason the app gained millions of users over the years.

  • Free Membership Package: It allows newcomers to join the platform for free using the free membership package. It includes limited entry to chat rooms and limited searches per day.
  • Travel Plan: Members can update their traveling plans on their profiles. It helps interested users to know about each other’s whereabouts and travel plans. By using this tool, people can schedule vacation plans and holiday trips with each other. It also suggests partners in your locality/neighborhood.
  • Detailed Profile Visit: All participants can visit other user’s profiles and view their profile pictures and personal information, which is public. It helps users decide if they are interested or not.
  • Visitors Activity Log: On Gaydar, users can check the details regarding their profile viewers. If they like someone, they can message them and start chatting.
  • Cupid Search: This feature enables users to search and filter numerous profiles based on their unique preferences. It assists members in matching with people who are “of their type.”
  • Radio Telecast: Australian visitors can tune in the radio telecast by entering their Australian-based code.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Gaydar is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. It has made it easy for people to access the features and contents of the site.
  • Color-Coded Pictures: As pictures can be quite revealing, a different color represents all pictures on Gaydar. Red-dot pics indicate adult content, blue-dot ones — non-sexual content, and the yellow dot is for nudes.
  • Location-Based Chat Rooms: It is easy to contact like-minded individuals in your area using location-based chat rooms offered by Gaydar.
  • Simplified Payment Process: To make the payment process more discreet and functional, there are multiple payment options available. You can pay for the premium services by credit cards, debit cards, or cheque.
Special Features

How Does Gaydar Work?

First, every new user needs to register to access the site’s services. There are two packages: while the basic membership package is free of cost, the premium one unlocks a ton of new perks that will improve your experience. After logging in, members can search for people matching their preferences and join chat rooms to get to know each other better.

Using the countless options that the site offers, it is easy for people to connect with attractive partners. Gaydar has virtualized the process of ‘meeting people at bars for hookups’ while also improving the experience.

Signup Process

Creating an account on Gaydar is a simple procedure. It consists of two steps. The first is to upload a profile picture, which will be visible to the rest of the community. The next step is to update your personal information, such as your email address, age, password, and bio.

Every person needs to verify their email address before using Gaydar. Without this, users will not be allowed to access chat rooms and messaging.

You can also opt to log in using your Facebook or Apple account. Once you have successfully verified your email ID and logged in, you can begin the search of your desired partner. Gaydar will automatically display profiles of people who match your requirements or location.

Users Profiles Quality

Every user must make sure that they provide an accurate description of themselves. It will ensure that those who text you are truly interested in future relationships. Your page must always let other visitors know what you are looking for in your partner. Filling personal information is not obligatory, but it is essential to avoid getting requests from people with different preferences. To spend some quality time on Gaydar, consider completing your page to connect with similar people. The more you specify, the higher the chances of meeting someone special. As a member of Gaydar, you will always have full control over your data.

Users must edit their profiles to express their personalities in detail. To improve your page, indicate your likes and dislikes, distinctly stating the type of relationship you wish to have (casual or serious), and the kinds of men they are interested in.

Mobile Application

Gaydar has an extremely user-friendly mobile application that is well designed and attractive for its members. It improves the experience by sorting and providing a range of options to select from. The overall navigation is systematically designed to help visitors find their match using their location. The app is optimized to provide the same level of experience that a desktop user gets. It is a boon for Gaydar’s members as it makes their relationship-hunt easier. The UI design is an appropriate fit for those who plan to access the site remotely. All in all, the mobile application has a unique and innovative design that helps people enjoy their time spent on the platform.

The app strictly follows the platform design guidelines while using a familiar interface to increase user engagement. However, it is criticized by some people due to its constant non-responsiveness. This drawback is usually observed on old smartphones or devices. The Android version of Gaydar has successfully crossed one million downloads. As the company continues to focus on the user interface, it will likely get two million in the upcoming years with its growing customer base.

Mobile Application

Gaydar’s Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are several alternatives to Gaydar. The most relevant and popular ones are Tinder and Adam4Adam. While Adam4Adam is also a website developed for online dating for gay people, Tinder offers the same possibilities to all genders and communities. These brands are currently dominating the market share with millions of participants on their platforms. Gaydar is slowly entering the radar of competition. By working on its service development and innovation, it is guaranteed that Gaydar is ranked first in the Top 10 online dating sites in the world.

Every dating portal has the same motive: to help its members connect in the most undemanding and straightforward manner. The primary quality that separates sites like Tinder from others is value for money. The satisfaction gained from using the services should always be more treasured than the money spent.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The premium plan offers unique and advanced features that can improve the experience of a member. Like any other dating platform, users can choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual packs. The average cost per month decreases as you choose a longer duration.

Duration Per Month Total
1 Month $7.99 $7.99
3 Month $5.66 $16.98
12 Month $3.83 $45.96

For the quality of the features provided, these prices are a bargain. First, it is advised to try the free membership plan to make an informed decision regarding the premium subscription.

Free Membership Features

While free members may not enjoy all Gaydar’s perks, they are allowed to access a variety of enjoyable tools:

  • Free registration using Apple or Facebook ID
  • Free installation and usage of the app
  • Winks
  • Adding to Favorites
  • Limited filters
  • Limited browsing
  • Joining chat rooms
  • Messaging

Premium Membership Features

  • View who visited your page
  • Advanced and unlimited filters
  • Incognito mode
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Additional space for uploading 50 public photos
  • Additional space for adding 100 private images
  • View who added you as their favorites
Premium Membership Features

Is Gaydar Really Safe?

Gaydar is a legit website that is internationally accepted. It has been in the market for two decades and is considered one of the most reliable and safe places for the gay community. This app is immaculate and transparent. While some content may be sexually explicit, it is not a threat to the users in any other harmful manner. With a secure payment portal and an ethical business function, Gaydar is a 100% authentic and reliable site.

Gaydar does have a bunch of fake profiles registered. However, the support team is continually monitoring and removing them from their domains. The app offers high-end security for its users and also protects them from unauthorized visitors. The payment portals are highly secure and managed by Google and other well-known companies.


Overall, Gaydar is one of the best platforms for bisexual and gay men to explore the dating world. With its exemplary features, you can find your dream man on the go. The website and mobile applications are well designed and extremely user-friendly. Being a safe platform makes it a rare finding for people on the Internet.

Gay and bisexual men have faced a hard time in the past as they fought for their rights. However, with Gaydar, it is clear that all community members have equal rights and deserve to avail of the same services that straight men enjoy. This app supports the gay community and helps them work towards their love life.

If you are looking for a gay dating website where you can find the most suitable partner, log in to Gaydar and start exploring. It helps you satisfy your needs by removing the boundaries set by society.

This app has massive potential for the future as it helps the vulnerable minorities bridge the gaps that separate them from being together. Gaydar has helped its users develop a sense of unity and equality in their hearts.


How to Delete Your Gaydar Account?

To delete your account, click on your profile icon in the right-hand top corner of your home screen. Select settings and then “Permanently delete profile” on the account settings page. Then, you will be required to type your password in the pop-up box.

How to Message Someone on Gaydar?

After joining a chat room, tap or click on the profile of the person you wish to converse. Press the private chat option that appears on the right-hand side. A private chat box will be created automatically.

How to See Who Likes You on Gaydar Without Paying?

Unfortunately, viewing the list of people who have liked or visited your page is a premium perk. It is not available to free members, and it cannot be availed without paying the respective fees.

How to Block Someone on Gaydar?

To block a specific user, kindly follow these steps:

Visit one’s profile> Click the warning icon> Select Block the User> Report the Abuse> Select the Reason> Click on Report.

After following the steps mentioned above, that person will not be able to communicate with you on Gaydar anymore.

How to Cancel Your Gaydar Subscription?

Gaydar subscriptions are made to its controlling company Connexions IP Limited. These payments are non-refundable. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel a Gaydar subscription.

It is advised for users to confirm their stand on premium membership packages and choose their plans wisely.

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Company Name: CPC connect LTF
  • Address: 10 Queen Street Place, London.
  • Zip Code + City: EC4R 1BE
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Customer Support Email: support@gaydar.net
  • Facebook: Gaydar
  • Twitter:@Gaydar
  • Blog: Not available
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